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Online Summit

Could it be your microbiome holds the key to permanently healing chronic disease, including cancer?


The EMF Health Summit 2018

Online Summit

If you’re worried about radiation from your smartphone, WIFI networks, electrical wiring, and other modern devices disrupting your health, join me to learn how to safely protect your family from these everyday exposures.


Fasting Transformation Summit

Online Summit

Fasting is the most ancient, inexpensive and powerful healing strategy known to mankind, and I join Dr. David Jockers in this online summit to teach you everything you need to know about this transformational health tactic!


The Real Skinny on Fat

Online Summit

Join us as we expose the biggest, fattest lie about your weight and health... and unlock your body's secret power!

As far as we humans have come in our time here on Earth, I’m still surprised at just how much we do NOT know about our bodies and our health.

There’s one incredibly unhealthy and downright dysfunctional relationship we need to get ahead of before it’s too late.

New science is proving that our massively skewed perspective has become one of the root causes of the majority of our modern chronic conditions including diabetes and cancer.

But you can keep them all at bay by understanding a very simple “switch” in the body that activates your own internal “cellular cleanup crew.”

Want to know exactly what this disastrous relationship is and how to “flip the switch” on your own cellular regeneration?

Watch this short but powerful video right now and get the whole story.


The Toxic Mold Summit

Online Summit

There’s an epidemic of persons with chronic sinus infections who have spent years on antibiotics (which don’t seem to help). Toxic mold exposure may have triggered (and continues to trigger) these infections -- there’s help to be found!


The Healing Miracle

Online Summit

Learn how to use your own stem cells to naturally eliminate pain and rapidly heal your body!


Physicians Business Solutions – PBS

Omni Hotel Atlanta, GA

Come learn and train with some of the most successful and cutting-edge entrepreneurs in healthcare, taking you and your practice to the next level.

The Perimenopause Summit

Online Summit

My wife Merily and I joined a panel of experts in women’s hormonal health to help you navigate the sometimes confusing topic of perimenopause.

Bulletproof Biohacking Conference

Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA

Hear my newest talk at the Bulletproof Conference! Beyond Fasting: The Ultimate Bio-Hack for Hormone Optimization. And take $250 off the price of admission!


The Palmer Events Center Austin, TX

Paleo f(x)™ is the biggest annual gathering of ancestral health enthusiasts, and THE PLACE to hear the latest breakthroughs in science, biohacking and all things related. April 26-28 in Austin!

Physicians Business Conference (PBS)

Hyatt Regency Atlanta 265 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA

New Patient Systems and Hands- On Medical Training for:
Regenerative Medicine, Sexual Wellness, and Aesthetics