Fasting and Autophagy: A Powerful 1-2 Punch

Fasting and Autophagy

People pay a lot of money for stem cell injections, seeking a variety of treatments, ranging from the regeneration of joints to anti-aging. What makes this exciting is during fasting and autophagy, new stem cells are generated naturally!

fasting and autophagy - what is autophagy

Fasting and Autophagy: A Powerful 1-2 Punch

What is Autophagy?

When it comes to achieving good health, there’s one word we all need to be familiar with: “autophagy.” Pronounced “a-taw-fa-gee”, it is defined as “the body’s process of recycling its own damaged tissue into usable energy during times when food is not present.”

The key part of that definition is “when food is not present.”

Since we are told to eat 5-6 times per day for good health, food is always within reach. As a result, talking about autophagy is like speaking a foreign language to most people. However, if we want to reap the benefits of autophagy, we must change our mindset when it comes to eating. This means instead of eating from the moment we wake up until bedtime, we must eat less frequently. This does not mean going on fad diets or starving yourself. It simply means don’t eat less, eat less often.

This is a key component of autophagy, intermittent fasting and good health overall.

Fasting and Autophagy: The Power of Autophagy

I tell my clients the key to good health is to resist focusing on the symptoms and dig deeper. (Have a headache? Don’t just take an aspirin to reduce the pain, find out what’s causing your head to hurt.) Go directly to the source of your discomfort.

Many times, the issues we encounter can only be addressed at the cellular level, which is part of my PompaCore Cellular Detox philosophy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often, because modern medicine prefers to focus on the symptom (i.e. pain relief), and not the root cause of the issue.

In order to get well, we must fix the cell. This is critical because these bad cells could lead to a variety of health issues, which could include the following:

This is where intermittent fasting and autophagy come into play.

When we fast, the body turns to stored fat for energy, which is an excellent way to lose weight naturally. It also increases growth hormones and testosterone levels, which prompts the body to regenerate itself.

These are fantastic reasons to fast, but when a person fasts for sixteen hours or more, that’s when the magic begins.

After sixteen hours of fasting, the body will begin to attack the bad cells. Please note: the body will always eat the bad cells and tissues for energy before using the good ones. Bad cells are not able to adapt to using fat for energy, so they begin to die off and become food for the body. As a result, your body has a chance to clear cellular debris and abnormal cells, like cancerous cells.)

There have been many studies conducted on the power of autophagy:

  • In one study, researchers concluded that autophagy “is crucial for NRF2 activation and elimination of mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress.”1
  • In a study on melanoma, researchers suggest that autophagy regulatory proteins reduced the survival of melanoma cells.2
  • A study on necrosis (the death of cells through disease or injury) concluded that autophagy protected human bronchial epithelial cells from necrosis.

I personally eat this way and have coached many of my clients through it, who have experienced tremendous benefits and an increase in health and weight loss. The standard American diet has strayed very far from this approach with disastrous results. It is critical people start intermittent fasting so they can reap the benefits of autophagy.

Fasting and Autophagy: A Focused Form of Healing

Humans have been fasting and seeing positive results from autophagy for centuries, but its benefits are just being fully discovered. One that needs special attention is the growth of stem cells.

When we’re fasting, autophagy devours bad cells and simultaneously raises our number of powerful stem cells. These stem cells start to replace all those bad tissues that your body actually got rid of, so you’re basically dumping a bunch of these incredible communication molecules into your system that knows how to heal.

In other words, they go directly into those places that need healing.

This is extremely important, because it uses the body’s natural healing response, making it a drugless medicine. For example, when a person is injected with stem cells, it tends to be the exact opposite of a steroid injection. If it’s properly administered and done correctly, steroid injections provide immediate improvement. However, if you’re lucky, it’ll last two months, and then it wears completely off. Stem cells are the exact opposite: once it starts to kick in between month two and six, it seems to last years.

Fasting and Autophagy: Free Stem Cells!

People pay a lot of money for stem cell injections, seeking a variety of treatments, ranging from the regeneration of joints to anti-aging. What makes this exciting is during autophagy, new stem cells are generated naturally!

Stem cells are often called “master cells” because they can grow into any of the body’s 200 types of cells. Not only do stem cells increase during a fast, but they also continue to multiply after the fast as well. This is just another reason to begin fasting.

Here’s a brief video where I discuss what I am doing to maximize my stem cells before breaking a fast:


When it comes to good health, one of the best things we can do is intermittent fast. This gives our digestive system a much-needed break, allowing our bodies to focus on healing itself from the inside out. Energy deviation is really the description of what happens during our fast. Many of us have no idea how much energy it takes to metabolize food.

It’s like when you’re on vacation: you have nothing specific planned and wonder what you’re going to do with all that extra time and energy. Guess what the body does? It doesn’t sit back on the beach and drink a margarita. Instead, it says “I’m going to put that energy into healing.”

Give intermittent fasting a try. Your body will thank you!



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