Our Mission


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Our mission and our vision is to see lives restored by helping our patients and others in our national and world community to restore the amazing healing potential with which God created the human body – the Body by God.


Our mission and our vision is enacted as we renew minds FROM the traditional medical model of physicians treating symptoms with drugs and surgery to a natural approach to health which focuses on integrative health, and the treatment and prevention of underlying causes.


The goals of our mission and vision are ultimately realized through corrective and wellness chiropractic care, optimum nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle information to entirely renew entire families for entire lifetimes.Global Statement

“…That Thy way may be known upon the Earth, Thy saving health among all nations.” Psalm 67:2

This past year, Dr. Pompa walked through an open door to speak to leaders of various African nations regarding health, nutrition, and chiropractic. Before going, he questioned the Africans' need to hear his message. He also wondered why God would send him to Africa when Americans still needed to know that health and healing come from within (the brain and nervous system) and not from without (man-made drugs).

Those questions were answered on the trip when Dr. Pompa saw that Africans are even more hungry for these truths than Americans are. Zimbabu television welcomed him as a featured guest, and four other nations graciously invited him to speak. Now, almost daily, Dr. Pompa receives e-mails testifying that lives are still being changed as a result of his visit.

Although the positive feedback continues, Dr. Pompa affirms that he benefited from the trip more than anyone else did: “My life will never be the same after seeing the faith and contentment of these people.”

After Africa, God has now given us a mission to change our WORLD.