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Cellular Healing TV Episodes 57-64

Cellular Healing

Cellular Healing TV Episodes 57-64

Transcripts for Cellular Healing TV Episodes 49-56 Now Available!

  • What's the perfect healthy bread swap?
  • Are unvaccinated kids a health threat?
  • What are my top 5 anti-aging strategies?
  • How does oral health affect immunity?
  • What is a “pooper”?
  • Why should we eat dirt?
  • How can we practice gratitude during the healing process?
  • What's the perfect high-fat snack?

Answers to these questions, and MUCH more, are offered in Cellular Healing TV episodes 57-64. These shows are jam-packed with radical research and 180 degree solution™ truths and strategies to help you live your best and healthiest life.

Episode podcasts and transcripts are available to further the experience, access by CLICKING HERE.

More on the hot topics discussed in these episodes

Episode 57

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Vaccine Freedom

Mary Tocco, vaccine researcher, international speaker and public educator is interviewed. Included: vaccines as a human rights issue, the media’s role in vaccine perception using fear tactics, unvaccinated kids as a health threat, how vaccines suppress natural immunity, how the vaccinated can be the source of disease outbreaks, how to give back to support vaccine education.

Episode 58

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The Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips

This show topic was generated by one of my coaching clients who asked, “What are your top daily strategies to stay in great health?” I explain the most important tools and tricks I implement everyday to maintain excellent health. These strategies took many years to learn, and lots of trial and error, but are key to getting real results and remain techniques I utilize with every one of my clients to help them reach their health goals.

Episode 59

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Detox Myths

Common myths and misunderstandings around proper detox strategies are discussed. Included: why the “poopers” don’t provide real and lasting detox results, defining and explaining True Cellular Detox™ and how it’s different from every other detox on the market, applying the 5R’s of True Cellular Detox and Healing™ within the process of True Cellular Detox™, how to prepare the body for proper detox, helpful “downstream” detox supports, using CytoDetox™ drops for effective detox.

Episode 60

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Healthy Meals and Snacks Made Easy

I share my easy, real life healthy meal and snack ideas with guest co-host and health and fitness expert Phil Kaplan. Included: healthy food staples to have on hand, what to do when you don’t feel like cooking, how to make a “Tigger” smoothie drink for the kids, perfect meals for when you’re on the run, the best snacks high in good fat to stabilize blood sugar, my favorite healthy convenience food brands.

Episode 61

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Ancient Healing Strategies

I discuss the roots of my interest in ancient healing techniques and fasting and how I implement these strategies to guide coaching clients back to health. Included: water fasting and electrolyte balance, why a 4 day fast is my preferred minimum time frame for block fasting, proper caloric intake for successful intermittent fasting, why you should eat dirt, how our ancestors unknowingly practiced diet variation.

Episode 62

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Eat Fat to Lose Fat

Easy and delicious ideas for meals and snacks loaded with good fats to turn your brain on and shift your body into fat burning mode. Included: why food companies play clever games with fat, the best fats for fat burning and increased cognitive function, the low-fat diet and culture code, flipping the USDA food pyramid on it’s head for weight-loss success, the most dangerous fats to avoid, easy grain-free swaps for bread and pizza crust.

Episode 63

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How Amalgams Affect Your Health

The reason so many diseases start in our mouth. Included: how oral health affects immunity, why good dental hygiene isn’t enough to maintain health, the massive detrimental health implications of silver amalgam fillings,
how many dental offices are ruining the environment, why heavy metals disrupt the Microbiome, understanding galvanism, how to find a biological dentist in your area.

Episode 64

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A Cellular Healing Journey

Special guest Dr. Brad Gorski, one of the amazing doctors I coach in our practitioner training program, shares his personal story of triumph over severe health challenges using the cellular healing method and philosophy. Included: the effects of living in a moldy home, what it was like to have a stroke at 27 and be diagnosed with autoimmune challenges, using intermittent and block fasting as a healing tool, the gut-brain connection, patience and gratitude in the process of getting well.

Cellular Healing TV has a global mission to educate and change lives by providing uncommon health solutions to common problems. Our message is simple and we call it the 180° Solution™ lifestyle. We teach you to “go 180,” and do the opposite of the mainstream solutions marketed today. Weekly on Cellular Healing TV broadcasts we expose and demystify conventional myths on health and nutrition and provide you the 180° Solution™ truths. If you care about your health, we invite you to tune in to hear free nutrition, weight-loss, exercise, and wellness advice, including interviews with health experts from around the world. Each week we review cutting-edge research and information on today’s hottest health issues such as dieting, diabetes, weight loss resistance, heavy metal detoxification, thyroid conditions, Lyme disease, biotoxic illness, and much more. As self-experimenters, we also share personal secrets and tools to improve your life by increasing your health.

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