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Transcripts for Cellular Healing TV Episodes 1-8 Now Available!

Cellular Healing TV has a global mission to educate and change lives by providing uncommon health solutions to common problems. Our message is simple and we call it the 180° Solution™ lifestyle. We teach you to “go 180,” and do the opposite of the mainstream solutions marketed today. Weekly on Cellular Healing TV broadcasts we expose and demystify conventional myths on health and nutrition and provide you the 180° Solution™ truths. If you care about your health, we invite you to tune in to hear free nutrition, weight-loss, exercise, and wellness advice, including interviews with health experts from around the world. Each week we review cutting-edge research and information on today’s hottest health issues such as dieting, diabetes, weight loss resistance, heavy metal detoxification, thyroid conditions, Lyme disease, biotoxic illness, and much more. As self-experimenters, we also share personal secrets and tools to improve your life by increasing your health.

In the show’s first 8 episodes, we discuss the dangers of heavy metal toxicity and how to safely detox metals via chelation therapy, the 5R’s of PompaCore Cellular Healing and Detox™, common myths about weight loss, burst training techniques for rapid fat loss, the scary truth about GMOs with special guest Jeffrey Smith, hormone challenges, and much more. Join in the fun and subscribe today!

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Episode 1

When Heavy Metal Detox is Dangerous

The importance of safe heavy metal chelation and mercury amalgam removal is discussed, along with Dr. Pompa’s insight on mercury detoxification.

Episode 3

The 5R's of Cellular Healing & Detox

Learn the basics of Dr. Pompa’s 5R’s of Cellular Healing and Detox.

Episode 5

Cellular Weight Loss & High Intensity Training

Learn more about weight loss resistance and the myths currently surrounding this hot topic.

Episode 7

GMO Labeling and Pesticides

The discussion of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) continues with the FDA’s decision to change the nutrition labels of our food and how this danger could affect our future.

Episode 2

Heavy Metal Detox Done Right

Warren Phillips shares his personal story and struggles with heavy metal detoxification.

Episode 4

Weight Loss Myth Busters

Dr. Pompa shares the story of his son’s recovery, while also discussing the importance of R2 and the most common weight loss myths.

Episode 6

GMO’s, Grains, Gluten & Your Immune System

Dr. Pompa recaps his interview with Jeffrey Smith and the dangers of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and gluten for our immune systems.

Episode 8

Herbicides, Heart Disease & Hormones

Because of GMOs, there is a two-fold increase in the use of the number one herbicide called Glyphosate. This toxin is most commonly used by Monsanto to spray crops and plants. The link of Glyphosate with heart disease, cholesterol sulfate deficiency and other conditions is discussed.

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