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  • What's the best test for diagnosing Lyme disease?
  • Does the Ketogenic diet reverse disease?
  • Is your fitness program making you gain weight?
  • Why is diet soda so addictive?
  • Do certain gut bacteria make you fat?
  • Can you train your brain to stop overeating?
  • Where does most disease originate?
  • Is detox dangerous?

Answers to these questions, and MUCH more, are offered in Cellular Healing TV episodes 41-48. These shows are jam-packed with radical research and 180 degree solution™ truths and strategies to help you live your best and healthiest life.

Episode podcasts and transcripts are available to further the experience, access by CLICKING HERE.

More on the hot topics discussed in these episodes:

Episode 41

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Lyme Disease Testing

Special guest and Lyme disease expert, Dr. Jay Davidson, explains how to accurately diagnose and naturally treat the disease. Included: Dr. Jay's personal Lyme story, why Lyme is not the only issue, how to deal with co-infections, the best test for diagnosing Lyme, why the Lyme vaccine was taken off the market, length of recovery time, how Lyme is connected to autoimmunity and heavy metals and when to take antibiotics.

Episode 42

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Holiday Dieting and Detox

How to eat well and maintain your weight during the holidays. Included: Why typical calorie restriction diets don't work long-term, the proper way to calorie restrict for results, strategic carb-loading for weight loss, how to train your brain to stop overeating, why overeating is a cellular issue, the root cause of weight loss resistance, using the Cellular Healing Diet for weight loss and hormone balance, using the 5R's as a roadmap to fix the cell, and proper detox to lose stubborn weight.

Episode 43

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Losing Fat and Improving Health

Fitness expert and coach, Phil Kaplan, joins the show to discuss lies the health and fitness industry propagates and the truth about permanent weight loss. Included: Why your diet fitness program and medication aren't working, the #1 reason people fail to get results from any health regime, why we're driven to eat sugar and bad fat, debunking the “calorie is a calorie” myth, the importance of nutrient density, why you're not the victim of your metabolism, and the problem with exercise.

Episode 44

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Your Brain on Diet Soda

The massive dangers of diet soda consumption and the truth behind Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's diagnosis are explained. Included: Why diet soda is so addictive, understanding the problems with excitotoxins, Phil Kaplan's personal story of Parkinson's misdiagnosis, tricks the food industry uses to engineer the “bliss point,” how disease arises, and the importance of positive adaptation.

Episode 45

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Epigenetics and Your Genome

Epigenetics is clarified and the factors which influence it. Included: How to turn bad genes “off” to lose weight, the way environmental chemicals affect DNA, Stanford's cutting-edge research linking epigenetics and obesity, the role methylation plays in gene expression, why your DNA is not your destiny, how our food and lifestyle choices affect future generations, the impact of exercise on DNA, and what you can start doing today to reverse the disease process.

Episode 46

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Top 5 Health Breakthroughs
and Strategies

2014's top health breakthroughs are reviewed and explained. Included: How's and why's of keto-adaptation, the impact of the Ketogenic diet on cancer and hormone conditions, different approaches to intermittent fasting, combining ketosis and intermittent fasting for enhanced results, understanding the stress and rest hypothesis and how it applies to modern life, fooling the body into losing weight, how to use bone broth fasting to transform health, and the ways GMOs and glyphosate destroy health.

Episode 47

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From a Death Sentence to Life

My amazing client, Terry, shares his personal story of triumph over life-threatening illness using core principles of PompaCore Cellular Detox and Healing™. Included: Why getting cancer isn't simply “bad luck,” the trouble with chemo, where most disease arises, digging into Terry's history to find the source (R1), fasting within a detox protocol, how to remove toxins from the brain, the diet strategies and products that changed Terry's life, and why everyone needs a coach.

Episode 48

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Cellular Detoxification

How to get your life back through PompaCore Cellular Detox™. Included: How to incorporate the system within the other detox protocols, why a colon cleanse and foot bath are not true detox, true binders vs. weak binders, the dangers of improper detox, how to change DNA expression, avoiding auto-intoxication during detox, and the science behind the true binder CytoDetox™.

Cellular Healing TV has a global mission to educate and change lives by providing uncommon health solutions to common problems. Our message is simple and we call it the 180° Solution™ lifestyle. We teach you to “go 180,” and do the opposite of the mainstream solutions marketed today. Weekly on Cellular Healing TV broadcasts we expose and demystify conventional myths on health and nutrition and provide you the 180° Solution™ truths. If you care about your health, we invite you to tune in to hear free nutrition, weight-loss, exercise, and wellness advice, including interviews with health experts from around the world. Each week we review cutting-edge research and information on today’s hottest health issues such as dieting, diabetes, weight loss resistance, heavy metal detoxification, thyroid conditions, Lyme disease, biotoxic illness, and much more. As self-experimenters, we also share personal secrets and tools to improve your life by increasing your health.