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Transcripts for Cellular Healing TV Episodes 9-16 Now Available!

In Cellular Healing TV episodes 9-16, we discuss various topics such as the saturated fats myth, why autoimmune conditions are some of the most misdiagnosed, the benefits and power of intermittent fasting, Dr. Pompa’s 5R’s of PompaCore Cellular Detox and Healing™, Lyme disease answers and mold illness.

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Episode 9

The Saturated Fat Myth

Hosts discuss the modern day saturated fat myths, and how these fats actually play a huge role in the solution to unexplainable illnesses.


Episode 11

The Power of Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Pompa discusses the basics of intermittent fasting with different fasting options, utilizing life changing beverages from Beyond Organic.


Episode 13

The Truth of Cellular Healing

After briefly recapping previous episodes, the hosts tie in the connection these conditions have with Dr. Pompa's 5R's of PompaCore Cellular Detox and Healing™. Each 5R is described and explained.

Episode 15

Exposure to Black Mold

Dr. Pompa discusses why Biotoxic Illness is becoming more and more prevalent, along with how black mold is the most common factor with these conditions..

Episode 10

Autoimmune Conditions

Learn why autoimmune is the most undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and fastest growing condition.

Episode 12

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

The Intermittent Fasting discussion continues with the many health benefits from fasting, as well as how essential it is to cellular healing. There is an intermittent fast out there for everyone.

Episode 14

Lymes Disease Symptoms & Answers

David Asarnow recalls his own close call with a tick. Dr. Pompa explains the details of Lyme disease and how to properly prevent and care for it.

Episode 16

Mold Illness, Biotoxins,
Black Mold & Lyme Disease

Mold Illness is discussed even further with a more in depth conversation about its origins, along with how you can use cellular detoxifcation products to Remove the Source (R1).

Cellular Healing TV has a global mission to educate and change lives by providing uncommon health solutions to common problems. Our message is simple and we call it the 180° Solution™ lifestyle. We teach you to “go 180,” and do the opposite of the mainstream solutions marketed today. Weekly on Cellular Healing TV broadcasts we expose and demystify conventional myths on health and nutrition and provide you the 180° Solution™ truths. If you care about your health, we invite you to tune in to hear free nutrition, weight-loss, exercise, and wellness advice, including interviews with health experts from around the world. Each week we review cutting-edge research and information on today’s hottest health issues such as dieting, diabetes, weight loss resistance, heavy metal detoxification, thyroid conditions, Lyme disease, biotoxic illness, and much more. As self-experimenters, we also share personal secrets and tools to improve your life by increasing your health.