EMF Toxins – Invisible, Yet Powerful

EMF Toxins

What is invisible yet may be destroying our health? EMFs, AKA electromagnetic frequencies. I deal with very sick people from all over the globe, and many of them are becoming more and more sensitive to these EMF toxins. As a matter of fact, it’s a big part of their detox protocol, and something that we need to get out of their life. Comparative to living in a moldy home, we find that if they don’t fix their electromagnetic frequency input, it’s very difficult for them to detox from other chemicals. EMFs and EMF toxins have a profound effect on detoxification. Our number one priority of how we detox in the 5R’s of Cellular Healing is removing the sources. EMFs are a new source. If we don’t remove it, it seems like we can’t get rid of other toxins very easily. EMF toxins definitely effect almost every function of the cell. Even though you can’t visibly see or feel it, EMF is a big deal.

What are electromagnetic frequencies?

I interviewed EMF expert Nick Pineault to learn more about the effects of EMFs, and how we can decrease harmful effects from them. According to Nick, there are both natural and manmade EMFs. Natural EMFs come from the sun, and can help us produce vitamin D. Therefore small amounts of natural EMFs are actually good for us. Man-made EMF toxins, however, are all together a different beast.

The newer EMF that we’re exposed to include:

  • Microwave radiation
  • Smart meters
  • Smart phones
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Cellular towers
  • Any kind of wireless device
  • Gaming systems
  • Even some fish tanks!

Up until about 30 years ago, no one was affected or was exposed to microwave radiation unless you were military personnel working near radar ranges. Our exposure to these EMFs are a brand-new exposure to human biology, and the effects are downright scary! Electromagnetic sensitivity is increasing dramatically, and we are not adapting to all these new exposures.

How do EMF toxins affect us?

EMFs are contributing to our toxic load. There is a very strong synergistic effect between EMF exposure and toxin exposure, especially heavy metals, or pesticides, or certain classes of chemicals. EMFs open the calcium channels, causing calcium influx into the cell. This is researched by Dr. Martin Pall1, who showed that the calcium channels in each of your cells stay open because they get disrupted by microwave radiation. This happens very fast. This calcium channel stays open, and alot of calcium ions are allowed to flow in. The downstream effect of that is we can have DNA damage. Pall suggests that this also leads to neuropsychiatric changes, including depression.

People who have other neurotoxic sensitivities are more sensitive to EMFs. With multiple exposures, comes multiple stressors that opened up these calcium channels. Now, it just takes one more exposure, and that’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The people who I find are reacting to EMFs in a very negative way are the people who have other neurotoxic exposures, whether it’s lead, mercury, or mold exposures. You put them all together and it’s a perfect storm.

According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, the number one overlooked factor when detoxing the body, is EMF exposure. Therefore people are just not healing. This is a big missing piece. Because it is not visible, it isn’t taken seriously. Klinghardt suggests there’s two types of Lyme patients: those that get better because they follow his EMF recommendations, and those who don’t. They don’t follow his recommendations, and they still sleep with a cell phone under their pillow. They do not get better. The etiology is unclear at this point. However, when you play with nature, when you play with your light environment, when you play with your EMF environment, and with junk food, you just modified the way nature intended things to be, and you end up with consequences. It looks like it’s multiple ways that these EMFs are affecting us, especially during sleep. There also appears to be a correlation between people with high levels of heavy metals, and EMF sensitivities. There is a synergistic relationship going on, that we are just beginning to understand.

How can we counteract some of the effects of EMF toxins?

Here are some actionable steps you can take right away, to decrease your EMF exposure:

  • Determine if your house has a smart meter and how to remove it: Watch the episode above, and learn how to find out if your house has one, and what you can do about it.
  • Create distance from yourself and your devices. Don’t wear your cellphone up against your body. If it is on your body, be sure it is in airplane mode. Do not sleep with your phone in the room, and put it in airplane mode at night.
  • If you are very sick, do not use WIFI in your home, or put it on a Christmas light timer.
  • Turn off the circuit breakers to the entire house at night, to reduce your exposure to electrical fields (do not do this if you/someone in the home is on any form of life support).
  • A meter can discover all the hidden sources of EMFs around the house, such as fish tanks, and printers, and X-Box machines. Unplug as often as possible! Sometimes these things will still emit EMFs, even when unplugged. Get them out of the house.
  • Anything with a bluetooth or a chip in it blankets the environment with EMFs
  • Heart rate monitors and apple watches, and Ouro rings emit EMFs. With the Ouro ring, you can put it in airplane mode until you download the information.
  • Devices that track your sleep emits signals that can disrupt melatonin.
  • Turn the bluetooth in your car off.
  • Try detox supplements to support your overall health.
  • Check to see if you have a smart meter on your home. These emit EMFs that blanket your home.
  • Get grounded! Utilize grounding pads, grounding pillows, grounding sheets, and ground outside barefoot as often as possible (that one is free!). This helps tremendously in detoxing from EMF exposure.

We may not visibly see EMFs, but they are there, affecting our ability to properly sleep, detox, and feel good. We have to keep ourselves well. We can’t forget about these extra stressors, that are both man-made and fairly new in our biological history. We need to minimize these harmful effects as much as possible! 1. Pall, Martin L. “Microwave Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Produce Widespread Neuropsychiatric Effects including Depression.” Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics. August 21, 2015. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0891061815000599.