Heavy Metal Detox Done Right: Safe Heavy Metal Chelation & Mercury Amalgam Removal

Heavy Metal Detox Done Right

(When Detox is Dangerous – Part 2 of 3)

Why You Must Have Mercury Amalgam Safely Removed From Your Teeth Prior to Beginning Heavy Metal Chelation

Removing the Heavy Metal Source Yes, I finally found the source of my illness – mercury amalgam fillings – but I had 6 or 7 remaining fillings that required safe amalgam removal before I started the mercury detoxification process from my body and brain. This time I had to do it correctly so I didn’t become even sicker. I can’t tell you how many stories I hear of people getting sick after removing mercury fillings because they went to their regular dentist after reading that silver mercury amalgam fillings make people sick. I developed a pre-amalgam removal protocol that prepares the liver, kidneys, gut and the cell. These detox pathways need to be strengthened first, so the mercury that is released during the removal process makes its way out of the body instead of accumulating in your brain. You can add unnecessary years onto the mercury detoxification process if you jump in without preparation. The proper safe amalgam removal protocol has been used by hundreds of doctors around the country and hundreds of patients around the world with amazing success.

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For the actual removal of amalgam fillings, you must work with a biological dentist that is trained in proper, safe amalgam removal. The mercury vapor that comes off of the filling when the drill heats it up is significant and will go directly up your nose and into your brain. The dentist must provide you with fresh air or oxygen to avoid this. I prefer that the dentist uses an in office air filtration to create a vacuum away from the patient and himself. There are many other proper removal procedures that are necessary that are often overlooked. For example, the great Hal Huggins, who removed more mercury amalgam fillings than anyone and is considered the world’s authority on safe amalgam removal, noted that if the midline in the mouth was crossed during a removal procedure, the patient would often become more ill.

Safe and Effective Heavy Metal Chelation and Detoxification Strategies Many of those who research the dangers of mercury amalgam and actually locate a dentist to perform a safe amalgam removal fail to detox (chelate) after the removal. Proper chelation must start 4 days after the last filling is removed.

Caution: You cannot start true heavy metal chelation until the last amalgam filling is removed.

If you start chelation with even a speck of amalgam remaining, it will take between 2 – 4 months of chelation before negative symptoms begin, and I promise you they will. Once the body (not the brain) has cleared most of the mercury in these first few months, it will start to mobilize metal from the filling(s) next. Chelation with amalgams in the mouth will eventually lead to a case of what I refer to as the “crazies.” Even mercury that embeds into the gums, which is referred to as an amalgam tattoo, must come out before true heavy metal chelation begins. This only applies to true heavy metal chelators, which I discuss below, not intracellular Glutathione boosters like GCEL™.

Once all of the mercury fillings are out of the mouth, chelation MUST begin!
If you don’t chelate after the removal, you may feel better for a few months but unfortunately, this time will be short lived. I refer to this as the “honeymoon period.” Once the source has been removed, the mercury will begin to mobilize from other areas around your body. It is truly amazing, but the innate intelligence within your body will not let go of the mercury that has bio-accumulated over time – especially what has accumulated in the brain – until the source is gone. It seems as though the body knows that doing so will cause more damage. In an effort to protect itself, it holds on to the mercury; when the source is removed however, it starts letting go. These negative symptoms do not become apparent until anywhere from 6 – 12 months after the amalgam fillings are removed. This is truly eye opening to many clients because it is not until I do a patient history with them and point this out that they realize the connection.

It is not enough to get toxic mercury fillings out of your mouth and body; you must also get the mercury out of your brain. It’s not the mercury in the body that causes the major problems; it is the mercury in the brain that will initiate an unexplainable illness. Without proper heavy metal chelation, mercury will remain locked in your brain forever, causing a variety of unexplainable symptoms even though you are amalgam free.

The mercury vapor from amalgams, organic mercury from fish, and mercury from other sources will cross into the brain where it turns to inorganic mercury. It is the inorganic mercury that remains locked in the brain for life unless removed correctly. It will begin to slowly rob you of vitality and your ability to think clearly. Memory loss is not something that happens in old age; it’s something that happens when organic forms of mercury cross into the brain and convert to inorganic mercury, which bio-accumulates in your brain over years. Again, getting your fillings out is not enough! Clearing the mercury from your body and seeing a metal test that looks clear is not enough; you must clear it from the brain. Rarely (if ever) is the inorganic mercury targeted in the brain, and if so, it’s done incorrectly or not long enough to truly make an impact.

You can see at this point that there are many pit falls in heavy metal detoxification. The biggest, without a doubt, is when it comes to detoxing metals from your body and the brain. You need to work with a practitioner who is trained in proper heavy metal chelation protocols. This may even be more important than working with the correct dentist, but both are critical for ultimate success without question.

DANGER!!! Why Herbs and IV Chelation Therapies are Dangerous I had said earlier that I have yet to find an “alternative” or “regular” doctor doing heavy metal detox correctly. Most alternative doctors use different herbal or homeopathic supplements for chelation and the MD’s use IV chelation. I can tell you it is far beyond my opinion and rooted in scientific literature that neither of them work, and worse yet, are very dangerous.

Let’s start with the alternative side of things. Herbs are great for many things and so are homeopathic remedies, but when it comes to heavy metal chelation, they are not “true chelators.” Therefore, they fail to do a good job of removing the metals completely from the body. Metals such as mercury and lead got their name “heavy” metals title for good reason; they are in fact very heavy. Due to their physical weight and some other unique properties, heavy metals can deplete the body of its natural detoxification properties such as sulfur, certain amino acids and enzymes, glutathione, and methyl groups. Once this occurs the heavy metals begin to bio-accumulate in the body and worse yet, in the brain. Heavy metals are not like other toxins; they not only eventually exhaust precious detoxification pathways, which allow the bio-accumulation of other toxins, but can in turn cause other toxicity issues from infections.

Heavy metals will allow a safe haven for pathogens such as candida and Lyme. The immune cells will not come near the toxic mercury, so the pathogens adapt and hide from the immune system around the mercury. I could never get rid of my chronic candida until I got my metal burden lowered to a certain level. The Lyme bacteria and heavy metals have a unique synergy as well. It is estimated that 90% of the population in certain parts of the country have Lyme disease; so why are they all not sick? Lyme, like other pathogens such as candida, herpes virus, Epstein Barr virus and others are opportunistic and will only affect someone who is immune compromised. This is what heavy metals like mercury do; they provide an altered terrain, which is ripe for the bad guys. Most, if not all, Lyme disease sufferers have heavy metal issues and both need to be addressed for lasting recovery.

To successfully chelate heavy metals out of the body and brain, and to prevent the dangers of re-absorption, a “true chelator” must be used. Herbs such as cilantro, or binding agents like chlorella, do not have the molecular structure to hold on to a heavy metal permanently. Therefore, they only stir up the metals and cause them to redistribute somewhere else. Most likely, they end up in the brain and cause more bizarre and unexplainable symptoms. These types of detox agents do not contain a double “SH group” called a “thiol group”. I will spare you the biochemistry lecture, but it is this “double thiol group” that is able to properly bind heavy metals and safely escort them out of the body. This is in fact defines a “true chelator”, and is the only safe and effective agent at the present time to remove heavy metals.

I know you have read all the great marketing of the “metal magnet” known as chlorella, but on pre and post-heavy metal testing using urine or stool, there is no difference from the pre (without the chlorella) and the post (with chlorella). In other words, it does not bind measurable amounts of heavy metals during testing. When you test with a “true chelator,” the difference is significant, proving the ability to remove metals from the body. At least chlorella, because it is such a poor chelator of heavy metal, is not dangerous unlike IV chelators or cilantro I will discuss below. Chlorella can be a great super food if not contaminated with other toxins. Therefore, chlorella may be fine for other purposes, just not detoxing heavy metals.

Certain herbs, on the other hand, are dangerous when used for heavy metal detox. Most of the dangerous herbs have perhaps a “single thiol group” (not a double), or an ion type of bond that does in fact pull metal. However, it holds on to it very weakly, which will cause the metal to simply become “stirred-up” like dust and redistributed somewhere else in the body. It never carries it fully out of the body.

I recall experimenting with many of these types of herbal detox and natural supplements. These detox attempts at times led to me becoming very sick even to the point of being suicidal. Unfortunately, this happened more times than I care to tell you, but I will share one story of the dangers of cilantro with you. One day I had read that cilantro chelation can move mercury out of the brain and knowing that it was the brain mercury that was my real problem, I decided to juice up some fresh cilantro. Well, let’s just say that after a few days of drinking cilantro, my wife was ready to check me in to an insane asylum. I am not kidding; I lost it. Thank God at this time I knew the proper way to use a true chelator like DMSA (meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid) and was able to bring myself back to sanity.

The Dangers of IV Heavy Metal Chelation Using DMSA and DMPS Allopathic doctors A.K.A. “regular doctors” that understand that heavy metals do ruin lives, and the removal of it can save lives, typically use “true chelators”, but use them incorrectly. Let me be fair, many alternative doctors who understand that true chelators are what work, use them incorrectly as well.

Many doctors perform IV chelation using a prescription true chelating agent such as DMPS (2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid), and unlike the herbals and other binders I mentioned above, it works! The problem with using IV chelation therapies is that they will pull a lot of heavy metals all at once and do not stay in the body long enough and therefore can cause redistribution of heavy metals. DMPS and DMSA are water soluble and go in and out of the body very quickly. Because it pulls heavy metals so well and yet leaves the body so quickly, it sets up a concentration gradient in the body, initiating the remaining metals to move out of the tissues. Let’s go back to basic chemistry and remember that things move from higher concentration to lower concentration area in the body. The problem is the chelating agent has moved out of the body, bringing heavy metals with it. This leaves a lower concentration area behind, causing the deeper stored metals in the body to move out of the tissues into circulation, only to redistribute somewhere else. This can cause many unwanted symptoms and worse yet, if it crosses into the brain, you have made a bad situation catastrophic.

The fact that true chelating agents like DMPS and DMSA are in and out of the body so fast is great in that it makes the agent itself very non-toxic. As an example, you could take three bottles of DMSA (a natural true chelating agent), or do a massive amount of DMPS in an IV and have no symptoms from the chelator, but depending on the level of heavy metals within your body, get the “crazies” from heavy metals redistributed into your brain. This is the same problem as herbals such as cilantro but for a different reason. Unlike the weak chelation of herbals, this problem can be solved using a true chelator like DMSA. The answer is simple, take a true chelator like DMPS and DMSA often enough throughout the day to prevent redistribution. This obviouslycannot be accomplished with IV chelation or you would be sitting in a doctor’s office hooked up to an IV continuously for 3 – 4 days. That is obviously not possible or practical. However, this can be accomplished utilizing the orals forms of DMPS or DMSA. Oral chelation is both inexpensive and easy to take often enough to avoid redistribution and dangerous symptoms. In addition you will avoid expensive, painful and continuous visits to an “IV specialist” doctor’s office.

Many doctors and patients are moving to oral chelators because of the bad press of IV chelation, but unfortunately, most are still violating this simple rule and not utilizing oral chelation agents often enough to prevent recirculation and redistribution. Your next question will be, “How often do they need to be taken to prevent redistribution?” The answer to this question depends on the chelating agent being used. Different agents have a different half-life in the body. Every oral “true chelator” must be taken within their half-life for success and safety.

In the final article this series, I will discuss the specific how-to of heavy metal chelation that changed my life and thousands of others.

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