Mercury Detox: Jeff’s Life-Changing Story

Mercury Detox: Jeff’s Life-Changing Story

Amalgam fillings have been used for the past 150 years in conventional dentistry, but are they safe? In a word, no. These fillings are a combination of various metals, including the highly toxic heavy metal, mercury. I learned about mercury poisoning the hard way. I began having a whole host of symptoms that robbed me of the life I wanted to live, and you can learn more about my story in the 3-part series “When detox is dangerous” here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Macioci, a man whose story is very similar to my own. He, too, suffered from mercurcialism, which is the medical term for mercury poisoning.

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When he found me, Jeff was at death’s door–literally. But, with guidance and encouragement, he was able to start the cellular detoxification and healing process. This got him back on track in his relationships, career, and health. In fact, Jeff’s journey has inspired him to want to help others heal and avoid similar issues that arise from the toxins all-too-commonly found in our food, our environment–even our mouth. Jeff’s story is so inspiring that we wanted to share it with you so that people out there who might be going through a complicated or confusing health crisis know that help exists and true healing is possible.

Jeff’s Symptoms

Jeff recalls having a mouth full of amalgam fillings by the age of 13. Twenty years later, when he was in the peak of health at age 33, the mercury toxicity finally caught up with him. By that time, he’d already been struggling with the ups and downs of mysterious symptoms for over ten years.

The interesting thing about mercury poisoning is that it can affect so many different areas of your life. The symptoms are definitely physical, but they’re also emotional and psychological in nature. Jeff describes some of his physical symptoms: extreme fatigue, chronic digestive issues, muscular weakness, numbness in his arms and legs, ringing in his ears, buzzing on one side of his head, and extreme sensitivity to stimuli such as light, sound, and temperature.

Meanwhile, Jeff did everything he knew to try to stay healthy and heal his digestive woes. He adopted what he thought was a healthy lifestyle; he ate an organic, vegan diet and exercised often. He trained hard with boxing, lifting weights, and running marathons. And yet, all of this exercise was something his body couldn’t adapt to as long as that toxicity remained. Mercury is a known neurotoxin, so it accumulates in the brain and causes a whole host of problems.

And Jeff’s symptoms didn’t stop there. He was also experiencing mental and emotional issues like intense anxiety, social phobia, and panic attacks, along with irritability and insomnia. Jeff describes his social experience as “feeling like you’re just stepping away from everybody else, feeling like everybody is in on this inside joke and you don’t know what’s going on, really having a hard time just looking people in the eye and always feeling like everybody’s looking at me and watching me.

This struck a chord with me, because my story with mercury toxicity was so similar. Your personality kind of turns so that you can’t look people in the eye. It’s the oddest thing and hard to describe, but the shyness wasn’t really me. It was the same way with Jeff. His relationships became troubled. “When things got tough,” Jeff explained, “I wouldn’t want to talk about situations. I was always wanting to be by myself. My mom would always say, ‘You think too much.’ She would always tell me ‘no man is an island’ because I always just wanted to be by myself…I used to be a people person.

Seeking Help

As often happens with people who have underlying, unaddressed health issues, eventually the bottom dropped out from Jeff’s health. The emotional stress of his difficult relationships combined with the chemical stress of mercury toxicity became too much when he added the physical stress of intense exercise. He became weaker, and less able to perform as an athlete. The last straw happened after he donated blood, the final stressor that threw him over the edge.

This happens all the time. People struggling with chronic illness might have periods when they recover for a while, but it’s just an accident waiting to happen. That’s why I urge people not to wait when these symptoms show up; catch it before things get worse.

I was literally on the brink of losing my job. I couldn’t even make it through work,” Jeff said. He felt completely overwhelmed, like he was “failing at everything.” He went to the hospital several times seeking help, and the doctors could only tell him that his physical tests were fine and that he only suffered from anxiety. In other words, they told him it was all in his head, which is the same message I was told when I went through this myself.

The doctors prescribed psychotropic drugs for Jeff, but they only barely masked one symptom from his whole, complex list of issues. This is another thing that often happens with Western medicine, even alternative medicine at times: only the symptoms are addressed. In a case like Jeff’s, even addressing his fatigue by supporting the adrenal glands and thyroid isn’t going to be enough. It’s the same with many autoimmune issues. You’ve got to get upstream, find the stressors that form the root cause, and then remove them.

Of course, until you understand the underlying cause of such disparate symptoms, this experience can be confusing and disheartening. In Jeff’s case, he was pushed nearly to the breaking point. He felt confused by his mysterious illness, cut off from his loved ones, and unable to process everyday life. “I was at the end of what I could handle,” Jeff said. He became suicidal at that point and prayed to God for help. As he told us, “I would say, ‘God help me, I’m sorry, and thank you.’ I couldn’t even get more out than that, and I think it’s beautiful that I still say that to this day because that’s all you need. I was just begging for something, begging for help. There were some nights that were so hard.

Getting Well

It was at this point when Jeff found me. I remember lots of tear-filled conversations and praying together. Today, I am humbled by the profound changes that I see in Jeff since I’ve been guiding him through cellular detox. The PompaCore Cellular Detox® program involves three phases, and one of them is a brain phase to clear bio-accumulated neurotoxins like mercury. To put this process in perspective, I did brain phases off and on for four years. Jeff has done them cyclically for only one year, and he’s already a transformed man. He notes, “Things are coming back to me. I’m getting my life back.

Jeff switched from a vegan diet to a diet high in healthy fats, and he began fasting intermittently. He also cut back on sugar and organic junk food. All of this has helped to restore his microbiome, which had been damaged by mercury poisoning. As Jeff explains, “Immediately what helped when I was in my worst times… was the sea salt, the minerals… to help the adrenals. I would have to say the fasting truly helped.

In combination with proper preparation and cellular detox, Jeff also went to my dentist friend Dr. Grieco, who was able to remove his amalgam fillings properly, with all of the precautions taken, like rubber dams to prevent the reabsorption of mercury. He reports that almost immediately, the buzzing on the side of his head was gone. Jeff also had some underlying infections that needed to be reopened and cleaned. Hidden infections are another common stressor–I recently found out I had them–and many autoimmune sufferers who aren’t getting well, despite much effort, also hidden infections are triggering immune reactivity.

Another wonderful aspect of Jeff’s success with cellular healing is how his personality and emotional wellbeing have shifted. He says, “Kind of amazing going through detox here and I’m actually seeing my personality come through. That’s amazing, right? I’ll have conversations with people now and I want to be there… It’s just like, wow, this is what it’s supposed to be like! I knew that person was hiding underneath a lot of that.

Spiritual Healing

As we’ve seen, Jeff went from a dark night of the soul and spiritual crisis to restoring his health on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This is amazing stuff. I remember those early conversations when I was telling Jeff that God had a plan for him. It’s always hard to see that when you’re in the middle of a crisis, but look at what Jeff has now become. He’s decided to reach out and share more of his story with others.

As Jeff said to me on Cellular Healing TV, “I thank you so much for those prayers that you would say to me, that ‘God isn’t punishing you; He’s allowing you to go through this.’ Now I realize that. Now I realize that he allowed me to go through that because you don’t go through something like this and just go back to your everyday life. I’m going big… People are getting sick and there’s obviously a problem, and I’m here to help.

Wow, how great is that? All of this really points to the power of story, the power of talking about our difficulties and not staying in the dark. We know from a scientific standpoint that when we speak about our past hurts, it’s healing. It helps us reframe the way we think about those hurts so that we can uproot the emotional trauma stored in the DNA. Literally, sharing our story is a part of the healing process, even on a scientific level.

Jeff’s story is inspiring. This is what can happen when you remove physical, chemical and emotional toxins and stressors from the body. Your whole life can turn around, and you can then use this newfound health and energy to help others turn their lives around. What a beautiful thing.

Every burden is a blessing.
– Walt Kelly

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