R5: Dr. Pompa’s Wife’s Perspective – Reestablishing Methylation

Merily Pompa, Reestablishing Methylation

R5: Dr. Daniel Pompa’s Wife’s Perspective

Reestablishing Methylation: Why Hormone Replacement Could Have Led Her to Cancer & How Stress Can Make You a LunaticAfter the release of my husband’s last article (R5 – Reestablishing Methylation ), it became apparent that more information is desperately needed on the topic of hormones and why they become so dysregulated. Also, how woman who under stress can become raging lunatics (or something similar, according to their husband and kids, mine included) and why many more seek prescription medication or hormone replacement therapy. It is for this reason that he asked me to write about my experience(s) as they relate to hormones and potentially reach even more women (and the men who love them) with information that not only will save their life potentially, but also enable them to be lived with more than 3.5 weeks of the month.

When my husband began understanding the role neurotoxins play in hormonal health, it became quite apparent there was much more to study and the level of research that he became involved in has led him to the understanding he applies each day as he coaches others back to health who have done “everything else.” It is impossible to not consider this path when desiring optimal, as well as preventative, health but unfortunately, I have yet to see anyone who has claimed a “bizarre and unexplainable” condition be restored without this consideration.

When I took the Urine Toxic Metals test, which revealed a lead level off the charts (and to this day, the 3rd highest he ever saw), I began to understand why it was so imperative that I address the source, which came to me initially in utero from my mom. I began by safely removing the 5 amalgam fillings (as they contain 50% mercury) that were in my teeth so that I could begin to use a true heavy metal detox agent, which is what my husband teaches, as the ONLY safe and effective way to remove heavy metals (neurotoxins). NO ONE SHOULD CHELATE WITH EVEN ONE SILVER FILLING IN THEIR MOUTH.)

Understanding the role hormones were playing enabled me to also understand why my mom had developed breast cancer in her early 50’s. Why 10 years later, after a lumpectomy and radiation, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Uterine Cancer and within 2 years of that diagnosis she died; despite every hopeful effort, including a more natural approach at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

As I began to understand the role lead played on hormones, I knew I had work to do. I had not stopped to consider what lead did to a brain and never knew I had reason to. I always thought those exposed were, in some way, so obviously affected that I couldn’t possibly have cause for concern. But as I thought further, there were undeniable concerns that I needed to consider. I grew up in the same home as my mom with lead pipes and sat in gas lines in the 70’s that I enjoyed the smell of. Over time, other things also came to mind like the green crib I chewed on and liked the taste of as a toddler and even the soil I would taste from the garden as I dug up potatoes. I also remembered having difficulty learning even though I was always really smart, as long as I didn’t have to read to learn it. I would have to read and reread school assignments and it seemed as if my inability to absorb information was more due to my lack of interest rather than my level of intelligence. I now knew that was not the truth. As liberated as I began to feel, I also became more concerned.

The next test I ran on myself (Genova Diagnostics’ 24 Hour Hormone Test) and it was revealed that I had too much bad estrogen vs. good estrogen and that my methylation was so low that I could not get rid of toxic estrogen. This cannot be revealed from a standard blood test. Unfortunately, the doctors always told my mom that her blood estrogen levels were normal and in fact, they were. If she had taken this test, she would have learned her true hormonal reality and the root cause of her problem. She would then been able to avoid early death, not to mention the years of hormonal imbalances that caused other problems in her life.

I was heading in the same direction as my mom with the symptoms of hormone dysregulation including PMS. I was quick to anger, with no threshold for even small stressors. Although, knowing me and my life, you may think I have reason to be stressed and so let me qualify that I am referring to earlier in my married life. I was also intolerant some days but not others and during predictable times of the month, being more challenging on the members of the family as well as a vehement rejection of their accusations. Every aspect of learning about health has taken both my husband and myself on our own journey.

I couldn’t have imagined how much more there was to learn as we already have at this time in our lives prioritized our health; consuming only whole grains, eating raw dairy, avoiding processed sugars and buying almost exclusively organic produce. But there were a few things that further told my story and as I thought deeper, I realized that many of my issues/symptoms were not only presenting in childhood, but also as a new mother.

I was a vegan (consuming no meat or dairy) for a spell and during my first 2 pregnancies (Daniel and Izik), a vegetarian for about 4 years and for a period of time after. I nursed 4 months into my pregnancy with Izik and began to feel weird. I had an incessant tapping on my head that was right on the top and was absolutely maddening! I would tell my husband I felt as if I was a spectator within my own body, which was the only description I could give to him and I felt like a total crazy woman even saying it. I would go through the motions of my day but I was so distracted and frustrated with my own bizarre preoccupations that I had no joy during a time in my life when I should have had nothing but.

Danny would humor me, and over time became concerned enough. He and I would go to Barnes & Noble before becoming computer savvy and he would try to look up symptoms to find explanations for what I was feeling. It was evident that my symptoms were in some way related to my hormones, but ruling things out was the way we began to isolate some of the causes.

We learned that my symptoms were related to a lack of methylation, as well as being exacerbated by a vegan/vegetarian diet, even a healthy one, but we didn’t yet know why. It was an Easter Sunday and Danny’s dad made an amazing dinner and he suggested I try some of the roast. I remember not caring one way or another as my test buds were not any longer interested in eating meat, but from what some of my husband’s research was leading him to and uncovering, B Vitamin deficiencies are far more rampant with Vegetarian/Vegan diets. I suppose I could say that between my husband’s research and my desperation to feel better, I opted to taste the roast. It was the first time in MONTHS that my symptoms subsided! I couldn’t believe it! I ate steak every day (2x/day) for the next week and I remember that was the end of those crazy and unsettling symptoms. I also justified my decision to add meat as a mainstay of my diet because I learned that the reasons I was avoiding eating it were not actually issues to keep it from being consumed as part of a healthy diet, which cannot be attained any other way. It isn’t actually the meat itself that is the problem, but what man has done to the meat. There are ways to consume meat in which the practices of raising and slaughtering are done humanely and biblically (please check out Beyond Organic ). God gave us meat to eat. As time went on, I also learned from my husband’s research that the cholesterol that many fear is actually protective and keeps cellular function balanced. Fats and cholesterol stabilize the cell membrane and if the cell membrane becomes unstable, cellular function and detox of the cell become hindered. Once the membrane is affected, you become more susceptible to neurotoxic conditions (and therefore, hormonal imbalances) because the fatty layer on the outside (cell membrane) is where the receptors to the hormone are. As a matter of fact, it is cholesterol and saturated fat that stabilize the hormone receptor and, therefore, have a dramatic effect on your hormone health.

Danny also later learned that methyl groups are needed to get rid of bad estrogen as well as adapt to stress. I think being a mom of 2 young children qualifies. Between my childhood, restricted diet and stress, I qualified as easily suffering from having some toxicity issues to undo.

Obviously I am on this journey for as long as it takes and will stay the course understanding that it is a commitment well beyond a forecasted period of time. That may be one of the most difficult questions to answer when asked: How long until my body will be restored? No one truly knows. There is an average length of time of course, but there are variables that are impossible not to consider such as the ability of someone’s detox pathways to facilitate the process rather than hinder it and even genetic variability.

I have been diligently working for 5 years and while I cannot tell you when I will fully feel I am finished with detox, I can tell you that what I have done so far, under my husband’s direction and guidance, has worked! Each test I have taken, both the Urine Toxic Metals from Doctor’s Data, as well as the 24 Hour Hormone Panel from Genova Diagnostics have improved each time. I no longer do the exact specified cycle of detox (days off in between) even though I do still do at least 4 days on-cycle where as when I was more regimented (early on in the process), I did better doing a week on and a week off as well as 3 hour intervals as opposed to 4 which is standard. I am now able to recognize when it is time to begin and that is when I start. It can be weeks to a few months, and there have been a few times I went even longer and even thought perhaps I was finished, but my husband always says until 9 months to a year can pass without symptoms, there is still work to do. He also reminds me it can take up to 15 years to remove lead. The good news is that my body is working for me now as a concentration gradient becomes set in motion over time and facilities that detox process even more.

I hope you find some hope and encouragement in my story. If you care about your body and its ability to work for you rather than against you, pay attention to these issues and consider the possibilities as well as the consequences. While there is much to find when you begin researching, remember that there is no better resource to trust in other than the ones who have learned what they share because they have been through the pain because they lacked understanding at one time and it drove them to deeper places and that is where the answers were found. For us, it has been through knowing we were not able, but He is. When we remember this, we surrender and embrace our challenges and trust God. That is the place to be, where hope lies.

*The products that Merily and Dr. Pompa utilize on a day-to-day basis to support methylation, detoxification, cellular healing and cellular energy are contained in the Systemic Formulas CORE package. These products are only sold through Health Care Practitioners. Please call our office at 888-600-0642 or go here to learn more.

*The products that Merily and Dr. Pompa utilize on a day-to-day basis to support methylation, detoxification, cellular healing and cellular energy are contained in the Systemic Formulas CORE package. These products are only sold through Health Care Practitioners. Please call our office at 888-600-0642 or go here to learn more.

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