Raising Children Without Drugs: My Son’s Health Journey

Children Without Drugs

Raising Children Without Drugs: My Son's Health Journey

The #1 source of lead toxicity occurs in utero, despite all the precautions we may take during and after pregnancy. My first-born son Daniel had some major health issues as a child, despite being born at home, nursed, unvaccinated, and fed a “perfect” diet. We discovered that he had lead toxicity, which is a common problem with first-born children. Lead stored in the mother’s bones is released into her bloodstream and impact the child in utero.

Our society has set the bar so low for that it means to be healthy. Daniel's symptoms as a child were just considered to be a part of a normal childhood. When he was little, it was simply constipation that led us to test for lead. Many people just chalk that up to being a baby, but we felt something was off. The problem with lead is that despite how much you clear it from the body as a child, the bones begin to remold themselves as the child grows into a teenager. This process releases this lead back into the bloodstream, which started giving him more severe problems as a young man.

Daniel’s Health Journey Symptoms:

  • inability to focus
  • lack of energy
  • declined athletic ability
  • declined ability to recover
  • recurring injuries

Daniel didn't even realize how sick he was until he began to heal. And this is what I fear for in his generation… a generation of children that don’t realize their potential because they don’t know how good they can feel; who are being pumped with drugs just to focus, when in fact there is something else going on.

Until the lights came on, you didn’t realize you were sitting in darkness.

Prescription drugs, illegal street drugs, and psychotropic “smart” drugs are at an all-time high with young adults these days. “Growing up in this generation, it [doing drugs] feels like the norm,” said my own 19-year-old son, and that scares me. Drugs become an accepted part of the cultural norm. They don’t understand that these things that everyone is doing are ultimately making their lives a lot worse.

The result is a generation of hyper-immunity, kids full of autoimmune problems. Their immune systems cannot bear the burden of everyday life. These young adults struggle with food allergies and asthma to incessant injuries, and an inability to recover, to chronic fatigue, and depression.  Although these symptoms might be common, they should never be accepted as normal.

There’s a new powerful movie on this subject, called “Take Your Pills” on Netflix, that shines a light on how our kids are essentially Adderall-addicted. My son has witnessed this first hand, seeing the majority of his peers rely on these drugs (many of which are unprescribed) to get through the school year. The irony of it all is that these amphetamine-based drugs don’t actually generate more performance. Rather, they produce an addictive sensation euphoria that brings the illusion that performance is enhanced.

Daniel has reclaimed his health over the years, without drugs, by implementing healthy habits and protocols including:

  • whole foods diet (no junk food)
  • cycles of heavy metal cellular detoxes (using CytoDetox)
  • water fasting
  • dry fasting

It’s important to note that these things and this path is something a young adult can only truly pursue out his/ her own free-will, and it was a process for my son. By supporting our children by example, to make these better decisions (especially in their most formative years), they end up modeling themselves after us. By taking steps along this holistic path to wellness, our kids begin to feel better and better and reach a point when they’re living a drug-free life and feeling and performing better than anyone else out there.

Daniel’s first partial fast was actually at the age of 13, which relieved his chronic ankle pain. And today as a 19-year-old man, he has of his own free will implemented water-fasting as a part of his lifestyle and quest to heal. Fasting has become a huge part of his life, and in fact, he’s probably fasted the most out of anyone in our family, not only for physical wellness but also spiritual. (link to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uuHof73GoY)

Daniel's Health Journey: Fasting isn’t just about healing the physical body, but also the spiritual body and mind.

Fasting has been a part of every ancient religion, and for a good reason. Many people use fasting to silent the physical distractions of everyday life and focus on the intrinsic inner healing that happens during a fast. Whether you consider yourself a “religious” person or not- witnessing the body heal itself with absolutely no outside intervention is indeed a manifestation of divinity.

It’s no surprise how big an advocate I am when it comes to fasting for physical and spiritual health. My advice for a fasting beginner or anyone who is very sick is to start with 5 days on only water. Five days is the minimum time to really see benefits that fasting has to offer.

Daniel's Health Journey: What Happens During The First Few Days of Fasting…

Day 1

  • Is usually fairly easy because the body is still running on glucose and food-stores from the previous day.

Day 2-3

  • The next few days can be a little rougher, as the body adapts into ketosis (switches from running on glucose aka sugar to ketones aka fat). These days are the ones that require a little more rest and dedication.

Day 4

  • By day 4, the body is usually fat adapted (is running on ketones), and energy will start to come back for most people.

Day 5

  • Is the sweet spot for fasting, and when the good stuff starts to happen. This is the day when the most autophagy (deep cellular clean up/ healing) is going on, and when you really reap the benefits of the previous 4 days.

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