What is Cellular Detox & Cellular Cleansing?

Cellular Detox

Cellular Detoxes and cellular cleanses are extremely popular today and there are many options to choose from. While many people may be unsure which detox diet, cleanse or product is best for them, it’s important to understand how they work, and that a cellular detox and cellular cleanse is much more than just changing the diet, or doing a 10-day herbal cleanse or juice fast.

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What is Cellular Detox?

What is Cellular Cleansing?

What is PompaCore Cellular Detox?

Cellular Cleansing Methods

What is Cellular Detox?

Cellular detox, also known as cellular cleansing, is a natural strategy that helps to remove waste products and harmful toxins from inside the cells of the body. This includes cellular remnants from toxic food, household cleaners, synthetic medications, air and water pollutants, and other molecular threats that build up in the cells and impair their functions.

When most think of a detox, they may envision a diet where they eat certain foods and eliminate others for a specified period of time. By the end of the detox, a person expects to feel refreshed and energized, perhaps enjoying improved clarity of mind and weight-loss. While these are noble goals, changing your diet is only one part of cellular detox. This is where cellular cleansing and my system of PompaCore Cellular Detox™ come into play.

What is Cellular Cleansing?

The only truly effective and comprehensive type of detox is a cellular detox also known as cellular cleansing. Cellular cleansing is designed to remove harmful toxins from the body where they are causing the problem: at the cellular level. While many people focus on eliminating toxic food, which is important, but there are many other toxins that people encounter that are not food related. A cellular detox doesn’t just focus on removing toxic food; it looks at all the potential toxins a person encounters on a daily basis and aims to remove them as much as possible from the body and environment. Before a person begins a cellular detox, it’s important to know what the potential toxins are and where they originate.

Here are few common toxins many people encounter daily:1

For more on common toxins in our environment see my Cellular Healing TV episode and article here:

Prolonged exposure to these toxins may cause the following ailments:2

Many people feel the effects of these various toxins and do not realize what is the actual cause. As I always say, one must discover the root source of the problem, and once this is understood, a person can work to effectively remove many of these toxins from the body with a cellular detox. However, I do not suggest attempting detox on your own, especially if you’re struggling with a health condition that is affecting the quality of your life. To safely and effectively go through the detox process you need a trained practitioner trained who can coach you each step of the way. Many hire coaches to improve their golf or dating game, why not a coach to take your health to the next level? Good health is truly a precious gift, I know all too well.


What is PompaCore Cellular Detox?

PompaCore Cellular Detox is an approach to cellular detox developed by Dr. Daniel Pompa. The whole strategy is based on the ”5 Rs of PompaCore Cellular Detox and Healing,” five principles that help to significantly improve cellular function and support the body in healing itself. Thanks to this multi-component approach, the achieved cellular detox is deep, stable, and long-lasting, compared to other ”superficial” strategies like simple supplements or detox teas.

The 5 Rs of PompaCore Cellular Cleansing

Dr. Pompa’s PompaCore Cellular Detox is based on five principles that fit together like puzzle pieces. Each of them addresses just one important component of cellular cleansing, but together they reinforce one another and improve the healing effects manifold. As a result, this approach gives the body enough inner resources to heal itself and prevent future damage.

1. Remove the Interference

R1 is based on removing the primary source of toxins that enter the body. For some people, this could be eliminating a toxic mold from their home, while for others this would mean to detox the body from heavy metals like mercury and lead. Without removing the source of toxins, even the most sophisticated cellular detox strategy will feel like swimming against the current: exhausting and utterly ineffective.

2. Regenerate the Cell Membrane

A healthy cell membrane allows nutrients to enter the cell freely—but doesn’t prevent toxins and waste from leaving it. On the other hand, a damaged cell membrane triggers a state of ”lockdown” in the cell: nutrients can’t enter, and waste can’t be eliminated properly. As a result, the cell turns into a microscopic wasteland with impaired functions. Regenerating the cell membrane is essential for cellular cleansing that lasts.

3. Restore Cellular Energy

Nutrients that enter the cell reach its ”powerhouses,” the mitochondria. The mitochondria transform nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is basically cellular gasoline—the fuel on which every cell in every organ in the human body runs 24/7. Lacking ATP worsens inflammation, disrupts hormonal balance, leads to fatigue, causes brain fog, lack of focus, and impaired concentration. Restoring cellular energy is crucial to kickstart the body’s self-healing journey, since true healing is impossible without enough energy.

4. Reduce Cellular Inflammation

Systemic inflammation of the body’s cell membranes leads to impaired communication between the cells, decreased waste elimination, lacking energy production, and in the end—even more inflammation. Studies revealed that common sources of systemic cellular inflammation include dietary sugars and grains, unhealthy fats, heavy metals, and bio-toxins like the ones produced by molds. Soothing cellular inflammation is absolutely required to improve any health condition, regardless of the affected organ.

5. Re-establish Methylation

Methylation is a process through which the body ads tiny methyl groups (CH3) to its DNA. These methyl groups typically work like STOP signs that reduce the activity of the respective portion of your DNA. Healthy methylation is the body’s way of blocking bad genes from going into action. Toxins and waste products can impair the body’s natural methylation process—meaning it won’t be able to block bad genes effectively. As a result, impaired methylation leads to constant stress, hormonal imbalance, and a wide range of health conditions that get worse with each passing year. Restoring methylation allows the body to suppress unhealthy genes and support the best ones, leading to strong general health and improved overall wellbeing.

Cellular Cleansing Methods

Knowing what the various toxins are is half the battle. Once they have been identified, steps can be taken to treat them. Here are a few ways to begin cellular cleansing:

  1. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins and EMFs. For more on this topic, please see the list of my Toxic Top 10 and my CHTV interview on EMF dangers.
  2. Eat foods that help your body remove toxins naturally and decrease the amount of processed, junk foods in the diet. Including “healthy” whole grains and excessive fruits. For more on my Cellular Healing Diet and a FREE 7-day menu plan, go here.
  3. Decrease the reliance on man-made, synthetic medicines and focus on natural remedies for ailments and illnesses. For more on helpful natural remedies read my article, “Natural Fever Remedies for Fever and Flu,” and shop online here.
  4. Incorporate my method of PompaCore Cellular Detox™ into your already healthy lifestyle. For more on this process, see my article and video here.

The average detox diet and cleanse lasts for a few days or weeks, but regular cellular cleansing, and using PompaCore Cellular Detox™ periodically, is a lifestyle change. Dramatic shifts in health may not occur overnight (though it’s possible), but cleansing at the cellular level is the only way to get real and lasting results in your health. If you are a certified natural health practitioner and are interested in integrating a PompaCore cellular detox system into your practice, please call 724.292.7673.

Another area of nutrition that has been attracting a lot of unscrupulous characters recently is immunity. Because marketers know that immunity products are hot, they’ve rushed out solutions that don’t really address one of the most important ROOT CAUSES of weak immunity. I’m talking about toxicity, of course… and there are many reasons why toxins can cripple immunity. FIRST, they can congest the liver—and the liver is a key organ, helping produce essential compounds that power your immune system. SECOND, toxins can drain your cells of energy… and your immune system MUST have cellular energy to function properly. These are just a few of the reasons why people have been rushing to join our upcoming PompaCore Cellular Detox (TCD) Challenge Program

Because it’s the most effective, in-depth cellular detox program available in the world today… and one of the most powerful pathways for restoring and strengthening immunity.