When Detox is Dangerous: What Methods Cause More Harm Than Good

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Detox is a buzz word thrown around by many people these days. You see it mentioned in ads, on the news—detox even has its own section in most health stores. For decades, people have been trying to detoxify their bodies, and no wonder: we live in a toxic world. But to what degree is your method helping you, or perhaps harming you? Many of the modern ways detox marketed to consumers are rooted in methods that are ineffective at best and very dangerous at worst. Common ingredients like chlorella and cilantro are, in fact, not at all helping your body achieving the completed cycle required to detoxify itself properly and are often just making things worse. Today we are going to explore how detox can become dangerous, and how we can safely and adequately support our body's natural detoxification pathways.

Living In A Toxic World

Intuitively, many people understand that their body's natural means of detoxification are not adequate in modern times. Indeed, the cell is equipped to self-detoxify, because even without the advent of harmful chemical exposure, our cells create waste every time they convert nutrients into energy. Similar to how fire creates smoke to generate heat from burning wood, our cells form waste matter. They can quickly and efficiently get rid of this waste (processed out through the liver), but problems arise when we increase the toxic load so much so that the cell can no longer keep up with the waste elimination.

Top Sources That Require Detoxification

  • Metals
  • Mould
  • Hidden Infections
Your toxic load builds up over time and starts while you're developing in the womb. Led toxicity is prevalent with the firstborn child because stored led (among other things) are released from the mother's bones during pregnancy. Mold is another tricky one because people often don't know they are being exposed to it until autoimmune symptoms start creeping up. And then there are hidden infections (from bacteria or parasites).  This can be picked up even in the most pristine of environments. Unless you're growing your own food and living far from the city (and have your entire life), the odds are that you're overburdening your system with environmental toxins too. They're sprayed and injected into our foods, pollutants from cities (cars, etc.) are in the air and the water. They also come in most body care products, and from synthetic clothing, chemicals like glyphosate are even being found in the rain and permeated soils of organically grown produce. If you're living on the grid, there's little doubt that your body is overburdened with chemicals and needs assistance in the detox department.

Random Detox: More Harm Than Good

For the past three decades, we've heard that certain natural products help our body detox. Chlorella and cilantro are two major ones, and you can find them in most prepackaged detox supplements on the shelves on health stores. As Health Hunters, we've been through it all. I remember juicing bunches of cilantro daily, which triggered some of the sickest days I've ever experienced. But why? An analogy for toxins would be garbage out in the street. To properly clean up the street (your body), the trash needs to get picked up and properly disposed of. Unfortunately, many of these detox products act like big street sweeping machines that simply pass through with large bristles. They and move the garbage around—without actually removing it. Cilantro and chlorella, in particular (like many “detox” supplements) are not powerful enough to bind to the toxins until they are safely eliminated from the body. Instead of picking them up and throwing them out, they just redistribute them. This can cause them to penetrate deeper into our nerves, tissues, and brain.

Random detoxes are worthless at best and dangerous at worse.

Simply Googling “detox” generally won't yield results worth applying to your life. Many people don't understand the mechanisms in which the cell detoxifies, and so the supplements on the market rarely do their job. Let's explore the proper way to get the job done.

PompaCore Cellular Detox

Three main components set apart a real detox from a harmful one:
  • Applying the 5 R's principles as a roadmap to fix the cell
  • Opening and supporting critical detox pathways
  • Utilizing true binding agents to remove toxins from the cell
The first component is that all detox must address toxins at the cellular level.

If you're going to get well, you have to fix the cell.

Scientists understand detoxification on the cellular level. But,  most doctors (holistic or medical) actually have no idea how detoxification truly works—nor do they generally care. The method to understand is the same method by which the cell self-detoxifies itself from the waste generated when it produces energy.

This mechanism is what I call 5 R's, or:

The second component is opening up the downstream detox pathways.

After the cell can detoxify the matter, there is an entire team of organs and channels required to help these toxins safely exit your body. Your gut, liver, and kidneys are the leading players here If they are not opened up (functioning correctly), real danger can occur. One of these dangers is autointoxication, whereby you start to recycle and reabsorb the toxins.

The third component is using real binders.

Unlike cilantro and chlorella (which are very weak binders), a real binder will hold on tight to the toxins to make sure they make their way out of your body with a minimal amount of upset (Herxheimer Effect) along the way. Weak binders mostly pull chemicals out of the body and then drop them somewhere else, which wreaks havoc on the system.

The Three Phases

Now that you understand the three components, we can explore the three phases of detox. Simply diving in without a plan won't yield the best results, and might even be dangerous. These three phases ensure a smooth, safe transition to help support the body through the detox.

These phases include (1) a preparatory step, (2) a body phase, and (3) a brain phase.

The prep phase targets the detox as mentioned above, pathways to support and upregulate the cell function. The body phase is when we introduce a sturdy binder and set up a concentration gradient to move toxins from areas of higher concentration to lower concentration before removing toxins from deeper tissues, such as the brain. And finally, the brain phase is when we add a fat-soluble agent to support neurotoxin elimination. This final phase is the key to why so many “have tried everything” and still don't feel well. It's also a key to resolving the current hormone imbalance epidemic.

Four Products

These four products to help you navigate your way safely and effectively through the detox. (1) Cell CLR increases the cell's natural ability to undergo this natural mechanism, (2) Gut CLR and (3) CytoDetox enters the cell membrane and acts as a vehicle to getting rid of the toxins as we upregulate cell function, and prevent reabsorption, and (4) Brain CLR to support neurotoxin elimination.

Three components, three phases, with four excellent products: that's PompaCore cellular detox. It's what saved my life, and what I am blessed to share with the world.

If you are reading this and have many symptoms relating to neurotoxic illness, hormone imbalance, autoimmune, or other unexplainable illnesses, you will need a practitioner to coach you through the process. <<<Learn more here>>>