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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Dr. Pompa has targeted my son's health and nutrition needs, making giant strides in healing him from autism and food allergies. Eleven months ago, my son couldn't say “mama” or “dada.” Now at 31 months old, his speech is age-appropriate and he commonly uses 5-word sentences. His independence, interaction with others, and emotional stability has amazingly improved as well. We are on the path to complete healing, and most days he is a completely normal, joyful, and adventurous 2 1/2 year old! Dr. Pompa has been invaluable in giving me the incredible blessing of truly knowing my son and unlocking all the wonderful things that used to be hidden away inside him!”  —Gratefully, Sarah (and Jordan) Fort Worth, TX
Autism spectrum disorders are no different in etiology than any other neurotoxic disorder. Perhaps the only difference being in an autistic child is that the brain is not fully developed for social and verbal skills. This accounts for the differences in some of the symptoms that are expressed, such as the inability to adapt in social settings and language delays. According to new research by Dr. Martin Pall, it appears that there is no difference in biochemistry at the cellular level. Autistic children, like neurotoxic adults with unexplainable illnesses, all have an increased level of oxidative stress and inflammation. This is due to abnormal levels of nitric oxide and its cell-damaging free radicals peroxynitrite and superoxide. It is imperative to address toxicity because it is an underlying cause of the vicious cycle of oxidative stress and inflammation which occurs in different organ cells in the body. The fact that this vicious cycle occurs in certain cells and not others gives an explanation of a variety of symptoms in both children and adults. Children on the Autism Spectrum present with a toxic encephalitis (brain inflammation caused by toxicity). The vicious cycle of oxidative stress that Dr. Martin Pall speaks of (NO/ONOO cycle) must be down-regulated in the brain cells of these children. As with our neurotoxic adult patients, it is important to remove the cause of this vicious cycle (ie: toxicity such as mercury, lead, virus, etc.), as well as down-regulate the cycle and reduce the cellular inflammation. Raising GSH is an absolute must when dealing with any neurotoxic patient, especially autistic spectrum children. Studies show that GSH decreases with age and toxic exposure. These diminished levels manifest in increased oxidative stress associated with neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and Autism. Studies have shown that children with autism have a significantly decreased plasma total GHS levels compared to healthy children. Further research has shown that children with autism have a higher ratio of oxidized glutathione (GSSG) than the reduced GSH. This will lead to severe oxidative stress, particularly in brain cells. It is very important when dealing with any toxic patient to consider Candida and other pathogens which will exacerbate symptoms and make detox very difficult. In all my spectrum patientsl antifungals are always used, however you must start slow due to Candida die off. The cellular healing diet plays a critical role because of its ability to reduce cellular inflammation. With that said, we find it to be the hardest battle a parent will face during their treatment. On every spectrum patient, we utilize omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in a 4 to 1 ratio (Body Bio). This plays a critical role in healing the brain and the cell. At some point antioxidants as well as certain B vitamins must be added to down-regulate the NO/ONOO cycle. This too will have to be done slowly, because it can induce detox. We always work with our patients to make sure they go with the speed that their body allows. There will always be some increase in symptoms such as stimming, lack of focus, irritability, etc… Looking at nutritional deficiencies through Spectracell tests is something that is critical in the first 3 appointments. Detox will start only after these treatments have been implemented first, and once again it will be done slowly. TESTING: In our office, we run several different tests dependent upon a patients condition and the Doctor's evaluation. We utilize a test from Laboratoire Philppe Auguste in Paris, France. Their autism panel tests for heavy metals using the most accurate porphyrin testing in the world. It will also test for gluten sensitivities, as well as gut permeability, oxidative stress at the RNA/DNA, cell inflammation, as well as other add-ons. At times we may do a urine challenge via Doctors Data however, this is rare because most of the mercury in children is in their brain and will not show up in a urine challenge. If mom has high lead levels it would be more common for me to test the child. This is why I like to test mom, because what is in mom is typically in child. If the child is particularly sensitive, I would prefer not to do the challenge and do the autism test described above.

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