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Cancer is obviously a modern day epidemic, and in the last 50 years, we have essentially declared war on cancer. Are we really winning that war? Statistics tell us we are absolutely losing. More and more billions of dollars are being poured into research on this disease, and we aren’t really any closer to a cure. Allopathic medicine has declared war with a flawed philosophy. They say they will come up with the magic bullet that will fix your disease. I believe that God gave us an innate ability to heal ourselves, and that as long as you remove the interference, our bodies can heal themselves. This not only goes for cancer, but heart disease and other ailments as well. Today like never before, we are surrounded by environmental neurotoxins that attack our brain and our nerve system. Our outdoor environment may be cleaner than ever, but it is our indoor environment that is causing problems. The cause of degenerative diseases can be boiled down to a single word: inflammation.This is linked to all of the top killers that are affecting you and your family – heart disease, cancer, diabetes – the list goes on. So you should be asking yourself this: what causes inflammation? If you know and can remove the cause, then you can give your body a chance to heal itself. The problem is that we are usually doing the wrong tests, and we are definitely doing the wrong treatments. You may have never heard of “glutathione” before. If you do some research, you will find over 89,000 studies on glutathione, most of which are linked to cancer. Right now in cancer research, we are trying to learn why some chemotherapy is failing. We are learning that glutathione levels are being raised in the cancerous cells, which actually protects the cancer from chemotherapy. Research is being done to try to reverse this process, to lower the glutathione levels in the cancerous cells and raise them in the healthy ones. The bottom line is that your body can raise its own glutathione safely and effectively, and this is how you truly protect yourself from all of these inflammatory diseases, as well as how your body gets rid of environmental toxins, inflammation, and oxidative stress. If you remove the cause, your body can do the healing, and that is true healthcare.

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