Neurodegenerative diseases are something I’m seeing more and more of today, an epidemic within the epidemic of neurotoxins. These are at the root of all neurodegenerative conditions like M.S., Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, and chronic fatigue can all be considered neurodegenerative. If you are treating these conditions by just covering up the symptoms, that is not true healing at all. When we look at these diseases, we are really looking at the bioaccumulation of neurotoxins and the NO/ONOO cycle of inflammation and oxidative stress that is triggered by an exposure to chemicals. Genetic susceptibility plays a role, but this will not make you sick without a genetic trigger. Something that has become very popular in research is called “epigenetics,” which means that we all have genetic weaknesses, but it takes environmental triggers to turn certain genes on or off. Things like methyl donors and Vitamin D can turn on the good genes and turn off the bad ones. What we’re seeing today are susceptibilities being triggered by environmental toxins. The treatment comes from removing the biotoxins that have accumulated in the body, and also down-regulating the NO/ONOO cycle. God has provided your body with an innate ability to heal itself, but you have to correctly remove the toxins from your body to allow this to happen, and then allow the down-regulation to happen.

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Neurodegenerative Diseases

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