3 Weight Loss Myths Affecting Teens and Adults

Weight Loss Myths

by Olivia Pompa (Dr. Pompa's Daughter)

A recent article in USA Today stated that one third of adolescents are severely overweight or obese. I decided I would interview and discuss this epidemic with my father, whom you all know as Dr. Pompa. I have had many conversations with other teens and adults that are struggling in this area and have found that they believe many weight loss ideas that I have heard my father refer to as “weight loss myths.” I have been in a good position to watch my dad take hundreds of pounds off of people who were unable to lose weight, and most I would say believed many of the same myths. I try to explain what I have learned from him, but most of the time they won’t listen to me. I hope this interview helps everyone see what I know will help them not only lose the weight they are struggling to lose, but will keep them from one of the many diseases that the USA Today article spoke of as a result of being overweight.

That is Too Much Fat

I continually hear people say “that has too much fat,” or worse yet, “I can eat this because it’s low fat or fat-free.” I hear my dad tell his patients all the time that these low-fat products are the worst and will actually cause them to gain weight. He is always telling his patients “fat doesn’t make you fat; it’s the inability to burn it.” In the video, he speaks of this as being a hormone issue. Most people in America are not efficient fat burners due to hormones, and this is the real problem, not how much fat you eat. I have learned that eating more good fats can help you become a more efficient fat burner. Good fats help the hormones involved with weight loss and bad fats will hinder those same hormones. So it’s not the amount of fat that matters, it’s the type. In my dad’s book the Cellular Healing Diet (click here to check it out) he lists all the good fats and even tells you what oils to cook with not to make a good fat become bad. I hope everyone reading really understands this, because it seems like people agree with me, but they still end up reading labels for fat amounts or reaching for the fat free stuff. All of my dad’s patients eat high fat with his Cellular Healing Diet and lose weight like crazy.

Cellular Healing Diet

The Cellular Healing Diet eliminates all grains and sugar until the hormones are corrected. My dad explains that eating too many grains and sugars is one of the main culprits in weight gain and the only way to fix the hormones and become a better fat burner. Therefore, get rid of the grains and not the fat and you will see the results for yourself.

The second myth I have had very little if any success convincing people of is that calorie restriction does not work for weight loss. I believe restricting calories for weight loss is the biggest myth of all. Everyone I speak to believes it’s what you need to do if you want to lose weight. I see it all the time, especially with other girls. I have to admit that the girls do say they lose weight, but my dad explains that most of the weight loss is muscle and the muscle loss will lower your metabolism. He says that girls can lose 5 to 10 pounds, but the weight loss stops, and to lose any more you will need to cut calories further. This is very unhealthy and ultimately leads to failure on the diet as well as making it harder to lose weight on future diets. You should never have to stop yourself from eating more; you should always be able to eat until you are full. As you become a more efficient fat burner, you simply eat less because you are full much faster. Fixing the hormones involved in fat burning is the key to not being hungry all the time and not giving in to the cravings, which eventually cause you to break your “diet.” The bottom line is that calorie restriction for weight loss can work to lose a little “weight,” but in the end it doesn’t fix the real cause (the hormones), which leads to long-term frustration and failure.

Exercise the Cherry on the Top

The last myth (that I plan on shooting a separate video about) is exercising your fat away. All exercise can be beneficial, but when it comes to weight loss, it’s not the lack of exercise that is causing the obesity epidemic in this country. People are making it sound like lazy kids who are not exercising enough are why one third of American adolescents are severely over weight and obese. Even I can look around and see overweight kids exercising and playing sports, and yet still struggling with a weight problem. My dad is a big believer in exercise, but he calls it the “cherry on the top” when it comes to weight loss. What he means is that most of it is diet, but the right type of exercise can help.

Most of the exercise people do for weight loss actually makes matters worse. The endurance type of aerobic exercise that most people do for weight loss affects the hormones needed to lose weight in a bad way. This causes muscle loss and a drop in metabolism, which will make it more difficult to lose weight. On my next video, I am going to show you how to “burst train,” which only takes 10 minutes 3 times a week for the best results. This type of exercise affects those weight loss hormones for the better and causes you to become a fat burner for almost 2 days. So look for my next video; you will love it and it’s easy to do.

PompaCore Cellular Detox

Finally, I asked my dad the main causes of the epidemic of weight gain and obesity. He reiterated the need for good fats to help fix the hormones as well as the overuse of grains and sugar; however he also spoke of a cause that will surprise most people. He believes toxins are causing many of the weight problems we see today, especially in regards to something “called weight loss resistance.” He says weight loss resistance is “the inability to lose weight despite what you eat or how much you exercise.” Toxins are in so many of the things we use every day, like makeup, lotions, perfumes, and other personal care products. They are causing hormone problems, which lead to weight loss resistance. The toxin he spoke of in the video, which is in most of these products, is called BPA. It can alter our hormones and cause not only weight problems, but many other hormone-related problems, including cancer. “PompaCore Cellular Detox” is something my dad teaches that helps with removing the toxins from our bodies, but avoiding these toxins is also very important for health and weight loss.

Diet Soda and Weight Loss

One last point that I think is really important: If you are drinking diet soda with the hopes of losing or not gaining weight, think again. My dad says that diet soda contains artificial sweeteners, which are very toxic and directly affect the hormones for weight loss. Sorry, but it’s sort of a bonus myth that drinking diet soda is better for weight loss or your health. Stay tuned; I think I also need to do a video where I am going to show you what personal care products I use to avoid these fat-causing toxins.

I hope this helps you uncover the weight loss myths and discover the truth.


Olivia Pompa (with a little help from my dad)