Cellular Healing TV Episodes 49-56

Cellular Healing
  • Why can't I break into ketosis?
  • What's the most dangerous food on the planet?
  • How do I intermittent fast the right way?
  • Does burst training increase brain health?
  • What to do if I can't digest fat?
  • Which supplements are safest for promoting sleep?
  • How does glyphosate impact the gut?
  • Why is autoimmunity so under-diagnosed?
Answers to these questions, and MUCH more, are offered in Cellular Healing TV episodes 49-56. These shows are jam-packed with radical research and 180 degree solution™ truths and strategies to help you live your best and healthiest life. More on the hot topics discussed in these episodes:

Episode 49

Diet Variation for Weight Loss
Explaining the concept of and theory behind diet variation, how I discovered it, and it's multitude of benefits. Included: How diet variation generates weight loss, why stubborn weight won't budge, how to skyrocket energy, why many people cannot become “fat burners,” variation in exercise, genetics and diet, exactly how to implement diet variation to drop weight, decrease inflammation and balance hormones.  

Episode 50

The Glyphosate Threat – It's Not Just Gluten
The dangers of the herbicide glyphosate are discussed. Included: The history of glyphosate use, why going gluten-free isn't enough, why so many people today react negatively to gluten, how glyphosate is linked to leaky gut, the most dangerous food on the planet, how glyphosate shuts down detox, and changing poor food habits.  

Episode 51

How Skinning Boosts Memory
Explaining skinning and how I use the activity to get lean and boost cognitive function. Included: Skinning as burst training, combining skinning with intermittent fasting for increased health and anti-aging benefits, how to properly intermittent fast, the magic in combining therapeutic approaches, timing work outs to boost HGH, and how to support brain healing.  

Episode 52

Neurodegenerative Diseases
An overview of treating brain conditions. Included: My personal story with dementia, why it's important to question what “they” tell you to do, early signs of neurodegeneration to watch out for, how HIIT affects the brain, my Multi-Therapeutic Approach, the supplements and fat ratio to support brain healing, and how heavy metals and glyphosate affect the brain.  

Episode 53

Regenerating the Cell Membrane
The importance of the cell membrane to good health is explained. Included: Why we need cholesterol and saturated fat to be healthy, the keys to fixing hormone conditions, the trouble with fish oil, what bad fat does to your cells, how good fats become bad fats, the benefits of fat rotation, key supplements to fix an inflamed membrane, what to do if you have trouble digesting fat, and reviewing the 5R's and PompaCore Cellular Detox.  

Episode 54

Sleep and Anxiety Issues
Strategies to deal with sleep and anxiety issues borne from my person health journey. Included: Getting to the root cause of sleep disturbance and anxiety, signs of neurotoxicity, different sleep disorders, how heavy metals affect sleep and promote anxiety, using orthostatic blood pressure readings to fix sleep and anxiety issues, and key supplemental supports to sleep through the night and calm down.  

Episode 55

Interview with Jeff Hays
Jeff Hays joins the show to share the truth about vaccines, medications and GMOs. Included: The motivation behind the film, the problems with mixing money and health, lies surrounding Paxil, doctors in danger for questioning vaccine use, how the culture of fear is created, how glyphosate destroys the gut, buying elections, and how we can be the change.  

Episode 56

Understanding Autoimmune Disorders
One of my coaching clients shares her triumph over autoimmune disease. Included: Why autoimmunity is so under diagnosed, understanding autoimmune disease through my 3-legged stool example, Leah's lowest moment, autoimmunity during pregnancies, PompaCore Ceullar Detox™ to support autoimmune challenges, and why education and stress adaptation are keys to cellular healing.   Cellular Healing TV has a global mission to educate and change lives by providing uncommon health solutions to common problems. Our message is simple and we call it the 180° Solution™ lifestyle. We teach you to “go 180,” and do the opposite of the mainstream solutions marketed today. Weekly on Cellular Healing TV broadcasts we expose and demystify conventional myths on health and nutrition and provide you the 180° Solution™ truths. If you care about your health, we invite you to tune in to hear free nutrition, weight-loss, exercise, and wellness advice, including interviews with health experts from around the world. Each week we review cutting-edge research and information on today’s hottest health issues such as dieting, diabetes, weight loss resistance, heavy metal detoxification, thyroid conditions, Lyme disease, biotoxic illness, and much more. As self-experimenters, we also share personal secrets and tools to improve your life by increasing your health.