It’s Not Just Gluten – The Glyphosate Threat


I have said it now for years that gluten is not the only problem with modern grain.  According to new studies and leading scientists, there is a much greater threat to human health. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up (the #1 used herbicide on the planet), is used in massive amounts on all GMO crops such as corn and soy beans because it is genetically engineered to withstand it’s toxic effect in large amounts.   As if this modern day chemical exposure was not enough to poison our food supply and bodies, the toxic chemical is also being used on practically every conventional grain including wheat.  Could this be the greatest unspoken agricultural threat to human health in modern times?

Glyphosate Threat

I’ve previously stated that GMO’s are the greatest threat to human health due to DNA manipulation and the overuse of glyphosate, but now that glyphosate is sprayed on most conventional grain, I’ll make the blanket statement that any non-organic grain is the most dangerous food on the planet.  Considering the growing amount of processed and chemical laden foods available today, this is a bold statement; however, as I read the growing number of studies that point to glyphosate as a cause of neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune, diabetes, autism and the epidemic of gut conditions like leaky gut, food intolerance, Crohn’s and colitis, I feel the need to put out a WARNING worthy of the real threat it is to human health.

Look at the public at large and ask: how many are suffering from digestive issues, low energy, weight loss resistance, thyroid problems, allergies and food allergies, chronic pain, brain fog, sleep problems, skin problems and mood changes?  These are the top 10 symptoms of the effects of the toxin glyphosate.  Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior scientist at MIT, has linked glyphosate to conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, autism, Crohn’s, colitis, diabetes, and most autoimmune diseases, not to mention other studies linking it to multiple gut diseases by causing a disruption in normal gut bacteria 2, 7, 10, 11,12,13,14.

The list of diseases linked to glyphosate keeps growing with further research, but we hear none of it from mainstream media.  It’s mind blowing to me how something can be so well researched and affect so many people, yet remain under the radar.  This is the power of money, or more specifically Monsanto, the company who makes the stuff.  Monsanto manufactures glyphosate and the GMO seed that is genetically altered to withstand massive amounts of the toxic poison and not die.   This is unfortunately the solution to the growing number of weeds becoming more resistant to glyphosate (131 last I checked).  It’s actually a brilliant business plan if you convince yourself and others you are not killing people.  They engineer the seeds (massive profit) to grow plants that can survive the toxic onslaught of more glyphosate (more profits) so they can kill more weeds and not crops.  Better yet, they patent the seed and control the entire market.  Farmers can only get the seed from them and the chemical designed to be used with it.   The situation is taking its toll on our farmers, and many are going bankrupt and even committing suicide because they are losing everything and trapped in long-term contracts 17.  Monsanto has earned the reputation as the most evil corporation in the world, and most countries have banned their products . . . but not here in the good old USA.

Monsanto’s brilliant accomplishment is also killing our body’s ability to express health.  If what we consume has any link to GMO’s, it becomes impossible to feel well, let alone get well. Grain is only a part of the concern. Beef produced by grain-fed cows is obviously affected as well. This is because 97% of the corn on the market is GMO, and grain-fed cows eat mostly corn.

Monsanto says its studies show that it is safe for humans.  Multiple other studies report the contrary 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.  Dr. Stephanie Seneff has released many studies in the past few years that have led scientists to believe that glyphosate disrupts a pathway called a Shikimate pathway, which is needed for normal brain function.  Her research shows a link for many of the diseases mentioned above because of the pathway’s role in making brain messengers (neurotransmitters) needed for most brain activities, including memory.  Monsanto defends its safety claims and products by stating that humans do not have the Shikimate pathway so glyphosate is in fact safe.  Seneff and others agree that humans do not have this pathway, but our gut bacteria do.  The truth is, glyphosate kills the bacteria needed to make certain amino acids necessary to produce key brain messengers such as serotonin and dopamine.  Other studies have shown that just .1 parts per billion (ppb) of glyphosate destroys gut bacteria in chickens 15.  This puts it all into perspective regarding our massive exposure to the toxin and why this is a major crisis. Moms Across America reported that a lab in St. Louis, Missouri tested samples of Pediasure (a nutritional drink given to sick children) and found 75 ppb of glyphosate in the samples 16.  That’s about 1,000 times the level that has been shown to kill gut bacteria . . . Wow!

Further research has shown how the chemical disrupts the liver’s main detox pathway (cytochrome P450) and depletes cellular glutathione levels affecting detox and inflammation 2, 5, 6, 8.  This in turn is a cause of many of the top 10 symptoms mentioned above, as well as a new piece of the puzzle for unexplainable illnesses such as chronic fatigue, autism, breast cancer, hormone dysregulation and others 3, 8.

The bottom line: if you don’t get this incredibly toxic poison out of your diet you will never feel well or get well.   The strategy is simpleeat all organic grains and grass-fed meatsI believe humans consume far too many grains in general, but hybridization, genetic modification and glyphosate make this altered food an even greater threat to our health.  Remember, grains raise blood glucose as much or more than regular sugar, and are one of the real culprits in the obesity epidemic, not the lack of exercise or just plain gluttony, like the governing bodies suggest.

If you haven’t noticed, I have yet to mention the harmful effects of gluten.  Yes, gluten is a denatured protein that causes many health problems, and I am glad the message is now mainstream, but the real problem is being swept under the rug in exchange for huge profits.

Reference the graph and notice the coinciding rise in celiac disease with the practice of spraying grain with glyphosate.  Celiac disease is supposed to be gluten induced, which no doubt it is in part, but the role of glyphosate is not being considered.  Glyphosate is responsible for putting holes in our guts so denatured proteins can cross through the lining to our blood, acting as foreign proteins to which our immune system makes antibodies. This in turn drives massive inflammation, food allergies, strange symptoms and eventually disease.

This practice came into vogue in the late 1990’s as noted in the above graph. When farmers were shown they could increase profits by spraying grain with Roundup (glyphosate) 7-10 days before harvest, making harvest easier and larger, they jumped on board.  The practice is called desiccation. Desiccation does in fact make harvest much easier, due to the drying effect on the grain, and causes the plant to release more seed right before it dies from the toxic chemical. Profits rise, and so does the amount of glyphosate we consume.

How do we ignore the correlation between the rise in glyphosate and the upsurge in so many diseases?  Look at the graphs below, showing just a fragment of diseases that correlate, such as autism, dementia, depression, and diabetes.

Figure 2: *Nancy Swanson

Figure 3: *Nancy Swanson

Seneff’s work has brought the science to back these claims, but the correlation alone is enough to raise questions.  We are at a pivotal time right now to make change.  If the practice of spraying grain with glyphosate (desiccation) for increased profits and the global GMO drive by Monsanto continues, I believe we will continue to escalate health care costs due to the overwhelming number of chronic diseases. This could ultimately lead to a financial collapse in this country if not globally.  Poor health creates the dumbing down of a nation, and collapse is sure to follow.  History has shown this repeatedly.

Considering Monsanto is the creator and promoter of both GMO’s and glyphosate, it must be true when it is said, “Monsanto is the most evil corporation on the planet.”

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