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Holiday Gift Guide! This holiday season, we’re equipping you with the best gifts (and discount codes!) for every type of coworker, friend, or family member that you may need a present for. In the spirit of giving, we’ve curated this list so that no matter what kind of person you want to surprise, you can give them something they will truly love while supporting their health. We've included some special discounts for some of these amazing products.

Beyond Fasting Book!

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of diets out there that promise quick, effective results. But there’s only one protocol I’ve found that can truly reverse fatigue, brain fog, low libido, stubborn fat, mood issues, and more…And this program doesn’t ask that you print out pages of shopping lists or memorize a list of “forbidden” foods. 

Instead, it’s designed to train your body to create new stem cells and heal from the inside out… no complex meal plans required. Dr. Pompa’s bestselling book Beyond Fasting holds all the secrets of fasting and more, with a 7-week proven protocol that sets you up for fat burning, blood sugar control, and endless energy. 

And if you’ve tried fasting before with no luck? Set yourself up for success with the only fasting program that equips you with the tools to create new stem cells from day one. It’s time to banish fatigue, constant food cravings, and stubborn fat. 

I couldn’t help but add this to the list! My newest release, Beyond Fasting, will truly transform the lives of your friends and family. This book instructs how to age in reverse, balance hormone disruption, and overcome weight loss resistance and autoimmunity. I can’t think of a more valuable gift.

Qualia Mind – Elevate Mental Clarity

Qualia Mind, crafted by top scientists, features 28 synergistic ingredients to enhance focus, memory, and mental clarity. This nootropic supports immediate neurochemical effects and fosters long-term cognitive health by aiding neuron synaptic formation, acetylcholine signaling, and brain mitochondrial function. 

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WaveBlock – Shield Against EMF Concerns

WaveBlock: Your shield against potential health concerns for you and your loved ones. Our focus is on simple application, ensuring safety and convenience throughout. WaveBlock's patented technology leads the way in EMF protection, earning a devoted following for its effectiveness and reliability.

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Restore Hope Oils – Mind & Body Support

Formulated by Certified Aromatherapist Gavin Poulton, these blends combine at least two pure essential oils, carefully sourced to support primary mind and body systems. By merging oils into blends, Gavin maximizes the collective impact, providing a more profound benefit for specific areas of the body.

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Serotonin Soak – Relaxation & Mood Elevation

SEROTONIN SOAK: Crafted with Magnesium Zechstein Flakes, this potent bath soak is designed to relax your mind, elevate your mood, and recalibrate your system.

It combines ancient practices with the purest, science-backed ingredients. Featuring Magnesium Zechstein Flakes, French Green Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Essential Oils, it's meticulously formulated for your well-being.

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Chill Chews – Inner Balance & Serenity


CHILL CHEWS: Magnesium gummies for inner balance, body relaxation, and mind serenity. Experience tranquility with each CHILL CHEW, featuring magnesium citrate, adaptogenic mushrooms, and ashwagandha to ease stress and anxiety.

Find inner balance and calmness with delicious magnesium gummies. Experience tranquility with each bite. Click HERE to purchase.


Intelligence of Nature Travel Bundle – Wellness on the Go

Embrace adventure while maintaining your wellness routine with our ION Gut + Skin Adventurer Bundle. ION Gut Support fortifies the gut lining, improving digestion and boosting immune function. Meanwhile, ION* Skin Support safeguards the skin barrier, promoting a balanced complexion for a radiant glow. Happy trails to a thriving you!

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Primal Life Organics Natural Teeth Whitener – Radiant Smiles

Natural Teeth Whitener

The Whitening Gel combines Hydroxyapatite, extra virgin olive oil, 15 essential oils, two clays, and PAP for a powerful whitening experience with Blue Light efficiency. With a delightful taste, it effortlessly achieves a radiant smile, enhancing both aesthetics and overall oral health through a fusion of natural elements and advanced technology.

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This holiday, gift health, vitality, and joy! Hurry, these exclusive offers won't last long. Make this season special with gifts that nourish the mind, body, and soul.