My Multi Therapeutic Approach

Multi Therapeutic Approach

The statistics of cancer, heart diseasediabetes and autoimmune disease are exponentially on the rise. Breakthroughs in regards to chronic illness are not evident, and countless people are sick and hurting with nowhere to turn.  Supplements are everywhere, and limitless information on natural healing is at our fingertips.  So why is it that folks are still not getting better? What are we missing?

Years ago, I was such a person: sick and desperate, seeking answers to reverse a multitude of illnesses (read more on my story here). I never stopped researching, nor experimenting, and now I am living proof that with a Multi Therapeutic Approach (MTA) to cellular healing, your body can rally and cellular healing can take place. Today practitioners around the globe are implementing this concept and transforming lives. Here I offer an overview of my MTA, in hopes that you can learn to improve your own cellular health as I did with these powerful strategies.

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It’s Not Just One Thing…

It’s never just one thing that gets people well, especially those who are chronically ill. If fact, for most who have been suffering for years, it takes using all of the following strategies…and then some. I’ve seen the results of the MTA change countless lives, and the magic lies in the synergy of implementing multiple powerful strategies together. Diet change, proper exercise, ancient healing strategiesquality supplementation, and PompaCore Cellular Detox™ unite to form my foundational approach to offer the body the best chance of healing on its own.

Strategy #1: Change Your Diet

If you’re like many, you’ve tried countless diets and failed. Perhaps you’ve been following a diet that worked well in the past, but is no longer offering results. Or maybe you’re still dealing with health challenges regardless of eating the “perfect” diet. The perfect diet will NOT get you well. However, you cannot get well without the perfect diet. The problem is that there is not one perfect diet for everyone. How’s that for a riddle?

Note: if you’ve been struggling with your weight for a long time, a trained coach can offer solutions to help break you out of weight-loss resistance.

Most Americans are locked into sugar as their main source of cellular energy, so they fail on every diet. Weight loss becomes impossible when you’re stuck in sugar burning mode, reliant on carbohydrates for energy. On the other hand, when you train your cells to burn your own fat for energy, i.e. become a fat burner, you are no longer dependent on exogenous carbs for fuel. Becoming a fat burner crushes cravings, frees you from the need to snack all day, and provides steady energy and mental clarity.

The Cellular Healing Diet

Here are a few principals from my Cellular Healing Diet that will help you make the shift from sugar burner to fat burner and also increase overall health:

  1. Remove all, or the majority, of grains and sugars from your diet (grains and sugars spike blood sugar and promote cellular inflammation).
  2. Remove all toxic and GMO fats from your diet (promote cellular inflammation) and replace with healthy fats.
  3. Upgrade toxic conventional animal proteins and dairy products to grass-fed, pastured, and organic varieties.
    Note: Avoid consuming too much protein, as an overabundance can damage mitochondria (the cell’s energy powerhouse) and convert to sugar, elevating insulin.
  4. Choose organic whenever possible to reduce exposure to the toxic herbicide glyphosate and GMOs. Learn more about the health dangers of glyphosate and GMOs in this article and in my CHTV interview with glyphosate expert Dr. Stephanie Seneff.

My cellular healing diet book is a great starting place for making these changes (learn more here). The book teaches you how to implement the above shifts, and provides many recipes to support the transition into fat burning mode.

Get your copy of my Cellular Healing Diet book here now.
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The Ketogenic Diet

Another option to consider is the ketogenic diet. I consider the ketogenic diet an “ancient healing strategy,” meaning it’s a health strategy our ancestors practiced (albeit involuntarily) that we can leverage today to improve our health. During harsh cold seasons, our ancestors were forced to subsist on mostly animal fats and meats, which forced them into a state of ketosis, wherein their cells were forced to burn their own body fat for fuel. Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of season-less grocery stores, so their bodies were forced to adapt, and were made stronger for it.

For more in-depth details on the keto diet, see my articles here and here.

The ketogenic diet is a low carb (approx. under 50 carbs per day), moderate protein, high healthy fat diet. As the daily carb count is brought down, we force cells to burn fat for energy. And as that happens, the body produces a compound called ketones, a byproduct of fat metabolism. Ketones support both balanced metabolism and brain health.

We have done some very powerful interviews regarding the ketogenic diet on my weekly podcast, Cellular Healing TV. Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, who has been called the “keto king” discussed using exogenous ketones (man-made ketones) to raise ketone levels. Prolific keto researcher Dr. Jeff Volek, explained the therapeutic effects of the ketogenic diet, and dispels myths regarding using the diet for patients diagnosed heart disease and diabetes. Fitness expert Ben Greenfield shared strategies on using the ketogenic diet to improve athletic performance.

Watch these episodes now:

  How Much Protein on the Keto Diet?

We know that on the ketogenic diet, if you eat too much protein, it will turn to sugar and raise glucose levels. I am always asked “What is the perfect protein amount?” Simply stated, it is half your ideal body weight. For instance, if you are 150-lbs, it is anywhere between 50 to 75 grams of protein per day. If you are overweight, use your goal weight to calculate the number. If you are not naturally producing sufficient ketones (read this article to learn how to measure ketones), make sure to monitor protein intake carefully, take in enough good fat, and avoid overeating.

Diet Variation

What if you’re following the Cellular Healing Diet or the ketogenic diet and not still losing weight or reaching your health goals? Consider a strategy I call Diet Variation.

We know genetically that some people do better with higher healthy fat diets like the keto diet. Others tend to do better with a higher healthy carbohydrate diet from vegetables. We have to be discerning, because when cells are dysfunctional and the mitochondria can’t use certain fats, we as practitioners are forced to adjust.

When you listen to Ben Greenfield’s CHTV episode, he eats slightly more carbohydrates in the form of veggies because he’s an athlete and can get away with it. However, every person is different. For instance, I have a client who followed the keto diet with extra fibrous vegetables. When she raised her fat intake too high, her ketone levels went down – the opposite of what is supposed to happen. When I made slight adjustments to her diet, she did much better with more vegetables, moderate fat, and low carbohydrates. At the end of the day, she probably consumes a little more than 50 grams of carbs, because she’s eating so many vegetables, and this serves her body much better, as the fiber helps lower her glucose.

Again, as I always remind the practitioner’s I coach, every diet must be customized, including the ketogenic diet. A key point is the importance of variation, both generally speaking and within the diet. Regarding diet, proteins, good fats, and carbohydrate choices should frequently be rotated for optimal health. I’ve also found diet rotation tricks like my 5-1-1 rule, 2-2-2 rule, and “the every other day diet” with fasting can have great impacts on health and weight-loss.

Read more on the 5-1-1 and 2-2-2 rules here.
Watch CHTV with Prof. Krista Varady on the “Every Other Day Diet” here.

Likewise, I feel the same about rotating quality supplements, exercise routines, and probiotics. Why is variation so important? Let me explain. When someone first changes his diet, he often feels great. However, after a period of time, the effects wear off. This can occur, for example, with the vegan diet (great initial cleansing period then nutritional deficiencies can occur) or the paleo diet (great energy and weight-loss but can end up with excess protein problems).

The message is that shifts create adaptation demands on the body: good cells adapt and bad cells do not. Therefore, diet changes, or any for that matter, create health through adaptation. Most people eat the same foods day in and day out, but our ancestors were forced to make changes and were healthier for it. Rotating between a customized Cellular Healing Diet and the ketogenic diet has offered incredible health improvements and weight-loss to many I coach and teach.

Strategy #2: Change Your Exercise:

Everyone is exercising but why is obesity still on the rise? Gyms are filled with the overweight trying to shed pounds, including those teaching the exercise classes. We can all agree that exercise is beneficial and important for good health. However, as a singular strategy for good health (and even weight loss) it is fruitless.

Over the years, I’ve observed the use of a strategy that seems to benefit everyone: exercise variation. Some forms of exercise that are easy to begin rotating are burst training, resistance training, and moderate cardio.

NOTE: You do need to be doing some kind of exercise (appropriate for your health status) to get well. However, some clients are so sick they can’t exercise initially. Years ago when I was sick, I couldn’t exercise either so I understand how tough it can be to get your body moving. Do not push it unless you feel ready. Start slow and low, listening to your body, with very light movement. Progressively increase intensity until you can tolerate more strenuous types of exercise.

Burst Training & Variation

Burst training or High Intensity Interval Training is a form of exercise that best supports hormone optimization and fat loss, and it is very easy to fit into a busy schedule. An easy way to do it is to run very vigorously in place for 30 seconds and then rest for 1 minute and repeat the cycle 4 times. Start by bursting two to three times per week. I have a video demonstrating how to do burst training properly (watch the video here)

If you do high intensity one day, the next day you can do some walking, yoga, or resistance training. I do high intensity, but I also enjoy endurance training as well, so I mix it up. As a cyclist, and I love pushing my body to the max on alternative days and feel blessed that I am now healthy and strong enough to do so.

Note: I’ve found that burst training and resistance training bring the fastest results for balancing hormones and shedding pounds. Alternatively, cardio and endurance training seem to work better for improving the brain and circulatory system.

When is the best time to exercise? Should you exercise on an empty stomach? I’ve found that exercising on a fasted stomach in the morning is ideal as it raises growth hormone and makes us more hormone-sensitive (a good thing). By doing this the body is able to burn glycogen stored in the liver and muscles, which helps you burn fat. Burst training on a fasted stomach is very efficient, effective and can be considered an ancient healing strategy.

Take home point: burst training is the idea workout for fat loss and hormone optimization, but varying your exercise routine by adding cardio and resistance training is just as important for getting lasting results.

Strategy #3: Upgrade Your Supplements

Supplements. Everyone is taking them, but why aren’t we getting healthier? One reason is that not all supplements are created equal. However, taking supplements without including diet change, proper exercise, ancient healing strategies, and PompaCore Cellular Detox™, is not the answer to optimizing cellular health. As I spoke about diet, most chronic conditions will not get well with the right supplements alone. However, the same can be said here: you likely won’t get well without the right supplements.

I break supplements down into a few categories. First, there are supportive daily supplements based upon my 5R’s of PompaCore Cellular Detox and Healing™ (read about the 5R’s here), which enhance and promote cellular function. Then there are downstream detox support supplements for pathways like the gut, liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system (the network of vessels that drains toxins into the tissues and blood). Finally, target supplements are chosen and rotated depending upon specific health challenges. For example, one could include brain support for Parkinson’s, thyroid support for Hashimoto’s, gut support for autoimmune challenges, etc.

Supplement Rotation:

A critical part of supplementation is rotation (see the pattern here?). The body strives for homeostasis. Consequently, many supplements lose effectiveness over time, and therefore need to be alternated (another reason to work with a trained coach for support).

As an example, we rotate probiotics regularly. You never want to take the same probiotic for months at a time, as doing so can create a mono-culture (limited amount of friendly bacteria) in the gut that is not beneficial. We need thousands of kinds of friendly bacteria, so rotation is key for a healthy gut. Eating a variety of fermented foods is also encouraged.

For more on healthy probiotics and healing the gut, watch this CHTV episode here

Tips for choosing supplements that can give you real results:

  • Use formulas that have active forms of nutrients. Cellular inflammation and gut dysfunction can cause absorption problems, and active forms are more easily used by cells. For example, some people lack certain enzymes needed for conversions and do better with active forms. Active forms are typically found only in physician grade products, which tend to be more costly, but worth it. In this case, you get what you pay for.
  • Take target supplements for specific organs, glands, and tissues that are top priority for cellular healing.
  • Along with taking targeted support for a specific condition, other supplements can be included to support downstream detox pathways, cellular function, and PompaCore Cellular Detox™. (I’ll explain more on PompaCore Cellular Detox™ in strategy #5).
  • Rotate supplements regularly.

Strategy #4: Ancient Healing

In researching the healing strategies that bring real change, the ketogenic diet, along with various kinds of fasting and variation techniques, utilize ancient wisdom to guide cells back to proper function.

As noted, many of these ancient healing strategies were not strategies at all in the past, but simply ways of life. Our ancestors were forced into variation without choice. Their food and physical movement was dependent upon the seasons and climate, unlike our modern world where one can eat the same foods daily (to excess) and follow the same repetitive movements in the gym. This homogeneity and consistency seem to be bringing more harm than good, leading to poor physical fitness and nutritional deficiencies.

Growing research shows that some of the ancient healing techniques I suggest, including diet variation, the ketogenic diet, and fasting, are not only needed to regain health but support maintaining health too. Studies show that forced adaptation leads to health. Lack of food (fasting), dietary shifts, exercise and exercise variation, are all examples of cellular stress that lead to improved health via adaptation. Only healthy cells can adapt and get stronger; sick and weak cells cannot adapt. “Adapt or die,” is a fitting reminder here.

As noted above, the ketogenic diet, diet variation, exercise and exercise variation (and exercise on a fasted stomach) are all strategies that create cellular stress and, consequently, adaptation. But let’s focus on my favorite ancient healing strategy: fasting. Clinically and personally, I have yet to find a faster way to fix cellular dysfunction and hormone imbalance than fasting. This notion runs counter to the mainstream belief that eating multiple times a day is ideal for blood sugar regulation and weight loss. I’ve written many articles on the topic, as well as discussed it on my Cellular Healing TV podcast, however, I’ll note the highlights and why it is always included in my MTA.

Fasting is the quickest way to decrease cellular inflammation because it allows the body to direct all of its energy towards healing. Animals innately fast when they are ill, and fasting has been a foundational part of healing in most every culture in history. Fasting is often misunderstood, feared, or forgotten, and many today are missing the benefits of this simple tool that can radically transform health.

Fasting is an ancient healing strategy because our ancestors clearly didn’t have 24/7 access to food. An example of fasting as a lifestyle is of the Hunza people of Pakistan. The Hunzas are known for their “starving spring,” a period every year when they subsist on dried apricot juice for 2-4 months before their fruit has ripened to eat. The Hunzas are revered for their longevity of about 110-120 years, most all of them living disease free. Fasting is a part of my lifestyle, daily and in longer time blocks throughout the year. Fasting has changed my life and made a greater impact on improving my cellular health than any other strategy.

There are 2 types of fasting we typically incorporate in the MTA: block fasting and daily intermittent fasting.

Block Fasting

With block fasting, you fast on designated fluids like pure water, grass-fed bone broth, or probiotic whey water, anywhere from 4-10 days straight, or even longer. A few of the docs I coach have done extended block fasts (22 and 30 days straight) with incredible results.

NOTE: Longer fasts can support deeper and more intensive healing, but are only to be done under the care of a trained practitioner.

Check out the CHTV episodes with my docs discussing block fasting:

  Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent fasting is what I follow daily, and still offers many of the benefits of longer block fasts. Intermittent fasting means you wait 14 to 24 hours from the time you eat dinner until your next meal. I eat a large and satisfying dinner around 7 or 8 pm, and the next day, my first meal is typically around 3 or 4 pm.

In Africa, I visited a tribe in which the men hunted all day on a fasted stomach. They would leave extremely early in the morning, hunt all day, and return to eat just one meal. When I told this story, many people asked, “Why are they so healthy? They barely eat, why they don’t have any disease?” By intermittent fasting in this way, they allowed their body to clean out cellular debris and had become very efficient fat burners. These mini fasts brought the men extraordinary health and exuberant energy to maintain their active lifestyle.

For more on intermittent fasting, see here.

Why It’s OK to Skip Breakfast

Many of us are taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but studies disprove this theory. We know that testosterone and growth hormone are highest in the morning, but the moment you eat those levels drop, and we lose that hormonal high.

Study after study indicates that humans are meant to fast for short periods of time every day. Block fasts periodically are beneficial, but short intermittent fasts can also do wonders to fix cells. I find breakfast is the easiest meal to skip, and not eating throughout the day actually provides incredible energy once you become a fat burner.

Take home points:

  • Practice variation in your diet. Start with the Cellular Healing Diet for a few months and then mix it up with cycles of the ketogenic diet. Check out my 5-1-1 rule to break through weight-loss plateaus, or try weekly fasting variations. For example, eat the Cellular Healing Diet for 4 days and the keto diet for 3 days, plus daily intermittent fasting. Or follow the keto diet for two days, block fast for 2 days, and eat the CHD for 3 days. There’s no wrong way to do it, just mix it up and find what works for you. The magic is in the variation.
  • Incorporate regular fasting into your lifestyle. This could be daily intermittent fasting, and/or monthly or seasonal block fasting.
  • Don’t eat less; eat less often. Start with 3 meals a day and no snacks between meals. Then slowly introduce intermittent fasting and 2 meals a day with no snacks.

  NOTE: approach daily intermittent fasting (or any fasting) with some caution and understanding. You can’t just say, “I’m going to do what Dr. Pompa does and fast 18 to 20 hours.” That may be too long for some, especially to start. Less time between dinner and the next meal may be better for your body type. Experiment to find your sweet spot.

Strategy #5: PompaCore Cellular Detox™

We have discussed diet, exercise, supplementation, the importance of variation, and ancient healing strategies, but we can’t forget about looking upstream to clear toxins out of the cells. Without PompaCore Cellular Detox™ it’s all for naught. The main cause people are so sick today – the hormone havoc, auto-immune challenges, weight-loss resistance, diabetes – is cellular toxicity. Currently, epidemic illnesses are the result of many generations of toxic accumulation. Those who are around my age (currently a half century) grew up in the lead and mercury generations. Our children are now part of the glyphosate generation, which has only added fuel to the fire. The accumulation of generational heavy metals and other toxins, plus a glyphosate drenched diet, has become a recipe for health disaster. PompaCore Cellular Detox™ is needed now more than ever.

Before explaining what PompaCore Cellular Detox™ is, I must note that it is not…

  • A colon cleanse
  • A foot bath
  • A juice fast
  • A coffee enema
  • A bottle of chlorella tablets
  • A ten day herbal cleanse

Although these strategies, and countless others, can be helpful in supporting detox, they are simply too far downstream to make the impact needed to remove toxins at the cellular level. I overhear conversations, and have had many myself, with people who recognize the need for detox and wish to do a “cleanse” in attempts to feel better. But does it make sense that in 10 days you can remove what took 20-30 years to bioaccumulate? Real detox is not short-term. Remember, you must get to the cell to get well, which takes time, effort, and strategy.

I note time and again, remove the interference and the body does the healing (R1), and if you don’t eliminate the cause there’s no true cure. Remember that my 5R’s of PompaCore Cellular Detox and Healing™ were designed to get the toxins out of the cell. What have you been exposed to during your lifetime? What toxins are lingering in your tissues, bones, brain, etc? What is causing rampant inflammation at the cellular level (R4)?

The Three Components

PompaCore Cellular Detox™ works by improving cellular function so the body is able to detox and restore itself as designed. The approach incorporates my 5R’s of PompaCore Cellular Detox and Healing™, a roadmap to fixing the cell, which explains the epidemic of inflammatory driven chronic and “unexplainable” diseases. The 5R’s is a tool for repairing cellular pathways damaged by toxins. Using the 5R’s to fix the natural detox pathways of the cell upstream, while keeping downstream detox pathways open, and including true binders to assist in the removal of toxins, is what I call PompaCore Cellular Detox™.

True Cellular Detox™ goes upstream to target the source of cellular dysfunction and involves three components:

  1. Applying the 5R’s principles as a roadmap to fix the cell.
  2. Opening and supporting critical detox pathways (including the liver, kidneys, gut)
  3. Utilizing true binders to remove toxins from the cell.

  The Three Phases

Within the three components, I’ve included three phases designed to help ease one through the process. The phases include a (1) Prep phase, (2) Body phase, and (3) a Brain phase. The Prep phase targets detox pathways with a goal of supporting cellular function and strengthening the pathways. Next comes the Body phase, wherein a true binder called CytoDetox™ is incorporated. The goal of the Body phase is to set up a concentration gradient to move toxins from areas of higher concentration to lower concentration prior to removing toxins from deeper tissues, such as the brain. After completing the first two phases, the Brain phase begins, where the magic happens. In this phase, a fat soluble agent is added to drive CytoDetox™ into the brain to support neurotoxin elimination. Removing bio-accumulated neurotoxins is the key to why so many “have tried everything” and still don’t feel well, and is also a key to the current hormone imbalance epidemic.

Maintaining Cellular Health

Being healthy is a commitment for a lifetime, not a short-term project. Once completing the three phases, continued cellular detoxification and support are essential for maintenance. For that reason, the PompaCore Cellular Detox™ program includes a Cellular Vitality Phase, a formula that contains perfect cellular nutrition to maintain detox pathways, replacing your multivitamin and fish oil. We call the formula the “multi-vitamin of the future,” and it offers the cellular support all of us need in modern toxic times.

For more information on PompaCore Cellular Detox™  email

To learn more about the science behind the true binder CytoDetox, watch CHTV Episode 126 featuring the creator of the game-changing product.

The Power of Synergy

Over the years I’ve observed that it requires more than just detox to achieve significant improvements in health, especially if you’ve been long suffering with a chronic condition. I know from personal experience, and testimonials from those I coach, that incorporating PompaCore Cellular Detox™ within a Multi-Therapeutic Approach is what brings the most dramatic results and gives people their lives back. My MTA involves PompaCore Cellular Detox™, and also addresses diet, exercise, daily and targeted supplementation rotation, and embraces ancient healing tools like fasting and diet variation, plus emotional detox, and more. Each strategy has a stand-alone effect, but the magic lies in the synergy of combining multiple strategies, which ignites massive change at the cellular level. Our bodies are adaptation machines, and this approach encourages the body to do what it does best: adapt and survive.

I like to say God took me “from pain to purpose.” The MTA was borne from personal health challenges, and my authority on the subject is rooted in this battle. Applying these strategies changed my life, and now the lives of thousands around the world and counting, thanks to the many practitioners who have joined me on this mission. It takes resolute effort to stay the course, but the return of physical and mental vitality to live your best life is beyond price.