Stem Cell Injections and Exosomes for Pain

Stem Cell Therapy

After two years of investigating the topic of stem cell injections, I found the answer to some of my chronic problems. I am truly fortunate to have met Dr. Harry Adelson, one of the leaders in stem cell injections, especially regarding pain related conditions. I believe the future of medicine is stem cell therapy. It’s being used to help with pain, autoimmunity, Lyme Disease, and many more conditions.

Stem cells can literally help turn back the hands of time. We’ll discuss how stem cell injections helped to heal my ongoing back (disc) issues, as we’ll talk about my wife Merily’s ‘Vampire’ Facial 2.0 using using a new breakthrough called Exosomes. I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Dr. Adelson, all about stem cell therapy. You have to watch this video, you will learn so much about this amazing therapeutic approach to healing! It’s all about the stem cells.

What are stem cell injections?

Dr. Adelson (who refers to stem cell therapy as one of the best kept secrets) has been practicing stem cell injections for the past 8 years. According to Dr. Adelson, stem cell therapy evolved from the paradigm of chronic pain at a microscopic level (what you cannot see on an MRI). The macroscopic level is what you can see on an MRI. However, many people with low back pain have normal MRI’s, which shifts the focus to the cellular level, tissues, and connective tissue. Stem cells are injected into areas of the body with injuries and chronic pain.

When you inject stem cells, it tends to be the exact opposite of a steroid injection. If you get a cortisone injection, you typically get immediate improvement. If you’re lucky, it’ll last two months, and then it wears completely off. Stem cell injections are the exact opposite. This really takes two months for it to kick in. Once it starts to set in (between month two and six) is where the effects kick in. Then it seems to last years, if not a lifetime. It takes several months, but these stem cells help to create new tissue in the body.

Adelson suggests when an injury occurs we get scar tissue, and we get neovascularization, which is the growth of highly concentrated irregular blood vessels. This reduces your ability to bring nutrients to the area, and metabolic waste away. This creates an environment of pain. Stem cell injections help by stimulating the body to regrow new tissue, thus healing the pain site.

Stem Cells for Healing

One of the areas with the best research for stem cell medicine is wound care. If you have a non healing ulcer and you treat it somehow, it either gets better or it doesn’t. It’s very easy to study. There’s nothing subjective about it. It’s entirely objective. The stem cell injections are done right in the site of the wound.

According to Dr. Adelson “The first thing that happens is you grow healthy blood vessels, and then you grow connective tissues over top. There’s a growing body of literature in all areas of stem cell medicine, but it’s really a small intellectual jump to say if you can grow new skin and cover non healing ulcers, it’s a small intellectual jump to say it can treat most things.”

I’ve been scouring the internet learning about stem cells and stem cell injections for the past two years. People are utilizing stem cell therapy for Lyme Disease with amazing success, as it improves the immune system. Major universities are using stem cells for cancer treatments as well. Dr. Adelson mentioned his colleagues also use stem cell therapy for neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and MS, as well as Autoimmune conditions like sjogrens, lupus, and MS. Stem cells invoke the body’s natural healing response, and that is what is truly amazing about this treatment.

How It Changed My Life

I had my cavitation done, and the infection moved up into another cavitation that I didn’t know about. Bottom line was, I had new neck pain. Not only pain, but I started to lose range of motion in my neck. I literally had crepitus arthritis in my neck.

Looking at my neck on an x-ray I was wondering what happened? I realized later that the pain and loss of range of motion occurred days after I had cavitation surgery. This all started only about a year ago. I recently had the whole body stem cell makeover that Dr. Adelson offers (and no one else is doing), and at almost 2 months now I am already starting to see a difference not just in my neck but my knees, low back and elbows. His whole body makeover turns back the clock on even the joints you didn't realize were aging. His approach to doing the full body was a big attractor for me. My background in chiropractic gives me a very different view of the biomechanics of the spine and body. You can not affect one part of the spine or one vertebra without affecting the others. Chiropractors get this. If you adjust a bone in the neck it will often times fix the low back. It’s all connected neurologically as well as structurally with muscles ligaments and tendons. Dr. Harry injects every vertebral segment. I can guarantee my knees were playing a role in my spine as well. The full body is the way to go to truly turn back the clock. I would say it’s the best investment you can make for your longevity!

Check out the video of my experience:

My low back had two long term injuries. I had herniated my disc years ago and my lumbosacral ligament was severely strained, most likely trying to overcompensate for my disc. I had some prolozone (ozone along with a sugar and vitamin combo) injected in the ligaments and it did help stabilize it to some degree, but the major injury still needed healed. Stem cells were my next step and I am so glad I did it. By the way, at 7 weeks seven weeks after my procedure, I already noticed a massive difference. I can touch my toes again without having pain for days. I have a long way to go, however, most of the healing occurs between month three and four post injections, as the cells take time to regenerate. I will keep you posted on my future healing!

Exosomes: New Scientific Breakthrough In The Last 2 Years

Dr. Adelson is one of the few Doctors utilizing Exosomes with stem cell injections. Consider exosomes to be little “communication molecules” that help to make better immune cells and tell the body to start healing. These exosome molecules communicate with other cells, helping the body to destroy bad cells and create new stem cells. Exosomes1 are a promising treatment for all age related diseases. Exosome therapy is showing promising hope for cognitive decline, heart disease, diabetes, and enhanced immune function. Exosomes are not cells at all but carry the messages to our cells. Exosomes offer a host of advantages over regular stem cells for therapy. Being cell-free, they have less concern over their safety. They do not need harvesting and can be transported around the world without concerns of dying or losing effectiveness. Most importantly, early studies are indicating the effectiveness is superior with no risks. This is all new science. However, it looks to be a huge breakthrough. At my present time of the writing of this article, there is only a handful of clinics in the states using these amazing molecules.

‘Perhaps the most promising set of exosomes for expanding the healthspan are those derived from stem cells. When we are young, we recover from injury quickly. That’s in part down to the higher number of circulating regenerative stem cells we have in our bodies in our youth. This natural decline in stem cell numbers with age triggered the idea that by topping up our levels of stem cells, we could enhance the body’s capacity for self –repair well into old age.’ – Exopharm1

If you are considering stem cells, there are a few other things you should consider. Make sure the person doing the injections is skilled at videofluoroscopy to direct the cell specifically to the location of injury or target. When I hear that it didn't work for someone this is the first question I ask. Most often this is why it failed. Staking the stem cells with the exosomes I believe is another game changer for results. One more thing that made my experience amazing? I was out for the entire procedure. I woke up and he said that's it! Well, okay, I said some other funny stuff that I will not mention here. They told me later people say crazy things when they come to, I just wish I would have known this ahead of time. I would have programmed myself to shut it. My friend Ben Greenfield went to Dr. Adelson on my recommendation for the full body as well. When he woke up, he said “I have something I need to confess.” He said he was in the room along with his wife and nurse (and I was thinking oh boy perhaps I should run out of here) but he only stated that he was French and could speak french. Well he may have some French genes but I can assure you he could not speak French. 🙂 The best part is when you see the video of my procedure, it looks like I would have been in pain for days but the next day I was fine. Slept great that night.

Merily’s “Vampire” Facial 2.0: Turning back the clock

The Vampire Facial was made popular by some famous hollywood stars. The one that was all over the internet was Kim Kardashian. She still had the blood on her face from the procedure. I think they put it on even thicker to make the photo stand out. The blood on the face is part of the process. The blood is drawn and spun down to concentrate something called PRP (platelet rich plasma) which contains some stem cell like factors. Then microneedling pulls the PRP in the superficial layer of the skin. The Vampire Facial with exosomes is what I call the Vampire Facial 2.0. This is far more powerful and lasting.

You should see before and after photos of severe burn victims using stem cell injections with exosomes. If it can heal this type of severe damage, imagine what can it do to renew mildly sun damaged skin and wrinkles. Well for my wife it has done a lot already. My wife Merily looks amazing for being 50 years old! She has expanded her healthy years, through my cellular detox and fasting. However, she had like most people some areas of concern. She had these areas under her eyes that she tried everything to fix and nothing had worked. After one month, the area already looks perfect. I too had it done as part of the full body makeover and everyone keeps telling both of us we look so different. They can’t put their finger on it, until we tell them.

Stem Cell Injections

Microneedling: Better Than Botox

Neither of us would ever do anything unnatural, especially botox so this was great to hear that it was working. It even prevents future sun damage because of the protective effect it has. A little different from stem cell injections, the vampire facial is just microneedling with something PRP (platelet rich protein) and it does contain cells like exosomes, but not Merily in the same concentration as exosomes themselves. The microneedling used in a Vampire Facial only pulls the PRP into the superficial layers of the skin. It works, but the procedure used with PRP and exosomes goes to another level. Literally. The exosomes are obviously more powerful but they are injected into the deep layers for a much deeper result. Watch the video and Dr. Amy Killen MD (Works with Dr. Adelson) talks about the other benefits of this new procedure.

The future of medicine is regenerative medicine, turning back aging through stem cell injections, and helping the body to repair at the cellular level. This is the future, and it goes way beyond pain, into all facets of healthy longevity.