01: When Heavy Metal Detox is Dangerous

Transcript of Episode 01: When Detox is Dangerous

With David Asarnow and Dr. Daniel Pompa

David: Hey everyone, this is David Asarnow, and I am honored—and actually you’re honored to be here today because we have internationally known Cellular Healing expert Dr. Daniel Pompa. Now, I’ve had the pleasure to watch Dr. Pompa change people’s lives. He educates the public and he educates doctors on how to heal their patients. He’s created his famous 5R’s of Cellular Healing and Detox, and we’re going to start a series. So this is the first of many. So first, welcome, Dr. Dan Pompa.

Dr. Pompa: Thank you

David: Now, one of the things we wanted to talk about today was detox, because it’s a craze of today. We’re talking about 2014, we just kicked it off, and detox is everywhere and it’s not just for health nuts anymore. People are jumping all over detox, especially in the New Year. So the question I would like to start off today with is are all detox and cleanses the same? Are they safe?

Dr. Pompa: Well obviously I just released an article about when detox can become dangerous, and there’s so many things out there about detox—there’s foot baths, there’s magnets on the feet, there’s liver cleanses, there’s colon cleanses, that cleanse, this cleanse… You go into a natural health or any store today and we see this whole collection of cleanses especially in natural food sections, but the bottom line is it has to be really, true “Cellular Detox”, which is something that I coined, because if we don’t really detox the cell—if we don’t really change cellular function—then we’re really not going to have a lasting effect or something that’s really going to change lives or really matter for that much. It’s not that I’m against any of those other cleanses; it’s just really to address the epidemic for why people are getting sick. You have to do true cellular detox.

David: Now, one of the things that you wrote about in your article that I thought was interesting was the “street cleaner” analogy of what most cleanses were like. Can you go into that a little bit?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, I recall—and probably most watching and listening can recall the same—driving down the street and you see the street cleaners, right? They have the big brushes and it’s this big massive thing and it looks very impressive and I’m sure it costs a pretty penny until you actually see what it’s doing, and it’s really kinda just moving the dirt around the street, and you see things kinda moving. There’s a path with garbage on each side and dust and cinders being pushed around. That’s what most detoxes really do. They just kinda push things around the body, and it may sound funny when we watch the street cleaner on the street, but when it happens in our body the problem is things redistribute and it will just push the toxins around the body but the problem is some of the toxins can end up in the brain, crossing the blood brain area which is very dangerous, so that is absolutely when detox can become dangerous.

David: So let’s talk about your 5R’s of true cellular detox. What is it and what does it mean to the people who are viewing this today?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, I really developed the 5R’s as a road map for practitioners to heal the cell. For years I talked about Cellular Healing, and it’s how I got my life back, which is why I’m even here today. I went through my own battle with an unexplainable illness and four years of my life came to a screeching halt. In that time, I really learned a lot about how to fix the cell. I have a mantra that says “if you don’t fix the cell, you will never get well”. So I started teaching how I got myself well and how I got hundreds of patients well as well. It really came down to fixing the cell, but the problem is when I was teaching it, it really became a challenge because even though I was teaching and lecturing doctors the cell is really complicated, so the 5R’s became a road map for doctors saying “this is what you do.” I never expected it, but it came to be a road map for the public as well. The average person gravitated to the 5R’s and was really understanding “Hey, this is what I need to do to regain my life back.”

When we look at the 5R’s, R number one is removing the source—whatever source there is. I’ll tell ya, this is where a lot practitioners go wrong. They really don’t remove the source and if you don’t remove the source the body will never really do the healing. Something that I always say is “Look, all we have to do as practitioners is remove the interference and the body does the healing.” And yet so many practitioners don’t really remove the source. Also, removing the source is cellular detox in itself.

R number two is regenerating the cell membrane. This is how the cell works, this is how detoxes—very important. And R number three is raising cellular energy. Often times, it’s one of the first things we have to do with very challenging patients. They don’t have enough cell energy for things to even work and they wonder why they’re doing all of these supplements and all of these natural things that work for most people that are not working for them. They literally just do not have enough cellular energy to even process the nutrition or even detox the cell.

Four is reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, which is really the epidemic of why people get sick. The average person on the street today knows inflammation is the cause of heart disease, diabetes, thyroid conditions, even why people can’t lose weight. It’s all over the literature.

Then, R five is reestablishing methylation. Something in the science right now that’s very hot and heavy is epigenetics—changing the gene expression. You know, David, the old dogma was (and you probably remember this) if your mother or father had cancer or heart diseases then chances are you were going to get it. Well, we know it’s not so simple. Genes can be turned on, yes, and we do have genes with susceptibility, but today we know that most genes are turned on by environmental toxins, but the good news is, we can turn them off. Well, methylation plays a major role in turning off bad genes. Methylation is how your body detoxes (or one of the ways) and methylation is how your body detoxes bad hormones. So, yes, hormone problems can be caused by a methylation depletion, so can toxicity, and so can stress that you don’t adapt to—because you need methyl groups to turn on to how your body adapts to stress. And, by the way, stress is the number one way that methyl groups are becoming depleted and, therefore, leaving our DNA exposed to more damage and our genetics turning on bad genes. Stress of any type—physical, chemical, or emotional—can deplete methylation, and then we start expressing bad symptoms that we don’t want. So that’s, in a nutshell, the 5R’s. Yes, that’s how you detox a cell, that’s how you heal the cell. Cellular healing is the key—if you don’t fix the cell, you won’t get well—we’ll repeat that many times.

David: So it seems to me that you have a very specific blueprint, and the challenge is most people, myself included (in the past), would just go to Whole Foods or a health foods store or go online and read about a detox cleanse of the week and then wonder why it didn’t do what I thought it was going to do. It’s because you can’t go reestablishing methylation until you remove the source.

Dr. Pompa: It is a specific pattern, and it works. I got my life back with this, and we’re teaching doctors around the country and duplicating this. In the article, I released two, but it’s going to be a three part series on when detox is dangerous, I focus on heavy metals. It ruined my life (for a period of time) but it’s also why I’m here today so, “From pain to purpose “is something that we like to say but, you know, heavy metal detox is so often done wrong. There is a procedure; there is something that really works. I have a pet peeve when it comes to heavy metal detox, and that’s why I really focus it in these articles, and you can find it on my website. Part three is not released yet, but the other parts are.

David: And you can go read those at www.drpompa.com

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, drpompa.com. Doctor Pompa dot com. The pet peeve that I have with heavy metal detox is most practitioners do it wrong. I talk about this in the article. We have the allopathic or “regular” doctors who are giving IV chelation, which puts a true chelator in the body, pulls a lot of metal at once, and it works. But the problem is it causes a lot of redistribution of metal back in to the brain and in other places—not good. You can read a lot about all the types of chelation causing a lot of people a lot of harm. The alternative doctors; they’re using things like cilantra, corella (which is called the “metal magnet”) really does nothing. I’m not against cilantro as the super food, but it is not the metal magnet, it is not going to pull the mercury out of your brain, I can assure you of that. Even in testing that we have done with corella we are not sure it even pulls anything from the gut as far as metal goes. And there’s a lot of other herbals that many of these practitioners are using that are really weak chelators that are unlike a true chelator that I discuss in the article, that cause more redistribution—that’s the street cleaner. It’s just causing the dust to go up and resettle somewhere else. The problem is when it resettles in the brain—that’s when it becomes dangerous, David, it has to be done right. That’s one of the things that we teach.

David: So is this something that if a general person just watches this, they should just go off and do this on their own? Is it safe?

Dr. Pompa: One of the points that I make in the article, the articles are very educational and there’s a lot of information in there. But even the removal of some of the sources, like the amalgam fillings, which contain fifty percent mercury, and I talk about it at length, because it’s making a lot of people sick, and it made me sick, and I interview some other people in these articles that it ruined their lives. You can’t just go take these out, you cant even detox heavy metals when they’re in, and it’s a big danger. Yes, you need some supervision; you need coaching. That’s why we’re training doctors around the country; because most people do it wrong and they end up worse. Story after story, this is something that is very specific; there is a way out from these unexplainable illnesses. Finding the source is one of them; I obviously meet with a lot of people with Lyme disease and mold toxicity and there are many other toxins. This article features heavy metals because it is probably the number one thing that makes people sick the bioaccumulation of heavy metals in the brain and they don’t know because it takes time and years for them to get sick and one day the bottom falls out which I call the “perfect storm”.  But look, the bottom line is that you absolutely need to do it the right way and that is why we are training doctors all around the country.

David: So let me ask you, if we came back, say, next week… Would you be willing to go a little further into heavy metal detox and start laying out a pathway of educating people along the way.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely, we’ll discuss a lot of these topics that people need to hear that I discussed in the article. But I know that it’s going to evoke a lot of questions so lets discuss it next week, lets get into more detail, tell your friends , we should have the world tuning in, because it’s a massive problem; it’s a pandemic problem.

David: It is, and here’s the thing. Watching you work with the practitioners, watching you work with patients, hearing and reading about all the unbelievably amazing stories, this protocol that you’ve created will change peoples lives if they actually take it, embrace it, learn it, implement it within their own lives. So I wanna thank you for opening up this discussion and be willing to come here week after week after week and sharing this amazing information, this life transforming information for all the viewers.

Dr. Pompa: You’re welcome, well thank you David for having me.

David: Thank you