02: Heavy Metal Detox Done Right

Transcript of Episode 02: Solutions Heavy Metal Detox Done Right Part 2

With David Asarnow and Warren Phillips.

David: Hello this is David Asarnow here, with Warren Phillips, CEO of Health Centers of the Future. Now, I know many of you were expecting Dr. Pompa today. However, technology happens, and when technology happens you have to deal with what emerges and unfortunately for Dr. Pompa, he was having some internet challenges. However, fortunate for you, you actually have someone who has become a very dear friend of mine. Who actually knows this information (as far as heavy metal detox) inside and out, left and right, forwards and backwards.

Warren messes up live feed and they joke about it Everyone, we have a very large treat for us today because Warren Phillips has lived this. The reason that he’s on this mission to transform people’s lives, especially when it comes to heavy metal detox and mold and other things, is because he’s lived it himself. So, Warren, welcome to today’s webinar.

Warren: Thank you. You know, I just got off the phone with Dr. Pompa. I've actually written articles on heavy metal detoxification in the past, and it’s my story. If you go to DrPompa.com, heavy metal detox done right which is part two or part three is being released in a few weeks, but I actually did an interview with Dr. Pompa on there and my background is actually in toxicology and chemistry and I cleaned up heavy metals mostly in my job as an environmental consultant. For over eight years, I cleaned up heavy metals in abandoned mines and in pulp mills [wood manufacturing] where they use Mercury to do certain processes in and a bunch of other things. Old gasoline spills that contained lead- if you remember back in the day there was lead in gasoline to make sure the knocking didn’t happen in the engine. I was heavily exposed to heavy metals and I got very sick at a young age and at about 25 years old my life, literally, was completely gone as I know it. I pretty much lost my life, and I didn’t have anywhere to go, anything to do, I couldn’t even work anymore. I had to sell everything that I had, leave the “man cave” of the world, if you will, Missoula, Montana- the playground for young men to hunt, fish, fly fish, the river runs through it. I had it all; I had a great church, I had great friends, I was popular, I was successful, everything, and I absolutely lost it all. I didn’t realize that after losing it all, I’d gain so much in that process. However, the road to get there was long and painful and it required a lot of faith and trust and divine intervention, in my opinion, and meeting someone like Dr. Pompa, and lucky for me his wife is my first cousin and as she listened to me complain about my aches and pains, my sleepless nights, my anxiety, my gut issues, my gut pain, fibromyalgia symptoms, brain fog, irritability, treating people improperly and not knowing why, she dealt with it all, you know, and she said “You’re sick, and you need to see my husband.” Well, you “natural health practitioners” in my opinion, and maybe you people watching at this time are thinking, “well that stuff’s not real.” We had some exchanges but eventually because of persistence and prayers I was able to break through and listen to Dr. Pompa and get some solutions and get on the right path, and that’s a longer story.

David: Well, here’s the great thing, because of your healing story, you’re now heading up the mission with him to transform lives of other people who are suffering from some of the same things that you did.

Warren: Yeah, Dan and I went all over the country when I came on board with him he was very sweet; he slipped me literature because he knows of my science background. You’ll see in the interview on drpompa.com “Heavy Metal Detox Done Right” there’s a 35-minute interview, so I’m not going to get into the details of all that. However, because of my science background—my Masters Degree in Geology but it focused on Toxicology and Chemistry—believe it or not, my Masters thesis was “The Binding of Heavy Metals in Anoxic Sediments” (anoxic meaning no oxygen—“an” in Greek means “no”) so no oxygen in sediments. I had to throw a little Greek prefix knowledge in there for you. But anyway, that’s what I studied—the binding of heavy metals in sediments. I did all kinds of great research on that so he knew that if he’d start slipping me research… Dr. Pompa’s brilliant, right? So he knows how to get the people in certain mindsets, and I started reading the research, and you’ll read this in the interview, but I told Dan “Hey, that’s me in this literature” and he said “Yeah, I know.” And then from that point on he gained my trust and got credibility and I realized that the real science was sitting over here—maybe not necessarily in health practitioners but in people who do care, the people who know how to make a difference in people’s lives, and that there’s research being done to help these people, and that was me. So he starts giving me supplements, he starts adjusting me, resetting my autonomic nerve system which was out of wack, and then as the path went on, instead of going back to my previous profession, I turned down a lucrative position, actually, to work at his front desk, because I knew in my heart this is where I needed to be. His wife always says, and Dr. Pompa says “from pain to purpose”. I knew that God had a plan for my life and I remember my pastor, actually, before I left Missoula Montana, he said “Warren, you’re not running from something” (which is my pain—I really lost everything when I was there—I had to sell it all) “you’re going to something” and that statement meant so much to me and the confirmations along the way were so great, and then meeting Dr. Pompa and the solutions we had and the fun we had… We actually suffered together, at times, with our health challenges, but we traveled all over the country driving and seeing natural health practitioners that were doing different things like heavy metals right, at some level, or doing biotoxic illness or lime or cellular treatment, and over time—over years and years of research and expertise and just doing things and being active and suffering ourselves—not just saying hey I’m going to try these things on a patient, but actually experiencing and knowing what it feels like to go through the things that we now use. I got my life back, and through that process, obviously, I’ve been lit on fire, I’m super passionate, and I will do this to the day that I die—serving this mission, opening up this epidemic and making it aware to the world because it’s true, it’s real, and you can get real solutions and make a massive difference in your life and you can get your life back—that’s my goal.

David: Thank you. So let’s go into heavy metal detox—what can happen if it’s not done correctly?

Warren: Well, heavy metal detoxification is misunderstood in so many ways. You’ll read in the article that in the natural health world, a lot of people think “well, I’m gonna do this secret combination super heavy metal detox using a bunch of herbal chelators—cilantro, things like that” and that’s going to create a heavy metal detoxification pathway. I know from my science background that if these things chelate or truly remove metals… the chemical structure in a plant—like if you use chlorella or certain herbs—they’re very weak in their ability to grab on and pull these heavy metals out of your body. So in that process, a lot of this herbal chelation that’s out there that you can find online actually cause more problems and don’t remove the heavy metals, they kinda stir it up, and I think Dr. Pompa talked about that last time, it was that the street sweeper just comes along and stirs it up. So if not done properly, if you follow some of the herbal or other chelation protocols out there and not the ones that we use at Health Centers of the Future that we train our doctors across the country on, you can cause more problems, because heavy metal poisoning is brain poisoning. So if you don’t do it right, it can cause a lot of problems and a lot of symptoms and not get you to where you ultimately want to go which is getting your life back.

David: Well, where do heavy metals start, then? Because you hear about it and obviously think “well, mercury and amalgam” and there’s some people who think the ADA still uses them, and we could talk about that later. But besides mercury in the fillings, where else are the heavy metals out there? Warren: They’re all over the place. But you know what, I want to address right away, to remove a mindset here, with folks—if you trust the ADA, if you trust the FDA, if you trust anyone besides yourself for your health, you’re missing it, and I’ll tell you why—because your best interest is not to get you well, it’s to keep you in the models that you need to make money. So again, these companies—there’s a lot of money involved, there’s a lot of government policy involved, and there’s a lot of backlash involved. So never trust someone else with your health. You gotta research and figure it out for yourself and make your own decisions and continue to make those decisions over and over again. So, heavy metals, let’s get right into amalgams, and I’ll get into the other sources, but amalgam fillings—I’ll give you a great example (and I do say some of this in the video but I’ll elaborate more now for the public). Heavy metals, like in mercury amalgam fillings, are 50% mercury in an amalgam, and they say it’s stable, but it’s not. Every other country has banned it; for good reason. You can’t put them in children, and I think they finally did that here in the states but they might have reversed that too and oh, guess what? It’s the only thing that insurance covered here in America is the mercury amalgam filling, and now they’re starting to change that a bit. But the mercury amalgam fillings—the silver fillings that are in your teeth (just to be specific, that’s what we’re talking about)—they offgas massive amounts of mercury. So, just to put it in perspective, if I drank a hot cup of coffee, and (you can buy these—I’ve used them) you put a meter in my mouth, that would sample the air—the breath in my mouth—after I drank a hot cup of coffee, it would exceed the EPA, according to a government agency air quality standard, by 20 to 100 times depending on the amount of amalgams in your mouth. The air that I’m breathing exceeds 20 to 100 times—it’s not a lethal dose of mercury at that point—it’s not going to kill you, but that mercury is vaporizing, going up through your nasal cavities, and making its way up into your brain. So, if that’s not evidence enough, let me give you another story—the waste stream from a dental office. I actually called companies when I first found out about this. I didn’t believe it. How could the government, this government that’s here to protect me and serve me, how could they be lying? How could they allow these things in my mouth that are poison. So I didn’t believe Dan, even though he’s helped me so much, even though I’ve read the research, I had to call a laboratory—I used to help test heavy metals in sediments and in water. I called a company in Idaho that I used to work with when I lived in Missoula Montana, and actually I ran duplicate studies of my urine that I sent out to doctor’s data, I ran duplicates, I analyzed this stuff—David, you know my personality—it has to be real or it has to be true and I won’t believe it unless I can see it in the data. So I used to run duplicate samples sending my samples as I did a heavy metal challenge test, which Dr. Pompa and the doctors that we train do. I thought the company that ran my urine sample during the challenge test to see how much mercury is in my tissues and organs was lying because I didn’t believe it. That’s how skeptical I was, so for you skeptics, I’m the greatest skeptic when it comes to science.

David: By the way, I DO know that you are the greatest skeptic. Until you have all the details, and all the science and all the facts you will not move forward on anything.

Warren: I won’t, and that’s just my personality and it’s how God created me, and it’s good because you can see in my eyes I’m telling you the truth, and you guys need to hear the truth. The truth will set you free when it comes to these topics, these things are killing people, killing Americans. To finish off this story, what happened is I called the laboratory and I said, “Hey, do you ever deal with amalgam fillings?” because I knew it was considered hazardous waste when it hit the dental tray and they said, “Yes we do, as a matter of fact, we have a dental office in…” I think it was an aviation facility or a base in Spokane, Washington. What they have to do to dispose of the mercury once it’s pulled out of your mouth in the same form that it was in your tooth—so it didn’t change, it’s the same thing that hits the dental tray—now it’s classified as hazardous waste. In order to dispose of that waste, they have to collect it in a special thing with a no touch technique, seal it underneath water or a special liquid so it doesn’t offgass and poison the environment of the dental office, and to dispose of it they have to come in special to pick it up, it has to be characterized through testing, which this lab did as hazardous waste and how leechable is it—it’s called toxicity characterization leeching procedure—a t-clip analysis, then it has to be disposed at a high-class class 3 landfill that has special lining in it so that toxins don’t leech out and that leechate is captured and pumped and treated. So, the amalgam filling is hazardous waste—has to be disposed in a special landfill under special techniques, has to be characterized and followed through government policies “cradle to grave”, it’s called, it’s a RCRA law—I’m throwing out a lot of big words, I know.

David: No, this is important, it’s very important.

Warren: Isn’t it crazy? It’s nuts, and they still put it in our mouths in America. I mean, this is absolutely ridiculous, it’s ludacris, it’s unbelievable.

David: So, they put it in our mouth. However, once it comes back out of the mouth the dentist can’t touch it, they can’t have the vapors in the office, and it’s gotta be treated as hazardous waste.

Warren: It is, and it’s some of the deadliest hazardous waste out there, and it does leach, and the t-clip analysis—when they shake it up in the light… it’s in a solution of slight acidic water and essentially the t-clip is they shake it for so many hours—I think it’s 8 hours, I can’t remember, it’s been so many years since I’ve done one. I actually used to do these in the laboratory myself, so I understood the procedure very well when I did my masters degree I did a lot of t-clip analysis. They shake it up, and then they measure that water after they shake it in a diluted solution and it’s full of mercury. And, on top of that, the laboratory told me the waste stream has to be captured outside of this office meaning that water in the little cup when you spit—that waste stream that comes out through their sewage system—had to be captured and treated because it had so much mercury in it. So it had to be measured, and the amount of mercury exceeded water quality standards. They probably diluted it and dumped it back in the river. However, it had to be captured and treated before it could be put back into the waste stream. It was a government aviation facility so they had stricter regulations there, but isn’t that funny? Dentists’ offices are not only polluting the air with the mouth of their patients, they’re also killing themselves, as a matter of fact, dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession, and it’s not from the pressure of being a dentist. It’s from the mercury that their doing this with, because one of the things is it can cause you not only to be infertile (which the dental assistants are number one or number two in being infertile) but then the dentist, the DMD, has the highest suicide rate. So if that doesn’t tell you the onslaught…

David: Oh my gosh. And this is what he was talking about last time, about the mad hatter, remember? It’s funny, I’m putting two and two together on a lot of things right now and you have no idea, you’re talking about this and it’s like light bulbs are going off in my head and I know a dentist, actually my former step-dad, who was in his early sixties (maybe just sixty) and got esophageal cancer and when you think about this—mercury, amalgam… I’m putting a lot of things together right now.

Warren: It’s huge, you know, mercury (I don’t know if it’s #1 or #2) but this is where Dr. Pompa’s mind and ability to research and do what he does on a daily basis to serve this mission. I know that mercury, when it attaches to the cell membrane, causes massive inflammation. It might be number one or number two out of all the toxins that causes that cell membrane… and R1 is Remove the Source. So that mercury molecule that touches the cell causes massive inflammation around that cell membrane, and what is inflammation of the cell membrane, though? What does that do, David? I have to ask you a question.

David: Well, inflammation of the cell does a lot of things, but before I forget what you just talked about—there’s a video online, if anyone wants to see it, they can Google “Smoking Tooth,” and if you want to see how when they used special kinds of cameras that they can look at and they can measure how much mercury vapor is actually coming off the tooth in the mouth. So they can watch this science-based information. The other thing is that you just talked about what happens when mercury hits a cell and inflammation happens. Well actually there’s another video online along that—and I don’t know the name of the video and you may—where they actually just take and look at all the neurons that come off and…

Warren: I know what you’re talking about I cant remember the name. But it shows how the mercury degenerates the nerve.

David: Literally they take one little speck of mercury and, I mean, it’s such a little amount, and they just touch it to the end of the nerve and all of a sudden the nerves go woosh and it shrivels up instantly.

Warren: Yep, nerve degeneration. That’s why we hit the main source with what we do. We don’t sit there and say, “Hey, do a colon cleanse and you’re gonna get your life back.” As a matter of fact, one of Dr. Pompa’s best friends who’s a friend of mine, Dr. Jeff Abrams, was just telling me that his wife has some challenges and I don’t want to say what those challenges are but she was going to go to this boutique detox thing, or a lot of people do the detox cruises. On those cruises they do those colonics, those foot baths… That’s what people think true detoxification is. They think they’re getting rid of their heavy metals. They might put on some herbal tea later or something like that and now all of a sudden they’re going to get their life back because they went to a boutique detox spa. Well, let me tell you—if you have a health challenge, don’t waste your money on a detox spa. You’re taking the easy way out. To get rid of heavy metals, there’s a process and a way to do it and our doctors are trained to do it across the country, and you think it takes a few days at a detox spa, but it takes years.

David: There’s a question that I have and then I want to get in to mercury chelation and amalgam removal and all that. Many people say, “Okay, mercury. Then I can put a gold tooth in my mouth.” Does that cause problems or is that safe?

Warren: That can be a big disaster, because you can go from (and in another article I think we wrote that) from bad to disaster, or something like that. It’s bad enough, David, that you have mercury amalgams in your mouth and then sometimes they go, “Well I don’t want mercury, doctor, I want something else what can you do? I don’t want composite I want gold.” So they remove the amalgam, say you have four silver fillings. You remove one of the amalgams because they need to be replaced or you decide to get it removed improperly, which you don’t need to do. Do not run out there.

David: Well we’re going to talk about that.

Warren: I’m just saying that right away, I’m probably going to say that three or four times throughout this hangout. But if you get a gold crown, what you create is called a Galvanic reaction, and so what that allows the mercury to do, it changes the electrons, essentially, in the amalgam filling to allow the vapor to be released at, I think it’s, 2 to 10 times faster, or it might be 5 to 10 times or around there—I don’t know the exact stats. But up to 10 times more of the amount of mercury will be coming out of your mouth so usually when you have mercury amalgams just sitting in your mouth and you just sat there like this *open mouth* not a ton of mercury coming out. You start chewing, mercury comes out. If you put hot coffee in, lots of mercury comes out of it. If someone touches it, like with your toothbrush, or anything like that, you’re stimulating it. It’s causing the electrons to move around, causing some heat, so it offgasses. But if you put a gold crown in your mouth, or a gold filling, you cause that Galvanic reaction to occur. So normally if you didn’t have that gold crown in there, the leeching wouldn’t be as great, but when you stick that in, just sitting there all day long you’re creating a Galvanic reaction that’s pulling massive amounts of mercury vapor out of your mouth and out of your silver filling. It’s disaster in your life.

David: Let’s talk about safe heavy metal chelation and mercury amalgam removal. So why must you have mercury amalgam safely removed from your teeth prior to beginning heavy metal chelation?

Warren: Well, there’s two parts to this. I’m just gonna walk through the whole process (and it’s in the article) and I’m going to do it quickly because we only have about another five minutes on this hangout, but you have to do a number of things—you can’t just go get your fillings out after watching this video. I highly recommend getting a doctor that knows how to do it properly and to prepare you, walk you through the process and, two, getting a dentist. You can go to iaomt.org and find a dentist that’s trained in proper heavy metal…

David: What was that again?

Warren: I-A-O-M-T dot org. It’s an organization that’s been created (I think it’s out of Canada) that’s created to educate people on (they’re the ones who created the “Smoking Tooth” video, as a matter of fact) on the dangers of heavy metal mercury amalgam poisoning and it’s incredible. It’s ruining lives, and there’s people that are standing up and saying “No” and this is one of those organizations. There’s a lot of dentists that have now been trained properly there, but I would still interview them. When you get a practitioner, one of the Health Centers of the Future practitioners to help you, they still question these doctors to make sure that they’re really truly doing it right. Just because they went to one of the seminars doesn’t mean they can do it right, correct? So three step process—First you have to prepare your body before you can get the amalgams removed.

David: By the way, this is key because most people don’t do this three step process, and I know the Health Centers of the Future doctors, they have a very fine process to prepare the body first.

Warren: Correct, and that has to be done because you can’t take a risk. This stuff is poison. As you said, if you get it near a neuron in your brain it’s going to degenerate your brain, just like that, and it’s hard to rebuild your brain. Those cells do not replace like your skin cells when you get scratched. You know, your brain is hard to repair. The cells don’t replenish—they have to rebuild. It’s dangerous—you can’t mess around with this stuff. You can’t take any risks, you know, you have to do it right. You have to prepare your body, you have to prepare your detoxification pathways, you have to prepare your liver and kidneys, you have to make sure right after the amalgam’s out, you flush out your gut and system, either through a colonic or a vitamin C flush so there’s no pieces of mercury that could possibly get into your digestive system and get back into your bloodstream or into your body again. This is critical to repair the body, and then right before the amalgam removal you have to do some things as well. You have to take carbon, so that if there’s any high levels… we have a product called Bind to bind any mercury that may chunk out during the removal, and then there’s a process through the dental office of what the dentist has to do to protect you and himself—oxygen, all those things—it’s in the article. Then after that there’s a protocol that you need to follow with the Vitamin C flush, and I don’t wanna get into the details of that, but I always like to say it’s a three step process—prepare, removal, post removal, and now you can truly start chelation. Some of the things you have to worry about is if you have a crown there might be an amalgam underneath it. So you really gotta look at all the things, and I can’t explain it all, that’s why you need a Health Centers of the Future practitioner or a practitioner that’s trained on proper heavy metal chelation and amalgam removal to walk you through the process. It’s impossible for you to do this on your own.

David: How long does chelation take?

Warren: Heavy metal chelation, for me, I didn’t answer that question earlier. You could be poisoned a lot of different ways and heavy metal poisoning, specifically mercury poisoning, as we’re discussing now, is brain poisoning. So you can get a lot in your body, which can circulate around and get into your brain, but brain poisoning is what causes the “mad as a hatter”, right? It’s the nerve degeneration, the confusion, a lot of the brain inflammation is what happens—that’s what causes the behavior change, that’s what causes the hormone disregulation, I mean mercury works its way up into the hypothalamus and pituitary which are the control towers for the whole hormonal system. So that can take years to get out because your brain has a blood brain barrier to protect you, but it’s also hard to drip it out so it can take years to do it. You know, and say the number one source of mercury (it’s in the article) a lot of the times could be your mom. My mom had fourteen amalgam fillings, so I was born (and the studies show it) with tons of mercury in my brain and all my organs and tissues, so I was born bad. I only had a few silver fillings, but I also had a lot of heavy metal (I would call it) environmental exposure. So that’s how I got mine. Some other top exposures…

David: By the way, boys get it more than females do, don’t they?

Warren: Yes, and that’s because estrogen has a protective effect and testosterone has the opposite effect, it has a (David: a drawing effect) …effect you. Dr. Boyd Hailey has done a lot of research on that, with mercury poisoning and autism. Dr. Boyd Hailey—incredible man on a mission. He’ll fire it and speak truth all day long, so he’s another great doctor out there and researcher, actually he’s a medical doctor, I believe. He does a great job. So in the 80’s, the number one exposure was Mercurochrome in eye solution. They used it because mercury kills everything (including your neurons) but it kills everything so they use it as a preservative.

David: Oh my gosh, I remember they used to put Mercurochrome on open wounds to disinfect it.

Warren: Yeah, cause it kills everything, right? So that’s what they did. Do you think there’s a reason why that’s gone? But you got a lot less exposure there than you did from your mercury amalgam fillings, so again, if you think there’s a conspiracy but you’re not a conspiracy theorist, there’s so much evidence to back this up. Every other country has banned amalgam fillings—Belgium, Holland, many of the European countries and then there’s America and our drive—our drive for success and money and in driving this system forward, we’re killing our people and it doesn’t matter, and it should matter. So it is a crime, it is against the constitution, in my opinion, to poison people this way. It needs to be stopped, and the thing that we have right now until something changes on the Internet, we have the power to educate and bring awareness.

David: Okay, this just hit me why they don’t stop it—because the ADA and the malpractice insurance can’t afford the lawsuits that people would get because of the dentist putting it in their mouth, and they couldn’t afford just to take it out. So this pandemic is out of self-preservation that if they say that they’ve now discovered that it’s bad, all these people are going to start screaming out and all these class action lawsuits are going to kill the industry.

Warren: Yeah, well, and that’s why, because there’s lobby groups that stop that. However, in my opinion, if someone would stand up, you could have a hurricane that would cost the government billions of dollars and cause more debt maybe sometimes trillions or whatever it may cost, but, you know, there’s a hurricane that’s happening in our mouths every day that needs to be cleaned up as well. There needs to be repair after devastation—there are lives being lost. At some point, someone needs to say something.

David: It’s sort of like asbestos. I mean, still, to this day, there’s asbestos lawsuits going on and they knew that that wasn’t good for people’s health, and they still put it in insulation in buildings and now they’re going out and systematically removing it.

Warren: And, by the way, fiberglass isn’t much better, just so you know. It’s still poisonous and it can cause lung cancer and things like that as well. There’s a lot of evidence on that so in the future, you’ll be seeing that phase out as well—you heard it here first. I can get into all that stuff as well.

David: So I know we’re bumpin’ up against time, so here’s what I wanna ask. What happens if people don’t chelate after removal?

Warren: You may have what Dr. Pompa explains as the “honeymoon period.” He’s worked with hundreds and hundreds of patients that have done this and went out and just got their amalgams removed. There will be like a one month lift where they’ll feel better, if properly removed, and then if you don’t chelate, three or four months down the road you are gonna get lots of symptoms. You’re poisoning your body, it’s gonna start recirculating, and…

David: And then it’s settling somewhere, isn’t it? (Pointing to head)

Warren: It is, and you’re setting yourself up for years of pain and suffering and I don’t wanna say the C-word, but…

David: There’s a lot of challenges that could happen.

Warren: Challenges- there’s a lot of challenges. I don’t want this video being taken off air, but, you know, if mercury attaches to the cell and causes inflammation, inflammation causes all kinds of conditions, and ones that are very scary. So you need to chelate properly after amalgam, or proper amalgam removal, even a proper one. No matter how great of lengths you prepare your body, no matter if you get the best dentist on the planet, no matter if it’s a biological dentist, an IOAMT dentist, it doesn’t matter. There’s amounts of mercury that still come out and once these amalgams are removed, your brain realizes “the source is gone, I’m gonna start detoxing.” Heavy metals start to pour out of your brain, your body starts trying to release it, and that causes a lot of circulation in systems.

David: So that’s why you need the chelation, and that’s why you need to be able to tie that together with a binding material like BIND that will then trap it in the gut and remove it from the body safely.

Warren: That’s right after the removal that you have the BIND, so that the pieces and particles that might get in your digestive tract, the BIND binds it in the gut, but post amalgam removal what you have to use is a treated chelator. There’s two treat chelators on the market they have a double (theo?) group, like a little crab claw, and when they bind to mercury or lead or other heavy metals, it’s a permanent bond. You cant take acid, you cant shake it up, you can’t get it to break free. Nothing in your body would be able to do that. You don’t have the chemistry in your body to break that bond. So true heavy metal chelators—DMSA, Dicaptimer sicinic acid—it’s a synthetic but you can get it over the counter, we actually sell it on our website. I wouldn’t recommend buying it from us unless —

David: …You have a professional walking you through.

Warren: Absolutely. You know I’m not here to sell supplements, I’m here to transform lives. We sell it to the patients that we work with. Then there’s DMPS, which can only be purchased through a script and sometimes biological dentists will write that script but the difference is that DMPS—now, listen to me—has to be taken every 8 hours because it has an 8 hour half life — meaning how it stays in your system in your bloodstream for 8 hours. Let me put that in perspective: if you drank alcohol, it stays in your system for an amount of time and then your body processes it and it comes out, right? Same thing with different drugs that you take and even supplements and things that you’re taking—they come into your body and then they stay for a certain amount of time and they go away. Your body processes them. DMPS stays in your body about 8 hours, and in that 8 hours it’s removing metals. DMSA stays in your body about 4 hours, and the reason that I say that is because a lot of people do heavy metal chelation protocols out there, even natural health practitioners and medical doctors, and they just say take one DMSA a day or take one DMPS a day or do this IV chelation and then we’ll do that once a week for six months and then all your heavy metals will be gone and you can go on with your life and you can be,  “Happy, happy, happy!” as to quote Duck Dynasty, but that’s not true. You are setting yourself up for major symptoms and more circulation and the main, scary things is when you circulate heavy metals in the body, they land in the brain. And again, mercury poisoning is brain poisoning. That’s the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the endocrine fall out. The endocrine system crash is what causes a lot of the symptoms and behavioral problems and nerve degeneration. Mercury poisoning has been linked to MS, it’s been linked to Dementia, huge for Dementia, obviously “mad as a hatter” but anxiety, depression, a lot of those things. Mercury is heavily linked to that. My mom struggled with depression and she had her amalgams removed but she’s never properly chelated and again, you can’t change your family, you just have to watch them and love them and support them no matter where they’re at like I love and support you and everyone listening to this video no matter what you choose I’m just gonna tell you the truth and what you do with the truth is up to you.

David: Well Warren, this has been unbelievably amazing, it’s been eye opening. I’ve learned things today and I know everyone who watched this did. Would you like to leave everyone with a parting thought?

Warren: You know, I think I kinda hit the nail on the head. You need to take health into your own hands—no one is going to do it for you, there’s no insurance, that’s disease care. You’re not lacking drugs in your body to fix your condition. So if you go to your doctor and say, “Hey I’m not feeling well,  I have diabetes.” …“Well you’re lacking this amount of drug in your body and that’s going to fix it.” That’s not the case. Your body isn’t lacking more drugs, your body is lacking the 5R’s, and I’ll just get into R1. It’s lacking the ability to do what it’s called to do and what it’s designed to do perfectly in every way is that there’s something that’s causing it. So you need to remove the source, and the body will do the healing as chiropractors say (and I’m not a chiropractor—I work with a lot of chiropractors and coach them). If you remove the interference, the body will do the healing, that’s the principal, and if you follow that principal in your life, the magic will happen and it’s not easy so it’s not for the 97% of this world, it’s for the 3%er's. And if you’re a 3%er and you take action and you want your life back, look into this. Find a Health Centers of the Future practitioner, find a doctor, interview him and see if he has the same philosophy that we do—the one that I just told you—that if you remove the interference your body does the healing. It’s not about a supplement, it’s not about a magic bullet, it’s about removing the interference and letting your body do the healing, that’s my parting thought. I appreciate you guys, I hope you have an amazing day, and anyone watching this video in the future, I hope you take action and be a 3%er.

David: Awesome, thank you Warren, and thank you everyone.

Warren: Take care.

David: Bye