03: The 5Rs of Cellular Healing and Detox

Transcript of Episode 03: 5Rs of Cellular Healing and Detox with Dr. Pompa

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Warren Phillips and David Asarnow.

Warren: Hi. Looks like we’re live.

David: We are live. Hi Warren, hi Dr. Pompa.

Dr. Pompa: Hello.

Warren: Cellular Healing TV. Sorry about the delay, this is a new technology that we’re gonna be doing from now until forever. We wanna open up this call, we have conversation live through this site right now where you can ask questions and build content that you’d wanna hear in the future. So we’re really excited to launch it, we just branded it, Cellular Healing dot TV with Dr. Dan Pompa and my cohost Dr. David—I mean David Asarnow

David: I guess I hang out with you guys so much and some of the docs call me doc. I go to all the practitioner training, it’s all the rage and everyone is clamoring to learn, so I’ll take the honorary doc, how about that?

Warren: Alright, an honorary. So because this is just our new show, we did a couple test runs the last couple of weeks at 10am every Friday and this one, it’s Cellular Healing TV—That’s our core, that’s our mission, that’s the message God’s given us to the world—that’s if you heal the cell you do get well and it’s not your genetics, it’s not that you need more medication, or that your body’s lacking medications, but you need to heal the cell to get well, you need to remove the cause. So, Dr. Pompa before we even get into some of the great topics there’s a lot of folks out there that just want to know what is the Cellular Healing dot TV, what is Cellular Healing? Can you define that for us?

David: Well first of all, it’s all the rage right now, right?

Warren: It is, yeah.

David: So what is this rage called Cellular Healing? We’ve been getting lots of messages just from the first two shows that we had so let’s talk about why this is such a rage.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, it’s something that has really gone crazy, you know, obviously because of the results that we’re getting. There’s so many people out there that are suffering right now, more and more hormone conditions, diabetes, and there’s so many people with more and more conditions and they’re not being helped, and look, I believe that you ask what cellular healing is and it really is why people are getting sick. It really boils down to what’s happening at the cell and I think that unless you’ve been living on a remote island somewhere everybody’s heard that inflammation is the cause of all of these conditions, whether it’s diabetes, thyroid, even cancer or why people can’t lose weight today, hormone disregulation, inflammation. When we think of inflammation, we think of a sore shoulder or a twisted ankle or something, and that is inflammation. However, the real inflammation that they’re really talking about is the cellular inflammation and how it disrupts the function of the cell. Look, every one of us have fifty to seventy trillion cells in our body but it really directs every thing that we do—how you feel, how you think, how you digest food… every organ system has different types of cells. When we start to not feel well, it really means that our cells are not working well. So that’s why the mantra “Fix the cell, get well” really is honing in on the real problem. So yeah, inflammation of the cell is the problem, but I know to most people listening that doesn’t mean anything, but all I can tell you without teaching you cellular biology, is that your cell dictates how long you will live, it dictates how healthy you live, it dictates every aspect of your life. If you’re not feeling well right now, you’ve got a cellular issue. There’s just been so many huge breakthroughs in science right now that we know what’s going on at the cell, so really this new science is something that we’re teaching, and this is why I know we’re ahead of the curve on this as far as what we’re doing with so many people who don’t feel well.

David: Yeah, so let’s talk a little bit further about this, because I’ve had the honor to be in the audience while you’re teaching practitioners, medical doctors, dentists, naturopaths, health coaches… They are literally coming from all over the country and now we have people nationally that are reaching out to learn these protocols that you’re teaching. Why is this? Why is this the case?

Dr. Pompa: Honestly, cellular healing is the rage right now because it works, right? I see people from all over the world. I have two today—one from Australia, and one somewhere else… oh gosh, somewhere in Europe—but the point is, this is something that people are understanding more, and again if you don’t understand the concept of cellular healing or you haven’t heard of it, you will, because it does work and I honestly think, David, that’s why people are gravitating to it. I think that practitioners are understanding now that this is what they need to get people well today. They need the understanding of epigenetics and how your genes can be turned on for “bad” and now all of a sudden you have a thyroid condition or an autoimmune condition or your immune system’s attacking itself and you say, “What happened? Why is this happening?” At least when I was growing up you didn’t see a lot of these conditions. Type two diabetes, we called it adult onset. You can’t call it that anymore because kids are getting it. So what’s going on? Well we know that certain genes are getting triggered because we have this influx of new toxins that we were never exposed to before that have the ability to enter into our cell and literally change the way that your genes are expressing themselves. If you don’t apply this to whatever you’re doing—trying to get well yourself, or, if you’re a practitioner listening, trying to get people well—without understanding the concept of turning those genes on or off. The great news is we can change them for “good.” It’s all over the literature. We talk a lot, David, and we probably might have time or we’re gonna get into this next time, but how we’re utilizing intermittent fasting even to change DNA and to change gene function and to really down regulate this cellular inflammation. But it’s that understanding that people are reaching out for, David, patients are and practitioners are.

David: You know it’s funny that you bring this up. I’m actually (you can tell) not in my normal background, I’m in New Jersey right now…

Dr. Pompa: I thought we were gonna start a kitchen thing.

David: I’m doing a cooking show next, right? I was out last night to dinner with my dad and my step mom and they were actually talking about this. 23 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and they remember they thought it was lupus that I was diagnosed with but the doctor said that it could be lupus or arthritis. I was 22 years old and I had all these challenges and today we were talking about it and I was saying I’m healthier today than I was 23 years ago and you brought up intermittent fasting, so Warren, I know you had some other topics, but I know we talked about changing gene expression, we talked about healing the cell. Warren, you’ve had a personal experience with this as well.

Warren: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, cellular healing is what gave me my life back and it’s what’s put us on the mission and it’s neat how things develop over time and Dr. Pompa and I had this in our last Google+ interview that Dr. Pompa couldn’t get on because of technology but I did share my story. So you can go back and go to our YouTube channel, just type in Dr. Dan Pompa and you’ll pull up his YouTube channel. Then subscribe to our YouTube channel and then go to our previous videos, those videos are auto posted every week so these hangouts will be posted on CellularHealing.TV for a week and then once we do a new hangout the only place you can find the video is on YouTube so after this call, it will be recorded live, and you can go back and re-watch some of the things we share. So that’s why we’re going to do this, and we’re gonna do it consistently because it’s a message that transformed my life and I got to see it clinically when I worked with Dr. Pompa in the clinic I used to even actually see some of his clients as I sat down with him and worked with him helping patients get well. That confidence really came in me so Dr. Pompa’s like, “You need to go do it, you need to transform lives” so I started seeing clients by myself for a while and then eventually I understood that my gifting is really in the marketing and the advertising and the technology to bring this message to the world and that’s why we have a group of doctors now across the country doing cellular healing, and that’s why it is the rage, because of the results that we’re getting. It transformed my life, I literally couldn’t even think, my memory was gone, weight gain, insomnia, I mean you name it I had it. I don’t wanna give you the details, go watch the video, but it transformed our lives. Dr. Pompa, there really is a road map to cellular healing that God has given to you as we’ve been working together over the last 8 years developing these protocols relentlessly, not because we wanted to—because we had to to get our own lives back, and when something like that touches you so deeply, and you know that it’s just not for you, that you’ve been given this information for a reason and a purpose, you pray about things, and it just gets downloaded. You see it all the time, like Lance Armstrong, he suffered with cancer and now he wants to go out there and talk about the recovery of it. How much more we would do with cellular healing that comes from the inside out instead of the outside in, not the allopathic way, but God’s way, from the inside out that healing principals. And really, God has, the protocol guide, the ones that God speaks to as far as the protocol side— that’s Dr. Pompa—and I walked hand in hand with him through this journey for or five years after he even started and traveled and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars getting this information. Dan, why don’t you walk them through (Dr. Dan) some of those strategies starting with R1 and cellular healing.

Dr. Pompa: The 5R’s came about, I think this is what you’re asking, it came about because it is really difficult to describe what cellular healing is, you probably had that difficulty already. What do you mean, cellular healing? It’s just that we talk and you bring up the word “cell” and people tune you out because it’s biology, but when we realize that this has become a rage and it’s become bigger than we are and our message as well, we better think of better ways to communicate it. I struggle getting doctors to realize the concepts that need to be done to get these patients that they’re not able to get well well and I always say I’m not smart enough to come up with the 5R’s, it was too simple. So it’s a road-map now—it really started as a road-map for practitioners to know what to do to fix the cell to get patients well and now it’s become something that the public grabbed on to so again, you know it’s simple enough that the average person goes “hey, I get that.” And people started understanding it. R1 is simple—you have to remove the source. However simple, this is where most people go wrong—patients and practitioners alike. They don’t go upstream far enough to remove what caused the cell to disfunction in the first place or cause whatever symptoms they don’t like in the first place. Alternative doctors are simply giving more and more herbs or supplements and vitamins and then you have the allopathic doctors giving more medications and really nobody’s asking what’s going on upstream. Are you living in a moldy home, did you get bit by a tick, do you have these types of infections, do you have heavy metals that we talked about last time. Detoxing heavy metals is done wrong all the time. The bottom line is so few people are actually looking upstream, but if you remove the interference the body does have an inate ability to heal itself. It’s not a novel concept. So R1 is, in fact, removing that source—then you can change gene expression, then you can downregulate inflammation—but if those sources remain, I don’t care how many vitamins you take, I don’t care how many medications you take, you’re not going to get well permanently.

David: It’s that street sweeper concept you were talking about. What most people do is they take all these vitamins and they take all these herbs and they try to go through a “cleanse” and they just start moving things throughout their body and they’re stirring it up and then they feel sicker, not getting better, right?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, absolutely, it’s a great analogy. Go back and watch that first google hangout, I think it was two ago, and we talked about detox and you’re right, David. It’s so funny because right after that call I was going down the highway and there was one of those street cleaners, honestly. (laughter) It was a major highway, too, on a major road. Anyways, dust was flying everywhere and it was hilarious because there it was.

David: It was the visual representation of it. So for people who haven’t been here before and it’s their first time, we wanna welcome you. Let's share with them. What is cellular detox, what is true cellular detox, what does that mean to someone who’s viewing right now?

Dr. Pompa: We look at the 5R's, and that's, again, this road-map to these things that need to be fixed in the cell. Cellular detox is you can't—look, everyone's heard of liver cleanses, colon cleanses, the magnet cleanse. There's a zillion of them out there, right? They become the rage, these things. This has become the rage. This is the real deal. It's a lot different. When you look at those types of cleanses, they're really not getting to the cell. If you're not fixing these cellular functions, you're never, ever, ever going to really get well and stay well. When we talk about cellular detox, we're talking about getting certain cellular functions—for example, the cell membrane. When that cell membrane is still intact you could do all the liver and colon cleanses you want. Bottom line is, now you can't get good things into the cell, and you can't get the bad stuff out. These toxins are literally accumulating in the cell, from even the cell itself. If you burn a fire in your house, if the damper's not working the smoke just keeps filling the house, everyone in it dies. That's what's happening in your cell. The membrane, the dampers, are shutting down, so the toxins that even the cell's creating, like a fire, are not getting out. Guess what, now you start changing your gene expression. When we talk about cellular detox, we're talking about 50 to 70 trillion cells working. They're removing toxins, gene expression changes, cellular energy goes up. There's pathways in the cell that are meant to remove toxins constantly, down regulate inflammation. If you don't fix that, what good is the liver cleanse? You have to fix the cell membrane. By the way, R2, regenerating the cell membrane. There, I just explained why that has to occur. What we know now in science and new stuff is the cell membrane is what changes your gene expression. All these R's are really interlinked, and that R3 is raising cellular energy, really bringing back cellular energy. If you don't do that, you can't do the most basic things of the cell. You can't think clear. You can't digest. Cellular energy, ATP, it's huge. It's some of the times the first thing we have to do with a very challenged patient. R2, regenerating the cell membrane. R3, restoring cellular energy. R4, of course, reducing cellular inflammation. We talked a lot about that. R5 is re-establishing methylation, which plays a role in getting rid of toxic and bad hormones, which plays a role in making serotonin. Yes, it plays a role in how you feel, depression. It plays a role in how your cell detoxes. That is an epidemic. It plays a role of how you adapt to stress. When you're stressed out emotionally, you're affecting your detox pathways. You're affecting how your hormones work, because you can't get rid of toxic hormones. It leads to cancer and more DNA problems. These 5R's have to be established, fixed. Cellular repair has to occur to get well today. This is where the epidemic is. This is why people don't feel well.

Warren: Dr. Pompa, I know next week we'll get into some specific topics of cellular healing and how that applies to different conditions such as diabetes, thyroid conditions. Autoimmune is a huge one. Also, heart disease, food allergies, a lot of these specific things and struggles that people are having. We're going to give solutions. A neat thing we're going to do on these calls, too, is we're going to bring in live testimonies of other people walking through this. This technology allows us to reach out to so many of your clients across the country and other doctors we're going to invite on these calls. There's going to be some really great information. We're going to wrap this up in the next few minutes. I want everybody to know, the site's down that it goes to, but if you click below this video, as you're watching this or coming back and watching this video on a replay, click the “Gain Access,” the green button down below this video. That'll put you on an email list that reminds you every Friday about this call, and it'll give you a link to the website, so you can either watch it live or go back and watch the replay. After it's recorded, it's up almost immediately. I just wanted to throw that out there. Dr. Pompa, one of the concepts I want to close with is, let's focus a little bit more on R1. It's one of those things, a point I think we should really drive home, is that if your cell gets sick and dies— let's think about that. A lot of people have this different theories, Dr. Pompa. Let's break one of these myths. Calories in, calories out. If I eat whatever I want, my cells are like little engines. They'll burn up whatever like a furnace, and I'll be fine. I can eat what I want as long as I run my engine hot. The hotter it is — it's the furnace concept — I can burn anything, and I'll be healthy. One way that you've—well, from my environmental background it's like, okay, let's think of the environmentalists out there that really understand this in an environmental way. Can we have an industry, can we have a nuclear power plant—like the Homer Simpson analogy? Can we have them dumping toxic waste into a pond, think of a cell as a pond, and it not affect the fish, and it not affect the genetics of the fish? It's not going to affect the sediments. It's not going to affect the ecosystem of that pond, which represents the cell. How can we think for a second that what we put in our mouth, what we breathe, what we take even through our eyes, through fumes or the amalgam fillings in our mouth, how can we believe that those ponds are going to just be able to process that toxin, those foods, those preservatives, and it's going to be fine? Dr. Pompa, debunk that. I really want to just send them home with that before we move into our next topic next week.

Dr. Pompa: I think there's multiple questions in there, so I'm not sure which way to come at it. First of all, the more fuel you burn—the calorie in thing, the being able to eat whatever I want, take whatever I want, I'm just going to burn it—remember, the more you're burning, the more toxins you're actually even making. If your cell is not working, if your cell membrane's inflamed, you're going to be actually creating more energy, which creates more pollution that you're not able to get out of the cell. Remember, every little mitochondria in your cell that creates energy, they're little mini factories. Great, you can fire those up and have all this great energy coming out, but if you're creating more pollution in the cell and if the cell membrane is inflamed, because toxins are the number one reason why it inflames—so if you're taking in these toxins, they're driving cell membrane inflammation. Therefore, your cells are becoming more polluted.

Warren: Eating a candy bar and then going and running it off isn't going to work?

Dr. Pompa: That's why I said there was multiple questions there. That was one thing. That's one myth that people think is going to happen. The problem with that is that you eat candy bars, you eat candy bars, your body can only take in so much stored sugar. It can only store so many things. You only have so many closets to put your clothes in. Then once you keep buying more clothes, now you have to put them somewhere else, and that's called fat, right? Now, all of a sudden, you're storing everything. Sugar becomes stored as fat very easily. It's very easy to fill up your glycogens, which is stored sugar. Now you're storing everything as fat. Now, if you hormonally don't have the ability to burn the fat, guess what? Now your body gives you cravings, because all it wants is sugar. That's the only thing it can burn. It takes a certain hormone like leptin for your body to be able to hear to burn that fat. 80% of the population doesn't have the ability to do that efficiently anymore. Anytime you eat the candy bar, you're storing fat. You might burn some of it, but eventually, the next candy bar—forget about the candy bar, it's the next piece of bread. Then the next grain, then the next bowl of oatmeal, or the next healthy, whole-grain bread that you eat, everything's being turned to sugar and stored as fat. Now you don't have the ability to access it. It was like me with this call. I didn't have the accessibility, so I was unable to get on. That's your fat stores. That's most people. You don't have the access code and you're making more of it, so you're getting fatter. You're wondering why you can't get thinner, despite what you eat, because you don't have access to your fat. You don't have the ability to burn it. Really, that is a myth. Toxins have a lot to do with that, because it's driving cellular inflammation, blunting the receptor to these hormones that you need to communicate with to be a fat burner. We opened up Pandora's Box there, because I know that people are semi-confused on what I just said, but weight loss resistance, that's a whole show, guys.

David: That's actually a great topic for next week, isn't it?

Warren: Yeah, let's go there. To sum it up, Dr. Pompa, you're talking about R1 and removing the source. The source could be, that causes the cell to inflame and become toxic, it could actually be the foods that you're bringing in. They all work together. If the toxins have caused inflammation on a cell membrane, even when you're bringing in your foods and you're processing the sugars, it's going to make it even more toxic, because there's an inflamed cell membrane. Those are some of the big sources. Toxins, your diet, and then obviously, a third—three takeaways that cause major sources of inflammation and really make that cell get well.

Dr. Pompa: Toxins today are number one, but diet plays a role at two of the main ones. A lot of these bad fats people are eating—again, that's another show.

Warren: That's another show.

Dr. Pompa: Saturated fats and cholesterols aren't bad guys. I'm going to tell you right now, it's the two fats we need to fix the cell. I know I just shocked some of you out there already. Really, it's the vegetable oils, the fats that our government is promoting—polyunsaturated fatty acids extracted from sources like vegetables, vegetable oil—I have no problem with vegetable oil, as long as it's in a vegetable. As soon as it's brought out and it's in our potato chips and pretzels and breads and everything we're eating and our families are eating, it's denatured oil that makes its way right to the cell. Fat attracts fat, drives inflammation. Of course, the big one is, every time you raise glucose and insulin, you're driving inflammation throughout your body. That's why diabetics die early. That's why they have degenerative diseases. Listen, the average American, 99% of people in this country, yes, even the skinny folk walking around, they have elevated glucose and insulin. If you want to age faster than anyone you know at the cellular level, the outside, the inside, you raise up your glucose and insulin. I'm almost 50 now. I feel better now, I look younger now, than I did even some years ago. Really, because why? You control glucose and insulin—and Warren, we've been practicing that, David, you've been practicing that as of lately, and you've lost a lot of weight because of it—but you age much slower. Again, anti-aging, all the crap that's out there, we need to do a show on, because there's some major things people can be doing to age slower. Not just here, but inside your body at every cell. That's what's key. We'll talk about telomeres. Really, the only biological clock we know of. The shorter it gets, the faster you age, and the closer you get to death. In so many people, that's happening prematurely. We can do a test and look at how short these telomeres are. You can be 50 years old and at the cellular level, be an 80 year old because of the length of these telomeres. You're close to death and you don't even know it. I want to bring some of those concepts out to our audience.

David: Love it. I'm writing notes, by the way, for future shows, since you keep bringing up topics.

Dr. Pompa: That's great.

Warren: I know we need to wrap this up. David, I know that we need to keep these calls at 30 minutes. That's the co-hosting schedule here. We're getting to get better and better at these. I think the theme is, from this last even ten minutes, is that we need to keep doing these shows. There's a lot of topics and things that we want to share with the world. You need to come back at 10:00 am. You need to share this. If you're watching this link right now and you just watched the replay, share CellularHealing.tv or just click above and copy and paste the URL that you see there, copy and re-paste it on your Facebook account and share it with people. Email it out. Say, hey, if you want to make a difference, you want to be a health advocate, you want to spread truth and real results and real solutions for this epidemic that's going across America—people are dying out there. We want it to be controversial. Think about it. Does the government care about your health? Do they truly care about your health? Who should take control of your own health? It's you. It's a system. It's a business. Pharmaceutical companies aren't sitting around, “I just want to transform lives today. I want to help people today. I want to make a difference today.” What the reality is? “Oh, we just had a one billion dollar lawsuit. It doesn't matter. That made us $12 billion. We have $11 billion profit this year, even though we had to pay off a billion in lawsuits because we killed people. We actually told them about it on a TV show, but they did it anyway, because they emotionally bought into hope that's false.” We want to give real results, real hope, and real answers. Dr. Pompa has a lot of those answers, and other experts we're going to bring on. We have the best co-host on the planet with David Asarnow. He's incredible. He's world-renowned for doing things like this. He's actually the brainchild of putting this all together and helping Dr. Pompa and I on this mission to get it out there. We love you guys. We're so thankful you spent time to watch this today. David, Dr. Pompa, we'll see you next week.

David: See you next week. Thanks, guys.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, thank you.

Warren: Great show.