04: Weight Loss Myth Busters

Transcript of Episode 04: Weight Loss Myths Busted

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Warren Phillips and David Asarnow.

Warren: Alright, we are live with Episode 4, CellularHealing.TV. My name's Warren Phillips, one of the co-hosts of Cellular Healing TV, and our main speaker and teacher is Dr. Dan Pompa. We're really excited about doing this. We're going to consistently do these hangouts over the next year or two, depending on how big of a following we get, and that’s up to you out there watching and listening to share it on Facebook, to share it with your friends; CellularHealing.TV. You have to like our page, so make sure you write it in the notes of your share or when you send emails to friends. We are going to transform the world and teach them about cellular healing. Heal the cell and get well. Dr. Pompa just came off of a tragic accident with his son, Isaac, and his body is healing because it's healing at the cellular level. Dan, I'd love for you to share a little bit about that today and then also, some of the topics we discussed last week, and what we're going to get into this week. Dr. Dan, thank you so much for being on this Google Hangout. I know that you're busy and traveling all over the country teaching and lecturing, and we're looking forward to learning more from you today.

Dr. Pompa: Now, well, thank you. Yeah, my son, Isaac, had a skiing accident this past Sunday, and well, we were sitting in church and we got a sign for us to come out of the service and when we did, my wife went out first, and her face was completely white. So I knew something wasn't right, and next thing I know, they're telling me my son was life-flighted off of the ski slope. You just kind of go into that kind of dad-mode, I guess, where you just say, “Okay, I got to get it done.” It's like okay, where is it? Where do I got to be? Tell me. And I ran for the car and just about business. I really didn't even have time to be nervous. I guess that's what mom's are for. I just kind of went into, “He needs me and I got to get there,” mode. But he had punctured his lungs, collapsed his lungs. He hit the tree about 40 miles an hour. He—someone ran into him, and he slid and just caught a tree chest first. And the worst part about it was he shattered his spleen, a Grade 5. So that was—that's touch-and-go because there was a lot of internal bleeding. And the internal bleeding, obviously that can go one way or the other. So it was about 48 hours where we didn't know if he was going to make it or not. So pretty scary stuff. The good news is, I mean, he did make it. We were at the hospital all week, so this is actually the first night I slept in my own bed last night. So if I look tired, it's because I am. But no, I got us through it, and he's now home. He's still in a lot of pain, and he's got a lot of healing to do. But yeah, it's—when you get a wake-up like that, you really do appreciate all the little things in life. And we started—he—they fasted him for three days, no water, or food, because they don't know if they’re going to have to do emergency surgery. So he's not even allowed to have water, so imagine that. I was just wetting his lips with water. But when he was allowed to have liquids, we started him on whey water. Of course, whey water is known as healing water and it helps heal the organs, the liver, the kidney, and it has an amazing effect on the cells themselves. And it's one of the things that we do when we get really sick patients is we put them on whey water fast, and it's been used for thousands of years. Hippocrates nicknamed it healing water, but it really sets up and fixes the cell at the most basic level; the way the cell moves good things in and bad things out and sets up that detox for what we're going to do later. So yeah, we use these intermittent fasts with whey water on our patients, and my wife has done them. Warren, your wife has done them. My children—I have two children who have done intermittent fasting, yeah. So anyways, that was the first thing that we started him back on. But yeah, we're through it and here I am. So I'm glad to be here. You didn't think I was going to make it, but here I am.

Warren: I knew it was—we were going to bring on Dr. Jay Davidson this morning. I was going to interview him and for some reason, I sent the invite. We were going to have him on as a special guest anyway because he was on backup and standby. We have a lot of doctors who we're connected with across the country. So Dr. Jay, we're going to bring you on next week. I know that you're watching right now on CellularHealing.TV through the 22 Social plug-in, and I'm so sorry, dude. I don't know why the technology—sometimes it's a blessing, and sometimes it just doesn't work the way we want it to. So—but thanks for being there for us during this hard time, and I know that a lot of you have been praying for Dr. Pompa. And there really is a miracle happening in his son's life, so many things, and we know at many levels—Dr. Pompa and I were speaking last night, that this is going to help us help you, just learning the process of what the hospital does and how excellent this particular hospital did, and just the service, and making a difference in people's lives, and how they treat each other. A lot of the times, we—and I'm not going to be here long, Dr. Pompa, so it's not going to be a rabbit trail, but I just think it's important to share. It's how we treat one another, how we interact with people during that healing process, and the patience we have with one another, and that kindheartedness, and that tenderness, and that love makes such a massive difference in the healing process of others. I know that when I was sick, Dr. Pompa and Merily were there for me. My parents were there for me. I had one particular friend, because I had an unexplainable illness, that believed in me because he'd been through suffering and pain before, and he spoke life into me. And between all those people, that was what was necessary to help me along the way. So if you know someone who's sick and suffering, don't necessarily brush them off because they could have had an unexplainable illness and they need the love and support through it. And I think, Dr. Pompa, that's one of the reasons you're such a great physician and healer, is because you truly care, and you get into their shoes. You get into their hearts. You make a difference, and your son Isaac was no exception. I know that I wept several mornings thinking about him, thinking about your family, and I'm so glad to see him at home and with a speedy recovery, a miraculous recovery from the trauma that happened to him. So again, you heal the cell, you get well. And there's no—and that's what we're praying for. Those of you listening and watching this, pray for his spleen because his artery is there and this is broadcast live. We continue to pray that his spleen'll be restored. So I don't want to make light of that. It's an incredible organ. You can't process viruses without it, and eventually you're immune-compromised if you don't have a spleen and you're on antibiotics the rest of your life. So that's important, so I'm just going to put that out there, Dan. I want the world to know that prayer matters, and being tender and kind matters, and loving people in their hardest times matters, and we support one another. The Bible says curses the man who doesn't have a brother that picks him up when he's down. And I know many times, Dan, you've picked me up, and I've picked you up. So we're so thankful for that. And so today, we're going to go through weight loss resistance a bit this week.

Dr. Pompa: Hey, Warren?

Warren: But we're going to discuss more on thyroid. What were you saying, Dr. Pompa? -CROSS TALK-

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, exactly, yeah. Well, and one of the things when we talk about cellular healing, and I know we have a lot of doctors that tune into our show. And they understand that last week, we talked a little bit about cellular healing and I just heard a doctor this morning driving one of my children to school talking about, “This show is on inflammation.” I'm sitting there from a consumer standpoint going—they think he's going to talk about joint pain, something pain-related. And I really believe this show's not going to be about that. I think it's going to be more about what we talk about, inflammation of the cause of the majority of diseases today, whether it's diabetes, thyroid, all these different neurodegenerative conditions, memory loss, fatigue. But I don't think he's going to tune in the right person because when we think of inflammation, or at least the general public, they think of a sore shoulder, but it's cellular inflammation. It's cellular inflammation, to be specific about really what's happening. And yeah, I mean, is there cellular inflammation in a hurt shoulder? Yes, of course, but we're talking about inflammation of cells in the body; often times, even specific cells. And therefore now, hormones and other cell-to-cell communication doesn't occur, so now it sets up a host of problems. And so when we look at conditions like diabetes—and thyroid, I believe, is our subject next week—we have an epidemic of people who have thyroid problems, Warren, and we're going to talk about why most people—I think women in particular, they have just this intuition that their hormones aren't right, their thyroid's not right. They go to their doctor, they get their blood work, and their blood work's normal. What we always tell people is, “The problem is it takes 20 years on average for your blood work to go off before you actually get a diagnosis.” They didn't get a diagnosis for a thyroid condition, so their blood work is normal for those times. Finally, when their blood work does go off they take their medication, and their blood work’s normal; however, they don’t feel well. We hear it over and over again. We’re going to talk about that next week. Just in general, we promised we were going to talk about weight loss resistance, and really tie in cellular inflammation in just specific topics. Weight lost resistance, right now it’s an epidemic. This is a different game. When we grew up and people couldn't lost weight it was typically strictly because of their diet, eating the wrong food, and doing the wrong things, right?

Warren: Right.

Dr. Pompa: It’s a different game. The clients that I have are people who eat better than most people in their family. They eat better than everyone in their family, and yet they don’t lose weight. Why is that? This is a cellular inflammation issue. Warren, tell me if you can see this. I probably should have been more prepared for this

Warren: I can see it, yeah.

Dr. Pompa: This is a cell. Can you see the cell?

Warren: Yes.

Dr. Pompa: When we talk about his membrane—this is R2, by the way. The cellular inflammation really starts occurring on this membrane. Last week, we talked about bad fats, and how these fats come in like vegetable oils in everything that we’re eating. And they stick to this membrane. And they drive inflammation. Well, there’s also toxins that come in. And they come in, and they make their way through this fatty membrane. And they drive inflammation of the membrane. Last week, we talked about elevate glucose in insulin, which is most of America. Yes, I said even the skinny folk should. I said have this problem. Most of America is rising up glucose. By the way, Warren, one of the pet peeves you and I have is even in alternative healthcare. We see healthy people chugging juices and eating all these—more and more grains; more and more carbohydrates which are driving up glucose and insulin. Which ultimately drive inflammation prematurely. So, when we look at the toxins, toxins come in, and they drive a lot of inflammation. And it’s different toxins today like no time ever in the history of man have we been introduced to more neurotoxins that drive inflammation of the cell. But here’s my point. So, this inflammation of the membrane occurs. Well, on this membrane are all these hormone receptors. These are the receptors that talk to insulin or thyroid hormone T3, or another hormone called leptin, or estrogen. So, I don’t care what hormone it is, it has to dock on these receptor and get it to message in the cell to where your DNA is. I’m not going to bore you with anymore biochemistry than that. Just know this, when the inflammation occurs it blunts these receptors, and now these hormones can’t get their message in the cell. So, hormone problems today—it’s not a problem with necessarily giving more hormones; although, there’s times where that’s needed as crutches. But, it never makes you—it’s never going to fix you. So, it’s not a matter of giving more hormones. It’s a matter of getting these receptors to hear the hormones. And the analogy I love to give is when we scream at our kids, Warren. It works at first, right? Well, you’re not to that age yet.

Warren: No, not yet. I don’t scream at them, yet.

Dr. Pompa: We start yelling at our children. It works at first. They’re startled. It works. It’s great. That’s kind of like giving more hormones. You get on the hormones, and you feel better at first. But, the problem is when you keep yelling at them giving them more hormones, now they hear you less, and less, and less, and less. And what we have to really do is the cell to be more sensitive. We have to get our kids to hear our soft voice not our loud voice. But the other analogy is that if your car’s out of gas it doesn't help by dumping more gasoline on the car. You have to get the gasoline in the car. And that’s the problem, is when you have cellular inflammation you’re not getting the gasoline in the car. So, weight loss resistance, why? Well, hormone is like insulin in another hormone. See, when you have elevated insulin your body’s storing fat, and it doesn't burn energy well. So, that’s the issue. The standard American diet is elevating insulin. Now, there’s another hormone called leptin that tells your brain to burn fat for energy. And, the problem with that is that if you can’t hear the hormone your brain will not utilize its fat stores. This is why people can’t lose weight. So, it’s not about what they’re eating, how much they exercise, although all that’s important, especially the eating part, which we could talk about more. But the bottom line is it’s a hormone problem. The reason people can’t lose weight is because they can’t hear the hormones involved in weight loss. So, it is a cellular inflammation problem. You have to fix the cell to get well. In this case, you have to fix the cell to lose weight. Cellular weight loss is really the reason why people can’t lose weight. It’s the answer for why people can’t lose weight. So, it’s a cellular problem whether it’s diabetes, thyroid, or in fact the inability to lose weight. Thyroid hormone can’t be heard by your cell. Leptin hormone can’t be heard by your cell. Insulin can’t be heard by your cell. That’s why most people with diabetes end up with thyroid problems because they’re resistant to most hormones. Again Warren, most people realize that there’s some type of hormone problem going on.

Warren: Right.

Dr. Pompa: They can’t figure it out. It’s a cellular problem.

Warren: Yeah, and I hear that all the time. If you just open your ears—it’s like what you focus on you see. I like to always use the car analogy. If you’re thinking about a certain car, and you start seeing them around. So, if you tune in—just start tuning in the next time you are at a coffee shop or in church you’ll hear women just like you would—mostly women. You’ll hear, just like if you’re focused on a car you’ll start noticing, “Yeah, my hormones are just off. I got this hormone test. I know it’s my hormones. I have a thyroid issue—my hormones.” You’ll hear it like a song, because women are so tuned into it. And they realize after 10-some, 20-some, 30 years of dieting, of calorie restriction, no matter what they do right—crazy exercise just like my mom, and they just can’t lose the weight. And, they’re just like, “Oh, oh, oh, I should be skin and bones for the amount of food that I eat, but I’m 50 to 60 pounds overweight. I exercise all the time, and I don’t lose weight,” meaning, “I don’t know what in the heck’s going on. I’m so frustrated—and I’m making an excuse, because I feel insecure about the fact that I’m still overweight and can’t lose it,” because, they've tried everything, yet their self-image, their heart is broken because of this major trial and tribulation. So, it is a travesty. And, it is a cellular issue. It’s a hormone receptor issue. And, no one’s talking about it. They go to their doctor, and they say, “Well, now you’re insulin resistant. Your diabetes medications, which cause weight gain.” It’s sad and it’s wrong. And, that’s what Cellular Healing TV is all about, is bringing out truth. What Dr. Pompa just shared with you is the cause. Our number one, remove the cause—and then remove the source, which is inflammation cause by toxins, sugar, and bad fats. Which is one of our other topics we've done in a former episode. We’ll keep coming back to that, right Dr. Pompa? Because it is that simple. If you remove the inflammation from the cell membrane, whether it’s toxins, sugar, or bad fats. It’ll begin to heal, and those receptors will come back to life. And the communication happens again between the endocrine organs and the cells—or the cells within the endocrine organs, and the hypothalamus, pituitary—and magic happens. It’s neat. My personal testimony—I was 210 pounds. And I ate the cellular healing diet, and although I lost a lot of weight then, but the detox side of what I've been doing has made my hormones optimize more and more. My muscle mass is changing. My hormones are changing daily. My sex drive is increasing as I age, not decreasing. My growth hormone’s going up. I’m anti-aging. I feel and look better now than I did before I got sick back in 2004. So, it is amazing. The body does heal. It’s meant to live a long, happy, healthy life. And you’re actually supposed to get leaner as you get older, not fatter. So Dr. Pompa this is life changing information.

Dr. Pompa: I mean, you are—it’s one of those things that in very healthy countries the older they get, actually the leaner they get. In this country the fatter we get, because we get less hormone sensitive. We get more hormone resistant, meaning your cells can’t hear the hormone. There’s so many things in there that you said that I almost wanted to jump in, because I got so excited about. Now, I can’t remember what they were. Next time I’m going to write them down, darn it. But when we’re dealing with weight loss and the inability to lose weight it’s not the weight loss that is really the bigger problem. People out there are saying, “Man, I’m having trouble losing weight.” You’re dying of something else. You’re dying of cellular inflammation. Honestly, you have a much deeper rooted problem most likely caused by toxins. One of the things test that we do is we do a visual contrast test, which is a simple way to just look at how toxic somebody is. We do something called a Meta-Oxy test, which is a urine test to look at somebody’s cellular inflammation. These are tests that all of our doctors do in their clinics. And it’s such simple things, but it really is showing the actual cause. Then we’re able to watch those tests change. But honestly, when we look at this—here’s the message when people walk into their doctor is that they think that it’s just a matter of eating the way the doctor eats, or exercising more. So really what they’re saying is they think you’re glutinous, and you’re just lazy, and not exercising enough. Well, it couldn't be further from the truth. It has really very little to do with exercise. You should be able to lose weight without exercise. So it breaks my heart always when I see these people pounding it in the gym, on the treadmills, in aerobics classes, or doing whatever they’re doing, or running along the road overweight. Really, they come back from that talk and there goes the bagel. The bagel’s in their mouth, offsetting everything that they did. It’s about controlling glucose and insulin. Really, it’s about controlling inflammation and so many of them have toxic issues that are really affecting their DNA. When we look at that cell, the first step is to down regulate that inflammation outside the cell, but that DNA is inside the cell. Right now there’s just some great, great stuff coming out of the scientific community on how we’re able to change gene expression. See, when you have cellular inflammation, what’s happening is that your DNA is starting to turn on a lot of bad things, meaning that things that you’re susceptible to, it may be diabetes; it may be thyroid; it may be obesity. Once that gene gets turned on, part of the trigger—yes, we have to take down the inflammation, which is R4, but R5 is methylation. And we use this strategy to actually turn off those genes because you have to stop somebody from expressing the gene of diabetes, or weight loss resistance, or obesity. So that gene can be turned on for obesity. But how many doctors are actually addressing the fact that we have to turn it off? And that’s new science. We know how to do this, yet very few people are doing it. I mean, definitely, your average endocrinologist is not concerned about turning a gene off, even though it’s very new science and we know how to do it. We know how that they get turned on. Toxins is the number one way that these genes actually get triggered. That small membrane that we talked about, this is really how this DNA is actually able to function normally. It gets its messages from this membrane. And this membrane, we know now, is what turns on and off that DNA. So again, down regulating the inflammation and then giving specific nutrients to turn off the gene expression. That’s all in the 5R's.

Warren: Yeah, and one of the things that this show is all about is giving people hope by giving them truth and true answers. That’s what this is all about. That’s why we’re taking the time every day to do it, or every Friday at 10 a.m. to do that, is to bring the message out there. This is not Dr. Pompa’s opinion. He’s not the scientist or the guy that went in to figure this out. These are PhDs that—massive universities figuring out how this works. And it’s not being told in the medical community and it may never get there unless there’s a drug or some way to bring it in. Your DNA is not your destiny. That gives you hope. When you speak that over your life, “Well it’s just my genetics.” That means you’re giving up and you have an excuse now maybe to continue in a path or an addiction to sugar or whatever it may be, but here’s to help you break that and give you hope. Your DNA is not your destiny. Your life can be transformed. There  answers out there to have your cell membrane—like what Dr. Pompa said, to go back in and release that genetic expression back to the way God designed it so that you can live a normal life. Your genes are just responding to what you’re doing to it, and it’s doing it as a protective mechanism. Maybe this is true Dr. Pompa. Maybe the innate intelligence is so high that when a toxin hits a cell membrane, your body knows if it stores fat that it can have a protective effect. So maybe your genes are doing what it’s supposed to do. I’m not sure why they’re doing it, but we know that they can be changed when you do the right things. When you continue the course and have some of these key causational removals, like R number one and R number 2 is healing the cell membrane, there’s a transformation that life can happen like it happened to me. And it’s not about—like I always say to Dr. Pompa, it didn’t happen to me by accident. Who am I to have a debilitating condition, literally didn’t want to live, and to have God have mercy on me to allow my life to be transformed? It has to be told. The story has to be told over and over and over again that your body can heal itself, and that these 5R’s that we simplified through Dr. Pompa’s just amazing ability to teach and communicate to the world, that there is a step by step process to help you regain your life back. And man, we’re not going to tell you that it’s easy all the time. That it takes hard work and discipline. There’s 3-percenters out there that are watching this right now that will do it. We want more 3-percenters, and we can create 3-percenters through education. So 3-percenters, get it done. Get some testimonies. We’ll bring you live on Cellular Healing .TV, and we will tell your story.

Dr. Pompa: First of all, there probably needs an explanation. What is a 3-percenter? A 3-percenter—people are like, what’s he mean?

Warren: Yeah. So you’re the teacher.

Dr. Pompa: A 3-percenter is, when we look at studies, people who change the world. Make a difference in anything. Whether it’s sports, whether it’s medicine, whether it healing, people that heal themselves from unhealable conditions, it’s 3 percet of the population. And it’s never their circumstance. As a matter of fact, 3-percenters are able to look through their circumstances and just take action, and do whatever it takes. And 3-percenters are the people who just—they get it done. They just do it despite all the reasons and excuses not to do it. 97% of the population, we just come up with excuses and reasons not to do something. Including the life-style changes needed to get their health back. When we speak about 3-percenters, these are world changers, history makers. And the best part about it, Warren, is? It’s a choice. It’s a choice. And I always love to tell my audience that or whoever I’m speaking to. To be a 3-percenter is in fact a choice. You know what? It almost becomes habit in everything that you do. That you just say, “Okay, I’m just going to do it. I’m just going to do it.” Especially when you intuitively know it’s right, 3-percenters move ahead. Anyways, yeah, when we—let’s look at some of the other myths that I know that people have in the time that we have remaining because I think that when we talk about weight loss, it’s more than just one show. We talked about the myth of the fact that it’s not a matter of so much overeating. Calories, can you lose weight by cutting calorie? Yeah, you can. Then your metabolism adjusts, and then you’re stuck where you are, right, again. And then you’d go back to eating the way you normally eat. You gain the weight again. No, it’s a hormone issue. It’s not a calorie issue. Is it a function of exercising more? No. And I’m a big proponent of exercise. But it is just the cherry on the top. It’s a hormone issue. It’s a cellular issue. So bringing that back. Another big misconception in weight loss, and I just heard this, well, what about—and I was discussing this with the nurses all the time because once they figured out I was in this stuff, they were coming in the room and just asking me question after question. Well, what about people that say eating six meals or five meals, small meals, a day? Does that work? And I always say, yes it does. Well, why does it work? And I’m not a proponent of this, by the way, so hold onto my thought here. The reason it works is because most Americans do not have the hormonal ability to burn fat for energy. The one thing I always teach is your cells can only use two things for energy, sugar or fat. Healthy people can use either one. Most Americans are stuck with the inability to utilize fat for energy, and they can only use sugar. That means your body’s either giving you cravings you can’t resist because it needs the sugar, or what is it doing? It’s taking its muscle and breaking it down into sugar, which lowers your metabolism so one of those two things happens. Meanwhile, this fat around here is just building up. No matter what you eat it just keeps building up because hormonally you can’t burn it. So here’s the point I want to make. People that eat smaller meals through the day they actually keep their muscle better. So they’re not constantly breaking down because they’re feeding they’re body because they have no hormonal ability to burn fat. But really, the way the body was designed to work is to build large gaps without food, and your body’s able to utilize its fat stores. For example, at night, when you don’t eat for 14 hours or 16 hours, your body’s burning fat that whole time. That is if you’re cellular healthy, if your cells aren’t inflamed. If you’re hormonally healthy, you’re able to burn fat, burn fat, burn fat, and you wake up literally leaner in the morning. But that’s not most people. Most people can’t do that.

Warren: Most people hearing that, you just tickled their ears with some amazing truth. I mean, I would love to be a fat burner. I would love to wake up leaner. And they’re just not. And that’s why you come here every week you’re going to figure out how to do that. We’re going to go through these systems and try to—we’ll give you good great takeaways every week. But to be a fat burner, to get leaner when you don’t eat, instead of individuals like my mother or like people that no matter what they do, they burn muscle. They get less lean. They gain more fat, and they feel worse about themselves. So our goal, again, is to show you how your body’s designed to work, and help you get there. Being getting leaner, I mean, I just can’t believe how my own body has responded, and it’s taken me years of doing the right things consistently. Absolutely, it takes years to get your life back, but you see massive progress. The Cellular Healing Diet, Dr. Pompa, which is why we have Cellular Healing TV, it’s part of our mantra, our story. Cellular Healing is where it’s at. The Cellular Healing Diet, cellularhealingdiet.com, not .tv, that’s Cellular Healing TV. This is where there’s some confusion happening, actually, Dr. Pompa because everyone’s thinking it’s “.com,” so I’m going to need to do some URL switching. But the Cellular Healing Diet, it is the magic bullet, if there is a magic bullet, with diet because it’s one of the major causes. You’re getting rid of bad fats and sugars. That’s two of the major causes of inflammation. And that hormone disruption that Dr. Pompa was talking about that allows you to come back moving from that sugar burner place back to becoming a fat burner.

Dr. Pompa: And that’s a hormonal thing.

Warren: It is a hormonal thing.

Dr. Pompa: Your body should be able to go gaps without eating five, six hours. Your body—you shouldn’t get—I need to eat. I can’t think. That’s a problem. You’re sick. You’re sick if that’s the case. If you get symptoms after five, six or eight hours without eating and you feel like the world’s falling apart, you have a problem at the cellular level. You have a hormonal problem. You have a cellular problem. So we’re going to keep—we’re going to keep that message going, and I know our time is up. But again, these are some of the myths that we need to break down. I mean, you don’t have to eat every three hours. You don’t have to. If you do, there’s a problem. There’s a cellular problem. This is the root of the problem. Most practitioners, whether it’s allopathic M.D.’s or alternative doctors, they’re not getting upstream to the real cause of why people are sick. Yes, inflammation of the cell, but what’s driving it? What’s driving it? Today, most often it’s toxins. We’re going to start—we want to uncover these things. Listen. Go right now to—because this is really—we have to get you educated through this process. We have an article written about every 5R. Warren can tell you how to access that on the website, but read those articles. Read the articles that we wrote about detox and when detox is dangerous. Read them. Watch the videos. That’s where you start right now through this process. But we have truth, and people need to get educated about it. So alright, well, appreciate it. And Warren, you can sign us off.

Warren: Yeah. Again, Dr. Pompa, thanks for your time. If they want to go read those articles Dr. Pompa just spoke about, you go to drpompa.com, d-r-pom, like the drink pom, pa, p-a, .com. And underneath articles you click on—underneath the resources you can go to article archive underneath the resources, or you can just click on the far right of the page. You’ll see an articles button. You click right there. And then there’s all of our articles, our latest articles. They’re there. We’re releasing a new one next week on Part 3 of Heavy Metal Detoxification Done Right. So Part 3’s going out next week so it will be up there. And then you can also join our email list by clicking the claiming our free ebook, which is the Cellular Healing Diet. I don’t know if there’s any recipes in there Dr. Pompa, but there’s definitely a foods to eat and not to eat. And then there’s the whole concept of the Cellular Healing Diet. It’s a free ebook. It’s like 20 some pages long. So if you put your email address in there, not only will you be on our email address to have these new latest researching articles that Dr. Pompa is putting out there for you guys to educate yourself on truth and things that produce real results in your life, claim your free ebook. But also, right above that, actually, where it says, claim the free ebook, put your email on there but click on articles, and then you’ll be able to scroll down and watch and read all the articles that are on our site. And all the R’s are there, one through R5. Dr. Pompa, we appreciate the time that you put into those articles. I know the people are sharing them like crazy all over the internet. It really is going viral because this is an epidemic and this message needs to be shared, and it’s just going viral out there. So we’re going to continue doing this, transforming lives. Thanks for your time. I’m signing off CellularHealing.TV. We’ll see you next week.