08: Herbicides, Heart Disease & Hormones

Transcript of Episode 08: Herbicides, Heart Disease and Hormones

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Warren Phillips and David Asarnow.

Warren: We are live. Welcome to episode eight, Cellular Healing TV. I'm one of your cohosts and cofounders of Cellular Healing TV, dot TV that is, cellularhealing.tv. We have David and Dr. Pompa on today. I was at a wedding last week, so it was David and Dr. Pompa going at it at GMOs last week. I didn't get to hear the – I didn't get to watch the show yet, so I have to go back and re-watch that. I'm going to hop in with you guys today, and I know that there's a big topic, you guys are going through GMOs, but there's a more – there's this extensive and massive use of herbicides, Dr. Pompa, that we've discussed in the past that has to happen with GMO products which doesn't make sense to me. Can you guys pick up on where you were last week, and launch into that topic.

David: Sure, and what we said we were going to do is we're going to continue on and wrap up a little bit about GMOs, herbicides, and how it pertains to fat. In this week, we also wanted to talk about cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, hormones, a lot of questions that we've been getting from our viewers.

Warren: By the way, if you want to ask questions and you're watching the show right now, there is a button. It says – let me actually pull the page up. It says, “Ask your questions,” and what that will do is it will take you through an API. You have to click OK to allow the 22 Social to re-forward you. That's okay to do that. It says it's capturing your information, but that's what Facebook has to say. Then it will take you to our Q&A page which will send me an email directly, so we can answer your question live even at the end of this show, or we'll answer it next week. Just make sure you go down and click that green button below this life show.

David: Welcome, Dr. Pompa.

Dr. Pompa: Thank you. The irony is, I don't know if you two realize this, but these two topics that we are going to talk about actually are related. Meaning that the GMO question you had Warren is actually – the overuse of herbicides and pesticides because of GMO is actually related to our topic today of cholesterol. You'll see how, believe me. This is a show that you’re going to want to send your friends and family and those that you love to listen to. The information you're going to hear today, I promise you is the first time you've ever heard most of this information. When we – Warren last week we talked about the dangers of GMO and how certain genes can be transferred into our gut bacteria. We're sharing information with these plants, which is by the way not good. We can even become pesticide producers in our own gut, literally producing chemicals because we're sharing this information. That was a cellular research study. Look, there's another problem and Warren you asked the question. Right now there's a two-fold increase in the use of an herbicide called glyphosate in the last five years because of GMO. Here's what's up. They used to just spray glyphosate, which is a nasty herbicide that pulls minerals out of weeds. That's how – the way it works. It disrupts certain pathways. In the past they would say, “This chemical's not dangerous to humans because we don't have these same pathways that plants to get disrupted.” Our bacteria in our gut do. That's problem number one. We knew that if we used a lot – too much of these herbicides and we sprayed it on plants that we're trying to grow, what would happen is that the plants would die. We'd just spray it on the soil before the plants would actually come up. That's what we were doing in the past. Now with GMO, we're able to actually spray the plants because they're called Roundup ready. This toxin called glyphosate, aka Roundup, which is the number one herbicide used, developed by guess who?

David: Monsanto.

Dr. Pompa: That's right, Monsanto, the same company that is making the GMO seed. Of course they make the plant Roundup ready so you can actually spray the plants.

David: They don't die well.

Dr. Pompa: That's right. The problem is, is now we're using more glyphosate than ever and we're creating at least 130 different super weeds that farmers are having to spray even more glyphosate on. We're talking about a 527 million pounds over the last 16 years that we've actually put on our plants. These are massive amounts, again a two-fold increase of the amount of pesticides we're using. How this – how does is it effecting humans? It's affecting humans in a lot of different ways, one of which is disrupting something called cholesterol sulfate. There's a scientist, Stephanie Seneff who is actually out of MIT who she believes heart disease, and now even this surge of diabetes is being caused by the overuse of glyphosate. How, because it actually is causing a cholesterol deficiency. Yes, so heart disease could in fact according to these – all her new papers and others now, could actually be a cholesterol deficiency problem. One of the things you have to understand is total cholesterol for years has not ever been shown to really be linked to heart disease. Matter of fact, people that have 300-400 cholesterol, they have heart attacks at a less rate than someone who has a normal cholesterol. That's right, so normal cholesterol actually is associated with – normal to low cholesterol with more heart attacks than even high cholesterol. What's going on? I mean where's this disconnect of cholesterol and what's really happening? Look, it's not so simple to just say cholesterol causes heart attacks. It's the particles of cholesterol. I'm going to have to explain that further David, because particles are something – cholesterol just can't float around our blood. They have to be carried. It's carried in something called a particle. The more particles you have, yes that does increase your risk of heart disease. Here's the point that I want to make. I want to get back to the particle thing. This diminished glyphosate, this overuse of this chemical that everybody's being exposed to from the food that we're eating. Everything's getting sprayed with it, the grains we're eating, even conventional grains that aren't GMO, they actually spray them right before harvest to actually dry them. This glyphosate is being used in tremendous amounts. What's happening is this glyphosate we know now is depleting us of something called sulfate which actually attaches to cholesterol and is carried through our body. Every cell in your body needs cholesterol sulfate. The cell membrane functions because of cholesterol sulfate. You can't do anything in your cells without cholesterol sulfate. Your heart, your brain, all of these key organs need cholesterol sulfate. We are under a massive deficiency of cholesterol sulfate in this country. Driving heart disease, diabetes, obesity and I can even touch on that, how this research is linking glyphosate, the lack of cholesterol sulfate, and even autism, obesity, all these conditions I named, and of course even Parkinson’s. There are now papers about this. We are being exposed like never before to this herbicide. It is causing a deficiency of cholesterol sulfate. Oh, and if you put people on statin drugs, yes it makes it even worse. Your body, this nutrient is so important to every cell in your body that literally it will pull and figure out ways to actually find this cholesterol sulfate because it is needed that much. We'll get into specifics about these different conditions because how it's linked to heart disease and things is it's very specific. We can start this conversation there, and I know I've opened up a lot of –

David: You've opened up – you've opened something up because my natural question then is, so what do you do? I'm sitting here taking notes by the way because I'm learning just like everyone else. I want to know, so what do I do? What's the best thing that I could do?

Dr. Pompa: This is a real argument for why you need to eat all organic in your diet. All organic will not be sprayed with these herbicides. A conventional grain, whether it's rice, oatmeal, I mean I can go down the list. They're spraying the grain before harvest with glyphosate. This is a massive problem. Of course GMO is sprayed four times as much as even conventional grains. Stay the heck away from GMO. Last week we said, if you buy 100% organic, you're not going to get GMO. Also conventional grains, that means even meat that's not grass fed. You're pulling in this glyphosate which is causing a disruption of gut bacteria which we'll talk about. Write that down as a question. Ultimately, it's depleting us of something called cholesterol sulfate which is needed for your brain, your heart, and every cell in your body to work.

David: Wow, so let's take this a little bit further then. Let's talk about cholesterol and diabetes.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, well in the past I said diabetes, it's a receptor problem. These receptors ride on these things called lipid rafts. These are rafts made of fat. Of course this is the epidemic that the hormone can't communicate with the cell to actually get the glucose in the cell. When you're cholesterol deficiency, these lipid rafts, they are made mostly of cholesterol. We need cholesterol to stabilize these important hormone receptors, whether it's thyroid hormone receptors or insulin receptors for diabetes or estrogen receptors. Cholesterol is needed to stabilize these lipid rafts that stabilize these receptors. The thing that I would say David again is, it's not a need for more hormones, it's the fact that the cell can't hear the hormones which is a receptor problem, which is actually aka a cholesterol problem. We need cholesterol. We're actually cholesterol deficient because this cholesterol sulfate is so important in the cell membrane, stabilizing the cell membrane, making the cell membrane work. This is where the hormone receptors are. As far as diabetes David, there's an interesting thing. When you lack cholesterol sulfate, which again one of the big things that's causing it is this overuse of the chemical glyphosate. When you lack cholesterol sulfate, you don't have the ability to store glucose outside your cell. In other words, even if your hormone receptors are working well, you pull a glucose into the cell which you need for energy. When glucose is out here, glucose is very toxic and damaging. It causes oxidation and inflammation. It causes you to age prematurely, that's why diabetics age prematurely. Glucose needs to be dealt with, otherwise it causes nasty oxidation inflammation. Once the cell's full, what happens is you have an ability to store the glucose outside the cell to use it later, even three hours after a meal, and then you can pull it back into the cell. When you don't have cholesterol sulfate you can't do that. You can't store the sugar outside the cell, and now you have a rise in glucose. This is new research in diabetes. Again, going back to this is a cholesterol problem. Diabetes is, in fact, a cholesterol problem for the receptor and also the fact that you can't store glucose outside the cell with this cholesterol deficiency. Ultimately, we could say this is a GMO problem, this is an overuse of our herbicide problem in the last five years. This is really becoming an epidemic.

Warren: This whole herbicide, pesticide thing is – David wants to learn more, I know a lot of this but not the detail. I learned a lot right there.

David: The good thing is listeners don't know either.

Warren: They don't. On my side, I start getting mad. They're wondering why we're losing our bee population. All this crazy stuff that's going on in the world and the catastrophic ideas that people do have, but at some level this fear that's out there, we're fearing the wrong things. Then you have the people that – what do you call them, the doomsdayers. They're maybe – they probably are 50% right in the preparation that they're doing because some of the things that we're discussing are literally destroying who we are. What this – even the environmental people out there, I'm not – I don't overdo that, but at the same time man, these pesticides and herbicides, if you want to put your dollars into something that's already killing us and being an activist for it, get after that stuff. Global warming is one thing, and it's definitely a political agenda, but we need to be fighting and lobbying harder so if there's an environmental group out there with pesticides and herbicides and going up against this stuff because it's having scientifically proven action where some of these other things we don't know. This is maddening to me, Dr. Pompa and then when I hear the truth about it at the cellular level, my body's working great. I can grab glucose in and use it, it's storing it, it's doing what it's supposed to do, this amazing system. Yet we're destroying this amazing system that's our bodies, and it's maddening. The more you share, the madder I get. That's my job as a host, man.

David: He gets mad and I get very curious. Let's talk about – my next question then is okay, so what foods do I eat? What meats do I eat to get this cholesterol sulfate? Is it beef, is it bison, is it pork? I don't eat pork, but just for other people. What should you eat?

Dr. Pompa: Again, it's an argument for a high fat diet. We need cholesterol, we need cholesterol sulfate. A lot of people who are vegetarians and vegans, they can only last so long according to their genetics and they become very depleted, even more depleted. Then if they're eating non-organic and they're getting exposed to glyphosate, they're becoming more cholesterol sulfate deficient. Again, listen, when you read the science cholesterol sulfate deficiency is linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, leaky dots which I want to hit on – write that down. That leads to a lot of other problems, and it's also heart disease and diabetes. This is a massive problem. Again, the very thing that we've feared, cholesterol and fat, is the very thing that we actually need to keep these levels up for these – our cells, our brain, our heart to work right. This is – there's papers on this that people just aren't getting to and reading. I've spent the last three months digging into these papers. David you called me yesterday. I said, “Man, my neck hurts.” Three hours, you should see my notes. I have literally 40 pages of notes from one paper. I'm excited about this because this is really new information and it's opposite of what we're hearing from the media. If I hear one more show that talks about low fat and reduced calories I'm going to go nuts. It has nothing to do – we should be eating more fat. Yes, you need those grass-fed meats David that have the cholesterol and even add these sulfates that we need really. Look, we talk about leaky gut because I think that this is another massive epidemic. Cholesterol sulfate, we know now that when you're cholesterol sulfate deficient what happens is, is the cells in the gut are shrinking which is there's something called tight junctions that are lining in your guts. These tight junctions are bringing nutrients across, and when you need white blood cells to deal with pathogens in the gut it brings them into the gut. What's happening is when you're cholesterol sulfate deficient, these cells are shrinking and it's leaving these gaps. Now, all of these undigested proteins and foreign and bad bacteria are leaking across. What it's doing, it's driving the immune system, a.k.a. auto-immune. Remember I said last time or the time before I talked about auto-immune as an epidemic in the gut, and bacteria – good and bad bacteria is being a part of autoimmune. It's one of the legs of the stool. These pathogens are coming across, and they're driving the immunity. Cholesterol sulfate is a problem because it's causing this gut to open up. Again, new research, but it is absolutely fascinating that an herbicide could be at the core of why people are cholesterol sulfate deficient. Let me give one more reason why, because David you asked what else can we do. Yes, high fat diet. I mean eating high fat, really, really important. How about sunlight? What have they scared everybody into David of wearing – what do you go outside? What are we afraid of when we go outside?

David: We're – well they say if you don't put sunscreen on you can get skin cancer.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely, everybody's slathering with sunscreen and hiding from the sun. We understand that they're lacking vitamin D when we run from the sun. Now, we're realizing a lot of the benefits from vitamin D are actually attributed to cholesterol sulfate because guess where you make the majority of cholesterol sulfate, is in your skin. As a matter of fact, there's something called ENOS, and we're going to link that to heart disease in a minute. This endothelial nitric oxide synthase, which we won't use that word again, we'll just call it ENOS. What happens is, is that sunlight activates ENOS to make sulfate. It combines with the cholesterol in the skin and now we have something called cholesterol sulfate. When you lack the good fats and when you lack sunlight because you're putting on a lot of sunscreen and avoiding the sun, now you lack cholesterol sulfate even more.

David: What do you do if you're one of those people that gets sunburned so easily?

Dr. Pompa: You don't need – if you're one of those people that are very light skinned, Warren's a much lighter skin than me. He can go out less time. Even 20 minutes in the sun with most of your skin exposed without burning. I'm not telling anyone to burn their skin, but just getting a little tint, a little red where you don't burn, hey you just produced some cholesterol sulfate provided obviously you didn't have something to block all of the sun rays.

Warren: There's another good point there too, I mean. People love this topic, Dr. Pompa. Man, you need to get in the sun, full sun for 15, 20 minutes to your tolerance. Another way to extend that is just use something natural like shea butter. Another thing, if you do burn easily, you might have a low-fat problem. If you don't have healthy cells, and great antioxidants that you're consuming through a healthy diet and supplements, you're also going to burn more quickly. It's not lack – just like lack of medications is the reason you're not healthy, it's not lack of sunscreen that you can't handle the sun. What's the reason? Yeah, more people – some people burn more easily because they're fair, but there's actually a cellular issue that causes you to burn prematurely which causes you to wrinkle. Sun has been around since the start of the universe when God said, “Let there be light.” It's not a bad thing. The question I have for you Dr. Pompa and the research – to me, it makes sense and I always, I purposely don't do this all the time, but what about sunglasses? Isn't there some – there's got to be something that's activated when the sun hits your eyes instead of putting that on there. I wear sunglasses when it's bright with snow and things like that that I'm not used to, but what about sun glasses? Have you ever read anything on that? I don't know if you have.

Dr. Pompa: No, I mean actually you're right. Where most of the vitamin D and again, cholesterol sulfate is produced is the eyes are so reactive. When you block the sun into the eyes, you actually again can become vitamin D deficient and cholesterol sulfate deficient because there's so many receptors there. You hit it. I mean don't be looking into the sun. Getting a ton of sun into the eyes can cause oxidation. We need sun, so I'm purposely always taking off, or taking out my contacts when I'm in the sun because the contacts can actually even block all of the sun's full rays. We want that full spectrum of sun to produce these things that we need. We know that people that are in sunny areas have far less heart disease and diabetes than people who are not in sunny areas. With that said –

Warren: People in Hawaii aren't running around with sunglasses on. The native Hawaiians, look at – they don't. People in native communities, they're not running around with – they don't have eye disease in Africa and it's sunny all the time. Come on, let's wake up to –

David: That may have something to do with diet. Something you just said hit me and I never even put two and two together. When you and I met a couple plus years ago, I was a vegetarian. I also, for much of my adult life, had very high sensitivity to light. If I went outside without sunglasses, my eyes hurt. Now, it just hit me. I don't wear my sunglasses a lot, and I'm okay. Is that part of the diet thing too?

Dr. Pompa: No doubt about it. David, you started introducing more fats, and much more fat into your diet, cholesterol fat and saturated fat, let's be specific and because of that, absolutely it gives you greater protection in your eyes and your skin just as Warren pointed out. This ENOS, it's – nitric oxide is something that we know is a part of preventing heart disease. There's a lot out there, and if you haven't heard that just Google it and you'll figure out that nitric oxide's really important. Here's the thing, and I want to throw in something about detox because glyphosate, again the herbicide being overused mostly because of GMO products, glyphosate destroys something called – and Warren you remember back in the day the P54 – P450 right, enzide.

Warren: Cytochrome P450, yeah.

Dr. Pompa: There you go, well it's called CYP because in the literature they end up calling it CYP. They call them CYPs, all right? That – these CYPs, they're needed for detox. They're part of phase one detox in the liver. They activate these outside of the liver, let's just call them little armies so to speak. They go around and they gather up toxins and they're needed to bring toxins to the liver and bring them through this. When that goes up, these CYPs or the cytochrome P450, when that raises up, then it activates those detox pathways. Glyphosate destroys that enzyme. It destroys these things called CYPs or cytochrome P450. It destroys it. Here's one of the problems. When it destroys these enzymes, now you're not able to detox normally, and you end up with very toxic liver and you end up with very toxic cells, which when I say true detoxification has to occur at the cell. You can't have true detoxification without cholesterol sulfate. Glyphosate destroys this whole detox pathway. Now let me bring it full circle for heart disease. The enzymes, these CYPs or these P54 enzymes, well ENOS that creates nitric oxide that we need to prevent heart disease. We also – I said ENOS produces what, cholesterol sulfate in the skin. Glyphosate destroys ENOS; therefore, it's destroying how we make cholesterol sulfate in our skin. Not only the lack of sun, but the overuse of glyphosate, Roundup, eating Roundup-ready crops destroys these enzymes and now it's causing the cholesterol deficiency. Here's what's happening, and let me give you an analogy. Why do we – this is an interesting thought and I think that everyone can understand this. Most of heart disease, or we say placquing and cholesterol and all these bad things that occur happen in the heart, in the main arteries going to the heart. Why would that be? If this is the area that is so needed for our body to pump blood, etcetera, why would most of the placquing be occurring, and most of the problems be occurring in the heart, in the arteries of the heart. It's like finding a skateboard. Why would you put a skateboard at the bottom of the steps? Wouldn't that be the worst place to put a skateboard, or tricycle outside of your front door? You know what I'm saying, that would be really bad. Why is that occurring? Isn't the body's intelligence smarter than that? Why is all this placquing happening right there? That would seem very odd. It's happening for a reason, because cholesterol sulfate is so needed in the heart that literally the placquing is part of a compensation to actually pull in cholesterol sulfate. Very interesting, right? Now we're learning the fact that it's this cholesterol sulfate deficiency that's driving most of the placquing in the heart. I'm not going to get into the science of what's happening there, but just know this that all of that placquing is happening there because of the heart's desire for cholesterol sulfate.

David: It's trying to attract more cholesterol sulfate, but what it's doing is it's creating a buildup.

Warren: Yeah, it's so logical. Are you guys getting this? Your body doesn't create disease because it wants to die. It creates – you become insulin intolerant, you become glucose – I mean you plaque in your arteries all because your body's adapting and doing the best job it can to stay alive because it has to go to the least common denominator to live. Either the heart stops working, or it builds up plaque. It's either that you store a bunch of fat, or you die because you have glucose running around killing you. Come on, your body is not broken. It's doing what it needs to survive. You need to figure out these tools, share Cellular Healing TV so that the truth can get out there so people can restore their health and live a life that makes a difference and impacts this world in a positive way instead of being hooked up to the government to an IV of medications that barely keeps you alive. That's part of the message. I'm getting fired up again.

Dr. Pompa: Let me bring this full circle for everybody. The way I started the show I talked about a little bit about cholesterol, and cholesterol just can't float freely through the blood. It just doesn't work that way. It’s like oil and water so to speak. It needs to be carried by something. Cholesterol sulfate, keep this in mind and those listening write this down at home. Cholesterol is attached to a sulfate, and therefore cholesterol sulfate can travel freely through the blood and get to all these vital places. Your brain can't work without it, your heart, your cells, I just explained all that. I talked about of course glyphosate depleting cholesterol sulfate and a lack of sunlight depleting cholesterol sulfate. It's causing all of these problems, Alzheimer’s which we won't have time to get into today, of how cholesterol sulfate deficiency is linked to that. Let me explain this particle thing, and I hope everyone can see this. I'm going to tip this down a little bit.

Warren: Make sure your microphone is good, Dr. Pompa.

Dr. Pompa: Am I all right?

David: We hear you.

Dr. Pompa: Okay, can you hear me?

Warren: Yeah.

Dr. Pompa: Okay, these are particles. They carry cholesterol because cholesterol can't float around the blood. This particle is very filled, do you see the difference? That's a fluid line. This particle is barely filled. This person would be considered high cholesterol. Let's talk bad cholesterol for a minute. Okay, let's just talk LDL, which is by the way not bad cholesterol at all, very important, you make hormones from it. This would be considered high LDL, so we have a lot of these particles carrying, they're filled right? We're looking at total cholesterol or total LDL is how filled are your particles. This person would have what?

Warren: Low cholesterol.

Dr. Pompa: Exactly, so this is low cholesterol. Your particles aren't filled very much, or your particles are. That's high and low cholesterol. Has everyone got that so far?

David: Yes.

Dr. Pompa: Again, because cholesterol can't float around the blood, it needs to be carried in particles or connected to sulfate. Got it so far? Let me give you an analogy, so if I draw a car here, which I'm going to have to do and then bring back up. This is something that I teach even at my doctor's seminars to explain this. Okay, so believe it or not, this is a car.

David: It's a good car, nice car.

Dr. Pompa: Thank you, all right so I'm going to give you the analogy.

Warren: My daughter would love it.

Dr. Pompa: These are actually – I'm drawing people in the car. Okay, those are little people in the car. The people are the cholesterol. The car is the particle. You get it? The particle is the car carrying the people which are the cholesterol. Okay, same thing happening above. The question I always ask my patients is, so what matters in a traffic jam, the number of people in the cars or the number of cars? What matters?

David: Number of cars.

Warren: Cars.

Dr. Pompa: The number of cars, right? Of course the number of people is irrelevant, well so is your total cholesterol. It's irrelevant. What we care about is the number of particles. You know why? The more particles you have, the more that the cholesterol oxidizes and causes inflammation. We also know that the size of the particle matters. Smaller particles oxidize more. When we look at cholesterol, we look at the number of particles and we look at the size of the particle which absolutely is a threat to heart disease. I don't care if you have a cholesterol total of 400, or an LDL total of 200, if your particles are normal, you have a normal amount of particles and the size is normal, you're okay. Now, let me take this full circle. For years, we know that increase in glucose in carbohydrates will increase particles. This new research is showing this. We talked about everybody being cholesterol sulfate deficient. If that's one way, and the main way that cholesterol moves through our blood to get into our brain and into our cells, what if you're cholesterol sulfate deficient, then what is it going to have to do to carry cholesterol around? Make more what – particles. You see? A cholesterol sulfate deficiency is driving an increase in the number of particles of cholesterol.

Warren: More cars.

Dr. Pompa: More cars, and therefore problems, more inflammation, more oxidative stress. Cholesterol deficiency, cholesterol sulfate deficiency is driving an increase in particles. It has nothing to do with your total cholesterol. It has everything to do with the fact that you have a cholesterol sulfate deficiency. It's starving your brain. It's starving your heart. It's starving every cell in your body. It's leading to Parkinson’s, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Autism which we didn't even get into. It's leading to diabetes and heart disease. This is a massive problem. Yes, part of the problem is the overuse of glyphosate, a.k.a. GMOs, and the spraying of grains. If that is not an argument to eat grass-fed meat and all organic, I don't know what is. If that is not an argument to eat way more fat in your diet, to pick up this good fat that we need in our cells, I don't know what is.

David: Wow, all I have to say is –

Dr. Pompa: That's a lot.

David: It's a lot. If people want more information on this, where should they go?

Dr. Pompa: I'm going to be –

David: You're doing an article?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah exactly, I – and there's a – by the way, next week my article on auto-immune is coming out that we promised you because we talked so much about it. This is the following article. I'm really passionate about fat. I've been passionate about fat my whole life.

David: You changed my – by the way, you changed my thinking and look at my face now.

Dr. Pompa: Can I tell you a story?

Warren: You're not junk face anymore.

Dr. Pompa: I know we go over time because we get so excited. I have to tell you a story about a patient of mine that I had the other day. She's actually married to someone very famous so I can't use her names for multiple reasons obviously. She was addicted to a low fat diet. She absolutely had some anorexic things going on with low fat. She ran from fat. It took me months to try to convince her to do fat, and she wouldn't do it. She would get on – I would get these emails. It was back and forth, back and forth. I couldn't get her. She would literally gain a couple pounds, she would eat fat, she would flip out, she would – I mean this has been a battle. Something clicked and it was prayer because she is a believer. She starts eating tons of fat. I think she did something – anyways, long story. Point is, is she starts finally increasing fat because she got fed up, scared, it was through prayer she said. She said, “Dr. Pompa one week on eating – I'm eating probably ten times the amount of fat, and fats that I thought were so bad. I finally took your advice.” She says, “I can think. I feel like I'm young again. I'm thinking my way through everything.” She was just amazed. The first thing that turned back on was her brain. She got cholesterol sulfate elevated, her cells were working right. I mean abso – how many gut problems are cause because of the lack of fat, because everyone's running from the fat. We opened up so many subjects, David, for future conversations. I wish we could just do a show just on questions because I know that people are going –

Warren: They need to click the button and answer the – send us questions and we'll give them the topics that you won't. You hit a key thing, Dr. Pompa and we can probably wrap up and end here because this show is about the truth. What you're seeing on TV, as you know everything is driving the bottom line from sunscreen to Monsanto developing the crop and the Roundup glyphosate. It's all about money, and it's all about fear. When they – these studies that are debunked or what's on TV or what's driven on media, that's all to get your dollar. The low fat movement, remember low fat on all the cracker boxes, low fat here, even sugar free, those sorts of things with the sale of essentially a pesticide meaning NutraSweet or Sweet ‘N Low. This is all to drive fear. Fear drives your pocket book. It's a manipulative strategy to get at your dollars. Man, you need to vote with your dollars, meaning you need to be buying from grass fed local farmers. You need to be buying from companies like Beyond Organic who are supporting local industry who are doing it right. You need to not buy organic from necessarily from these big, massive Nabiscos. Find the companies that are doing it right, that are small, local businesses, create a niche. The power's in the people guys, and it comes from not living in fear, but living in faith and believing in doing what's right consistently day by day. We can change the world. That's why we're here. We are very successful, we're very busy, but this is the way that we give back by sharing the truth to you for free. We want to make a difference. We want nothing from you but to see your life transformed, to you see you tell your friends, to invite them to this show. There's very few shows out there that do this. I can only count maybe on one hand that really speak the truth without going over the top and trying to manipulate people. This is free information that's going to transform your life. Share CellularHealing.tv, share it on Facebook, make it go viral. Let's make a difference together. We really appreciate you – those that are watching this life. If you're not watching this live, share it, CellularHealing.tv on your Facebook. Get it out there. Go become fans of Dr. Dan Pompa on Facebook, Dr. Daniel Pompa on Facebook. Become friends with CellularHealing.tv on Facebook. That's why we're using this social media share because this is where we can share it. People ask us, “Dan, why do we do Cellular Healing TV on Facebook?” I'm going to tell you why on this show, it's because it can make it go viral. It's bigger, it's the biggest land mast in the world is Facebook internet. There's no way to reach the world like we can through Facebook. That's why we're using this platform.

Dr. Pompa: David, you always give me the last word, and Warren. Here's my last word. We have a message that the world needs to hear. We don't have enough money to get on the major networks, and frankly they wouldn't want our message so we have to do it this method. We need your help. Share it with everyone. Warren's right, and Warren gets it better than anybody. The last word is this, you're only as healthy as your cells, honestly. Something Warren, just reading all of these studies over the last three months has made me do something even more. I have started massively increasing the amount of fat that I take in. As a matter of fact, you should see my concoctions now just because I'm reading these studies, I'm being inspired. I'll tell you something that's happened. I just said to my wife Merily last night. I said, “Merily, I'm going through studies. I feel like I have never felt in my entire life. I can remember everything, where it is in these studies. I jot it down. My brain is working. It's such a massive higher level than even it ever has in its entire life. I feel like I'm literally young again to the point where your brain just can store everything and think in different levels. I'm telling you folks, you increase the fat, you're affecting this cholesterol sulfate, you’re affecting every organ system and cell in your body. You're only as healthy as your cells.

Warren: That's our diet, the Cellular Healing Diet.

David: If you want information, go to www.DrPompa.com. You can find information on everything we're talking about.

Dr. Pompa: Share it, love you guys, thank you.

David: Love you man, thanks for everything you do.

Warren: Go make disciples, take care.