09: Saturated Fat Myth

Transcript of Episode 09: Saturated Fat Myth

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Warren Phillips and David Asarnow.

Warren: Awesome. Welcome to Cellular Healing TV. My name is Warren Phillips, co-host along with doctor – well, I like to call him Dr. David Asarnow. As much as you know, you know more than a lot of natural health practitioners even, with your diligence in learning. This is Episode 9, Cellular Healing TV, where our goal is to bring real answers, the truth that’s going to make a difference in your life, so that we can share this message with the world. This is the next huge movement in healthcare, and we’re on the cutting edge, and we want to bring that information – our protocol and information guru leader, Dr. Dan Pompa, is who really brings this information to us. We’re excited to have him on the call again today, and we do bring other doctors onto this show, physicians and even lay health individuals like David. The topic of today is the saturated fat myth. Dr. Pompa, this is a huge myth and, you know, you’re seeing some amazing results by just loading people up with fats. This is something that helped you with, I know in past shows, with your autistic child, who is on the autism spectrum and people run from this. Why is it such a myth and why do people run from something that’s really so healthy?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, we talked last week about the cholesterol myth and that one of the leading scientists, well she is the leading scientist at MIT. She believes that heart disease and many other conditions are actually a cholesterol deficiency. Go figure. So, we’ve been running from these fats, and saturated fat’s another one – there’s many myths associated with saturated fat. You can’t turn on the television and they’re not talking about not only calories but low fat; not just low fat, but how bad saturated fats are. I always like to quote a study, and it’s a recent Harvard study – and there’s many others that are just showing that actually saturated fat, for example, in this particular study – the more saturated fat that they ate, the better their atherosclerosis became. Yes, the better their heart disease became. What about the other Harvard published study that talked about a three-fold improvement in diabetes with the highest saturated fat levels? How do we come to terms with this? We’ve been…

Warren: It’s against everything that everyone’s heard.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely. How did we get here, right? I mean, I guess we could back up and just say it this way, breast milk for a baby. It’s 55% saturated fat. Look what saturated fat is in nature. Grass fed meat, saturated fat. Coconuts, saturated fat. Avocados, saturated fat. Many saturated fats in many nuts, seeds. Come on, everything we eat has saturated fat. How come all of a sudden it’s demonized? Well, there was a guy named Alan Keys years back, and this Dr. Keys did some studies and they were junk studies. That was part of how saturated fat got a bad rap. It’s even a little deeper than that, how people ended up on certain boards, certain committees, and now all of a sudden, everybody’s running from saturated fat. There’s something – once government gets something and it rolls with it, there’s just no pulling it back, is there? Well, that’s kind of what happened with this. Now, all of a sudden, for all of our protective bodies to say saturated is in fact good, well, we’ve got a new problem on our hands. Then we can even go back as early as the 1913’s, or the 1913 or the 19-teens, however you want to say that, and some research on cholesterol and that they thought saturated fat was the bad guy. Today, we know that’s not true. As a matter of fact, that scientist, that Russian scientist, he actually reversed what he said and we just never heard the rest of it. The fact that – one of my kids is here getting his phone – say hi Isaac.

Isaac: Hello.

Warren: Hi, Isaac.

Dr. Pompa: Anyways, they never really published what he had said about cholesterol. As a matter of fact, in his own theory, he said, “Well this is only a theory, and we’re still not certain about this.” Later, of course, it changed, but you know, these things have been in play for a long time, and it’s hard to reverse them. New studies are, in fact, showing that saturated fats are key for hormone conditions like diabetes. We’ll talk about brain conditions hopefully later in the show because we’re utilizing these fats, cholesterol, saturated fat – the demon fats, so to speak – for really making a massive difference in these conditions. Fat’s the key, folks. How is fat associated with hormone conditions? We could talk a little bit about that because when you read a study of three-fold improvement in diabetes, there’s a reason, right?

Warren: Sure.

David: Dr. Pompa, I want to get into this reasoning, but I can’t let Isaac walk into the room. I know people have watched previous shows, but he’s a walking miracle, and he’s alive. I just want to take a second and thank God for all of you who have prayed for Dr. Pompa’s son.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, thank you all.

David I know it’s off topic, but, man, it’s on my heart just to thank everybody out there that prayed for him. He’s a walking miracle and still with us. He was in a tragic ski accident and he came in with a cute smile on his face, I love that young man. He’s going to be a world changer. He just got inducted into the National Honor Society, he’s won scholarships, he’s brilliant off the charts. Kind of like his dad, so we’re just thankful that that little world changer is still here, brings tears to my eyes and, I just love him. I love Dr. Pompa’s family and the sacrifice they make for this mission. I know that I do, and multiply that times 10, you know for his family and the sacrifices they make. Thank you God, and thank you people for praying for him.

Warren: He is a walking miracle.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, we thought there’s a chance we were going to lose him, and it was scary. The sacrifices we make, well, I have to give a little promo to the autoimmune article that’s coming out next week. I know you’ve been waiting for it, I’ve already got the emails because I mentioned it. I mentioned it and it’s going to be very good, but my son Daniel, I had him help editing it last night for two hours. I wanted to get it done. That was already a second edit, because my wife went through it. If you all knew how painstaking these articles are, and then it goes to Warren, and then his team goes and works on it. Then all the stuff that Warren does to get it out to you all. Be so grateful because this article, just like the heavy metal – three heavy metal articles that we did – by the way, they’re under Articles (Part One, Part Two and Part Three). If you click on Articles on my website, the last three in are those three heavy metal articles. Part 3 is there, I know some of you didn’t get the email, but Part 3 is there. This autoimmune article is coming out and it’s going to be a life-changer. I know. It’s one of those articles that people – it’s going to shake things up a lot, because there’s really new studies there, and some real exciting things. Saturated fat is a big part and these fats are a big part of how, you know, we really get these solutions where a lot of other people are not getting solutions to some of these unexplainable illnesses, so let’s get back on this topic that I love so much.

Warren: Yeah, I know. We can get into some solutions. First of all, if we take a step back again and say, okay, why if this information were shared on Cellular Healing TV, it’s so true and it transforms lives – why isn’t it being promoted? Dr. Pompa alluded to that, once it got into the government bodies, and got promoted one way and got into all the government protocols and diets and procedures, what happens is it drives consumers to create a massive market for the low fat movement. You know, there’s a huge market for it. All the gyms still teach it. I look at gym membership, you know, health and eating programs, low fat, lean, high carb, eat your grains. I had a little saying about grains. Grain-a-holic I think.

Dr. Pompa: I actually have another theory. It just hit me, when you were saying this. It’s the companies can’t monetize the saturated fats the way they can the polyunsaturated fats because it’s not chemically created.

David: Well, it’s true, it’s easy to create those.

Warren: Well, in that, that’s the issue, but the research shows, and I’ve read these same papers Dr. Pompa has sent my way. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.” It confirms what we’re doing is true. It continues to be confirmed that getting to the cell, heal the cell, get well, it works. Fats knock toxins off of the cell membrane, one of some of our protocols involve a bone broth fast. Bone broth fast, Dr. Pompa, the bone broth fast, there’s certain fats in there for cellular healing. Let’s move into some of the strategies that you use. What are some of the best fats for helping things like diabetes or seeing autoimmune conditions down regulated? Some of the things that we’re talking about – what can people do to grab onto the truth about saturated fats and healthy fats to heal their bodies from the inside out?

Dr. Pompa: You know, someone just recently ran a testimony of, I’ve seen a few of these, where their husband or wife starts to have two or three tablespoons of coconut oil a day. Loaded with saturated fat, right? It’s a medium chain triglyceride, shorter chain fat that your body immediately burns up for energy. It actually forces your body to produce something called ketones, which is something the brain loves to utilize for energy. We can talk a little bit about that, but when you do this coconut oil, you can see an immediate improvement within days or a week, of conditions like Alzheimer’s, memory loss, Parkinson’s, and the list goes on to these neurodegenerative conditions. It’s really neat to watch. Obviously, coconut oil plays a really important role for the brain. These medium chain triglycerides play a really important role in weight loss, because your body loves to burn them up as fuel. Again, most Americans are stuck in a sugar burning mode with the inability to utilize fat for energy. Some of these medium chain triglyceride fats help the body become a more efficient fuel burner. Here’s a surprising one, and something that we do for our autistic cases and any brain related case, memory loss, especially as well. We take butter, and we get raw, real butter, grass fed butter, and we do two tablespoons of that a day as well. Well, some of those saturated fats, and also medium chain triglycerides are immediately utilized by the brain and the cell. They help stabilize the cell membrane, which is needed for detox. They help stabilize how the brain works. Let me just give people your website of where you can get these really good butters because most of the butter you buy at the store is not so good.. There’s an X-factor butter that they have, many of them. Weston Price talked about this X-factor that’s in butter. How it changes the brain and the cells, etc. That’s a really good source of butter that I like to point my patients to. If you’re in a grocery store, they do sell grass-fed butters now at Whole Foods. Get those butters. These are the things that are going to have these saturated fats and cholesterols in medium chain triglyceride fats that we need, that really most people are lacking. I always say probably the most missing nutrient in the American diet is in fact fat. In the 60's and 70's, the low fat movement, which really took and is still going, right? Through the 70's, 80's, 90's, and here we are in the 2000's still going strong. Low fat, low fat. You want to lose weight, go low fat. I think we’ve talked about that on past shows, the fact that low fat doesn’t work for weight loss, right? We’ve been doing it how long? We eat more low fat than any country in the world, and yet, we’re the most obese and the fattest, so, how is that working out? When, in fact, I’m taking these patients and people that are obese and cannot lose weight, weight loss resistance. I’m actually forcing them to become a fat burner by utilizing fat, of all things, right? Some of these cases, we do it, we really load up on the fat, and we restrict the glucose and carbohydrate intake to force them to become fat burners. Just some of the tricks that we do. These fats heal. They heal at the cellular level. They stabilize that cell membrane, and that’s where the hormone receptors are. Which is another reason why saturated fat is so important in cholesterol. That is another can of worms.

Warren: Another trick that you taught me, Dr. Pompa, and I think there’s another – there’re other health professionals that do this. I know that Ronnie, he’s watching this right now. He’s big into this, and he’ll actually bring his own coffee, his own butter and his own frother with him wherever he goes because they put the butter in the coffee, because everyone likes a medium for what they drink, for these fats. How can you take the butter? My daughter eats it by the slab, no matter where she’s at, what restaurant. She asks the waitress or waiter, “Hey, can I have some butter, please?” She’s two years old, she was two years old when she started saying that, and it goes to show you that it does help with brain development, very little –

Dr. Pompa: The brain is mostly fat. That’s what it is mostly. By the way, we mentioned this on the last show, this is why when people get on statin drugs, right? It’s one of the reasons why it’s causing dementia, why it’s causing Alzheimer’s, why it’s leading to brain conditions, why? Because we’re starving the brain of a fat that makes the brain work, and that’s cholesterol. Again, if you didn’t watch last week’s show, go back and watch it. I talked about something brand new in the science and that’s a cholesterol sulfate deficiency because it’s the cholesterol that really stabilizes that cell membrane. Every cell in your body. You’re only as healthy as your cells. Your cell membranes are made of fat. That’s really what makes the cell healthy. Hey, another promo. I just came back from a fantastic seminar in California and I met some real movers and shakers in the industry. I had a great talk with Dr. McCullough, and I also had a great talk with Jeffrey Smith, who is leading – he is the pioneer, or a crusader I should say, the number one crusader in the non-GMO movement. I did a 15-minute interview with him that Warren’s going to be bringing to all of you. It’s fantastic. He just sat down with Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT and we really discussed how the chemical glyphosate in Roundup, which is the number one herbicide being used on every conventional crop that everyone is eating – big argument to go GMO – and how this chemical is causing a cholesterol deficiency problem. Another argument to eat organic, another argument to increase our healthy fats to raise up this cholesterol sulfate, fix our brains, fix ourselves, and you’re only as healthy as your cells. Fat is the missing nutrient. We need to eat more of it. That’s what we eat. How much fat do you eat in a day, Warren? I eat so much fat, it’s unbelievable. David, you, too, right?

David: I’m eating more and more these days, and I feel better. I mean, you talked about it last week that you feel better than you ever have. I do, too. You know what I had for dinner last night because I was at work late and didn’t get home until after 9 o’clock. I came home, and I don’t like to typically eat after 9, but I was hungry. I had all cheese. Just different types of organic raw, organic cheese and that was my dinner. That’s all I had for dinner, and I feel great today. I’m 7% body fat, and I eat more fat than, maybe not Dr. Pompa, because you’ll eat spoonfuls of things that maybe…

Dr. Pompa: Well, yeah, I agree with that. I said this last week on the show. I said since I’ve been reading these articles on cholesterol sulfate, it’s even inspired me to even eat more. Let me tell you, this will be fun. Let’s all tell what we ate yesterday. I think this will help our viewers. I intermittent fast, and David, that is one of our future shows, okay? I’ve been promising that for how long?

David: We should actually talk about it next week.

Dr. Pompa: Exactly. When you become an efficient fat burner, you really want to span that time without eating because my body’s fueling from fat, right? I don’t eat breakfast, and I eat later in the day. Let’s just call it lunch, even if it’s 1 or 2 o’clock. I took, and I don’t do this every day, I mix it up, but I took two raw eggs, and I took eggs and I put three extra egg yolks in. Obviously getting that extra fat. I put a little Amasai and a little cream. I ate a chunk of cheese, I mixed it up, I put cinnamon, I put nutmeg, and I put a little stevia. What else did I put in there? I make this stuff up, folks.

David: I think it’s a new gourmet cookbook coming out soon.

Dr. Pompa: I blended it up, it tasted like eggnog. It was so darn good. Oh, I know what I put in. All I had was, I ran out of almond extract, I’m sorry, vanilla extract. I had lemon extract, I put a little bit of lemon extract in. Oh, my God was it good. Anyways, I got all the perfect proteins, I got all these perfect fats, and then I actually had a tablespoon of coconut oil, too. So the coconut oil, two eggs, three extra yolks – so that’s five egg yolks – the cream and a little bit of Amasai in it. It was this massive shake of fat and protein. That was it, right? That was my lunch. Literally, I didn’t eat anything all day because I was very busy yesterday, right, Warren? I really didn’t have time. That’s why I did it, because I didn’t have time.

Warren: Fasting, it saves you so much time. We waste so much time, and time is everything. I’m a business guy. I was telling David, I mean, I should automate the promotion of cellular healing.tv. But getting back to the time saving aspect, man, it makes such a difference. I can just go all day, I usually don’t eat anything. I usually get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, with butter or without butter. Then I come home for dinner, and that’s it. I drink water, you know, throughout the day, or a SueroGold maybe, because I should do it around 3 o’clock, but I don’t even have time for that at this point, and I crush it and I feel great every day. I sleep seven hours, it’s amazing. The amount of time you save. Thinking about what you’re going to eat, and then the fatigue afterwards.

Dr. Pompa: The thing is though, is that you’re able to do that.

Warren: Right.

Dr. Pompa. You’re a fat burner. In other words, you forget to eat. We’re not hungry because our bodies are efficiently using the fat that we store, right? That’s the problem with most of America, we are sugar burners. Your cells can only use two things for energy, sugar or fat. When you’re hormonally unable to utilize fat for energy, then you can’t use it in between meals. What happens? Your body gives you cravings all day long, and you’re hungry all day long, you need this fix, that fix. Most of America is hypoglycemic, their sugar levels start to drop, why do their sugar levels drop? Because they can’t use fat to keep their levels consistent. For the last three months, I’ve been testing blood glucose and ketones on myself and my family. My little 10-year old Simon, he pricks his finger every day. He’s reading his glucose levels and noticing what he eats, and this and that. I do these experiments but it’s been really fun. Because my glucose level is 70 and low 80's all day long whether I’m eating or not. It’s that consistent. Why?

Warren: Because of the food.

Dr. Pompa: Because of the fats my body’s burning. Even when I’m not eating, right? Most people, their glucose drops, my body’s utilizing fats all day, Warren, too. That’s why he can go all day without eating. Listen, what do I always say? The number one way to age slow, to look good longer, to feel good longer, to have absolute great performance in everything that you do, no matter what your age is, control your glucose and insulin. It is the 800 pound gorilla – and every practitioner, alternative practitioners alike – they ignore it. How many alternative practitioners – Warren, it’s been a pet peeve of ours for years – they promote these things, more vitamins, more minerals, more things, and the 800 pound gorilla is, “What about your glucose?” We see these doctors, they have the bellies and they’re up and down, they’re aging, and yet they’re worried about all the vitamins, minerals and meanwhile their glucose is up and down. It’s the 800 pound gorilla. It’s the biggest thing we can do to prevent aging. Control insulin. Mercola said it from the stage at the lecture he gave, I was very impressed. He talked about, let me just say, I have to give Mercola some promo, because I saw him years ago and he was not nearly the speaker he was this weekend. He talked about controlling insulin and lectin in glucose. He said it’s the number one thing you do to anti-age. He talked about intermittent fasting. He talked about fermentation. These are the things he said.

Warren: I think he’s listening to you.

Dr. Pompa: He said moderate protein, high fat, intermittent fast, fermentation.

Warren: Now you're on a filling diet.

Dr. Pompa: That’s right. He had a block of four things. Don’t go too high on your protein, as high as you can in fats, more fermentation and intermittent fast. That was his talk right there. I was so impressed, I was so happy to see him focused on the majors. He’s a major player, gets 50 million hits a week on his website; 50 million hits a week. He’s made a difference on the planet. Whether you agree with everything on his website or not, it’s not the point. He’s made a difference.

Warren: Yeah. Well, all I had every day this week is SueroGold and I actually take the fermented chia seeds and flax torrento mega. I actually put it in the SueroGold with a little stevia, and that’s my lunch, usually about 2 o’clock.

Dr. Pompa: I think that it’s funny because I think we’re really just all gravitating to a lot of the same studies, right? I mean, we’ve been talking about fermentation for a long time, now. Intermittent fasting, I’ve been doing it for almost two years now, myself personally. Amazing stuff, because this is things that work. I’m going to be talking about, we’ll do a future show on something that’s been around for a long time, and that’s utilizing ketones. I talked a little bit about it, and that’s increasing fat and getting the brain functioning on something called ketones which is a fuel source that your brain – your brain can only use ketones and we’ll talk more about that on a future show. They used to do this for severely seizure kids. Kids that were having massive seizures. You put them on a very high fat diet and move their brain into utilizing ketones for energy. It fixes the seizures. It fixes many brain conditions. We use it for autism and Parkinson’s and it’s really amazing to watch. This is the power of fat.

Warren: I get it, the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, it’s been around for years. There was a Johns Hopkins study. This stuff made a massive difference and it just got kind of moved to the wayside. Really bright scientist named Bolwick, I’ve quoted a lot of his studies, Warren, in our slides for years now. Jeff Volek has really done some modern day work and probably more studies than anybody on this subject, and really some interesting work that I’m going to bring to Cellular Healing TV here.

Warren: It really is amazing. I had a conversation with Meredith, a new team member, and she’s just eating your stuff up, Dr. Pompa. She’s rewriting a lot of your articles and learning and she wants to do the intermittent fast. She read it and she said, “I’m going to take all these supplements from the 5R’s,” she’s doing the 5R's, “I want to take every supplement that’s in there, I want to do the fast, which fast should I do?” She was talking about one of her hearts was to help people with eating disorders and emotional eating. I said emotional eating is one thing, and there are some folks that may have an emotional connection to food and that makes sense, but it is hormone driven. Those of you that are saying, “Well, I’m just an emotional eater,” no, you’re a hormone eater. Your body’s actually telling you that. Ghrelin, lectin, it’s telling your body. Your body’s doing what it needs to do to preserve itself, so therefore, it gives you the cravings, your hormones are out of bounds. It’s doing that to survive, honestly, because it can’t burn fat for energy, so it’s doing its survival technique. It really transformed. Folks get really focused on, “I’m going to psychologically walk someone through to how to break their addiction.” You’re not going to break someone’s addiction because it’s like having a drug inside of you telling you to eat sugar all the time because your body’s out of balance. That’s what’s great about fasting and intermittent fasting. We’re going to talk about it next week because we’re wrapping up this show, is that that can break that cycle. I talked to my trainer the other day, and he said, “Warren I need something, because I try to transform back. Exercise for weight loss is nothing. They come in here and they want to exercise to lose weight, but it’s the diet side and I can’t get them to break their nasty habit.” I said, “Man, you need to fast people for at least four days, to break that cycle, to make them more hormone sensitive meaning what Dr. Pompa trained me on is that they start to be able to burn fat for energy after, typically, a four day fast.” A lot of these things you may be struggling with out there, you’re thinking that I’m just a hormonal eater or emotional eater. No you’re not. You are being tricked by your body because someone has labeled you that. Well, you’re not. If you do a fast, you follow the cellular healing diet, cellularhealingdiet.com, you’re going to be able to break that hormonal addiction and get your body doing what it’s supposed to do and live a life free, like we do. We don’t do that to brag or say, “Look at me, we do this, we’re so lean.” I don’t say that.

Dr. Pompa: Why do you live?

Warren: We just live it. We want you to share that same vitality in life so you can make a difference.

Dr. Pompa: It works.

Warren: Our big why? What is it, Dr. Pompa?

Dr. Pompa: Our big, why?

Warren:| Yeah, our big why. Why we do what we do.

Dr. Pompa: Well, we do what we do because we suffer for it from pain to purpose. Our big why is to change lives from what we suffered from and the solutions God has given us.

Warren: Amen.

Dr. Pompa: That is our why. We suffered from it. I have to sign off, really in just a couple minutes here, folks, because I’m actually going to the airport. If any of you are near Hudson, Wisconsin, near Minneapolis area, I’m lecturing out there tomorrow, so welcome. It’s a public lecture, so welcome. Warren, how can they find out exactly where that lecture is?

Warren: You know, I think Genna’s using one of my redirect websites and what was that? MyDetoxNow.com. Let me pull it up.

Dr. Pompa: While you’re saying that, let me get one final word. David, you always give me that final word, right?

David: You got it.

Dr. Pompa: You want to leave on that note. I do want to leave on this note. I have to do a shameless promotion of a product that’s really 12 years in the creation. Warren and I have been on this for a long time, and put a lot of products together, him and I. There’s a product, Vista, that we worked with in conjunction with a really bright biochemist, Shane Morris. Vista is a fat formula that we use to fix the cell membrane. Warren said it best, if you go onto my site under “Articles,” and you click on “Articles,” go down to R2. I talk about this product in particular, but it’s – this is what I want to say about it. It’s not just about getting more fish oil, right? Everyone’s very hip on omega-3, but it’s the ratio of omega-6 and 3 that is how you really target the brain. We utilize a 4:1 ratio of this to target the brain. We utilize a 4:1 ratio to target the cell membrane. That product was created around that. If you’re one of those people that have been taking fish oils for more than a year, you’re probably in what we call omega-3 dominance. You first start taking it, you benefited because you were in omega-6 dominance, and then it went through normal range, and now you’re over here. That’s why ratio is important. That’s why eating fats in nature is really important. Can fish oil benefit you? Yeah, in the beginning, but then you can become too dominant in this certain fat, so we want it in balance. That’s really, really important, to get things in balance. A lot of those omega-3 and omega-6 fats are very fragile. They oxidize very easily, so if you’re buying your fat from say Costco or somewhere else, you’re probably just throwing your money out the window. Even though you’re paying four times less, you’re wasting that amount of money, because that’s an oxidized oil. They’re very fragile and they have to be very carefully taken care of. Anyways, just thought I’d note, because I know a lot of you are taking fish oil supplements. There’s a really important balance there.

Warren: The 4:1 ratio, Yehuda, all those studies, that changes brain function. That heals the cell membrane. God is shining on you.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, right?

Warren: Mydetoxnow. If you are in the Minneapolis, Hudson, Wisconsin area, mydetoxnow. Dr. Pompa, thanks again for packing and rushing to make sure you could be on the show today. You do provide information that is just not being shared out there and we’re so thankful to be a part of this team. David, thanks again for your inputting. David doesn’t benefit from this show. No one benefits from this show. I mean, I guess our brand does, Cellular Healing TV, but David, does it because, he told me the other day, “Warren, I do FCO, I do mindset training, I’m a business coach, built a multiple million dollar practice, but he said, this is what I’m passionate about. This is what I want to make a difference in. This transforms lives more than anything else that I’m doing.” Indirectly FCO does, for sure. He wants to be part of this, and that’s why he’s here today, so David, we thank you part of Cellular Healing.

David: Thank you for having me as part of your mission.

Dr. Pompa: Thanks, folks.

Warren: Go crush it, Dr. Pompa.

Dr. Pompa: Why Sage? Alright, I’m out. Love you guys.

David: Love you, man.