116: Dangers of Fluoridated Water and Mercury Amalgams w/ Dr. David Kennedy

Transcript of Episode 116: Dangers of Fluoridated Water and Mercury Amalgams w/ Dr. David Kennedy

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Meredith Dykstra and special guest, Dr. David Kennedy.

Welcome to Cellular Healing TV. This is Episode 116. I’m your host, Meredith Dykstra. We, of course, have Dr. Dan Pompa, resident cellular healing specialists on the line, and today we welcome very special guest, Dr. David Kennedy. Before we jump into the conversation, let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Kennedy.

Dr. Kennedy practiced dentistry for more than 30 years and retired in 2000 to work on saving his country from ignorant, unscientific healthcare policies dictated by industries insatiable greed and willing government complicity. He is the past president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, which formed to review, support, and disseminate research on the suitability of materials and methodologies used in the dentist practice. He is currently the Information Officer on fluoride for the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

He has lectured to dentists, physicians, and other health professionals all over the world on the subjects on preventative dental health, mercury toxicity, and fluoride. He’s the author of the book, How to Save with Toxic Free Preventative Dentistry that provides instruction and insight for both professionals and the layman on how to provide and receive toxic-free dentistry.

Dr. Kennedy has produced multiple documentaries including, Smoking Teeth Equal Poison Gas, which highlights the 20 years of pivotal medical research funded by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and to the impact of mercury from dental amalgams. Smoking Teeth has rapidly become a bestseller for the Academy and the online version is available for free viewing at IAOMT.org. You can also learn more and watch for free his latest documentary detailing the dangers of fluoride at Flouridegate.org.

Welcome Dr. Kennedy. We’re so excited to have you here and talk about mercury, and amalgams, and fluoride, and some of the myths surrounding that and the dangers. Really an amazing topics, and thanks so much for joining Cellular Healing TV.

Dr. Kennedy:
Glad and happy to be here; I get to continue my quest to bring science into dentistry, and it’s kind of tough because they’re all anecdotal. Oh, I do this. I do that. It’s not like carpentry. It’s not taught like a medical field. It’s taught like a machinery class, and how to machine teeth in the shape, and this and that. They pay no attention at all to how that material you stuck in the tooth might affect the individual.

You’d think I was an idiot if I wanted to put arsenic in your tooth, but the truth is dentistry used to put arsenic in teeth. They used to put formaldehyde in teeth. They used to put lead in teeth, and they’re still putting—and this is the hard thing for people to understand. They’re still 50,000 pounds or mercury put in American’s teeth every year by the American dentists.

The problem has not gone away, it’s diminished. When I started yelling about this in the early 80's, they were putting 150,000 pounds of mercury, and some of that's still in their teeth. Actually, it’s coming out and going into the rivers and streams, the waterways, and comes in the sewer treatment plant. The mercury has gone through the person and then back into—out to the sewer. It’s just making a mess out of our planet.

We have no reason to mine mercury. We should stop taking it out of the ground. There are better ways to fix teeth today. There’s no reason to put a mercury filling in somebody’s tooth. The question comes to what do I do if got what in my tooth? Then, Dr. Daniel, we were talking a minute ago, that can be like walking on thin ice. There are ways to take them out, and there's ways to make yourself sick. If you’re careless about putting them in, the same dentist will be careless about taking them out.

We’re all individuals, and we don’t all excrete mercury in the same fashion. There are different genetic types in the population, and it would make absolutely no difference at all if you were the maybe elite four, and you didn’t get exposed to mercury, but if you, before, were exposed to mercury, you don’t excrete it from your brain so you end with the neurological problems. There you go. Isn't that nice. They want to do DNA testing on dentists, and not only have to be dentist. You only have to be patient’s too because there is the problem of non-excretion of the junk that we've been implanting in people for 200 years.

Dr. Pompa:
Absolutely! I knew I always say, Meredith, as you know, just genetically, I don’t get rid of it that well. That’s why I keep myself clean. Look, I have to say this before we jump in, and that was a great introduction. You just set the stage perfectly.

If you’re hearing his of this voice, and you say, “I recognize this voice,” we call it the Smoking Tooth video. I’ve shown it hundreds and hundreds of times, and I said to you before we even got on the air here that I think that video has changed more lives than any single video, especially in this area; I might be as broad as to say all of healthcare. I say that because I realized how many people are sick with unexplainable illness, autoimmune, neurodegenerative conditions, you name it, because of silver amalgam fillings that are still being put in people’s mouths and absolutely are coming out incorrect.

This is a big topic. This is how I got sick, and all of my viewers know that, but there’s always new viewers every week and listeners. I want to say look, I was going around, doc, very normal. I was training at the highest level possible. I was at my most fit part of my life, I have to say, and all of a sudden I have fatigue. All of a sudden, I have insomnia, anxiety, digestive problems, allergic to the planet, irritability, mood swings, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, you name it.

After years of trying to address the thyroid, address the adrenals, address my GI with no avail. Some things getting better; some things worse, all the insomnia, and I finally come across Mad Hatter’s disease, think, “This is it.” I run a blood test, normal, darn. A year or so later and Endocrinologist said, “I think you have mercury poisoning.” I said, “I thought so, too. I was wrong.” He says, “Do this test.” Sure enough, mercury off the chart, embedded into my tissue. Lo and behold, I get the rest of my amalgams out because I had gold and silver in, which I know you’ll talk about, which led to mercury vapor going into brain. I got it out of my body. I got it out of my mouth first, safely. I got it out of my body, and ultimately, I got it out of my brain.

That’s how I’m here, doc. You changed my life because I saw the video. Thank you. With that said, listen, I could talk about this subject for five hours, but I want to talk a little bit about it from your perspective. How does it come out safely? What about gold? What about galvanism and all those topics?

Dr. Kennedy:
The reason you got sick is not just because you had two teeth worked on. it’s because you've had chronic exposure for 20 years, from the time you were a kid. You got it out clean. You’re not sick, so you have—and the theory on this is like a bathtub with a plugged drain. The faucet is dripping. It doesn’t overflow the first day, or the second day, or the third day. Eventually, the water starts seeping through the ceiling and the kitchen.

That’s the threshold theory of toxicity. It doesn’t actually always apply. What happens when you get a tooth worked on, unless you’re protected, it’s like turning the faucet of full blast. Then it really overflows and that’s you collapse, and you end up with a litany of symptoms. Some dentist just say, “Oh, it couldn’t possibly the mercury because it’s so many things wrong.” Well, mercury destroys everything, we know. It destroys all your lipid membranes. It destroys all your metabolism. It runs the gut flora in your intestines so you end up thinks.

Dr. Pompa:
You froze.

Dr. Kennedy:
It’s why we don’t use those heavy metals. That’s why we have to contain them and dispose of them. Smoking Teeth, I tried to film that on two earlier occasions; once in Texas,and at another IMT meeting. Roger Agman would just show up, and he’d say, “You want to see something funny?” Then he would demonstrate that. We were in London at the——in England at Oxford, in the library. The library at Oxford has no windows. The only light in there——they said lights out for the demonstration, and the only light in the whole place was an exit sign back by the exit. The room was pitch black. You really, literally, could not see your hand in front of your face; perfect for filming.

I had a tripod, I went in on his hands, and we just did it live right there. People on the—you could see how the dentists love it. They would go on YouTube and read the blog, and they’d, “Oh, that’s got to be fake.” Well, I wish I was good enough to fake it.

Dr. Pompa:
Tell the viewer haven’t seen the videos, so just give a brief thing of what the video's about.

Dr. Kennedy:
Roger takes these teeth out of a plastic bag, and he rubs it with a pencil eraser, and he holds it in front of a 253.7 anixter blank, and that is the wavelength of mercury so wherever mercury vapor is, it creates a shadow on a background. You can see—he holds this tooth that he’s rubbed with a pencil eraser in front of his background, and it looks like he is holding a cigarette. There’s all this smoke coming off there.

Then, he takes his pocketknife and whacks at it a couple of times, and it smokes again. He takes it and dips it in warm water, then dries it, and holds it in front, and oh, it’s got to be water. Well, duh, you can’t see water at 253.7 anixter white. Oh, it’s got to be water. I can tell you there’s got to be 70 or 80 different times that they said it's water. I have to go back, and I got to explain to them, send them to Wikipedia, said, “You need to research atomic absorption because you can’t see water in this kind of wavelength,” blah, blah, blah.

One guy says, “Oh, will the tooth would dissolve away.” I had to do the math for him. If you’ve got 10 fillings, like I had 13, but the math is easier with 10. You have enough mercury in you to give you the EPA maximum allowable dose for a millennium. We’re not going to live to be a millennium old. It leaks about half the stuff off in about 25 years. You’ve got your millennium; you've got your 500-year dose in about 25 years.

Dr. Pompa:
Doc, it amazes me because I speak at all these, like you do, these health conferences, and all the healthy doctors are there. I can’t believe how many still have silver fillings in their mouth. I can’t believe it. It is astounding to me that they'll allow even one filling in their mouth vaporizing mercury into the brain continually. That one filling, as long as it’s there, it shuts down that stuff coming out of the brain.

Dr. Kennedy:
The other thing is, back to the threshold theory, as long as that faucet continues to drip, you’re going to continue to be sick. What people say to me is, “I don’t have any symptoms.” I have a dentist friend of mine, who went to dental school where they didn’t have vacuum. University Pacific in San Francisco, and they were drilling hydride, which is horrible. Anyway, his wife always made fun of him because he had a tic in an eye, and a head that would twitch. He said, “Well, I still use mercury, and it doesn’t bother me at all.” I said, “Is Alan Funt around here with his camera or something? Here you are talking with a neurological tic, and you’re saying you don’t have any symptoms related to that.” I said, “Uh-huh.”

When you actually measure dentists and dental assistants, they have lots more of those. You can measure their mercury in a challenge. They have lots of that too, and it’s related to the number of tics that they have and their memory loss. I went through the whole litany of test that you can run on people that are sophisticated. It’s not like well, I didn’t notice nothing. You actually have to do tests to show that what’s happening is your neurological system is deteriorating. That’s what they’ve shown on dentist, dental personnel.

You cannot legally teach dental students to use mercury? I’ve got a whole series of letters back and forth between me and Janet Napolitano, the Director of UC System, and the people at UCLA where they say, “We get to us OSHA standards on our students.” I wrote OSHA and I said, “Can they use OSHA standards on students?” They said, “No, students are protected by the laws in place to protect the environment.” We have to, because we couldn’t teach this material if we didn’t have students exposed to mercury.  I’m sorry, why the material.

Dr. Pompa:
Listen, I know personally people that went  to dental school and came out sick and had to quit, so where are the law suits? Where are the law suits?

Dr. Kennedy:
They should be flying off the table. The sick person is too sick to sue. Dr. Barns sued Kerr for selling him the dental filling material that made him sick, and Kerr won the lawsuit. They said, “No, we told you it was poison. It had a skull and crossbones on the box, and you opened the box, you dummy.”

There is no excuse for the dental schools to open a box with skull and crossbones, not tell the students that they’re going to be exposed to mercury, not tell women that they are going to be rendered infertile, and have birth defect children as a result. This is all in the scientific literature for the last 35 years.

Dr. Pompa:
Right under the skull and crossbones, it says, “Keep out of the hands of children.” Well, we’re keeping it out of their hands. We’re putting it in their mouth, for goodness sake, in an acid base. How brilliant is that, doc? How do they misread this?

Dr. Kennedy
Like I said, one of the reasons that I retired from dentistry was so I could work on bringing science into the field of oral medicine and toxicology. It’s so unscientific to put a toxic material in somebody’s tooth, period. Basically, when the third amalgam war started back about 35 or 40 years ago, they went immediately to what I call the cigarette defense. It’s called proof of causation. You can’t prove that caused this was the argument forever on cigarettes. They’re still making that argument on mercury fillings. However, that argument fails because we have proven that caused this.

They did a horribly unethical experiment that the United States still needs to go back and fix. They put mercury fillings in orphans in Portugal. After five years, they published it in the Journal of the American Medical Association, this grandiose article, which made all these claims about how safe this stuff was, but you look at the data, and the data doesn’t show it’s safe. The data shows the opposite.

When the data actually was released, because it’s a government study, and they tried to hide the data, they couldn’t. They showed that there was doses to benefit that 1 filling some harm, 10 fillings more harm, 20 fillings lots of harm to the kidneys;  a dose-dependent injury to the kidney based upon the number of fillings in the children’s teeth. It says in the—the informed consent was signed, 170 of them were signed by one person, so I don’t think they really got——the word mercury did not appear in the informed consent; in the list of tests that they were running.

It was a horribly unethical experiment, and those children were injured. Those children are young adults now, and they still have the kidney injury. They still have the mercury fillings. It says in the contract that the National Institute of Cranial Facial Research will resume responsibility for correcting that. Are they?

Dr. Pompa:
It’s insane. General Colup, who we just interviewed, he got his kidneys—his kidneys were damaged from amalgam fillings. It’s remarkable. Of course, it vaporizes into your brain every day. Remember the——I remember one  a gentleman bringing to one of my seminars some seminars years ago. They’re on nuclear submarines or maybe any submarines, and it measures mercury vapor. He put it in people’s mouths at the seminar. They breathed. people that had fillings—I mean, this thing went off the charts. People that didn’t have fillings, massive difference.

Then, of course, you would have them drink hot coffee chew, of course, it would go up even higher. That vapor goes into the brain, turns into inorganic mercury, and it’s locked there until we do something about it. Doc, that’s what I’m passionate about. That’s what I teach because that’s how I got my life back.

I want you to talk a little bit about what happened to me, and what’s happening to so many people unknowingly is galvanism. They put gold in. I still had fillings in. People have different other metals in their mouth through bridges and who knows, retainers. Tell us a little bit about.

Dr. Kennedy:
If you look at how the human body is built in the first place, it doesn’t have heavy metals in it. It has light metals. It has calcium, sodium, potassium, and the light metals in it, but you don’t have a lot of mercury, lead, and cadmium, the heavy metals in your body. That’s just not part of the way the human body is designed. Part of the reason is that here's so much energy in those metals it will screw up the way you run.

What happens is, galvanism is where there’s electrical current between one metal and another. Gold is nice antidote, so it’ll attract all that mercury all day long. Then, you’ve got your mercury, silver, copper, zinc, and tin, those fillings that are in your teeth are not one thing. They’re a mixture. Basically, it’s a gel of a solid mixture of metal. It’s not an alloy. The dentists lie to people and say it’s like salt. No, it’s not alloy. Salt, when you squeeze it, you don’t get the sodium off. When you squeeze the amalgam, you get the mercury off. That tells you right away it’s a mixture, just like alcohol and water. If you heat it up, the alcohol comes off. Cherries Jubilee, you can catch them on fire and that sort of stuff.

The gold in there makes the mercury come off, so it actually encourages the mercury to leave. The first propeller-driven steam ship where they had a brass propeller and an iron hull, the propeller fell off because the iron sucked all the metal out of the propeller, and the propeller fell apart. Now, they got big zinc plates on ships that they change from time to time to keep the propeller from falling off.

Dentists don't pay attention to that. No, I’m sure it’ll be okay because they don’t understand how the body works. Dentistry is taught like a mechanic is taught to work on a car, or a carpenter is taught to build a cabinet. This is the way we drill on it. This is the way we shape it. This is how you mix this glue, and so forth and so on. It’s not about science. It’s about mechanics, and that’s the problem is that they make blunders every day in the materials that they put in our teeth like putting a gold crown in your mouth with your mercury fillings.

I’ve got textbooks that were written in the 50's that say don’t do that. Their concern was it was going to make the filling crumble. Well, the reason the filling crumbled is because it lost all of its mercury in your brain and kidneys.

Dr. Pompa:
It’s amazing, too, because people, they’re trying all these different detox things. They’re trying this; they’re trying that. It’s so useless, doc, if you have a filling in your mouth, even one. We’re downstream trying to this colon cleanse or that, and meanwhile look at the source, vaporizing mercury day in, day out. It’s so many people have different metal in their mouth causing this battery effect that you’re talking about, all the mercury going right into the brain, and that’s why people don’t feel well, doc. That’s why.

Dr. Kennedy:
It is why. When I put people back together, I try to use as minimum number of metals or no metals at all. If I had to use a metal, I used the same one all the way through so it wouldn’t have a dissimilar  metal. You couldn’t have a battery that was made out of zinc. You have to have lead and zinc. You have a donor and donating electron and then the collector. There are ways to do this, it’s called biological compatible dentistry, but the important thing for people to understand especially is, do not jump out and run out to your dentist and have some idiot start drilling on their teeth.

That’s the way to get sick faster. It’s happening everywhere. It’s happening  in a 1,000 to 10,000 different offices right this minute as we speak. They don’t know it. They’ll have this problem of the tic, or the headache, or the whatever, and they won’t know what has caused it.

Dr. Pompa:
Let me caution real fast on my end, as the guy that gets it out of the brain, and teaches doctors to get it out of the brain. Just because you have the fillings out, good step, and do it right, of course, that’s your end. However, the problem is this inorganic mercury’s getting locked in here. Once the metals come out, I see the body starting to let go of metals around the body, which just becomes a problem. Many end up with even more in the brain.

This inorganic mercury is locked here, and that’s where I come in because again, I get people that have got their fillings out 20 years ago. I still feel that. Well, that’s step one perhaps. Step two is we’ve got to get it out of the brain safely. You had a point you were going to make.

Dr. Kennedy:
You mentioned the guy with just one filling, and the machine you were talking about earlier is basically a mercury sniffer. There's different varieties of it. The one we had in the navy was a General Electric, and it worked on a very pukey system. It wouldn’t go very low, but the Jerome gold film came out and would go down to one part per million germane. When the EPA came up with the standard of one part per million in the air, Jerome came up with a machine that would measure one part per million.

That’s why it paints it because everybody's breath is 30 to 100. I have measured 100 in the breath of a person with just one filling, just one little teeny filling, and what we did was I had him brush his teeth, and then we measured it, and it was off the chart. It’s because it was a small filling. The dentist couldn'tt get as good a squeeze on it, so they couldn’t get all the excess mercury out, so it’s just one little filling with a gob of mercury in it. How many fillings? Doesn’t make any difference.

What makes the difference is how well your body excretes mercury, and thank Mom and Dad on that, and then when you stop the exposure, how careful you are. It’s just containment. It’s no different than the way that they should dispose of nuclear waste; you contain it. Put it in a sealed container and send it to the dump. It permanently stores it.

Dr. Pompa:
One of the aggravating parts is before it goes in your mouth, it’s consider hazardous waste, categorized by OSHA as such. Then the moment it goes in your mouth, it’s down-categorized; now it’s safe. It comes out of your mouth, and now it's hazardous waste again. For years, before Congress, they’re trying to get this categorized as hazardous waste all the way through. What’s going on there? Is there any hope that that’s going to happen?

Dr. Kennedy:
The politics? I try not to get involved with politics, but I try to get involved in science. Mercury is a deadly poison. It’s a heavy metal. It was a heavy metal when it came into the office as hazardous waste. It’s a heavy metal, deadly poison, when it left the office as hazardous waste. The middle was politics. There’s a whole industry, 200,000, 300,000 dentists lined up around the United States making a living putting that stuff in. Who are these dentists? They’re people that work for the Army, Navy, Air Force, the Public Health Service, the Indian Service, the Welfare dentists,

all the people that the government pays to fix teeth because they want to use something that’s really crappy, and really stupid, and really antique because these dentists are so poorly trained they couldn’t possibly be doing anything more modern. I wouldn’t go on an airplane if they said, “Oh, this pilot can’t fly the ones with the jet engines. We have to fly the ones with the propellers because he didn’t take any continuing education courses.” So you’ve got to fly a propeller. C'mon that’s a hundred years of aviation. This is 200 years of stupidity.

I want the modern dentist. The people say, “Oh, the new materials don’t work.” They work better. I can take a laser or a sandblaster, or even a drill at low speed and I take away anything that's rotted, and flow in the beautiful, nice, hardened, non composite. I don’t take away half your tooth. I take away a pinhead amount. Who wants to have their tooth drilled to smithereens?

They reason the fillings in your teeth are so big—it’s not because your cavities are so big. It’s because the material they’re sticking in it is thick, so they drill big holes so they can get the thick material in the hole. That’s stupid. Why would you take part of me away so you could use the wrong thing in my teeth?

Dr. Pompa:
I want people to understand that hazardous waste, that’s in a silver amount of filling that comes into the dental office that is considered hazardous waste, the filling, because it has mercury in it, and when it comes out, that mercury filling has to be handled as hazardous waste, but yet when it’s in your mouth, it’s considered safe.

Here’s the other point I want to make, too. That person with that one filling in their mouth saying, “I’m fine.” It won’t come out of here, ever, until that one filling comes out. Those of you,who are trying to do all this mercury detox and you still have a speck of filling in, a speck, I’m telling you it won’t let go here. It has to come out right, and it has to come out of here correctly as well.

I could go on, and on, and on, about this topic because this is what people don’t get. Even in the health community, they still have fillings and then they take them out, and they haven’t done anything about the mercury in the brain, doc. That’s what got my life back.

We do have to move into fluoride because when I was at the lecture that you and I both lectured at, I was just in love with this fluoride message that you brought because people don’t understand. Everybody is being exposed to this toxin, not to mention this toxin—I’m telling you if think it correctly, the ADA is out to kill people, and I’m not being a conspiracy theorist. I think that they just back into this thing. I’m not even saying that they’re trying, but they’re killing people between the mercury in the fillings. Now talk about fluoride, doc, because wow, is this a deception to the people.

Dr. Kennedy:
Well, it is, and the politicians make the perfect front guy for toxic materials because dentists have no training in toxicology. You ask a dentist how does fluoride work and they say, “They make the enamel harder.” The research shows that that’s not true. It works because it makes the germs that happen to be living around your teeth sick. How does it not make you sick? Well, it does the same to you as it does to the germ. It’s just you’re bigger than the germ is.

We’re fed a pack of lies in our dental “education.” Then, what they do is they try to manipulate the science to make it appear as though the lies were not so incorrect. There is no scientific study, valid by today’s standard, that’s ever shown adding fluoride to the drinking water of an animal, human or rats that reduced tooth decay. That is a total BS from the get-go, and they’ve proven it in three different court cases where they actually went to trial, and all three court cases determined that there’s little evidence of benefit. It seems to increase cancer death rates. That’s different than causing cancer; it dose that, too. It aggravates existing illness.

If you don’t have good kidneys, maybe you’ve got amalgam fillings, and your kidneys are beginning to fail. It accumulates higher and you end up with arthritis, joint pain, all that stuff, all kinds of bone problems because that’s where the fluoride accumulates. Why would you brush your teeth with something that causes inflammation? That’s what it causes. When you brush your gums you get inflammation there, and you have accelerated periodontal disease.

There is actually no reason to ever allow that stuff in your house, much less your mouth or your child’s mouth. It’s a poison. It says that on the label now. It should've said it in 1960 when they came out with it. That label was not added till 1997, when it says, “Keep out of reach of children. If the amount used in swallowing, which is a pea sized amount, call the Poison Control Center right away.” They still need a skull and crossbones on there, and then they would have an accurate label.

Fluoride is being added to our public water supplies. Flint, Michigan was in the news recently, and they were saying the water was acidic. Let’s see, are they adding hydrofluosilicic acid to that water? Uh-huh. Isn’t hydrofluosilicic acid acidic? Uh-huh. Do you have to add base when you add that? Uh-huh. Did they add the base? Uh-uh. It costs money, but we have to give the little kids acid, poison, stuff from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer mining industry.

It’s not fluoride. It is raw, untreated hazardous waste from the mining industry, so who says that’s good for you? Well, the mining industry says it is, and then everybody, backs away. If you try to get the manufacturer of that to say it’s safe and effective, they’ll back away, “Ooh, well, no, uh, that’s not our responsibility. It’s your city council that decided to put that in the water, not us. We’re just selling you a product.” Nobody wants to put their name on saying this is a good idea.

There’s $100 million a year coming out Washington, DC to promote it. Every state in the United States has the US Public Health Service, the Dental Division of the US Public Health Service thinks their job is to promote fluoridation. The CDC has 35 people who think their job is to promote fluoridation. When you work out the salaries, the retirement plans, the vacation days for 50 states with probably 10 or 20, say 500 people in the 50 states, plus 35, so you’ve got 500 people making doctors’ salaries and retirements, lying to the American public. They know they’re lying, and you can tell they’re lying because they will not debate. They will not debate such issues as what the actual substance is in the water and what dose is safe for an infant.

When we go through the math, is it—the infant is getting 500 times more fluoride on tap water formula baby food than they would on the mother’s breast. Do you think God was wrong? “Oh, that baby didn’t have that wonderful elixir that the dentists say is good for it.” It’s just crazy. God’s not wrong. What comes out of the woman is what the baby’s supposed to be eating, and if we put something in the public water supply, it overdoses that baby with a deadly poison.

Fluoride’s a deadly poison. Don’t take my word for it; people have died from fluoridation chemicals. One of my videos that’s on my YouTube channel is “The Secret Story of Fluoride.” It was a water worker. The pump that puts this stuff in is about car battery sized; it’s a small thing. It quit, and so he went to disconnect it. They keep a spare around because the fluoride eats everything, so he went disconnect it to put another one on. He released the pressure, and he unscrewed the knob, and it had pressure internally and it spritzed him with maybe, at the most, a half a cup of this stuff.

The shower was broken. He raced to the other room and he took a shower and washed it all off. It was the end of his shift, and the boss said, “Ah, you can go ahead and go home. It’s no problem; that stuff won’t hurt you at all.” He didn’t feel good on his way home. He saw the hospital sign, so he turned into the hospital. He would have died if he hadn’t gone to that hospital. His heart had already slowed down to 40 beats a minute. He was going into cardiac arrest, and that’s what happens. He’s still crippled to this day, and that’s just—they’re ignorant. You can’t have water workers dosing the population with hazardous waste. It’s insane.

Dr. Pompa:
Two questions I have is number one, how did this occur? Number two, what filtration mediums can take it out if your water has—and how do you know if your water has fluoride?

Dr. Kennedy:
You can call the water company, and they’ll tell you. They’re required by law to measure it.

How did this come about? It came about because it’s a lie. When they built the bomb in World War II, they created the phosphate fertilizer mining industry. What they did is they ran bulldozers in the mountain, they picked up limestone, and out of 100 yards of limestone, they got a thimble full of what they called yellowcake. It’s basically uranium hexafluoride.

When you have hundreds and thousands of tons of leftover debris, what do you do with it? They add gypsum, which we build drywall and we build our houses out of it; we add phosphate, which you throw on your tomatoes to make them big and fat and tasteless. If you’re agribiz and you want to sell food to people by the pound, you throw this out and then the plant sucks up water. It makes plants thirsty. The phosphate’s not good for the plant; it just makes the plant thirsty. Now we can sell water by the pound. That’s good!

They had leftover hydrofluorosilicic acid. Well, what do we do with that? They said, “Let’s tell the people it’s good for their children’s teeth and put it in the water supplies,” and that’s the source of 1945. There was a meeting where they discussed this with Harold Hodge, the mass murderer of the Manhattan Project. He’s guilty of injecting 48 people with plutonium, uranium, thorium—civilians during peacetime who died of it.

The mass murderer of 48, Harold Hodge (incidentally named the Father of Fluoridation); General Grove, the head of the Manhattan Project; the head of the Food and Drug Administration; and the head of the Public Health Service all had a meeting in 1945, and the minutes of that meeting were classified as top-secret. In 1995, the minutes were released and immediately snatched back by the United States Government. Well, what did those five people talk about? We don’t know, but we know what happened the next day is an army of dentists from the U.S. Public Health Service spanned out across the country saying that, “Well, fluoride has been discovered as wonderfully good for teeth.”

Well, what research did they do the night before? None. They had a meeting with Harold Hodge, and they pulled the national security card, “We need to get rid of this stuff. We’re going to put it in a little low level. It’s good for the kids; it won’t hurt them a bit.” Well, now we know it’s not good for the kids; it does hurt them, a lot.

It was a lie, and that’s why they won’t debate. They just wave their—“Oh, it’s proven safe.” The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to a company called Kirkman, and what they said was that they had to cease and desist production, sales, and distribution of mislabeled, mis-branded, and unapproved drugs. What terrible, unapproved drugs did they have? Fluoride vitamins.

Fluoride vitamins and fluoride tablets are available in every pharmacy throughout the United States. I have a copy of that letter. Everybody should walk into their CVS Pharmacy and say, “Do you sell unapproved drugs?” The pharmacist will jump out of his skin because that’s like saying, “Are you a criminal and guilty of fraud and misbehavior?” He’ll lose his license for selling unapproved drugs, and they’ll, “Oh, no, I’m not selling unapproved drugs.” Then, you hand him the letter and say, “Oh, then do you carry any of these kind of products, like fluoride vitamins, fluoride tablets? Oh, I guess you do carry unapproved drugs, then, don’t you?” That would stop the sales of that immediately.

If you want to get mercury out of dentistry, tell all the dental assistants to contact OSHA and tell them they’re not being protected when exposed to mercury. OSHA will inspect within two weeks. You have to be a current employee; it can be anonymous, but you have to be a current employee at that place of business. Just keep your mouth shut. You don’t have to say anything, but say, “I’m drilling out amalgam and I don’t have a respirator and I have exposed skin and I don’t have a cap for my hair, and I’ve got yadda, yadda, yadda. There’s no ventilation in the room, and there’s no exhaust and yadda, yadda.

The laws are very specific. When you’re going to be exposed to something, you need to be given informed consent. All the protective equipment is provided for you. The PPE is provided by your employer. No dentist—



-Technical Issues-


I remember as a kid, too, just in elementary school. I had lived in town, but I remember the kids that had lived in the country, in the beginning of the day, had to come up, and the teacher gave them fluoride tablets to take in the morning. I’m wondering if that’s still going on in schools.

Dr. Kennedy:
What’s wrong with that, according to the FDA letter, is that the product—if it’s going to be used, it has to be used topically. It never—unless the person is examined by a licensed physician or dentist who can prescribe the drug, determined that they needed it, and then wrote a prescription for it which is dispensed. Then, they’ve got to go to a pharmacy and get it.

Well, if you go to a pharmacy, you won’t find those tablets. Well, you will find those tablets, and that’s what the FDA’s trying to shut down; 41 years late, but they’re still trying to shut it down. The only form that has FDA approval is a toothpaste that’s high in fluoride or a mouthwash that’s high in fluoride, and what you do is you swish it around and spit it out.

You don’t have the teacher dispensing that. You have a doctor prescribing it to the person that has rotted teeth.

That’s not even the best way to stop rotted teeth. I wrote a whole book on the subject. There are lots of things that work better, but even if we were going to use that, we can’t use it inappropriately, and that’s all they’re doing in the school system is they’re using it inappropriately.

Now, think about it: Fluoride causes neurological impairment. It is a neurotoxin. It’s on the same order of magnitude as lead and arsenic and mercury in neurotoxicity. We give kids—they get up in the morning, they brush their teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste, swallow some of it, give them some fluoridated orange juice that we made up with the tap water, send them off to school, and they give them a swish-and-spit program at school and then they can’t learn to read and write. We say, “Boy, those kids just aren’t like they used to be.” No, they aren’t like they used to be, and it’s because you’re poisoning their brains with toxins. Stop it.

How sad.

Dr. Pompa:
It’s so sad. It’s remarkable to me that we’re still doing this here in the 21st century. The dental industry really has made massive mistakes; unknowingly, knowingly, a combination, who knows?

I do have two dental questions for you because there’s great debate about titanium. Are you for it, against it; are you in between? I know, just like you said, we don’t want—we want to minimize metal. If you’re going to get a titanium post in, I know that some of my clients watching this are saying, “I’m so glad he asked that.” What’s your feeling on that?

Dr. Kennedy:
Well, there’s several problems with titanium. Titanium is not a nice metal. It’s a very aggressive metal, and if you put that post in there and you take a pin and scratch it, it’ll abscess. How do they get the post to stay in? It’s titanium oxide, which is the rust on the surface, and it’s held on about as tight as the rust on a nail.

The body doesn’t see the titanium oxide and so it’ll do osseous integration; the bone will actually grow around it, and the thing will get solid. If you look at your hand, the skin is attached tightly to your fingernail. That’s called an epithelial attachment. You can take your hand—if you don’t have any cuts on it, you can take your hand and stick it in a bucket of doo-doo, and you won’t get an infection in your bloodstream because your skin is your major protection against microorganisms getting in your body. That’s why if you cut your finger, your mother immediately started putting iodine on the cut and cleaning it up.

The titanium rod sticking out of your gum into your mouth does not form an epithelial attachment, so wherever those rods appear, germs from your mouth ingress around those rods, down around the bone, into your bloodstream. If nothing else, I wouldn’t want titanium in my mouth because it allows germs from my mouth to get into my bloodstream. Why is that a problem? Well, those germs are implicated in everything that goes wrong with your body, including your heart valves and your lungs. You could get pneumonia, joint pain, yada, yada, yada. You don’t want germs running through your body; that’s a bad deal.

Well, what if you have a titanium knee? Well, that’s a different deal because that titanium is totally surrounded by the skin so that you don’t have the same problem with bacterial ingress/egress, but you do have trouble that if for some other reason you have an injury, the bacteria will find that, and they’ll set up bivouac in that joint. That’s like people that have lots of joints replaced or valves replaced that they always tell them that when they go to the dentist, be sure and get preloaded with antibiotics.

There’s a better way to do that; it’s that when you go to the dentist, you disinfect the mouth before you start working on it. Have you ever gone to a doctor and you had a splinter in your hand or something like that and they immediately started working on it without slapping a bunch of iodine on it? No. Nobody does that. That’s stupid because you’re going to spread bacteria to the body. Well, dentistry is stupid. It spreads bacteria to the body.

There’s studies showing that having your teeth cleaned, 100% of those spreads bacteria to your bloodstream. Having your wisdom teeth extracted, 100% of them give you what’s called a septicemia, a shower of bacteria in your bloodstream. Well, you can get away with that a lot, but some people are going to die from it. It’s just as simple as medicine, is that before you intervene, disinfect the area.

That’s one of the protocols in my book on how to save your teeth is, the way you stop gum disease is you disinfect the gums. The dentists say, “Oh, you can’t do that.” Well, don’t tell me. I did it for 30 years. You certainly can do that; it’s not a problem. It’s that you can’t do it by sitting in your armchair saying, “I wish they’d go away.” You have to actually get in there and go to work and clean them up and flush them out and all that stuff. It’s easy to clean up a mouth, and it keeps your teeth for a lifetime. You don’t have to lose your teeth; you don’t have to have oral infection. You also don’t need metals in your mouth.

Dr. Pompa:
Exactly right. I’m not letting you get away without answering this question: The filtration media to take out fluoride, because we’re going to get that. People are going to say, “Well, wait a minute. I researched, and yeah, they’re putting fluoride in my water. What do we do?”

Dr. Kennedy:
Well, the problem is, none of them work. All of them work a little bit; none of them work for a long term. As in, if you’re trying to do a whole-house filtration system or something where you can take a shower or sit in your Jacuzzi, they don’t have a system that’s going to work for you.

The ingredients that go in the filter that attract fluoride is alum, activated aluminum, and the other is bone char. There’s different bone chars from different parts of the world. Apparently, Brimac from Scotland has a much greater capacity than the stuff from India, so I would tell you if you want to get a Brimac filter, you could remove the fluoride from your water with a Brimac or activated aluminum filter. I distill water and then add the minerals back in because the only way—but there’s a lot of stuff. It’s not just the fluoride.

Dr. Pompa:
Does RO take any out? Reverse osmosis?

Dr. Kennedy:
A little bit, not very effectively. They always want to show you—they want to start with 8 and they can get it down to 2 and so, “Oh, see, we have an 80% reduction.” If you start with 1, will it take it down to 0.2? No. On the lower end, so when you’re working with one part per million, RO does not remove typically more than 50%, maybe. Then, the fluoride eats the membrane, so the membranes go bad and you don’t know that they’re gone bad, so you’re basically running it through a machine that doesn’t do anything with it anyway.

The fluoride molecule is actually smaller than the water molecule, so any filter is only going to filter it by attaching it rather than a porous thing. RO is porosity, and you’re not going to get it out with porosity.

Distillation, where you turn it to steam and bring it back in the form of water, gets rid of 100% of it. Filters like activated aluminum and bone char will remove it. I tell people, protect your water supply and then protect your community.  Go to work on the community because there’s no legitimate excuse to add fluoride to the water supply. It overdoses the baby severely—66% of the babies on tap-water formula have dental fluorosis. That tells you they were overdosed with fluoride, 66%. Are we going to end at 100%? It’s not debatable; it causes funny-looking, spotted teeth. If you were to slice those children up and look at their kidneys and their brain and their arteries, they are also damaged.

We can show rats—if you give a rat 1 part per million fluoride, you end up with a damaged brain in that rat in just 52 weeks, one year. The likelihood that putting this chemical in the water supply is good for our country, good for our children, or good for anybody—the only people it’s really good for are the people that generate it. It’s coming from China, Mexico, Japan, Belgium, and Florida. It’s a gift of our water supply to major industries around the world.

Where does this stuff come from? The phosphate fertilizer mining industry, which is agribiz, so we’ve given up responsibility for drugs in our water. The FDA says it’s an unapproved drug. What we’re adding to our water supply is an unapproved drug that’s contaminated with waste: arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and a potpourri of other bad things.

It’s the mining industry, for heaven sakes. It’s the mine waste. We’re adding that as an elixir for the babies in our country, and it’s demonstrably increasing the infant mortality rate. It’s increasing the lead levels in the children; it sucks lead into their bodies. It’s a chelating agent; it sucks lead into their bodies. If you take and add it to mercury—if you watch Fluoridegate, I made a big point about Schubert.

Schubert found if you took an inconsequential dose of mercury and an infinitessimal dose of lead and gave it to the rats simultaneously, it killed all the rats. Lead and mercury together are a thousand times more toxic than either one alone. We’ve all got lead poisoning because we had leaded gasoline. We’ve all got mercury fillings, so we’ve got exactly what Schubert showed. We’ve got the problem of lead and mercury in our bodies today, so we need to stop exposing ourselves to lead and mercury. It’s that simple.

Dr. Pompa:
That’s our message. Listen, I have hundreds of doctors that I train around the country. I tell you, we see lead and mercury, and particularly lead because there’s just so much exposure. We grew up in the lead generation. Our parents grew up in the lead generation. When you put lead and mercury together, it’s a recipe for disaster. Add fluoride—oh, and then add glyphosate. Monsanto – the fluoride industry. It allows it to cross into the membranes faster, into the brain faster. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Dr. Kennedy:
Absolutely a recipe for disaster, and it’s destroying our country. All these patriots run around with a ribbon on their lapel. They need to say, “If you really care about this country, you’re going to stop stupid stuff, right away.”

It doesn’t take a lot of money. All you’ve got to do is walk over and turn the switch off. Then you’ll have the trouble of disposing the hazardous waste because no other country in the world wants it, but at least we can stop poisoning the children and begin to move in a sane direction.

Oral hygiene is what stops tooth decay. Give every child in the city a toothbrush if you want to stop tooth decay and then take all the candy and throw it away.

Dr. Pompa:
Good luck with that. Is there any hope that we could see a national retreat from this fluoride issue, and what states have wised up? Are there any?

Dr. Kennedy:
None. All of them are getting knocked off one at a time; it’s divide and destroy. California was 48 out of the 50 states because every time the issue came up, we voted it out. San Diego has a law against it, and we’ve got it in our water right now. The reason we keep losing is because they’ve got $100 million a year going into the pockets of lobbyists, and Cargill and the other companies that have fluoride to get rid of money-launder through the dental associations.

Where do the dentists get all this money? Well, it’s not coming out of the dentist’s pocket. It’s coming out of the industry giving it to them and having them go out and lobby for it, telling us how good it is. Ignorance is bliss, but we’re not going to stop. Oregon—Portland just voted it out for the third time. Davis, California voted it out for the eighth time. Why do we have to say no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no? It’s because of that $100 million a year coming out of Washington, D.C. I could be low on that $100 million, by the way. I’m just guesstimating based upon those 500 people I know that are making a living doing this. I think it’s probably a lot bigger than that because there’s a lot of other money going there.

It’s totally phony. It doesn’t help anybody; it makes money for industry. The only way we’re going to stop this is when we make congress aware of the fact that they’re standing there buck naked, and we know they’re cheating and they’re taking money from these industries, especially the dentists, to poison our water supply. That’s all they’re doing.

Dr. Pompa:
Follow the money trail. Every time, if you take away the money, you’ll solve the problem; bottom line, every time. I know we’re out of time, Meredith, and I’m sure you have pressing questions.

What a great show, doc. I know our viewers and listeners are just hanging on with information. How do they get to your YouTube station because your video, all the videos—they need to see this stuff on fluoride because they need to show their friends and family, and also on amalgam. How do we get them there?

Dr. Kennedy:
My YouTube web page is davidkennedydds, all one word.; davidkennedydds, just all one word. You Google David Kennedy or Google Smoking Teeth Kennedy, and you’ll go to my web page. I’ve divided them up: perio, fluoride, mercury, and other topics. Poisoned horses is in there. That’s the other one that gets everybody going because apparently, they don’t care if you poison children, but don’t poison the horse.

Two things that I want your listeners to do. One: Get a copy of the Kirkman Warning Letter. You can get it from me, you can get it from the Fluoride Action Network; go to my YouTube channel and blog something and ask me for the letter, send me an email address. Take that to your local pharmacy and ask them if they’re distributing, selling, marketing unapproved drugs and then just give them the letter.

Two: If there’s a dentist that’s working through somebody or a dental assistant or a dental hygienist that’s in an office that uses mercury and they don’t have a space suit—that’s the only way you can handle mercury, is in a space suit with a respirator with carbon filters or they’re like a fireman going into a fire; you should look like the fireman going into the fire. If you don’t look like that, they’re not in compliance with OSHA. If they don’t have that Jerome sniffer, they’re not in compliance with OSHA.

The employer’s obligated to measure the facility every time there’s an incident. If they don’t own the equipment, they are not compliant. Every dentist should have one of those, and they should have an assistant running around with it every time they’re doing a procedure. I did, and I could keep that machine at 0 through the procedure. It’s possible, but I didn’t learn it in dental school; I can assure you that.

There’s two things: letter to your pharmacy, get all your friends that are dental assistants to file anonymous complaints with OSHA if they don’t have a respirator and a space suit.

Dr. Pompa:
Wow, those are two big things. Meredith, make sure that those people get his website clearly. Say it one more time.

Dr. Kennedy:
All one word: davidkennedydds.

Dr. Pompa:
D-d-s? Like a dentist?

Dr. Kennedy:
D-d-s, like Doctor of Dental Surgery. It’s davidkennedydds, all one word, and you’ll get right to my YouTube channel.

Dr. Pompa:
It was hard to hear that, right Meredith? I mean, at the end there.

Yes, he cut out a little bit. As I mentioned when I read your bio, too, Dr. Kennedy, everyone can watch your Smoking Teeth documentary for free at IAOMT.org which is also where we direct people to find a biological dentist in your area. You can look up your area by zip code. You can also view your Fluoridegate, your new documentary on fluoride, at Fluoridegate.org. Make sure to check those out as well.

I’m just thinking, Dr. Pompa, too—with the challenges with mercury, lead, fluoride, we talk a lot about the CytoDetox detox product too. I didn’t know if you wanted to mention as one of the solutions to these challenges, as well, that that may be a possibility.

Dr. Pompa:
We need to put Dr. Kennedy in touch with Dr. Nicholas, who developed a product—I tried them all. I get everything brought to me. I had all the liquid zeolites brought to me, and we just couldn’t find that they could cross the gut. They didn’t work. We did all these tests; I know David Quig.

Listen, everyone, go to his site. Watch these videos, show them to your friends and family. If you love them, if they still have a filling in their mouth—you add fluoride and the lead. I mean, come on. This is why people don’t fee well, bottom line. Everyone’s focused on the little stuff. It’s this big stuff. He said it: the lead, mercury, fluoride, we add glyphosate. Come on, these are the big things that are making people sick.

Doc, you do a great job of bringing this message, and we’re just so appreciative of that. We’re going to have you on other shows, please. I would love to have him at one of our seminars, Meredith. What a wealth of knowledge in this area. I do have one more question: Where do I get one of the mercury sniffers? Where do I buy one of those? I want to show that at my seminars.

Dr. Kennedy:
Well, you’re not going to like the price, but you can get them from Jerome Instruments, Arizona Instruments—the title of the instrument is the Jerome Gold Film Mercury Vapor Analyzer. They used to cost about five grand, and I think they’re up to $7500 now. They’re very handy, and they do require some maintenance; they’re high-tech.

The other thing that people might want to get, and it’s cheaper—for about 40 bucks, you can get a Colorimeter that tests fluoride levels. It only tests it in water because it’s using color, so if you put Coca-Cola in there, it’s fluoride and Coca-Cola but it won’t measure it because there’s so much brown juice in there. It uses colors, so you can only do clear things and so you can measure the fluoride with a $40 Colorimeter.

Dr. Pompa:
Where do you buy those?

Dr. Kennedy:

Dr. Pompa:
Okay, write it down.

Dr. Kennedy:
If people want to contact me, have them contact me through Fluoridegate. That is, if you can spell Fluoridegate. When you blog or send some information there, it comes directly to me. It gives me a way to reply to your email. That’s a good way for people to get a hold of me, is through Fluoridegate. Google me and find my email.

Dr. Pompa:
Dr. David Kennedy. Google him; Smoking Tooth, there’s a million ways to your stuff. Meredith, I want the business to buy me one of those. I want to do these demonstrations. Doc, we’re going to have you on again. Look: That’s how interesting the doc was. Never moved the whole time. Remember, I said she’d get bored? She sat there on my lap the whole time, listening to your words because she knows this is how you change lives.

Listen, you’re a life changer. You’re changing lives. We’ve got to get more connected with him, Meredith. Make sure we stay connected, have him on other shows. This is just the beginning of this topic, trust me. We could piggyback right, part 1, part 2. Thank you again, doc, and I’ll turn it over to you, Meredith.

Wow, thank you so much, Dr. Kennedy. What a wealth of information, and we are so grateful for you for being a fellow truth-seeker and for getting this information out to the public because a lot of it, I think, is just people don’t know. This is part of the movement, to wake people up as to all the really terrible things that are going on, but also to empower them to make some change.

Thank you so much for everything you do, and this is Meredith signing off for Cellular Healing TV. Everyone, thanks for tuning in this week, and we’ll catch you next week.

Dr. Pompa:
Absolutely. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Dr. Kennedy:
Thank you, Meredith.