13: The Truth of Cellular Healing

Transcript of Episode 13: The Truth of Cellular Healing

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Warren Phillips and David Asarnow.

Warren: Hello, and welcome to our live Cellular Healing, Episode 13. No, David does not have a cold. He is actually sneezing from a salt water blast into his face, because he is on the ocean in what, Palm Beach?

David: I’m in Palm Beach. Actually, it’s the Intercostal.

Dr. Pompa: On top of a cruise ship.

David: When we come down here, it’s like we’re on a cruise ship for the week. I’m sitting here. This is my railing. Over on the other side is Lake Worth. I’m on Palm Beach Island.

Warren: That’s awesome. Thanks for joining us. My co-host David Asarnow, along with myself, Warren Phillips. We have Dr. Pompa on today hailing from Park City, Utah. Super excited about Cellular Healing Episode 13. We just had a little discussion before we went live on the call today. We’re going to walk back through some of the topics that we’ve discussed, such as amalgam illness, cholesterol and fats, intermittent fasting, and some of the other topics that David’s going to help share as well. Then, tie that back into cellular healing. How does that apply to you? How does that help you get your life back? Dr. Pompa, you just got back from coaching doctors again. You talked from stage. We just did that call live in Ogden, Utah. Man, what’s going on, on the patient’s side and the client side with health and cellular healing that can really be applied to all these different topics that you teach?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, well I really did want to take a walk back. I think David suggested that, and I thought it was a great idea. Because, we talk about these different topics, and then we kind of lose focus on, “How does this actually apply to cellular healing?” Well, all of the docs—I mean, this is where the epidemic is, Warren. To answer your question, we have all the massive epidemics today. From Autism affecting 1 in 50, and by 2025 they’re estimating 1 in 2 kids on the Autism spectrum. When we look at the diabetes (Read the series here: part 1, part 2 and part 3), and the thyroid, and the weight-loss resistance, and the hormone dysregulation—we talked about all of these things. Really, all of it is cellular problem. So, that’s it. Warren, the discussion—and David, you were there. I introduced that subject that we did on one of the past shows. I don’t know what number it was, maybe nine. I talked about cholesterol sulfate. Now the leading senior scientists at MIT and others are coming out with more and more papers showing that heart disease is, in fact, a cholesterol deficiency. Specifically, a cholesterol sulfate deficiency. In that lecture, I tied that in to really how it’s causing dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism, and diabetes, and heart disease.

David: So, you think about this then—what’s going on today is the foods are changing. There’s like low-fat, low-cholesterol, and then all of a sudden we’re having a huge increase in dementia, and Alzheimer’s. All these things are happening. They’re decreasing one thing. Then, all of a sudden—because they’re saying, “This is healthy for you.” We’re seeing a huge increase in all these other things.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely. So, if you look at all of our topics that we’ve done: weight-loss resistance, cholesterol myth, saturated fat myth—all of these things apply to cellular healing. When we look at all the rise in these diseases, you know, if you just look at all of these episodes that we did you will see lies, myths, and how we got here as a planet, really. I mean, as a country, for sure. The answer lies within the topics that we discussed. The 180 degree lifestyle is something that I’m really passionate about, because my life has always been that way. It seems like everything that I do is opposite of what we hear from the media, from the fat to just about everything that I believe all the way down to everything we’ve talked about on this show. It is a fun topic when we look at all the myths in weight-loss; and when we look at all the myths in cholesterol, heart disease, saturated fat, and everything—how often we should eat, when we look at the myths of exercise, it’s always opposite of what we’re hearing. There’s a reason for that, no doubt. If you haven’t watched some of those past shows, go back and watch them, because it really will pick you up to speed. If we have one focus on today’s show, it’s some of these topics and how they apply to cellular healing. Also, how do they apply to you? Listen, we’re all affected by this. We did that show on GMOs. How does GMO apply to cellular healing? Oh, my gosh that was half of my lecture to 150 doctors. GMO and glyphosate, a chemical that they’re spraying on all the grains that everyone’s eating—every conventional grain today. Of course, even more so GMO. It affects all these processes in our body. It’s creating massive epidemic. It’s a huge topic.

David: So, one of the questions that hit me that I think many people who aren’t in the know and aren’t on top of all these, and may not have watched all of our shows we’re asking, “What is true cellular healing? What is true cellular detox? How does that compare to taking the medicine for the symptoms that we’re showing?” Obviously, we know this. We’ve talked about it. It’s passionate to us. However, people who are listening to this may not even know what true cellular healing really is.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, and I think that’s part of what we joke on our side about. It’s like, “Cellular healing. What does that mean to anyone? Not a thing, right?” What does that mean as far as peoples’ not getting well, or people just struggling where they are? Well, it means everything. One of our passions is to make it more of a household work, or at least understanding. Look, to put it in simple terms when you start getting sick your cells start not communicating with one another. So, they become very selfish. What we know is cancer cells—these rogue cells that your body starts isolating off. I mean, these are selfish, nasty cells. Cells start not talking. They start saying the wrong things. So, they start communicating bad information. So, you have cell-to-cell bad information. You have brain-to-cell bad information. This is all really dictated by what’s happening in that DNA. We used to think that DNA was the brain, and that really controlled everything. Now, we know it’s not. We know that it’s the outer cell membrane that really determines that DNA. It’s communication with going on out here. So, it’s all about this communication that goes on in our body. When this starts to fail, now cellular function starts to change. David, one of the first things that go wrong in a cell is it starts dropping in energy. When it starts dropping in energy all these bad things start happening. Not to overcomplicate it, but there’s this major gap between what is so exciting happening in the last five years in the scientific world, in this massive gap in treatment, or what doctors are actually doing. One thing that I know that when you start understanding these concepts of cellular healing, I think we can close this gap down and bring more power to the people. More power to people of realizing, “You’re a doctor. Trust me on this.” I mean, he’ll give you perhaps the right medication to take the symptom away, but it’s not healing, is it? It’s not true healthcare. Well, this gap in lies the answer. I think one of my goals is always to close down this gap, and empower the people with the information. So, I mean, you don’t have to understand the biology of a cell to get what we’re saying. The reason why you don’t feel well is because your cell is not speaking the right things. It’s not communicating. It’s becoming very selfish. So, these cells—there’s not that coordination going on. We have to fix the cell. If you fix the cell, you get well. Honestly, that’s how I got my life back, David. That’s what’s changed your life in the last year or so. It got Warren his life back. That’s why we’re all very passionate about this topic.

David: So, when I hear you saying it’s like the cells have these communicators. What happens is when they go haywire they stop communicating back and forth. All of a sudden, we have the things that we’ve talked about—the weight-loss resistance. We start seeing things like diabetes, and the pandemic of thyroid challenges that are going on around the world right now. When you go right back to your R1—identifying the source, and then removing the source—is that the first stage then in healing?

Dr. Pompa: Exactly. It’s step one, David. I was hoping that you’d bring me into the R’s, because when we talk about these—it’s kind of very simple when we talk about cells that are not functioning right. Remember the monkeys that’s, “Hear no evil.” That’s the cell that’s not hearing what’s going on, right? “See no evil,” right? These cells become so selfish that they start living their own little existence, and that’s bad. Of course, when they start speaking bad stuff, now we’re in trouble. So, we’ve got to get rid of these cells. The 5R’s is really our road map that I thought really was just for practitioners when God gave me those 5R’s. Really, it’s turned out to be an understanding that the public can understand. I’ve written articles on each R. They’re on my website. R1, David, is correct—if you don’t remove the source, then the body never heals. A philosophy that’s really chiropractor in particular I would say. I think most—I hope most naturalpathic doctors—maybe not, but if you remove the interference the body can do the healing. That’s really the principle of R1. I mean, you can have interference. If you have silver fillings in your mouth there’s no way you’re going to get well. I mean, there’s a guarantee you’re definitely going to get sick. If you’re living in a moldy home—if you have certain infections, I mean, these things have to be removed. People live their lives with those sources. Even if you remove yourself from a moldy house, or take out the fillings you have to get the stuff that bioaccumulated in your body out. Otherwise, you can take all the vitamins and minerals you want, but you’re never going to get well. It’s that simple. That’s R1. Then, R2, R3, R4, and R5 are all of the things that really have malfunctioned in the cell. If we don’t fix these things we’re never going to have an answer to all of those conditions, David, that you said. You know, hormone conditions, why? Listen, I loved saying this, because this is the rage. Every day I get ten e-mails about hormones. I get ten e-mails from the public—well, probably more than that from the public about their hormone problems. Most people say they have something going on with their hormones, but what are they doing? They’re going to their doctor, and they end up on more hormones. Well, you go to the alternative doctor, and they end up on more bio-identical hormones, or things that manipulate hormones. Look, these things can be crutches—make you feel better for a term. However, it’s not a long-term answer. That’s right. You’ll never figure out the gamut. The analogy, David, I always say—and you have kids, and some people listening do—you start shouting at your kids. This is giving more hormones, right? We’re giving you more hormones. You shout at your kids. Man, they listen. There’s a good effect. We go, “Boy, that worked.” So then, we keep doing it. Then, we realize we’re shouting louder to get the message across. Eventually, they’re like this—they’re the cells. The cells that aren’t hearing anymore.

David: They shut down. They shut down. It’s a perfect example.

Dr. Pompa: Exactly. Then, what happens is once they shut down, now we’re screaming louder with absolutely no effect. That’s the hormone answer. Look, on every cell there’s these little receptors—these little ears. If we can revitalize these—by the way, we’ve talked a lot about fat, because fat plays an important role there. Now, our cells can hear the hormones. Our cells can hear these hormones, get the message to the DNA, and now our cells start speaking the right stuff and functioning correctly. I mean, it’s not rocket science. You know, science has really shown what’s going on here, and what’s driving the blunting of these receptors, you know? Nobody’s talking about it. I mean, if you go back and listen to these shows we’ve been talking about it. This is a massive problem; hormone resistance, driven by toxins—and, of course, certain dietary things like bad fats, vegetable oils, and all of these things. What Warren’s holding up is the endocrine control tower. In the middle of the head we have the hypothalamus pituitary. The hypothalamus—

Warren: I’ll speak so they can see it.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. The hypothalamus takes in information. It’s like your thermostat on the wall. In other words, it’s going, “Okay, it’s hot. It’s cold.” Then, it tells something else what to do. Well, the hypothalamus then, based on the information that it’s getting back from the body, tells the pituitary gland what to do. The pituitary gland then releases certain hormones to your thyroid, your adrenals, and all the things—Warren, if you can hold that up just a little higher.

Warren: Yeah, if I talk it’ll show up.

Dr. Pompa: Okay. Warren knows it well. Let Warren explain. That way you can actually see it. But anyway, let me say just one thing before that. For example, amalgam fillings—guess where most of the mercury goes? Right into the pituitary and hypothalamus, which is the control tower for your whole endocrine system. Most toxins end up there. So, go ahead Warren, kind of finish that off there.

Warren: Okay, I’ll walk through this. I have some bad reflection going on. Essentially this is the hypothalamus. It says, “Hypothalamus” right here. There’s a hypothalamus pituitary. The pituitary is kind of the control tower. The hypothalamus, obviously is a hormone producer in your brain. They’re the main controllers of all your other endocrine glands. You other endocrine glands are more—this endocrine gland right here is the pituitary. So, this is kind of a control tower—pituitary hypothalamus that’s located in your brain. It speaks to all of your endocrine hormones, which is going to make a lot of sense for everybody. Because, your endocrine system is what controls your hormones. A lot of that happens up in—if you go upstream like Dr. Pompa talks about, a lot of doctors are treating all the endocrine problems down here with hormones. Like he had discussed, it’s just like screaming at your kids. They can’t hear anything. Then, you’re adding T3. You’re adding testosterone. You’re adding cortisol, and all these other things. It’s just not working, because the problem is upstream in the hypothalamus pituitary. The R1 that Dr. Pompa spoke of is the toxin. The toxin starts interfering and attaching to the hormones upstream, or affecting the hypothalamus pituitary. It would be like if you’re trying to guide airplanes, and they couldn’t communicate to the control tower. If the airport couldn’t communicate to the airplanes you would have a wreck going on. Well, that’s what happens in your body. The toxins shut down the control tower—the pituitary. Then, all the airplanes which is your endocrine system, don’t know what’s going on. They can’t talk to each other. Planes can’t communicate. Then, you have a wreck. Which is a lot of your lives. You don’t know what’s wrong. Why are we crashing? Why do I have no energy? Why can’t I get pregnant? Why do I have no sex drive? Why do I have inflamed prostate? Why am I losing hair? All of these different things that starts up here in the brain, and it’s flowing down through to the control tower—the pituitary. Here’s the difference, endocrine system glands are actually all hormone related. It’s all hormone controlled. Many of you don’t even realize that. In your endocrine system you have hormones that are being produced by these endocrine glands that have to go back to the pituitary, back up here, and talk to all these other hormones. All of these endocrine glands have to talk to one another. They have to know what’s going on. If your adrenals are getting weak, your thyroid can make up for it. If your thyroid’s getting weak, your adrenals—certain hormones will have to go back up to pituitary, back down, and do the same thing. So, this is the control tower. Those toxins that affect it at the control tower level at your brain. Then, there’s toxins that actually can affect at the hormonal level. Toxins can attach to thyroid-stimulating hormone. You can have toxins that actually interfere in the endocrine gland like the thyroid. So, based on that picture you can see a lot of the issues that we’re having—you can see that toxins can affect it all along the way both at the organ level, the actual thyroid gland, and then interfere with communication along the way. That’s why you get pictures of toxins. Toxins can affect the communication between the thyroid and the pituitary, the thyroid—the hormone can be affected by the actual different toxins themselves; ones that we spoke of, like mercury. So, this will, we say, remove the cause. If you’re not removing the cause, and there’s all these toxins in here, and you’re trying to do the other R’s that Dr. Pompa speaks of—if you’re not ridding the toxin, you’re not going to get well. This is all happening and what Dr. Pompa talked about at the cellular level. So, let’s go back down in the hidden case. This is cellular inflammation—is the hidden cause. So, when you have toxins that come in, attach to a cell that’s located inside the thyroid gland—man, you have problems. If you have a toxin that comes in and affects the pituitary at the cellular level, you get cellular inflammation, blunting of the hormones, the things that Dr. Pompa talked about—little hormone receptors not speaking to one another, and inflammation. Good things can’t come in, and bad things can’t go out. You have a sick cell that can hear nothing, do nothing, it’s selfish, and obviously causes—at some level this cellular inflammation can cause what leads to cancer. Then, let’s pull out Dr. Pompa’s 5R’s of cellular healing. R1, that’s why it’s number one—remove the source. Remove those toxins that are causing that cellular inflammation, and that are causing the miscommunication at the hormone level. So, Dr. Pompa, why don’t you talk a little bit about your 5R’s? Remove the source, regenerate the cell membrane—this is all happening at the cellular level, guys, restoring cellular energy, reducing the inflammation and oxidative stress—which we kind of saw in that cell, and then R5 re-establishing methylation. This is the roadmap to cellular healing—to getting your life back. I just spoke to someone the other day to wrap this all up. They were like, “Warren, why do you do what you do?” Well, there’s a lot of people suffering out there that don’t understand that their problems are happening at the cellular level. They’re not being told when they go to the doctor that they need to remove the source. For example, diabetes according to an Oxford study I just read it was 92%—a large study. It was hundreds of patients. They proved with dietary change alone 92% of all diabetes is reversible—type II diabetes. They did it in a study. They did put everyone on an anti-inflammatory diet—probably not nearly as good as the cellular healing diet—and 92% is reversible. So, when you go to your doctor the source of the problem was too much sugar—that’s one of the, remove the source, problems. You’re eating too much sugar—grains and sugar, and inflammation at the cellular level. They just changed diet, 92% without even following the other R’s. They reversed 92% of diabetes. When you go to your doctor he does not say, “Oh, by the way, I just read a study in the New England Journal of Medicine”—I can’t remember the study. I just saw it and spoke about it at another event, but they don’t go to you and say, “Oh, by the way, if you do this diet there’s a 92% chance that you will never have to have diabetes again.” No, when you go to your doctor he says, “Oh, my gosh. You’re starting to get elevated blood glucose. We need to put you on a drug.” You see the difference? Remove the source, guys. That’s why this works. That’s why this system—and that’s why we’re passionate, because, a lot of people don’t know the truth. They’re doctors aren’t telling them. That’s not their job. If you want to learn about removing the cause and seeing your body heal itself don’t go to your medical doctor 99% of the time. Not to say that there’s not some ones out there that want to do that, but they’re not trained in that. We’re training you on the truth on how to let your bodies heal. That’s a system that’s broken. This is a system that works.

David: It’s kind of funny you bring this up. You talk about removing the source with R1 and how that plays such a big factor. Dr. Sarah, who is in our program, was taking huge steps backwards, and she found out that she had a car that was full of mold. Literally she went out and got a new car, and Dr. Pompa, how quickly did she start feeling better? I mean, obviously she has to go through other cellular detox programs going back to clearing out the cellular level. What was it almost instantly that she felt a difference?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, that’s the power of really just getting to the source. When we look at all the conditions today, I think one of the dangers is that we just don’t think it’s going to affect us, right? I mean, we have so many people that just—they get a certain amount of symptoms after a while, and it becomes normal to you. I should say, at least a lot of these things like waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep, only able to sleep six hours, not getting to sleep, fatigue, and needing stimulants all day. It’s common, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal. So, it’s like we’re almost dumbed down, especially in this country, to what is in fact normal and vibrant health. Very few people have it, David. If I were to have talked to you a couple years ago, you’d have thought you had it. Am I right?

David: I actually thought I did. I thought I was doing things the right way. Then all of a sudden I was sitting in the back in your room. I mean, how I got there is God-given. I was sitting there in the back of the room, and I was just like—I think I was asking just as many questions as the doctors were.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, but you know, again if you’d have said, “I’m healthy. I’m healthy.” You were dying, man. You were. You could have had a heart attack.

David: God forbid, but yeah.

Dr. Pompa: Someone like myself would have been like, “Yeah, it makes sense so me.” Everyone else in your family would have just been shocked.

David: I mean, at the time I was a vegetarian. I was eating lots of grain, lots of bread, lots of pasta, and I thought I was doing the right thing.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, no doubt. That’s America.

Warren: I just spoke with one of our new employees. She’s probably watching right now. Hello, Meredith. She just told me about a story of a close friend. She interned at the Kushi Institute for seven years. She loves the mission. She’s doing the fast. She’s ordered another Beyond Organic pack, and doing another fast. She’s doing the bone broth fast. She’s getting her bones—I mean, she is on fire for this information. She came from that environment, the Kushi Institute—and it did a lot of good for certain people, but their diet is almost like a vegan diet with heavy, heavy grains, no meats, some fish, but heavy, heavy grains—rice, different ancient grains—very rice and grain heavy. One of her friends had diabetes. This is the diet. He thought he was going to the Kushi Institute to get well. Meanwhile, he fell into a diabetic coma at one point during his time there. This is what’s crazy to me, even in the natural health field we buy into a philosophy, or maybe even a religion that’s based not on science, but based on—I mean, they have some good stuff, fermenting—there’s some great stuff there, don’t get me wrong. They have beautiful information that’s been around for a long time. However, when you’re dealing with a disease and a disease process you can’t ignore a philosophy like being a vegan, being a meatatarian, or whatever it may be—when it’s going to kill you. You have to know the answers. So, they were literally shoving grains into a diabetic, spiking his glucose and insulin, killing him and throw him into a coma. They never thought about the consequences of what that was doing to his body. It’s maddening. So, even in a natural health field you’ll go see someone, and they’ll put you on some canned program that they bought, like Ideal Life or Isagenix—a direct-sale product that has sugar in it, and say, “This is going to cure your disease.” They make a few people feel better. Another one, is Ideal Protein which has toxic things in it—and Soy Protein, and different sugars, high fructose corn syrup, or whatever it may be. You wind up making people sicker. So, when you’re doing something, another one of our goals is not even giving people an option from the medical doctor side to get your life back, but it’s also to show you the truth on the alternative side. If you want to get your life back, you have to follow the 5R’s. You have to do this system of cellular healing, and you can’t just grab on to one thing—like this diet or that diet. You have to follow the system, and do what’s right and what’s science-based. Dan, that’s what I love about you. I struggled with you at times. I was like, “Dan, not everyone’s going to do that. Here’s a canned program that everyone can do.” He’s like, “No, this is what God’s given me. These are the 5R’s. This is for everyone as well. We need to make this a household name. Not make it simple. Not make it Isagenix.”

Dr. Pompa: One of the things that I struggle with is that. I mean, even doctors want a canned program. They want, “Oh, just a protocol for this.” My goal is always just to teach a doctor how to think. If we can teach them how to think around and understand cellular healing, then I know that we’re going to change the world, at least in this aspect of it. I want to finish with one thing here, just because it kind of led in that direction. This is something that I taught on this past weekend. I think it really talks a lot about what we’ve talked about. Warren brought up diabetes and just saying, “Get rid of sugar.” It’s really not that simple, because most people would say, “If I asked 100 people here—do you eat a lot of sugar?” The answer would absolutely be, “No.” When we look at the standard American diet, one of the things that’s driving inflammation premature aging is elevated glucose. That’s blood sugar. Now, all of those people—if we sampled 100 people, 98 out of that 100 would have ups and downs in their glucose and insulin aging prematurely. Even though their blood tests when they go to their doctor their glucose is normal, but the problem is they’re like this, right? All right, which causes cravings. It causes, “Gosh, I need to eat” feeling. It obviously causes weight gain. Oh, and the skinny people—you end up with fatty liver. So, this is what’s happening. This is a diet that people in America think they’re eating a low carbohydrate or no sugar. It’s bologna. The low carbohydrate diets promoted by our government are actually still in fact high carbohydrates. So, most of you watching this, even those who eat healthy, this is still applying to you. If you’re eating carbohydrate intakes around 150 to 200, which is what our government calls a low carbohydrate—this is actually still happening. So, you get a rise in triglycerides. This is a big problem, because once you get a rise in triglycerides not only do you have the potential to get fat, but you have the potential to get a fatty liver. We have a drop in HDL, which most people know is the good cholesterol which I hate that, because there is no bad cholesterol. Well, actually you get a drop in the bad cholesterol, the LDL. So, you see why people used to say, “Well, this higher carbohydrate diet is what you want—low-fat and high carbs, because we get a drop in the bad cholesterol.” Well, we drop in the HDL, which they simply don’t talk about, but they focus right here—on the LDL, because it has such a bad rap. Well, the fact is more people with heart attacks, with low LDL, higher mortality, higher death rate with low LDL. We talked about this in the past shows, so please go back and watch it, but that’s the truth, or it’s something else. Here’s what really matters with cholesterol. You have an elevation in the number of particles—in the small particles. I’m not going to re-teach that, but go watch the show on it. This is what matters with that. The more particles of LDL you have the more at risk of heart attack, despite how low it is. The more of the small particles you have, despite how low it is really puts you at risk for multiple things—not just heart disease, but all kinds of other health problems even hormone problems. So, this is what happens. Now, let’s show you what a true low carbohydrate diet looks like. This is what happens when we do the cellular healing diet and the advanced cellular healing diet with our patients. You get a drop in triglycerides. You get a rise in HDL. LDL goes up, which by the way, is the one that you need to make hormones with. So, again this has been the criticism of low carbohydrate diets is it raises HDL. You’re darn right it does, because there’s a lower mortality. There’s better hormone function, but let’s look at the killer here. The real thing is the cholesterol particles, and the size of the particles plummet. So, the LDL particles and the size go down. This is the way humans were meant to function. This is the way most of you even watching the show are functioning. Now, we love to do a test called an NMR test. It looks at particle number and size. People with very low cholesterol—I just had one, Warren. Her cholesterol was 155. I had two years of blood tests; low cholesterol, she had low brain function, she had major toxic issues, hormone issues, low cellular energy, cholesterol 155 –set up for the death zone. No doubt about it. Eating the standard American low-fat—just doing everything right as far as diet goes. I would say she’d be considered in moderate to high carbohydrate diet driving that condition. Her genetics, she needs to lower that carbohydrate intake, increase her fats, and watch her numbers all change. Her life’s going to change. That’s the key for most people. When we talk about your genetics determine how much fat you need. It determines how many proteins. It’s like we train our doctors on that, and that’s really important, but this is an epidemic of just the wrong message driving this problem. It’s all based on LDL levels. It’s completely half-ass backwards.

Warren: It’s maddening. You always get me fired up, Dan. I sit here, and I’ve heard this information before from you. It still boggles my mind. It’s like, “How do people that supposedly care about the world allow this to happen?” I know it’s money-driven. I get the business side, and the government side of it. Even then I can’t wrap my head around it, because it’s literally killing people. People are designed by God to live a certain way. Your hormones and things adapt so that you can live at a high level, and have a high level of brain function. I mean, I see it every day. It’s so sad to see people not functioning the way God designed their body to be—not to be the parent they’re supposed to be, not to be the grandma they’re supposed to be, not having the energy and vitality that we speak of. It’s normal. It’s absolutely normal to be healthy. Now, it’s abnormal to be healthy at a certain age. Oh, man. How is that even possible that you’re healthy? You’re getting older. You should be sick. I mean, that’s the accepted paradigm. I’m a little bit dumbed down.

Dr. Pompa: We’ve been dumbed down—see, when a major premise of a philosophy is wrong. David, you’re a philosophy guy. What happens to everything underneath it? When the major premise is wrong, what happens under it?

David: Well, when the major premise is wrong everything is wrong, because everything is built up on that foundation.

Dr. Pompa: Here’s the major premise that we’ve been dealing with. The major premise is that saturated fats and cholesterol are bad for you. It was started in 1909, I believe, to 1913. Then in 1954, where Alan Keyes—you know his junk science. Everything came out of a major premise to where LDL was bad. So, LDL we thought was the bad cholesterol. All these false major premises now are dictating a lifestyle of low-fat, a diet that really is causing disease in humans. We’re ignoring the fact that we have this massive toxic overload, and we wonder how we got here. The major premise is wrong. We need to reverse our major premise to this right here.

David: It’s like everything is built upon the premise that the world is flat. Everything that we’re being taught is based upon that original premise that the world is flat in the sense of all the foods that we’re talking about.

Dr. Pompa: We just end on this note, and we switch our major premise, and the way that we live our lifestyles. Look, God designed our bodies in such an amazing way that they can heal themselves, right? Doctors don’t heal. Our bodies have the ability to heal. If all we do is remove the interference. Give the body what it needs. That’s actually the easy part. Remove the interference, and our bodies will heal. If we live our lives from that premise that makes us live our lives from cause and not effect. We are trained from the time we are kids to live our lives in effect. 97% of Americans do that. We wait until we have a symptom. We take a pill. Have a headache, take a pill. Have this, take this. You’re living your life in effect—I’m broke, let me get money, pay this, pay that. Everything that we operate is effect. Instead of living our lives up here to cause—you don’t ever wait until you get sick. The body heals itself, but we have to remove these things in our life that are driving it. High carbohydrate diets, absolutely. Get rid of it. Humans aren’t meant to eat that way. We can go all through it—the amount of toxins that you’re exposed to daily, amalgam fillings, and these things—remove them, and the body will heal itself. So, remove the cause. Live your life from cause not effect. No doubt your life will change. Be a 3%er —that’s the way, 3% of the people who are successful in everything live from cause in not only their health, but everything in their life. 97 percenters—people that are just sheeple. They’re following the herd. I always teach my children, “Never follow the herd. If the herd’s going right, make a left.” So, those are the 3%ers. You want to be the one that lives your life from cause. Move away from the herd. 180 degree lifestyle, no doubt is what you have to live.

Warren: That being said, Dan, right now if you’re watching this or will be watching it later on, share cellularhealing.tv with your friends. Take action. This is the truth. I 100% guarantee that the stuff we’re sharing with you is backed up by science. It’s the real deal. It’s not some canned program. It’s not some scheme or pyramid opportunity. This is the truth. Dan, of all the people I know is a truth seeker. He’s one of the top doctors in the country. I would honestly say he’s the top five in the country that I’ve met to get people well, and I’ve met them all. I’m just coming right from my heart. He’s incredible.

Dr. Pompa: Maybe we should call this show, “Cellular Healing TV: Live the 180 Degree Lifestyle.” Because, every topic that we’ve talked about it’s a 180 degrees opposite of the way the world is moving. It’s like they move right, we’re moving left. It’s 180 degree lifestyle. David, and Warren both of you the marketing guys, people can relate to that.

David: That’s a good book title.

Dr. Pompa: It’s like, “That is it, man. You want to live a good life. Live a 180 degree life. Live 180 degree lifestyle.” My wife and I do. Your wives do. That’s what we do! We’re 3%ers, but we’re living a 180 degree lifestyle. Join us.

Warren: Amen. I'm in on that, Dr. Pompa. Thank you so much for your passion, your heart, and all the sacrifices you make seeing patients every day. I talked to you yesterday—back-to-back-to-back all day until 8 o'clock your time. We know the time and effort you put in and the sacrifices you put in. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon here in Pittsburgh. You and David, love you guys. Appreciate your time.

David: All right, man. See you next week.

Dr. Pompa: Likewise.

Warren: Thanks everybody. Thanks for joining us. CellularHealing.tv share it. Bye-bye.