25: Exercise, Weight Loss and the Cross Fit Myth

Transcript of Episode 25: Exercise, Weight Loss, and the Cross Fit Myth

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Warren Phillips and David Asarnow.

Warren: Hello, good morning, and welcome to Cellular Healing TV. I took off last week because I was teaching practitioners some of the same things we share here on Cellular Healing TV because our goal is to change the world and teach you what you need to do after the opposite, 180° of what you hear on the media and even on health and wellness websites because what we teach is real. Dr. Pompa's taking off today. He's with his family, so it's David and I hosting. I had a last-minute guest that wasn't able to get to a computer, so we have a couple new guests that we're bringing on in the next several weeks. We're in a conversation with them to make sure that we can clear up their schedule. It's hard to do it at 10AM for some of these guests. We're going to figure out some pre-recording or what we need to do because there's some great information experts out there. Today's topic is – and we've hit this topic in the past. We want to take it from a little different perspective, from David and my perspective, is the right way to exercise. I know we discussed burst training right, in the past. Also, you can call high intensity training, HIT Training. Then that moves into some of the things we want to talk about, is the CrossFit training and some of the high intensity workouts that are out there, even on-line, and some of the programs like Insanity, which your wife does, David. We can talk about why those programs are so addicting, and really where you need to start. You may be watching this today going, “Well, where do I start? Do I start at CrossFit? Am I an elite athlete like that?” No, so David, let's open up and start having a conversation about exercise and what is the right exercise. One thing that I'll tell you that's a hot button for me is when I – let me back up a little bit. I was teaching on marketing, I'm a marketer. Not only that, but I've been in the health and wellness industry and I consider myself at some level a health and wellness expert as well because I've been at this, and I've tried and done everything alongside Dr. Pompa and other practitioners for the last – well, since I had my personal health challenges starting back in 2004. I've been on the natural route for quite some time. One of the things I've learned in marketing, and we've watched – you can watch a lot of the Nike video. I don't know where you would type it in, but it's running to greatness. There's a culture code out there that running equals weight loss. Running equals you're going to do great, you're going to be healthy. That's in our culture. We think if we run we can do whatever we want to do. I'm going to eat this candy bar, and now I'm going to run around the stadium 10 times. Now the effects of that candy bar have now been removed.

David: That's justification though. That's justification, and that's where most people go.

Warren: No, they believe it David, they believe it because they – it's not justification, they actually believe it. They think that they can burn it off. I have run my engine hotter, and I can put whatever I want into the furnace. That's what they believe. I hear it from – at the gym, some of these guys believe that. I've been involved in triathlons. They believe the same – they said, “Let's exercise more, burn that – what should I eat?” I've heard them ask – some top athletes. Now this is again probably going five to eight years ago, I don't know if this same person would say that, but a top triathlete would say, “What do I eat to be as great as you?” He's like, “Just run your engine harder, hotter, and you'll burn off whatever because it doesn't matter.” We know, at Cellular Healing TV, what we eat and ingest affects us at the cellular level. It affects the integrity of our cell membrane, the good things coming in and the bad things going out. It does effect at the cellular level, it does cause oxidative stress and damage throughout your body and nutrient depletion obviously if you're not eating good, healthy foods that come along nutrients. This is a major culture, the culture believes this. This may not be shocking to you or I, David, but it's quite shocking to some of the people watching this video that running equals health. Honestly, there's no research. It says that it does beside the fact that it helped with cardiovascular, circulation, so it has its benefits. Exercise in general, how do you do it right? David, discuss how you do it, how you did it before you met us and how you do it now. Let's get into some of the questions that I know the audience has given us over the last several months. We'll try to address those today on Cellular Healing TV. Thanks for joining us.

David: Before I met you, if you recall, I was on about a year and a half kick of being a vegetarian. To me, being a vegetarian meant that I could eat pastas, I could eat grains, I could eat all of these things. When you met me, I was pretty set – I would say to put it kindly, inflamed at the cellular level. I was puffy, I had different health challenges that we've talked about. You guys opened my eyes to something different. I thought that if I ran, that's how I burned everything off. If I wanted to drop some weight, I'd cut out carbs for a couple weeks, or reduce the carbs for a couple weeks. Literally, if I had one piece of bread, I had to have 10 pieces of bread. It was like I was addicted to it. Now, all of a sudden you started talking about training, and working out, and high intensity. By the way, you're right. Jen may not – she eats pretty well. She's addicted to Insanity, or Insanity Asylum. She does these – she's not a performance athlete, but she does these performance athlete workouts, and she can keep up with them. Frankly, still to this day she can blow me away as far as these things go because she's addicted. It's summer time, so she can go to the gym. She's at the gym right now at a class. She'll probably do something else afterwards. I think Maddie and her friend went with her this morning. She's addicted to the Insanity, and I'd love your thoughts on that. As far as what I've morphed into, in December what happened was I was running, I'd go to the gym, I tried CrossFit, I threw out my back because of the squats with the heavy weights and I never really fit into that my whole life. Now I'm doing something that's high intensity training. It's called Orangetheory Fitness. Jen calls it Orange Therapy for me. I'd love your thoughts on why because it – what working out does to your brain in helping you clear out. What I found is if I do a mix of bursts of cardio, where you bring your heart rate up, let it come down, heart rate up, let it come down, heart rate up, let it get down, and then you do the same thing when it comes to strength. It doesn't need to be high weights. It could be the push-ups, it could be the TSX type bands. It could be all these different things, however my body's leaned out, it's firmed up, I look better. Hey, I'm in the – I could wear this – I told you for the first time I'm actually wearing the same size suit that I did when I was 26 years old, and I'm 45. I'm not trying now. In the past, I was always trying to do something. Now, because of my diet and how I conduct myself on a daily basis, things are just changing naturally.

Warren: Yeah, I mean if you look at the research of healthy centenarians and groups of people that really are untapped by a market. There's a study, I think it was of a Chinese culture. It wasn't Okinawa, it was another Chinese culture. Essentially, and they had all these centenarians, the highest rate of centenarians. We looked at their diet, how they lived, we looked at how they progressed over this time period. They studied them when they moved to Brazil, or if they moved to America, how their body types and everything changed. One of the things that they – one of the figures I can remember individually in that book is that the culture actually got leaner as they aged. They stayed the same, but right around 80 or so they actually got leaner, and more lean. They lived this long life period. In America, we do this, and this is wrong. You get fatter, and fatter, and fatter. It's accepted as a culture to get heavier, heavier, and heavier, and it is fat that's being stored most of the time, so it is fatter, and fatter, and fatter, and gaining more weight. Then it peaks, and then it drops. You want to answer why it drops later on in life?

David: Why does your weight drop later?

Warren: Why do you think everyone gets fatter, fatter, and fatter, and then it drops off right at the end?

David: That's a good question, I don't have the answer to that.

Warren: I have the answer for you, because they get sick, and they get into a hospital bed, and their body starts cannibalizing themselves because they can't get out of bed, they can't move. They're on a liquid diet, they get cancer, whatever it may be. As they get older, they drop off towards the end. It's the death drop, if you will, in weight. Really sad, where in other cultures it stays about the same, and then just little drop off at the end. That's because they're getting older, and probably not exercising – well, out in the field with these centenarians, these 100 year old plus in this group. In this China study, they actually still are out 90, 100 years old pulling a plow behind their back. They're not being marketed to, David. They don't know – they just know how to live off the land, and how to do what they're – and interact in synergy and harmony with their environment, where in America it's all about money and marketing. I'm a marketing guy, so that's a perspective that I'm always going to bring to this. I'm a business guy. Whoever markets the most, and so are you, marketing guy, the business in marketing the most wins. This isn't on accident that America is in a state of disease and dysfunction. You've been marketed to, you've been lied to, and they don't care about your health. The pharmaceutical companies don't, the businesses don't, Coca Cola doesn't, the Olympics don't, definitely not. They're cashing in on your hard earned money. Where are you going to invest that hard-earned money? Into someone and into something that's not going to add value to your life and actually is going to cause you to gain weight, gain weight, get fatter and then die, or do you want to live a lifestyle that's balanced and healthy throughout your life where at 100 years old you're pulling a plow? That means you're pulling your family, you're creating a legacy, you're speaking life and truth into those around you and not becoming a burden. You're becoming a blessing. By the time you're 100 years old, David, and I know as I age I understand I know less and less, but in that less and less that I know, or in my head, I have more and more value to add to the world through my life experience. That's the way – and then I can – you can add to that David, and we'll talk about Insanity and some of the addictions and things and why that happens.

David: You know the interesting thing, and Dr. Pompa spoke about this on one of the previous shows. I don't know if it was when you were on vacation or not. In most societies, if you look at these centenarians, and the people who are much healthier, the food source that we have in most cases, people eat locally. In the northern climates, they eat more heavy fat, fishes, high meat.

Warren: It's also loaded with a lot of vitamin D where they don't get much sunshine.

David: They don't get sunshine, so it's almost like God designed the earth perfectly for where we live. The problem we, as a society that we have, is we've got major companies like Monsanto that are genetically modifying. People have modified wheat, people have modified almost every food in the sense of – in the beginning, I think that they had good intentions. They were just trying to solve a problem that may have been out there. They didn't realize – I've got to think that people weren't trying to do things that were going to harm people. However, once we understand that things are going to harm people, then all of a sudden you've got to take a look and say, “Now, greed's involved.” The sheer fact of the matter that many of the products that are available for sale, the seeds that are for sale here in the United States are banned throughout the European Union, are banned through Third World and developing countries. Why, because of the unknown. The things that are the known that this – I mean we're eating pesticides. We're eating – you're changing gene expression. All of a sudden in this country, we're – even in great places that – the places like Whole Foods still have foods that may have modifications in there that – all natural. All natural doesn't mean anything. All natural – all of a sudden, people through marketing are thinking that they're eating healthy, and they're getting all natural where they're having products that are possibly causing the major challenge that they're having health wise.

Warren: Yeah, they're very deceptive on labels. You need to know how to read your labels because they say all natural. The standard American is like, “I want to eat healthier.” Even your cardiologist may have told you, hey you need to eat a little more natural food, and then you see a box of a granola bar and it says, “all natural,” but yet it's loaded with 40 grams of sugar and it's oxidizing you and really killing you at the cellular level. Your body cannot process that much sugar or grains for that matter. There's two addictions that you mentioned, one to exercise and one to grains. Grains, they're a super sugar, they're more highly addictive that regular sugar. That's the reason why, because of the type of sugar that's in it. Two, Insanity and running in general, because that's what you're doing. It's a massive, cardio workout. They – the reason you get addicted to that, that's just like anything else. It causes a major endorphin and dopamine spike. That's fine, and that's great for people, especially if you have depression issues and stuff. You just got to go for a run. That transforms your life. I'm not saying running's a bad thing, I'm not even saying Insanity's a bad thing. What I'm going to say is it's not right for everyone. Two, it's not preferable for weight loss if you're doing it every day. There is a – just like when you do an Insane workout, or you do a major run, a five mile run, whatever, that there's a hormone change in your body. There's a dopamine spike which gives you that runner's high, or that Insanity high. You just hit it. If you're a biker, you know what it is, you get in the zone. That's right when the endorphins and some of the pain stuff goes away because there's this endorphin spike. There's also a cortisol spike, which is stress to your body, but also which lends more muscle burning than fat burning. You have to be careful, if you're looking just to do weight loss, you have to do every other day, or maybe three days a week and just focus on that. The major pink elephant in the room is your diet, and getting rid of grains and sugars will burn fat better and do more for your hormone change than exercise will ever do. This is where my pet peeve comes in when I see someone who's really struggling, and I see them bouncing on pavement, beating the crud out of their joints, they're obese or extremely overweight, and they're really trying hard to get their life back. They know that they're done. They've come to that place in their life. Even their medical doctor may have told them. They've watched the TV shows. They've now been convinced. Then the culture code says, like The Greatest Loser, right, the culture is still pumping and puppeteer the people to believe that someone who's obese or overweight needs their calories restricted, needs to do these crazy workouts. What you don't know when you watch The Biggest Loser is how many times EMS, the emergency vehicle, needs to come in and pick up these people and take them to the hospital. They're doing the wrong types of exercise. Those people on the biggest loser, all they need to do is a little bit of functional training, which my personal trainer does, just maybe to even start them sitting up and down out of a chair 20 times will get them into a fat burning zone, get their hormones switched that would benefit them. They need to start there. They have them doing burpees, with 300 pounds of fat bouncing around. That's destroying their body and unhealthy. It's absolutely wrong. They're exposing it for ratings. They're hurting these people. There's massive waivers there. When I talk to some of the experts in the fitness industry, it's maddening because this culture code is out there. Then, the culture code of Insanity, and P90X, and now this waive of group training with – go on David.

David: Orangetheory.

Warren: This major movement in CrossFit is wiping out our healthcare industry because there's so many injuries. CrossFit is not for everyone. Now there are some great CrossFit centers out there that will really – that know more about functional training and it's just not something they picked up and started doing, but they have a lot of expertise in this. They may start you slow, and have a start-up group, and maybe say, “Hey, you need to personal train with me for six months to a year until your body's ready for this high intensity training,” but it's not for everybody. Again, it became this movement in the same culture code which tapped in through Rocky. Just push your body as hard as possible, and train as hard as possible like Igor, or whatever his name was, on Rocky, and push your body, push your body, Ivan or whatever his name was that they –

David: Ivan.

Warren: Yeah, so they push your body until you can't stop and push anymore. They say, “That's how you get your life back. That's how you get fit and in shape. It's just push, push, push, and that's what the culture believes. It's absolutely the opposite of the truth. It doesn't work that way. You're hurting your body. You have to build up to that, and become a Rocky who trains – has been consistently training for years so that their tendons, muscles, and actually their body can handle that. You have to eat the right diet alongside of it because it's a major stress. If you're watching this video, Warren, where can I start? If you're overweight, start with just moving. Do the most basic of workouts. If you just grab two 10 pound dumbbells and just – if you can't and your knees hurt and stuff like that, you may just want to do it in a chair and go like this 20 times until your breath goes and take a break and do that. Then build up over time. You need to ask, if you're getting personal training, you need to ask them their philosophy. I interviewed several personal trainers till I found one that I believed in their philosophy. He didn't believe in the CrossFit philosophy. When I first started out working, I was an all American athlete. I eat the perfect diet. I do exercise, but then I decided to get a personal trainer. How he started me out, is he did a bunch of movements to see whether there's imbalances in my body, and I just did a lot of movement and stretching. I still was sore, burned out, and got into heavy breathing and into that training zone just from doing basic movements where I would do steps and just come down and do steps down the track, and back again. Then just some yoga moves and things like that just to get stretching, more elastic, and build in some of the weaknesses – a lot of core work so that I can build up to some of the things I'm doing now six months later where I'm actually pushing a sled, or I'm flipping tires, or I’m able to grab on to and pull up on with your fingers for rock climbing things. It's just all this stuff now, but I couldn't have done that. It's neat that he progressed me safely, and specifically, and watched, “Warren's weak there, let's work on his weaknesses. Let's get this up because that's going to be injury. Oh, you're knees are hurting, let's back off on that.” You're not going to hear that in CrossFit. They're going to say, “Push through the pain, push through the pain.” You wind up destroying your body, your joints, and the healthcare industry loves it because it's making them a lot of money in injuries.

David: You and I talked with a lot of chiropractors. As far as people in their 20's – well, more 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, a lot of the new injured cases aren't from car accidents, it's from the CrossFit type exercising that people are getting involved with. Here's the interesting thing that I've noticed recently. The reason that I crave the run or the workout, is because I love the sweat. Getting totally drenched feels great. Here's one of the things that I realized. I don't think that it's the run necessarily, or the workout, it's that sweat and getting the toxins out. Since I have the portable sauna, I could go in the sauna for 30 minutes and come out, and feel that exact same way that I did afterwards. It's like the release of toxins from your body. I think that what you're talking about, there's something here. The workout doesn't need to be as long. It's getting that sweat, and getting the toxins out of our body can do such amazing things for us. What do you think?

Warren: Yeah, and just so you know, you have a lymphatic sense system. Again, I am not a biologist. I have a biology background, I have a master’s degree in Chemistry, but it wasn't in the human body of biology. I didn't take anatomy if you will. That's one course I didn't take in college. There's a lymphatic system, if you can look up lymphatic and then hit pics on Google and look for pictures. You'll see that you have lymph all over your body. In order to – those lymph don't have – it doesn't circulate. It circulates by your body moving. That pushes the toxins down into your liver and your colon and then you excrete them either via urine or feces. Let's be honest, that's where your toxins move through your body. If you're sedentary, not moving, which is what that means if I pronounced it correctly. You're sitting in this chair all day and you're not moving, this lymphatic system is not being circulated. You're just sitting. Movement is what – is the engine that drives the lymph, moves the toxins out of your muscles and tissues. It drains – essentially your lymph, it drains your body of extra fluid, of toxins, those are your lymph. A lot of people get lymphatic cancer, know why? Let's wonder. You have toxins sitting in there, changing gene expression, causing inflammation. Inflammation leads into cancer. When you're moving, that movement is very important. When you're saying, “Hey, I need to move and sweat,” the movement is heat. If you're sitting at a desk all day, you're setting yourself up to become a toxic bomb. You're not moving anything out, you're not sweating. Your skin is one of the major detox pathways in your body. This is an organ that breathes and interacts with the world. That's why whatever you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream, transdermal they call it. Also, if you – in my toxicology training, if you stuck your hand into a toxic environment, and didn't even – none of the rest of your body was exposed, but there were toxic gasses, it would still kill you. The gasses would soak in through your skin, go into your bloodstream and then attack and pleat it out. We don't breathe it, see it, whatever, so when you've seen those movies where you have the full suit, so any exposed skin area, it doesn't take much, you're going to die. Your skin interacts with the environment. It's really important, that's why you've got to have a healthy home. Even if you didn't breathe in your home and you have toxins, the formaldehyde would soak in through your skin. You need to be movement. Movement creates the engine for your lymphatic intoxication and then also the sweat. That's why the Infrared Saunas are so scientific – the scientific level's so powerful, not only because of the wavelength that activates the cell and creates cellular energy, but also those waves penetrate in, and heat up, and essentially off-gas if you will. Off-gas is a bad word, but evaporate the toxins if you will. They push them out of the cellular tissues, the fat mainly, and it evaporates them if you will. They come out, or they become included with the liquid in your body as sweat. Then they evaporate out. That's how they remove the toxins. It's a great system. People will tell you foot baths work, where you're just sweating your feet. Again, there's probably a minimum amount of toxins that come out there, but when you get into an infrared sauna, and you sit in there, and your whole body becomes, your skin becomes this detoxification, evaporation zone because it's penetrating down into your fat and your subcutaneous tissues. It's off-gas and some of the fats, the toxin-stored fats and off-gasses a lot of those toxins, or evaporates them out of your body. It's a really useful tool. What Dan now teaches, Dr. Pompa, I call him Dan because he's my best friend and brother. Brother from another mother, I have to say it, but it's true. What happens is you exercise, so your lymphatic is really moving and grooving, and you're really releasing a lot of toxins through exercise. Now many of you get sick after you exercise. It could be you're so stinking toxic that your body can't handle the circulation or what you stirred up, like a bees nest of toxins are now stinging your body all over on the inside causing inflammation. Some of you that exercise and get sick afterwards, your body's not adapting to that stress, and two, you're circulating toxins. That's not good. What we do is after a workout, we'll take some carbon, Bind. The Bind, systemic formulas more specifically, and then you go into the sauna and now the sauna's really moving out some of those toxins out of your body, evaporating them, and then you're – instead of those toxins circulating in your body, you're catching them in your colon and gut through the carbon and moving them out through your body. It's amazing. Exercise is critical and important when it's done correctly. If it's done incorrectly, it can be a stress to your body, it can cause you to become more toxic, some of the things we've talked about. We're debunking the myth that the harder you train the healthier you get, or the more you run, the healthier you get, or the more you run and the more you exercise, the more weight you lose. It's not true. You might lose muscle, more muscle and lose more weight that way, but that's not what we want to do. We want to have a good metabolic girdle, meaning we want to have muscle or a nice engine to continue to burn calories. Have oxygen flow into your brain to make you feel better, to make you perform better at work, and all those things especially for folks like me who sit in front of a computer for 12 hours a day].

David: You're working out.

Warren: There you go, so get up and move. Movement, movement's power. Even if you did nothing else but worked out twice a week doing some burst type exercise, type in burst training into Google. Find a simple burst workout, two dumbbells in your office, and just did that. That would start moving your forward. You still get the endorphin rush, David, of an Insanity workout. You still feel better. You still get oxygen flow to your brain. You still detox. You're moving your lymphatic, and you'll sweat as well.

David: Perfect, any final thoughts to leave our viewers with today?

Warren: No, I think we summed it up great. We're looking forward to the next several weeks. I'm going to try to bring on an exercise expert and Phil Kaplan 00:29:08.

David: Exercise experts, we've got cellular experts coming on. We've got some amazing guests that we're going to have out on over the next several weeks.

Warren: Everyone, prayer and thankful for Dr. Pompa who pours so much into this mission having some time with his family this weekend. He's actually speaking to a large group of clients for one of our platinum physicians that's part of our program, and to bring in, bring this message to a group of potentially people that are sick and dying in California right now. Really excited he's able to do that tomorrow morning, so everyone who's a praying type person, just pray for them and pray that the message is heard clearly because it's the opposite, guys, of what we're seeing in marketing. It's really sad. We need to speak truth and love to the world about the truth about exercise, eating, diet, detoxification. There's a lot of lies out there, inside and outside even the natural healthcare industry. Speak the life in truth and we can change the world together. Thank you for watching Cellular Healing TV, today.

David: Thanks Warren.

Warren: You bet. Blessings guys. Take care, bye-bye.