376: How the Microbiome Relates to Disease on a Global Scale

Today I want to re-air this interview with the brilliant Dr. Zach Bush, who is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems. This is an enlightening conversation about how a global health crisis requires global immunity, and Dr. Zach will offer solutions that can be implemented now.

More about Dr. Zach Bush:

Zach Bush MD is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and our food production systems. Dr Zach founded *Seraphic Group to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health and extend his passion for educating the world on topics such as the state of our soil – including the need to eradicate toxins such as glyphosate from our farming chain – and the importance of gut/brain communication as a vital part of our overall health/wellbeing.

Dr Zach is a respected speaker and authority in the health and wellness space. He travels the world speaking to medical and farming communities as well as consumers who are interested in taking proactive control of their health.

Show notes:

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Dr. Pompa:
Without a doubt, we are in a global health crisis. I think you would all agree. Well, what’s the answer? I would argue global immunity. What does that mean? You’re going to see.

I’m interviewing Dr. Zach Bush in this episode. We hammer out the two biggest problems and solutions. Wait until you hear what Zach has going on and what you’re going to absolutely be loving being a part of. It is a huge game changer and a unique answer to this massive problem. Check out this episode.

I want to give thanks to one of our sponsors, CytoDefend. Look, at a time like this, I think that our immune system and keeping our immune system up right now is more important than ever. I could also tell you that I pay attention to the things that keep my immune system on par and healthy; so glad that CytoDefend is one of our sponsors here on Cell TV. It’s a product that I use, my family uses, and hopefully you’ll check it out.

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If you’re listening to this podcast and want to access the amazing CytoDefend product Dr. Pompa just mentioned, please visit freeimmunity.com. Again, that’s freeimmunity.com. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Cellular Healing TV. I’m Ashley Smith, and today we welcome the wonderful Dr. Zach Bush, who is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease, and food systems.

This is going to be an enlightening conversation about how a global health crisis requires global immunity. I cannot wait to hear where this goes. Let’s get started, and welcome Dr. Zach and, of course, Dr. Pompa to the show. Welcome, both of you.

Dr. Bush:
Thanks for having us. I so appreciate it. It’s wonderful to be on with you and the audience. It’s going to take a global community to realize a global solution.

Dr. Pompa:
You know, it’s funny, we always try to do timeless shows on Cellular Healing TV because we have so many people who have downloaded the recordings later on. I think this is. We are in a global crisis right now. Actually, we’ve been; I think that with COVID, the rioting that’s going on as the time we record this show, of course, the global crisis has risen to a new level. You have such a unique perspective on this.

We also have a global epidemic going on in our bodies right now. Zach, you bring us together better than anybody. Global immunity, I think, we need to create. My goodness, this show could not be more important right now because of the crisis, the epidemics that we’re facing, the pandemics that we’re facing. This is an important show. Thank you for being here. Your message is really relevant right now, Zach.

Dr. Bush:
Thank you so much for having me on. It’s an exciting time to take a step back and reframe the conversation after many months of looking at the health and socioeconomic collapse that’s happening around a pandemic. We have to understand that it’s revealing symptomatically a much deeper problem that pre-existed the current awareness. That is a crisis of chronic disease epidemics. That’s been brewing for decades now.

Despite so many people from WHO to Harvard to our little tiny laboratory, everybody is screaming this is the end of the species if we don’t change this. It’s not a pandemic. It’s epidemic chronic disease that’s going to end our species. When we start to reframe this, again, we need to remember that at least 66%, and it’s probably more like 76%, in most years of death around the world is not from an infectious disease. It’s around chronic disease.

Worldwide the biggest chronic disease in the world is kidney disease, chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal failure. Not surprisingly, if you look at the pandemic death toll, it hit the chronic kidney disease population harder than anyone else, really. The number one chronic disease creates a vulnerability for a short-term acute event, which is simply one of the milieu of things that will take the lives of people with end-stage renal disease, end-stage cardiovascular disease, all these different conditions that have become at least at any given time 70% of mortality around the world. We need to really keep in mind that when we see trillions of dollars being pumped into a problem like a pandemic, we better keep in mind that that’s less than 6% of the current issue. The 94% is not there.

Dr. Pompa:
I think this show, I always want to avoid being politic, right? I always recognize half of my audience believes this, half the other believes this. Why even bother with that? Sometimes it’s a little difficult. There are so many political pressures around this. I get it.

There’s so many other big agendas. We have literally people trying to usher in a new world order and a one [05:50] government and doing it through health, the global vaccines, and all these damn agendas. What is the explanation right now for—when we look at it just from a logical perspective, just the statistics you said about chronic kidney disease, then you have heart disease. Then you have cancer. Come on, we’re not shutting down economies because of these condition.

Maybe we should because these conditions kill so many people unnecessarily. Dang it, there’s something we can do about it. What’s the difference here? Why do you think that COVID has all of this attention versus all these chronic conditions you just touched upon?

Dr. Bush:
It’s social programming, really, more than anything. How many Hollywood movies have focused on Ebola and pandemics and epidemics and contagion and all this? Hollywood itself has programmed fear into our mentality around infectious disease. It’s extremely antiquated when it comes to the science. We now know that the microbiome, the virome, these are critical to human health. We wouldn’t have human genomics without the virome and the involvement of the bacteria building who we are today.
It’s a very old, antiquated concept of science that we’re somehow being attacked by a microbiome or these viruses. It’s not the case. It’s old science. Yet, it’s the current paradigm. There’s certainly that social programming that allows the fear button to be pushed.

It’s very hard to push the fear button on something like childhood cancer when most of the wealthy people in the country that are making the financial and economic decision making at the policy level all the way to our day-to-day operations of large corporations, their children are not at risk. Their children are grown up. It’s maybe their grandkids that are starting to be affected. It’s hard for them to believe that there’s a true epidemic of childhood cancer right now.

Cancer is such a—the word cancer induces massive fear. The risk of cancer doesn’t induce fear because people still to this day believe that it’s some small risk when, in fact, 50% of American males will be diagnosed with cancer before they die. That’s a flip of a coin. Yet, we aren’t trained to fear that 50% likelihood. In fact, the likelihood of getting COVID is less than 0.1%. It is a psychological, not a scientific [08:25] that we’re dealing with.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah. Look, we have struggled to get people to change their diet, which basic diet changes, Zach, what do you think the percentage is of avoiding most of chronic disease, whether that’s heart disease, cancer? A huge number, right, just changing your diet and avoidance.

Dr. Bush:
Cardiovascular disease, you’re at 98.5%. Cancer, you’re somewhere around 96%.

Dr. Pompa:
Big numbers.

Dr. Bush:
The numbers are obscene. They’re ridiculous.


Dr. Pompa:
Yet, they’ve got people to wear masks, which you and I did a show. We did a Facebook Live, which got millions of views, about the dangers of masks and the fact that the experts themselves really know they don’t work, yet because of fear, managed to get people to wear a mask. We can’t get them to change their diet to prevent the true number one killers.

When you look at the numbers of people who are going to die from just those conditions we just mentioned, it’s 0.1% of COVID. I don’t get it, Zach. Honestly, I say it with love in my heart because I know the fact if they just can understand the fear should be here and not here. It’s misplaced. How do we get them to understand?

Dr. Bush:
It’s challenging. I think it’s our children that have to teach us the path now because we now have 52% of American children with a chronic condition by recent Medicaid screening test. It would suggest that every single household is either influence by one degree of separation from a child with a chronic disorder. That can be mild disorders like eczema, asthma, and food allergy, or it can be childhood cancer, autism, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorders, major depression, precocious puberty, major depression, anxiety disorder, suicide. These are all rampant under the age of 15 now.

When you start to look at that, I think that’s my only hope is that if we’re going to build cities to house our sick children as we have, if you go and look at Children’s Hospital in Houston, it is a dozen massive skyscrapers down there that are built to house children with cancer and chronic disease. If we’re building cities that run multi-billion dollar economies out of those sick children, the only entry point that I can imagine that can touch the heartstrings enough to say we are completely going about this the wrong way. I’ve given up more or less on the concept of a healthy dinner plate and have to go to a healthy kid. Nobody thinks they can make sense of all of the information out there online about what is actually healthy nutrition because there’s paleo, there’s keto, there’s this, there’s that.

The advantage of being a microbiome guy is I’ve been invited to speak at all of those different conferences. One week I’m at Grassfed Exchange for the beef producers. The next week I’m at a vegan conference. The next week I’m at Paleo Universe. It’s like in the end I just keep trying to preach the message there’s only two types of food, real food and chemically-driven, processed, and artificial food.

Until we get everybody organized to that reality, we’re going to keep failing because we have a multi-billion dollar consumer industry that’s pushing, advertising behavioral modification and behavior programming on our children. We have this fractured real health, real nutrition message, which they’re all bickering back and forth and fighting on. I think for us to get forward, why did COVID win the game as far as PR is because there weren’t a bunch of factions. There weren’t a lot of people saying it’s actually fungi that are bad for you. It’s actually bacteria that are bad for you. It’s actually [12:17] that are bad for you.

Dr. Pompa:
It’s this one thing. By the way, I’m in agreement on you with the diet. It’s like that is the glaring message. Just stop this processed food. Eat real food. I’m a believer.

I’ve lectured all those things too. Low Carb USA, they don’t want me back because I’m like this isn’t the only diet. I believe the variation is really the magic. Our DNA is set up to be times of feast, times of famine, times of low carb, times of high healthy carb. Some people don’t like that message.

Like you, I don’t camp in any of those things. Like you, my gosh, if we just got people to take the processed food out of their diet, now you’re dealing with a healthy child as opposed to trying to change the plate, to your point. I love it. We’re looking at two ecosystems here where there’s a problem. It’s like this ecosystem [13:14].

Again, remaining un-political, we have two different problems. Today getting good, healthy food is a problem. The ecosystem out here that they’re spraying a zillion chemicals on and destroying, that makes it harder for this ecosystem to function with true immunity. You and I agree that it’s not running from viruses and bacteria. As a matter of fact, that’s detrimental to our immune system.

That’s why when I see people with masks on, it breaks my heart. I want to run up to them and just give them a lecture. It’s impossible. We don’t run from these things. We embrace them. That’s a message that’s just not popular right now. The point is that we really need to change these ecosystems, and that’s been a part of your passion, so start there.

Dr. Bush:
Yeah. I think as we start to look across the ecosystem of health to agriculture, food is obviously the primary intersection there. It really boils down to air, water, and soil. All three of those ecosystems have been destroyed and are very responsible for the perfect storm that created COVID. In a nutshell, our conversation down to 17 seconds, if you put Roundup and glyphosate and chemical herbicides into an environment in protein production around pork and chickens and all of that and then spraying the food directly, you create a huge microbiome stress.

You are literally causing extension events. Within the microbiome the response is genomic adaptation, which is expressed through viruses. The viruses are being sent out by every species saying we have to adapt quickly because we have a toxic environment that’s threatening life on earth. The virome expands and—

Dr. Pompa:
Wait, I want people to understand that point. What you just said will gloss people over. What you’re saying is viruses carry protein messengers, messages, where species, bacteria, can communicate with one another. Everyone understands that.

Viruses aren’t your enemy, according to Zach. Viruses are actually really important for the communication within our ecosystem in our body and in nature. That’s your major premise where you’re coming from. It’s not the enemy. It actually helps [15:41].

Dr. Bush:
It’s very important in that message to realize that viruses are not alive. We mis-categorize viruses as microbiome. They’re not microbiome. Microbiome is living entities. The biome says it has to be a living organism.

Viruses are not living organisms. They are dead particles of genomic information that traffic through air and other systems. The viruses are not microbiome. The microbiome communicates via the viruses for genomic adaptation. All of the species diversity that we see on the planet is the result of intelligent design from trial and error, if you will, through the viruses.

Every species on earth is constantly sending out adaptation signals. Those adaptation genes are constantly reorganizing every species to find niches and opportunities for life to emerge in more and more bio diverse sectors, more and more bio diverse ecologies, and environments. The virome is helping build life. Fifty percent of the human genome was built by viruses. Ten percent of the human genome was built by retroviruses like HIV.

We vilify the very things that built us. If we keep vilifying that, we will destroy ourselves because like we see in Japan and China and South Korea, Italy, even parts of New York right now. They’re spraying insecticides and herbicides into the air as if we’re going to kill this thing that’s out there somewhere. It’s literally being made by humans. Humans are generating the virus.

It’s not coming from out there. It’s coming from within us because we need genomic adaptation and movement. We are so backwards on this thinking that we’re trying to kill something alive. It’s not living tissue. You’re not trying to sterilize viruses.

We would kill the planet instantly the moment we sterilize viruses because viruses are critical in genomic adaptation and communication. It’s not just viruses. Viruses are very long RNA strands or DNA strands that code for a whole protein. Smaller than the viruses are the micro RNA that don’t code for a protein but instead are the signaling system for the protein manufacturing within our bodies. The micro RNA actually govern what a single gene is going to produce.

We now know that a single gene doesn’t make a single protein. That’s what we thought in the 1990s. We now know that a single gene can make over 2,000 different proteins, depending on its micro RNA and co-repressor, co-activator functions.

The information from the whole ecology around a single cell in your body is conducting and determining what that cell is going to produce today. If you start to wipe out the genomic information in the air in the form of micro RNA and viruses, you’re going to kill life on earth even faster. We’ve been doing it systematically. The virome produces this huge genomic adaptation because there’s huge herbicide, pesticide pressure.

The biggest herbicide and pesticide dump site in the world is Hubei Province. Harder spraying there than anywhere else in the world, more toxic pork industry than anywhere else in the world, which is amazing because the United States has an extraordinarily toxic pork and agricultural system. China has outstripped us in the last ten years with even more toxicity. If you’re going to pick a place where this is going to happen, it has to be Hubei Province.

Then Hubei happens to have the perfect carrier for the genomic information globally, which is air pollution. PM2.5 is a tiny carbon particulate in the air. PM2.5 binds the virus. It binds influenza. It binds COVID. All of these genomic carriers of information bind PM2.5 in abnormal clumps.

The earth before air pollution was very good at distributing viruses very systematically across the surface of the planet. This is long before humans ever existed, long before airplanes. The CDC wants you to think that airplanes are carrying this virus from place to place. I don’t even have a word for a how stupid that concept is.

Viruses flew around the world just as every other virus has always moved. It moves through the air through [19:48], not respiratory droplets. [19:50], meaning binding to small particulate in air, before air pollution. It can bind dust, pollen, all kinds of things in this tiny particulate, and it travels around the globe over just a couple of weeks, months’ time. That’s the normal.
When you put PM2.5 in the atmosphere, you get abnormal clumping of viruses, and you deliver way more genomic information than the species should have been exposed to. We’ve created that situation. The viruses are not attacking us. The viruses are trying to create adaptation, yet we create an artificial and toxic clumping of the virus.

Then the virus with COVID binds the receptor in the lung that’s called the ACE2 receptor. The ACE2 receptor binding the virus pulls it into the bloodstream appropriately. That’s how we’re supposed to absorb this genomic information to get the genetic update. This is just like a software update. Our genome needs to evaluate this new information, see if this is an important new protein.

COVID-19 happens to have a new RNA strand slightly different than SARS and MERS did in 2002, 2012. We’ve got a new opportunity for an update. We know that every time we get exposed to a new virus, we don’t develop immunity for that one thing. We develop a homogenous kind of equilibrium with all different types of viruses by exposure to the one. The opposite is seen with influenza vaccine. If we give an influenza vaccine, we increase the likelihood of you having something like COVID-19. That was proven in a military study that was just done two years ago.

Dr. Pompa:
In 2017.

Dr. Bush:
In 2017. We have this wrong model. We vilified the information. That’s ridiculous in and of itself. Then we created an environment where the information gets into the bloodstream abnormally.

We’ve up-regulated ACE2 receptors in our lungs through pharmacy. It turns out the two drugs you have to put chronic kidney disease, chronic cardiovascular disease, and diabetes patients on is an ACE inhibitor and a statin drug. When you put those two drugs on any of those populations, the up-regulate the ACE2 receptor for a virus that’s now clumped around PM2.5. Now you’ve got this load of virus dumping in that’s bound to PM2.5 that carries cyanide.
Cyanide is a natural part of air pollution, and it causes histotoxic hypoxemia, which is exactly how a patient presents who is dying of COVID. They’re not dying of COVID. They’re dying of cyanide poisoning or 32 other toxins, heavy metals, etc. that are on the backside of that virus that was just trying to give a genetic update, but it’s tagged with this Trojan horse of human toxicity.

Dr. Pompa:
You have people dying at 40 or 45. Rarely, nonetheless, but still what you’re saying explains why. They have those conditions. According to Judy Mikovits, if they’ve gotten a lot of flu shots since 2015, to your point they’ve already had some of these coronaviruses from that influenza shot.

By the way, that 2017 military study you mentioned showed a 36% increase of when you get hit with these types of SARS viruses, you get this [23:04] reaction. She calls it a firestorm. Again, this explains that it’s not the virus. It is these other things that are happening with these conditions. You have a 45-year-old that’s on an ACE inhibitor or on a statin and has more of these [23:24] reactions going on. It’s a firestorm.

Dr. Bush:
Yeah. It’s the accumulation of toxicity of soil, water, and air systems that’s creating this thing. As we start to talk about the solution, which is regenerative agriculture, decoupling the chemical industry from everything that we do, how we allowed chemical industry to take over our ecosystems in farming agriculture is dumbfounding. It’s a story of extraordinary complacency among consumers. We are so lazy now.

Dr. Pompa:
Ultimately, though, for me it’s not too puzzling. You can patent these things. If you can patent it, there’s billions to be made. For you and I who lead with our hearts it’s puzzling, perhaps, but when you look by people who are lead by the financial end, it’s not so puzzling.

Dr. Bush:
I think also beyond the money it points to human behavior that can be unified under the word convenience. Because we were all willing to—okay, yeah I’m sure high fructose corn syrup isn’t so good for us. You know what? The kids have got this birthday party and we don’t want to look like the weird granola people. We’ll go ahead and have the gross icing on top of it with all the artificial stuff and everything else.

We rationalize toxifying our children literally. We rationalize the poisoning of our children through social norms and through social behavior and through convenience. Okay, I think it’s only been twice that we’ve eaten at McDonald’s this week. I’ll go ahead and pull into the driveway. In fact, it’s probably four or five [25:09].

Dr. Pompa:
We do better than most.

Dr. Bush:
Yeah, exactly. We eat healthier than 90% of people that I know. Of course, when you actually survey that, you find out everybody’s eating pretty crappy. There’s this cognitive dissidence between reality and the reality. The reality is we are poisoning our children systematically through our food, water, and air systems.

As consumers we are not taking the hard stand against this and we are not taking the fundamental challenges of adapting a different lifestyle for our families. This is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater here. There are a lot of families that are making these difficult decisions that are selling their houses in New York or L.A. and moving out to rural Idaho, buying a piece of land, starting to homestead, learning how to grow food; hats off to everybody who’s making those extraordinary leaps.

What our company and our nonprofit are really working on is now how do we go between the heroes among us that are out there doing that extreme lifestyle shift and the reality of somebody who is not ready to make those leaps? How do we move that whole organization of people forward? You can do that through a couple different ways. We found that the biggest leverage we can push on is actually to change the agricultural system itself. Then the person even making poor decisions actually has healthier decisions to pull from. We have compounds going into feed lots and protein industry to reduce the stress and toxicity of those animals, the antibiotic exposure, everything else by improving their gut function, their respiratory function, and all of that. By changing that side of the spectrum, anybody who is out there buying a piece of meat, I’m a plant-based dude, love teaching vegan diet, but I’m recognizing that if I could make all of the meat less toxic, the transition would start faster where we can heal the earth and we can heal the people quicker as we’re waiting for the cognitive psychological willingness for those big cataclysmic psychological shifts to happen.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah, that’s a big, tall order. I think what you’re saying is we’ve tried to change the behavior of human in the foods, but if we changed the food and if we could change a big part of the food, then we could change the person without changing the behavior necessarily. That’s a big, tall order, but a noble one at that, I would say. That’s going to trickle down into generations is the point. If you get one person to eat well, that’s one person. If you can change the soil and the animal and the plants, then you’ve changed epigenetically generations to come.

Dr. Bush:
We’re very excited about what we’re seeing in the nonprofit and we’re in the process of launching an impact investment fund, global big impact investment fund to bring a bunch of capitol to rebuild the infrastructure and tech around the universal adoption of regenerative practices. What we’re seeing with that capital investment fund as well as our nonprofit is that as soon as you start making those right decisions on changing the food system to improve the consumer, you also radically improve life for the farmer. It happens to be generational again.

The biggest problem we have with the stability of small farms in the world, especially in the United States and western countries is the succession. The younger generations are not there because they went and got degrees in dentistry or whatever. They’re not on the farm anymore. There’s nobody to hand that agricultural practice and lifestyle and care for the land to. They end up selling to a Bayer or Monsanto or an international land owner conglomerate or to residential [28:59] developers.

We’re losing 6,000 to 8,000 farms a year in the United States. The biggest chunk of that is for lack of succession. The second largest is bankruptcy due to insoluble status because their soil is dead and they can no longer produce, and they’re producing an artificial economy that has stacked the cards against them, thousands of things.

We’re excited that the solution is the same for both the consumer and the production system. I feel the same way as a physician. My patients want health and aren’t getting it from a Western medical allopathic system. The doctors increasingly want to deliver health and aren’t getting the opportunity to do that through an allopathic training. We see things like functional medicine, integrative medicine, all of these holistic medicine and naturopathic, all of these rising between the pillars to fill in the gaps.

We need to accelerate all of that because it benefits the physician who now has a high calling to heal people and gets to start to do that through understanding nutrition, exercise, fasting, breathing, all of those, the fundamentals of hydration, all of these things. Then on the other side of the equation, you see the customer, the patient that’s now engaged in a lifestyle reform that’s going to lead to a real regenerative health within their bodies. Instead of palliating their disease process, we heal their disease process through a supportive system in the same way the consumer, the mom is trying to feed these five kids in the inner-city healthy food. We start to change the environment there by bringing inner-city above-ground soil systems in like this socks box that we’ve been working with at Erik Cutter in LA, an incredible example of how you can grow tons of tons of food on old parking lots. They’re producing sweet potatoes and kale. We’re doing a dinner table dinner out of a parking lot.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah, that’s incredible. My viewer watching this, it’s like, okay, well, I want this for my family. Zach, where do I send them? How do they learn more about what you’re saying?

How can they do that? You know what I’m saying? I’m always thinking of my viewers. They’re in agreement with this, but what action step do we give them right now?

Dr. Bush:
Yeah, right now, you can go to farmersfootprint.us and get involved there. We’re building the infrastructure around this, around awareness and education. Film is one of our main tools that we’re developing a production house to flash out the whole documentary series that we launched the first segment, a 22-minute film on a farm in Minnesota that’s done extraordinary transformation. We’re supporting awareness, and activation, and education to both consumers and farmers through Farmer’s Footprint.

Farmer’s Footprint is the first little project within a much larger non-profit that we’re launching visibly to the world. It’s been around for a year and a half, but it becomes visible in the next few months. Farmersfootprint.us was the first big project, but excitingly, Non-Toxic Neighborhoods is our second project started by Kim Konte, a concerned mother in Irvine, California, who moved in from overseas with her young children and realized that all of their playing fields were being sprayed with Roundup. She was horrified.

She’s like, this isn’t allowed overseas. Why is this happening in my progressive Irvine, California neighborhood? You can go to Non-Toxic Neighborhoods. You’ll find it through Farmer’s Footprint as well. There’s links through that, but nontoxicneighborhoods.org.

That’s got a whole tool kit there for your county and city to ban Roundup in parks and playing fields for your children. I would love to see Park City, Utah jump on this, actually. It would be a great community that would be low-hanging fruit for us.

We’ve gotten over 36 counties that have completely banned Roundup, including San Diego just popped, Houston is underway, Miami popped already, LA banned it. Irvine was the first. We’ve got a number of Midwest, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh underway. Cities all over America are transitioning.

We have 60 cities teed up from the coming 12 months and attracting a lot more. We’re raising money actively through Farmer’s Footprint for that whole project. Farmersfootprint.us will support both the ag side and the city municipal side.

We went after that because in our work to understand where is all the Roundup coming from, why are we poisoning our water systems so thoroughly with this? It’s not just water; it’s air and rainfall as well: 75% of the air we breathe contaminated with Roundup, 75% of the rain that falls is contaminated with Roundup. It’s a global problem.

As we went into this, it turns out the third largest crop grown in the United States behind corn and soybean is lawn. The grass in your playing fields, parks, and backyard are the third largest crop grown in the United States. That’s why Non-Toxic Neighborhoods became such an important piece.

It’s more important than wheat, it’s more important than alfalfa, and sugar cane, and sugar beet, and all these other ones we know are a problem. Lawn is the third biggest problem we have, so Non-Toxic Neighborhood became this important thing. First of all, if you’re not a farmer, you can change your environment with this. Second of all, it’s going to change the water systems dramatically for LA, New York, and all these other cities.

Dr. Pompa:
Imagine the health of children and adults as well if we just did that, if we just got glyphosate banned because what we’ve seen since the ‘80s, especially the ‘90s, is this massive escalation in the use of Roundup and a massive drop in health, an escalation of autoimmune conditions, gut conditions, you name it. Imagine if we could just do that. Check it out, farmersfootprint.us, nontoxicneighborhoods.org. Man, I want Utah cities where I live, come on. How do I get my Park City to be?

Dr. Bush:
Yeah, Non-Toxic has the entire kit there. You can reach out to us through Non-Toxic Neighborhoods. Our team will pick up the baton for you. We have a bit of a backlog, so if you don’t hear back immediately, give us a couple of weeks. We will get to you.

The exciting thing is we start a relationship with you or through you to your city council, to your school boards, and all that. We show them the data; we show them the soil science in their area. It’s pretty amazing. You go and take a soil sample from a park in your city and realize, oh my gosh, we’ve got a disaster here. It’s very easy to take it.

It’s an important piece for your elected officials because they want to show that they’re cleaning up the environment. It’s a win-win scenario where you can show elected officials how this is going to be a great piece of their running again in four years or whatever it is that they want on their dossier of things. It’s a win-win scenario that we help show them the pathway.

Importantly, on Non-Toxic Neighborhoods, you’ll see the whole tool kit of alternatives to Roundup. There are lots of organic products that can be used at scale. LA county is using alternatives to Roundup that are organic. This is something you can do in your backyard.

If you have Roundup sitting in your garage right now, please think about destroying that. You can go online and figure out how to destroy Roundup. You don’t want to dump that down your sewer system.

Dr. Pompa:
Oh, God, no.

Dr. Bush:
Because it just ends up in the drinking water for the children downstream. Go through a digestive process, a fermentation process to destroy the Roundup in your garage. Then in the process, replace that with these organic solutions that you’ll find there.

Dr. Pompa:
I want to back up a moment because I feel like we have viewers that are like, yeah, that glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, folks. We have a lot of viewers we just reach. They’re going, what’s so wrong with Roundup or this chemical you’re referencing?

First, I’ll let you tackle that in a brief thing of why this is causing so many health conditions. I’ll say this; imagine, we have everybody running. I see kids with masks on. My heart breaks there because what are we teaching them Number One. They’re running from something that has no harm to them, a child, but yet, to your point, they’re playing in playgrounds and schools. They’re being exposed to this chemical, which this threat is setting up chronic disease, cancer, and everything. It’s not our opinion; this is proven. Go ahead.

Dr. Bush:
No, you’re absolutely right. I think if you look at the threat or the potential of threat here, it’s literally you’re going down an avenue of the elephant in the room here is not a virus; the elephant in the room is toxins. Our children are suffering under carcinogens and the rest. Roundup is the gatekeeper as far as our lab is concerned. We’ve been working on it for eight years. I’ve seen thousands and thousands of experiments done under the microscope showing the effects of Roundup on gut, on blood-brain barrier, on renal tubules, vascular cells, the whole thing.

What you see over and over again is it destroys the fabric of life, which is self-identity really. It destroys self-identity through the disruption of tight junctions. It’s the Velcro that holds each cell to the next. When you destroy tight junctions, you create isolated, lonely cells, which are cancer cells.

When you isolate a cell, it becomes cancer quite quickly. In fact, we can show that these cells in the gut lining once exposed to Roundup start to look like cancer cells in six minutes. You can take what was just moments ago a healthy-looking small intestine cell and it looks now like a fibroblastic cancer cell within minutes of exposure.

It’s because of its isolation. Isolation always breeds an increase in chaos. That’s the second law of thermodynamics, most tried and true law in physics. Isolate any system and it increases its entropic chaos. That definitely happens inside of a cell. Isolate a cell and you destroy it.

It goes deep than that as well. Not only are you creating this whole possibility of cancer, you’re also exposing the human system to inflammation. Now, as you destroy the barrier between the outside world and your bloodstream, your body is constantly in a food fight; it’s in a water fight; it’s trying to combat everything coming into the body because it’s not filtered anymore. You’re supposed to have an intelligent barrier, gatekeeper type phenomenon with the gut, the skin, every membrane in your body, lungs being a good example.

You pharmaceuticalize that and then you chemicalize it with Roundup and it blows apart the whole protection system. Now, your body’s in constant overwhelm. Self-identity starts to get confused and you drive autoimmune disease. Your immune system starts reacting to everything, not just there.

It starts thinking your thyroid is the problem. One and four girls in the United States has antibodies to her thyroid based on a study done in 2004. I can’t even imagine what it is today. That study hasn’t been repeated. By 2004, as we had 85% of corn and 95% of soybean on our GMO crop by 2004, by that time, we see one and four girls with an autoimmune thyroid condition.

To say that it’s an epidemic is—just doesn’t even start to scratch the surface. One of the fastest-growing cancers right now in all ages is what used to be a very unusual cancer, which is lung cancer, a specific type of lung cancer. One-point-eight-eight million people will die of this lung cancer this year around the world, 1.88 million. Nearly two million people will die of this single lung cancer this year.

Dr. Pompa:
More than COVID.

Dr. Bush:
COVID will kill, may be involved in the death of—again, I don’t think the virus is killing anybody. That’s a part of the puzzle. Again, even if we blame COVID, we’re up around 300,000 or something like that, maybe 600,000, but we are at a fraction of just one chronic disease caused by the toxicity of our environment. If we’re going to create literally trillions of dollars of economic redirect, economic loss, 250 million jobs lost, we’re doing it for the wrong reason. We’re doing it for a tiny sector of what is the threat to humanity.

The real extinction event that we are facing, we can map out human extinction to be somewhere out 70 to 80 years from the future. That’s one human lifespan. A child born today will—may be the very last human to live out a normal lifespan; 77, 79 years, depending on what country you live in is an average lifespan. We could be in the very last generation of humans on the planet if we don’t radically change direction, and yet, knowing that, we didn’t change direction. Your original premise, which is how do we create the knowledge that would create the lifestyle transformational change, and the answer is, I don’t know.

Recent events around the crisis of civil liberties is giving me hope. Tens of thousands of African American men have been killed under completely illegal, abusive circumstances over the last hundred years, and probably in the millions of people at the minority level that just in this country have been either killed or tortured under a suppressive system. Yet, we saw with George Floyd a spark that we’ve never seen before. The system responded differently. That gives me hope that as a population, 7.8 billion people are carrying a collective conscious that we’ve never had.

You showing up right now is part of the future. You are part of a movement of consciousness on the planet that we should really hang our hope on because whatever was impossible, whatever failed to create change in the past isn’t failing now. We need to go in with that blank slate belief, this new canvas of what are we going to create so that there is not a mass extinction event on this planet? We’ve wiped out 50% of life on Earth over the last 50 years; how do we prevent the last 50 going over the next 70?

We can do that over the next decade. Amazingly, if we improve soil carbon by 0.4% per year around the globe each year over the next ten years, we completely reverse our global warming climate change footprint. In ten years, we can fix that.

It turns out that with regenerative agricultural practices, we don’t do 0.4%; you can do a 400% improvement in soil active carbon in three years. The opportunity for a solution is ten years away if we do incremental tiny, but if we do radical change, we could in the next three years not just see the reversal of climate change, and global warming, and collapse of ecosystems, we could see the reversal to that, a creative, regenerative, co-creative new Mother Nature creating the Garden of Eden on this planet with a deeper microbiome, with a deeper biodiversity of human and other species than we’ve ever seen in human history over the next couple hundred years. We could set into motion the very first generative human culture on the planet if we really do regenerative at its foundation.

Dr. Pompa:
Is part of that process—I know you’re experimenting with a product that you founded, Ion, aka, Restore, for some of my older people. You’re using that as part of putting it back into soils. Now, again, myself, my kids, my family, we utilize that to keep our tight junctions closed, especially if we’re traveling or something. I use the nasal; I use the drink to keep the tight junctions closed because, to your point, we—even though we eat 100% organic, we’re still being exposed to this darn chemical because it is in 75% of the rainfall; and therefore, you’re going to be exposed. Your product for human has really transformed, is part of the answer to how do we protect ourselves, but are you experimenting with that in soil as well?

Dr. Bush:
Yeah, we started with that same concept, these tiny, little carbon molecules. We discovered that we were making a much bigger impact with large organics on that sector. We draw our human product and animal products out of fossil soil. That fossil soil’s about 60 million years old. It’s like a young coal. It’s called lignite.

We do a water extraction process. Then we put it through mineral baths and catalysts to get the oxygen-hydrogen binding right so that you get a redox molecule. Once you get a redox molecule, you have a communication network between species. That’s had a very exciting, revolutionary impact on human health.

Animal health, we have a pharmaceutical coming out by next year for veterinary world. It’s been going in large-scale clinical trials up in Canada. We have 12,000 cattle on it right now. We’re in our last dosing schedule. We already proved efficacy and all of that, or safety. Now, we’re just moving towards rolling that out. That’s all human-animal on the small molecule carbon side.

For soils, we’re using the other half of the equation, the yang to that yin that we’re putting into the human system. The yang is what we use for the soil’s amendments. These are very large carbon substrates that build coil structures around minerals and heavy and light metals and everything else to balance the micronutrient environment of the soils.
We have that going in very large-scale trials in the hemp industry in 120 farms around the country right now. We have vineyards going on it; we have corn, soybean going on it up in Minnesota. It’s very exciting to see the reality that Mother Earth actually planted in her soil 60 million years ago an antidote to toxins that we would dump in her.

Dr. Pompa:
Isn’t that cool, yeah.

Dr. Bush:
Talk about grace there.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah, no doubt. I’ll have Ashley put a link to the product that I mentioned that we’re taking in humans to protect ourselves. Everybody should be utilizing this product.

With the time we have left, which is very short, I think that if we identified the two biggest problems for everything that we’re talking about, the threat of human existence, we talked about this problem. The next one is the vaccine issue without risk of getting the show shut down; that’s serious. You and I would agree that this is a major issue.
Now, we’re talking about COVID.

We hear this comment: we’re not going to open up completely or this problem’s not going to be solved until we get a vaccine. Zach, what’s the reality of that? I think I know your answer, but I want people to hear it from you. Also, what is this vaccine agenda doing to this problem that we’re addressing?

Dr. Bush:
Yeah, a vaccine has never been created for an RNA virus like COVID. They don’t work over and over again. They increase mortality every time we try to do it. The early experiments done on the leading two vaccines that were attempted already returned early data to show that we were increasing mortality, and having severe reactions, and unfortunately, we were creating what is called superantigens where the vaccine itself creates a hyperreactivity. If the individual is ever exposed to COVID or a similar virus, they can actually have an extreme version of reactivity, and cytokine storm, and rapid death from it. All of that happened just like it’s happened with every other RNA vaccine that we’ve ever created. Our track record is dismal.

That said, I’m not even an anti-vax guy. I would appreciate your protection for me. If you would go to my website, at the very top banner of my website is a petition for you to sign through change.org for Healthy Childhood Immunity and Vaccination. What our point is, you can read the whole intro that I wrote for that petition, but our point is we need to rethink human health in the context of the last 20 years of science that says we are built by the microbiome. Our health is intrinsically empowered by and reliant upon the health of the microbiome and its biodiversity within us. That needs to be the next model for child health and immunity and our concept of vaccination. If we’re going to have a vaccination mentality or model, then we have to understand it in the context of microbiome; it’s for us, not against us.

If you could sign that petition—we already have 10,000 signatures on that. If you could push us to 50,000, 100,000 signatures on that, we’re going to have what we need to bring to governments around the world. Right now, I’m working with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and launching a science arm that we’re hoping to build an international science board of international scientists working for by volunteer to process data for public health and safety in all categories: chronic disease, acute respiratory, etc. These are the big systems that I believe we need to put in place is we need independent science voice to return. The WHO is bought; the CDC is too entrenched in special interests around the allopathic model.

Dr. Pompa:
I agree.

Dr. Bush:
Governments are desperate for an independent scientific voice. I’m trying to help foster that and create that. Very excited about the people that are being brought towards that. Very excited about the leaders around the world that are being led towards this project.

I think that people like the King of Morocco are going to have a huge influence on this. The King of Morocco is a Ph.D., multiple degrees from London and elsewhere, brilliantly educated man. He sits really at the crossroads of the Middle East, Mediterranean, and African unions. He, as an individual leader, as he adopts a much more holistic cutting-edge science approach, could change all of those sectors of the world.

My hope is not in the United States. We are going to be the last to change because we have the biggest economic loss to experience or we have the biggest economic shift in reorganization before we can join something like that. I have great hope and confidence that are indigenous and native leaders around the world are going to be able to really change this dialogue radically because they are much more thinking on the cutting-edge of what does public health look like now that we know the microbiome is real? What does public health look like when we are non-pharmaceutical in our model and start to believe in the indigenous health system within our bodies?

Indigenous to us is a microbiome. Indigenous to us and intrinsic within us is an ecosystem of health that can be—that is not reliant on anybody in the pharmaceutical, supplement, anything. Ultimately, we need to refocus our whole scientific venture there.

Dr. Pompa:
I agree. Ashley will put up a link for that. Let’s sign that because that’s great. I also agree with you. I’m for health freedom. Educate yourself.
I want to keep our freedom to vaccinate, not vaccinate, whatever you think is right for your freedom. That’s where my stance is as well. I’ll be interviewing Bobby Kennedy here coming up. That’s his stance as well: health freedom.

To your point, educate, man. You’re right; a healthy microbiome is the answer. Zach, man, some big issues here. Imagine if we just changed that and this glyphosate problem.

Come on, man, we don’t even have to teach people how to eat anymore because that’s not working. It’s like that’s not working; that’s a fail. All right, I agree with you on these topics. Yeah, thank you, Zach. That was wonderful.

Dr. Bush:
I appreciate you having me on. [52:48].

Dr. Pompa:
Yep, and check out those links. We’ll provide them all for you. Thank you.

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I’ll tell you, Cyto was a breakthrough; Cyto was a breakthrough for us. It’s changed so many lives. We’re grateful that they sponsor Cellular Healing TV. It makes sense, doesn’t it? They should.

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