42: Holiday Dieting and Detox

Transcript of Episode 42: Holiday Dieting and Detox

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Warren Phillips and David Asarnow.

Warren: Welcome everyone to Cellular Healing TV, Episode 42. I can’t read it on my screen, but I believe it is 42. It is the day after Thanksgiving. I do have my Thanksgiving beard on and a bunch of sunshine in my face. Let’s change that a bit. We have Dr. Dan Pompa and David Asarnow on with us today, and we have a really exciting topic for you, a big request. Everybody ate a little bit too much. Maybe drank a little too much yesterday, and we are shooting live from our homes here. We have the day off, but we never have the day off because we want to share these truths with you post-Thanksgiving. It’s Black Friday, but what can you do, everyone listening today, to deal with the Thanksgiving extra ten pounds, the holiday ten pounds, that you’re dealing with? A lot of the times, again, the 180 opposite that we hear all the time is, “I’ll just diet and eat less.” Dr. Pompa, if I get over 1,000 calories—Oh, boy, that always happens that way. So hold on. There’s no way to get around it yet. I haven’t figured out a way.

David: You just tried to…

Warren: Get around that little cliché in our system. I promise. I tried not to, and it happened anyway. But getting back to that, Dr. Pompa, I had 1,000 calories. Every time I eat more than that I gain the weight. That’s not healthy. That’s not right, or —

David: Well, I heard a statistic that on Thanksgiving that people eat up to 8,000 calories in one day.

Warren: That’s a huge amount of calories. So what can we really do to get our bodies to get rid of that extra weight? Is it really dieting that’s going to do it, or some of our topic today, what are some of the real solution, and does detox play a huge role, and how do we detox that holiday fat off of our bodies, Dr. Pompa?

Dr. Pompa: First of all, I hate the calorie conversation. So I know that wasn’t your intent, but it’s a good conversation, I guess, because right now, if you turned on any television, you’re going to hear about calories. Like David said, right, he already heard 8,000 calories, 8,000 calories. Now you’ve heard me say that weight loss has very little if anything to do with calories, and I know that’s a 180° concept right there because that’s all everyone talks about. I always say that, hey, look. You can cut calories and lose, ladies, on average 10 maybe 15 pounds and for males, maybe 20. But then what happens after that? Your metabolism shifts down, and then you have to cut more calories, and then it has to shift down, and then you have to cut more, more, more. And for that extra 1 pound you have to, basically, eat nothing, and then you start gaining fat, right, because your body starts eating it’s muscle. It doesn’t work long-term. So caloric restriction is a bunch of crap, right? I mean, if you went to any country in the world that’s thin and lean, you never hear the word calories nor are they counting their calories. They eat until they're full. So the problem is it’s a cellular problem. That’s where the weight loss is, right? It’s a cellular problem. People, we say all the time that we go all day and we don’t eat. We forget that we’re even hungry. So we’re automatically, really, ingesting less calories in a day because we’re not hungry all the time, but yet, when we exercise and do more activity, we become more hungry. See, our bodies, our brains, are tied into our cells and our cell energies very well. So yes, I’m a fan of eating less calories, but I’m not a fan of forcing food away and saying, “Hey, I’m not going to be gluttonous. I’m not going to eat more.” So David, you have a puzzled look on your face. Is that a question you have for me, or is your computer malfunctioning?

David: It’s a computer thing I’m working through right now.

Warren: Well, there’s always the computer things that bother us.

Dr. Pompa: David, his eyebrows do these things that cause this massive expression of, okay. Go ahead. You can speak now. You’ve got something on your mind, or I should say, on your eyebrows.

David: Well, actually, while you were talking I was thinking of something. It’s not necessarily calories. It’s the food that we put in our mouths that makes the difference.

Dr. Pompa: Exactly, right? I mean, come on. I mean, it is. But, I mean, now back to the point, right. I mean, we can cut calories and lose a little bit of weight, but long-term, it doesn’t work. I mean, so one day of ingesting 8,000 calories, I mean, honestly, I do it on purpose. We’ve talked about how we carb load on a day, and just force the energy to remind our body it’s not starving. So one day, no big deal. Continue that process—I mean, look. Your body has to do something with the extra energy, but the point is is that you’re not going to do that unless you’re broken at the cellular level. Because last night, my wife and I just spoke this this morning, we had the most amazing meal. We both said the same thing. Darn, I wish I could’ve eaten more, meaning that we just couldn’t eat anymore. I mean, I was—literally, probably ate the smallest amount of food, and I was bummed out because I was—my brain was saying stop, so I couldn’t overeat. We were both wishing we could’ve overeaten.

Warren: Well, wait a minute. We’ll stop right there. Everybody’s watched the Hunger Games, right? Everyone has. And they take a little special drink…

David: No.

Dr. Pompa: I haven’t.

David: I haven’t.

Warren: They puke and get sick so they can eat more, so that’s really what you should do, just kidding. But in the society where they depict fun of our overeating, they eat that—drink that drink, but that’s just a side note because I want to—Hunger Games is huge right now, just released, just wanted to bring that out there.

David: I’ve never seen any of the Hunger Games episodes.

Warren: It’s huge and —

Dr. Pompa: I’ve never seen any of it either, but, right. When you’re eating quality nutrient dense food and your cells are normal, you eat and, all of a sudden, it’s like, “Gosh, I would love to keep eating. I just can’t.” It’s like I had no desire to eat. I probably ate fewer calories. My son, Simon, on the other hand, he put the food away. We were impressed. So Simon, I won’t go there, but if you know Simon, you know what I’m talking about. But the point is is that when your metabolism’s right, your cells are working right, your hormones are right, you can’t—uh-oh, something just happened to my computer now. I don’t know if you guys can even see me anymore.

Warren: We can see you. You just look good in your sweater. It’s popping back.

Dr. Pompa: Oh, yeah. Good. Yeah. Anyway, so your body—it’s very difficult to overeat. I mean, so these people who are taking in 8,000 calories, they’re eating all this completely processed food. These are empty calories. Their brain’s not getting the message from their cells to stop eating. So, yeah, is eating that many calories day in and day out good? No. You’re going to get fat. So in that sense, yeah, it can be about calories, but the point is is it’s not about calories when your cells are working good. I hope everyone understands that, and these are those situations where I wish we could take questions. But let’s talk about , Warren, where I know you were going because there is the real component of why people can’t lose weight today. And what’s happening around these times of years is people become more toxic, and therefore, more weight loss resistant, and they try diets. They try restricting calories, and you fail. And I want to talk about that too because there’s reasons for the failure that’s not your fault.

Warren: Right and one of the things, I want to do a little bit of a how-to today, Dr. Pompa. It’s like, okay, for today, let’s make the assumption, and I know that’s not the case. Most of our followers do make those right choices, and they may have messed up over the Thanksgiving—not really messed up. I might have a carb day. I’m going to eat some sprouted grains and things like that today on my carb day, which I do now after eating this diet since 2005. The Cellular Healing Diet transformed and saved my life, but now I’m at a place where I can have that carb day, but sometimes, even some of our most—the followers, the “Pompa Diet” it’s been coined, the Cellular Healing Diet, they got—they fell off the wagon, and they feel really bad about themselves. So I want to offer some solutions. Actually, point them to our website, we’ve never done this before, on some of the articles they can read, and some of the things that they can do, and strategies that they can invest into themselves in the new year to help detoxify their body so that their cells and system can work, and cleanse the way it needs to so that some of that fat burning process, some of the extra couple glasses of wine you probably shouldn’t have had, you get that out of your body so that you’re feeling great. And you don’t have to feel bad about the past, but we’re looking towards the future today. And I want to point some of those things out, and I’ll pull those up, Dr. Pompa, for you.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Go ahead. Pull those up, but Warren laughed there when he said the word wine. So Warren—oh, look at this, little girl coming up here. Little -inaudible-, remember her?

Warren: That puppy eats raw grass-fed organic food.

Dr. Pompa: Raw grass-fed organic and she’s got -inaudible-.

Warren: And that’s why she’s so…

David: This is Cosmo.

Warren: And there’s Cosmo.

Dr. Pompa: This is what people love about our Cellular Healing TV.

David: Look, I got Cosmo.

Warren: Yeah. I could bring my daughter in, but I don’t let her watch TV, typically, or very often. But since I’m doing this show and Rebecca’s out working out today, I am watching my daughter. And I rarely would use the TV to babysit, but right now, I could call my puppy, Tula, in, and have her come and sit in our lap. So maybe I’ll bring Tula in at the end of the show. But let me pull some of these things up Dr. Pompa, and we’ll talk about…

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. And while you’re doing that, I’ll say this. It set me up, obviously, for what we’re talking about here is that the number one thing that really causes cellular malfunction, we’ll say, that why people can’t lose weight, or even why people don’t feel well, have brain fog and lack of energy, toxins, toxins at the cellular level. And I know you go to your wholefoods or your health food store, and you get the colon cleanse, right, or your little box of cleanse. And it’s basically a colon cleanse, and you do your cleanse, or you do your little cleanse diet for three days, or whatever it is. I mean, come on folks. You’ve heard me say this before that true detox has to occur at the cell. My 5R’s walks you through that process. How do you detox the cell without fixing the cell membrane? That’s what moves things in and out of the cell. How do you detox the cell without raising cellular energy, which really is how the body is going to—the cell is going to have enough energy even to detox? How do you detox cell without raising glutathione, which ultimately reduces inflammation? How do you do it without methylation? See, I just walk through the 5R’s. That’s true detox, right? That’s what it’s about. I know it’s not easy. I know you have to educate yourself and read the 5R's articles, but that is it. If you fix your cells, you get well, but you also—what’s happening, really, is your cells are detoxing themselves. They’re basically able to take in the good stuff, and get out the bad. And guess what? Now your hormones regulate. Now you feel better. That’s why we’re here, and that’s what it’s about. So go ahead and show that graphic, Warren, because something happens when you were—here’s what happens. People who restrict calories, I said that you’re able to lose about 5 pounds, right? Of course, after you fail on the diet, and I’ll explain why it happens every time, then you gain the weight back. But let’s talk about that successful 10 pounds of weight loss when you cut your calories. What happens? Yeah. You lose some fat, but because people are holding so much toxins in the fat cells, right, that’s where you’re holding the toxins. It’s attracted to those types of cells. Guess what happens? You actually start to release the toxins. The toxins drive more inflammation, and therefore, we call it a rebound effect. So not only do you stop losing weight just because your metabolism is shifting, but there’s something else. The toxins from the fat loss are literally causing more inflammation, other health problems, typically, that crop up because you’re losing the toxins from the fat cells, and then, all of a sudden, now you’re gaining weight, and you don’t know why. Because you’re eating less, you’re pushing food away. You’re acting so good. Oh, and then, you can’t control your cravings at all, so now you’re doomed for failure. Then you give into the bread. Of course, it’s always the bread. Bread drives glucose levels more than table sugar, so it’s not just about the sugar. It’s about the bread. So Dieting vs. Detox is what Warren has in front of us. How to Lose Toxic Fat for Good was this article, and…

Warren: I’m going to show them. Sometimes that’s under Articles & Resources, Health Tips, and then you can search for our different articles. But one of the great tools we have—and I love this new screen share on Google Hangout. So you can—you go up here, and you hit that hour glass on the Search. You hit that, and they you type in, Dieting vs. Detox, and it’s going to popup right there. So you can type in these different things, and I’m even going to show you, Dr. Pompa, the article you released—actually Meredith, one of our key health specialists, trained from IIN, wrote some of your recipes and put them up for Thanksgiving. So if you’re having Thanksgiving like I am today, you’re going to want to look at those recipes. But here’s Dieting vs. Detox. So we typed in dieting and detox in the Search tool, and we click, and then there’s that article. And the info graphic—oh, and by the way, if you noticed, it’s snowing at drpompa.com today. It called for snow, so that’s what we have going on over here, if you noticed the snow on the screen. Do you see that guys.

Dr. Pompa: No. We’re kinda behind you, I think, because you’re saying things, and I’m like, “What’s he talking about?”

Warren: Yeah. It’s a little slow. Well, the Black Friday sales are really eating up the bandwidth today. So what I’m going to do, Dan, is I’m gonna, Dr. Pompa, is put…

Dr. Pompa: Just put that on there. Yeah.

Warren: Put that up there, and then by the time it gets there, you’ll be able to kind of explain what’s going on here.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. So I hope everyone can see that.

David: This looks cool. This thing is great.

Dr. Pompa: You like that, David?

David: Yeah.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Something simple as that, you remember how many hours it took us, Warren? Just fiddling around with that, right? Fat stores toxins to protect the body, right? Your body has to dump these things in a depot. That’s like just like the way we take our trash out to the curb, and then it ends up in a dump somewhere. Otherwise, most disease, back in the early 1900's and 1800's, was really because of no waste disposal, right? It starts to buildup, and that causes disease to spread. Well, I would say it’s the same in your body. Your body has to put it, the toxins, in little protective areas. Well, I say it always makes its way to the cells, and in particular, fat cells. There you go. That’s even better. So there it is. I mean, it shifts it into those fat cells, and when we diet, there’s that 10 pounds. That looks a heck of a lot more than 10 pounds, but let’s say you’re really successful and you lose 20 pounds. So then it says when fat is burned, toxins redistribute throughout the body, exactly. Because you burn the fat cell and then the toxins have to be redistributed. So what they do is they end up being circulated through the body, and they attach to the cell membrane, which is fat, by the way, of other cells in the body. And what happens is some of those toxins could cross into the brain, cross that blood brain barrier, and now, all of a sudden, you’re wondering why you have these symptoms. And people don’t really associate it, or they just attach to other cells. And what they do when they attach to the cell membrane, it drives inflammation, and it just blunts the hormone receptor, and therefore, it causes more weight gain eventually. And then there you are on the right. The body reacts by increasing toxins by producing more fat cells. So, basically, your body has to deal with these extra toxins floating around. It’s driving inflammation, and then, so guess what? It starts to make more buckets to basically dump the toxins because, see, the body really just wants to survive. That’s what it wants to do. It wants to protect itself at all costs. So your body literally starts to make more dumping grounds. It starts to make more depots or whatever you’d call the places we bring trash, dumps? What do we call them, dumps? Is that right, dumps?

David: Dump. They’re dumps, landfills.

Dr. Pompa: Dumps. Now let’s look at the one below, okay? This is proper dieting and cellular detox. So fat stores toxins in the body, right? We got that. And then if you look below the arrow, it says cellular detox. So this time…

Warren: Whoops.

Dr. Pompa: We’re going to do some cellular detox, right? We’re going to do some 5R's stuff, so you better go read the articles. But the one thing that here is is the very simple thing that people can do is the IDS product. Now I’ve explained it in the past, but I’ll briefly explain it here. It’s a two part system. One part drives intracellular glutathione. That simply means, the glutathione is your body’s natural way of getting rid of toxins and inflammation, by the way, and it’s so important that it’s in every cell of your body, this glutathione. As a matter of fact, when it drops to a certain level in those cells, the cell dies. That’s how important it is. Okay. So most people try to take glutathione, it doesn’t work. Intracellular glutathione is the key. Even when you inject glutathione, which, Warren, we did plenty of that in the past, it still doesn’t get into the cell. This product called GCEL does raise intracellular glutathione. Then it forces these toxins from the cell. The problem is this. When they go from the cell, they work their way to the liver because the liver has to deal with foreign things, and then they bind up with something called bile, which ends up being dumped in your gut. This probably warrants a picture after I get through explaining this picture. And then the problem is is most of those toxins are reabsorbed. So that really brings up the second part of  that product. There’s GCEL and BIND sold together in the system of the Intracellular Detox System, IDS, Intracellular Detox System. IDS, so one part pushes it from the cell. The other part grabs it in the gut as a binding agent and pulls it out. It’s a three part system that Warren and I created. That we really own the rights to that, I mean, we really have created that system, and raising intracellular glutathione and grabbing it in the gut. And this product is our third generation product. So very, very advanced and we worked with some really bright biochemists in creating that third generation product.

Warren: Yeah. Dr. Shayne was able to help us take that to the next level, and we’re really thankful for the partnering with Systemic Formulas. Really, just creating the products, so that we can do what we do best, which is educate the world. So I love it, Dr. Pompa. That product, just so you know, I did some stats, end of the year, and that is our #1 selling product, and it’s a #1 selling product for a reason. It works. It makes a difference in people’s lives, and they lose weight, and it’s a great place to start if you’re watching this for the first time and going, “Holy cow.” The culture is we all buy into the calorie restriction. We talk about it a lot, but we talk about a simple point that we say over, and over, and over again just so the public can be reminded that you cannot calorie restrict. It’s called dieting, and if there’s toxins in your cell, you’d be—watch some of our previous shows. But if your body can’t adhere the hormone to burn fat for energy because of toxicity, no matter what you do, how much you exercise, you can’t lose weight, and ultimately, you can’t get your life back, and be healthy, have energy, have that future that you want with your family, your grandchildren, the things that you deserve. So the detoxification aspect, true detoxification at the cellular level, is very key. Dr. Pompa, can I—should I go look at some other articles that would be helpful for people.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Exactly, so let me just finish one more thing here.

-Cross talk- Dr. Pompa: We got into the details of how that product works, but the bottom line is this. You do the Cellular Healing Diet in combination with that IDS system, the Intracellular Detox System, and your result is going to be different. So why? By the way, it’s the #1 seller because people utilize it and go, “Oh, my gosh. It’s like I lose weight. My brain works better. I feel better in my energy.” It’s because it’s a real product. If you look at the ingredients in there, that product’s a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Because we use all active ingredients, the nutrients in there are designed to penetrate an inflamed cell. So they’re the active ingredient, very, very expensive ingredients. I always say that the GCEL alone—I call it the multi-vitamin of the future because most people get sick not because of the lack of vitamins. They get sick of because of inflammation. They get sick because of the lack of glutathione in a cell, and now the cell can’t detox. That product is so darn important. It should be on the shelf of everybody in America because we are exposed to so many different toxins. So GCEL, if you went downstairs—we did that once, and GCEL, you saw it in my cabinet. There’s probably three bottles down there right now because my family takes it. So GCEL, really important and when you combined it with the BIND product, which makes up IDS, therefore, you don’t reabsorb or auto-intoxicate. By the way, that’s what so many people do. When they detox, you’re reabsorbing the toxins. So that’s really where the brilliance is, the diet, that product, a very, very simple place to start. You want to take it to the next level? Then you read the 5R's articles, and you’ll see some other products that support cellular healing. So Warren, go ahead, and maybe you can show some of those other articles, like you said.

Warren: I’m going to go to our home page here because I want to show you the most recent article. For those that are doing Thanksgiving or want to include some of the healthy recipes on how to eat well, there it is. It’ll come up. So you went on Dr. Pompa’s Thanksgiving. Even though in the article he did eat out this year with his family, these are some of the recipes we’ve used in the past, and then the Bone Broth.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. It was a place that makes the most amazing healthy food, by the way.

Warren: Yeah. It does. It’s organic. It’s…

Dr. Pompa: Organic, it’s like brainless everything. It was incredible.

Warren: So here’s—this was on the front page today. So if you’re watching this or you want to put something in your recipe book for next year, Thanksgiving Meal Ideas for a Healthy Body. That’s right on the main site today, so if you typed in Thanksgiving—but we’re having Thanksgiving today, and we’re going to use some of these recipes. We didn’t just buy an Amish turkey because Amish, although there’s a natural thing to them—I don’t want to—and a lot of them do have natural products, but in the marketing of Amish, they use GMO grain. We know some people that work with Amish, and they do use GMO grain. They buy GMO grain. They also spray pesticides and herbicides. So just because you have an Amish turkey, guys, doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. So not to take away, you may know the farmers and know that they don’t use that stuff, but again, if it doesn’t say non-GMO, if it’s not—well, where it says organic. If it’s organic, it has to be non-GMO. Make sure you do that. You don’t—you have to stay away from the GMO guys, huge. Some of other things on here, we have Stevia sweetened cranberry-orange sauce, loaded with antioxidants. We’re serving that today. I actually got to squish that up for today. There’s a arugula salad, organic coffee. Huge, coffee holds a lot of pesticides which, Dr. Pompa, causes that cellular inflammation, and could be why you’re weight loss resistant. Pesticides are a major cause of inflammation. So a lot of healthy fats, coconut oil, you can go right through here, and then the recipe, Cellular Healing Diet Bread Loaf. So this is actually no grains, no sugar. Cellular Healing Bread Loaf, their recipe, Grass-fed Bone Marrow Butter, another major hit really hitting the natural organic world right now and wellness movement, the Cranberry Orange-Sauce, which we did, the Classic Pumpkin Pie. We did Chelsea’s Cheesecake, which is one of the Cellular Healing Diet recipes. That’s what we did for today. At least my wife did, and so there’s that. And we also have a lot of other recipes that are good for not having—creating health and not stealing health from your body. So if you go over Articles & Resources and—well, maybe not. Where is…

David: All I can say is I’m getting hungry.

Warren: Yeah. It’s good stuff. So I know that there’s our recipes…

Dr. Pompa: You know what’s on my stove right now? I did a fast yesterday with bone broth through the day, and then I ate my big meal at night, right? But I did bone broth. Warren, show them this collagen product that we have because I’m really impressed with it actually. It’s a great amino acid source. So what I did yesterday, you all could do this today.

Warren: It’s great.

Dr. Pompa: We made our bone broth. We got some fresh bones, and boiled them. I put some salt, pepper in it, really easy to do, and then I added this—some extra collagen stuff in mine, but I did something yesterday. I went out and I burst trained. So I just went in the woods, and I did probably just, I don’t know, 45 minutes of just burst. So I would just walk with the dogs, and then I would just run, burst, and then I did these leg things, jumps. So I did some high-intensity training in the woods yesterday, and then—and it’s probably why I’m going [clear throat] because I was working so hard. I was breathing—I mean, literally, I was breathing so heavy. And then I came home. I do that on an empty stomach because it raises growth hormone, right. It’s an amazing trick. I waited an hour, a couple hours probably, and then I came home, and started drinking my bone broth. And I put these extra collagens and gelatin, which by the way, is amazing for your skin, amazing for your recovery because there’s perfect amino acids in them. And then that’s what I did through the afternoon, and then I went and ate the big dinner. I almost said huge dinner. Remember, I thought I was going to be so hungry because I did all that activity and burst training. I guess, something happened. Like I said, my wife and I were both disappointed that we weren’t more hungry, and she did this with me by the way. So anyways, and then today I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going to eat all day. I’m just going to do my bone broth all day today, and I’m going to add the extra gelatin and collagen even into the bone broth, which, basically, it’s there already. I’m just adding even more. So that’s just something that I love to do. So I’m just kind of intermittent fasting like I always do, but I’m doing it all through the day. I’m drinking this bone broth, and I’m going to do that probably for the next four or five days.

Warren: Yeah, and I think they may be sold out, but if you go to Grass-fed Bones, you can get some grass-fed organic bones, grassfedbones.com.

Dr. Pompa: Oh, yeah, bummer. Yeah. It’s under—the product. I’ll run downstairs and get it here, and Warren can…

Warren: I’ll grab it for you. I’ll pull it up on the website, Revelation Health. Hold on one second. I do want to say this, Dan. Underneath Nutrition & Exercise, just so people can find things—and I think showing them where things are at, there’s a bunch of different Cellular Healing Diet recipes. Can you see that?

Dr. Pompa: Yep.

Dave: Yeah.

Warren: And then dessert recipes, and then some exercise. And the last thing I want to show them before I get off of this site is if you go to Articles & Resources, Health Tips, or type in Detox in the Search. But I want to show this to you. The internet, again, is really slow because of—but here’s another great article, and this is what I did today, Dr. Pompa, is I worked out this morning. Got my body temperature up and this is one of your protocols.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah.

Warren: And then I went into the infrared sauna to sweat out some of the toxins because Far Infrared is another great way to detox and healing. Is another great way to detox your body, especially if you had a rough Thanksgiving. Put it that way.

Dr. Pompa: By the way, folks, do you know what I did when I came home from doing…

Warren: And here’s this video.

Dr. Pompa: When I came home from doing that high-intensity training, I got in my sauna to kick in the sweating, and here’s a little trick that I do. So exercising before you get into that sauna is absolutely amazing. I do one other thing. I have a cup of dandelion tea, hot dandelion tea, right before I get in. Which dandelion helps detox the kidneys and the liver. So that’s—dandelion tea is known as the detox tea. You can buy it at any store, health food store. Then I drink a cup of that right before I get in, and it just causes—purges the detox, and you do that with the IDS system. And that’s what I’m showing there in the video, Warren. I’m showing how to use the IDS, its system, with that infrared sauna.

Warren: Dan, you just—I just gained some more knowledge from Cellular Healing TV. I also find how it’s better to navigate your website. So I learned because I act like a customer because I don’t come to the site. I mean, I read the articles, but I don’t actually navigate the site a lot. So I learned where to put some of these things for people to find them better. So my team—I’m actually texting our team right now to make the site easier to find, like, recipes.

David: I’ve got to say, though, your team’s done an amazing job in laying out the website.

Warren: Oh, it’s absolutely amazing. They work on it because our core concept is to bring uncommon solutions to the common people. These are uncommon things, so we have to do it above and beyond to reach the common people that are out there that may not know the truth. We’re privileged to know this knowledge, all three of us on the call today. Many of you that are watching us, we’re privileged. We’re educated and through education, we’re getting our minds and our bodies set free. That’s why we do this. There’s a lot of people that just—they’re doing the best that they know how. They’re still doing calorie restriction. They think detoxification is a colon cleanse, and it’s so sad to hear that because there’s real truth here so the Far Infrared sauna, awesome. You can see the IDS system in the background.

Dr. Pompa: Then see that ASEA. So folks, I took—I drank about 6 ounces of that before I went to workout in the woods, and then as soon as I walked in the door, my wife and I drank probably another 4-6 ounces of the ASEA. So I always use it before and after exercise. And like I said, I mean, obviously, that helps detox, which is a big part of it, but it also increases your cellular energy, your cellular oxygen, and it helps with recovery. And you’ve heard me say everything is recovery when it comes to exercise. So , but it also helps you clear the toxins. So that’s ironic that that was there because that was part of my little regime yesterday.

Warren: Okay. So now I’m going to go up to Shop, and this will take you to revelationhealth.com, and Dr. Pompa, what I was going to tell you—oh, my gosh. Yes. Black Friday sale today, 15% off store-wide, everything.

David: Woo.

Warren: Yeah. So that’s great. That’s bigger than other sites that are out there. I wanted to go big to attract some new people to try some of these things. So the things that are on our site, 15% off. Dr. Pompa, what I was going to say too is I—in my legs, you know my legs, Dr. Pompa, they’re big. When I workout, that’s where I store my weight, and a lot of it is water weight. So I, again, I’m a healthy guy. I eat, and I do everything almost perfect, 99.9% of the time, but I struggle there. And a lot of it’s water weight. And the dandelion thing is huge for me. To hear that—I was with my gym guy the other day, and he saw the sock line, the infamous sock line that no one wants to see. He’s like, “That’s water weight.” So I’m going to try that dandelion. Workout, dandelion tea, get into the infrared sauna, and see if I can eliminate some of that water weight that I carry in my legs. Now genetically, it’s just how it is for me as hard as I work, and I just wanted to let people know that they struggle with carrying extra water, and that dandelion tea, I’d probably shed 5 pounds of water.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. You probably will. As a matter of fact, go in with a t-shirt on and put a towel over your chair because you’re going to lose—you watch how much you will.

David: I wrote a note down on dandelion tea as well today so…

Warren: There’s Collagen, Dr. Pompa.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. So that’s what I added. There’s two different products. I used a little bit of both, but yeah. There’s the Collagen, and again, it’s perfect blend of amino acids, but Type I, Type II, there’s different types of Collagen that your body needs, basically. And it’s skin, it’s joints, and for recovery period. And by the way, when you make bone broth, one of the benefits is Type II Collagen that helps your gut heal. So yeah, that heals your gut. That heals your skin, your bone, I mean, your joints. And it’s just a perfect recovery tool because it is pure protein as it says up there. If you could spin the bottle, you’d look at the amino acid profile on it. It’s pretty amazing. And it really does…

Warren: Oh, my gosh. This team is on fire. They’re actually putting the front and back on there.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. So spin it one more time. That just talks about the—there. Look at all the amino acids, the Amino Acid Analysis, straight down, general analysis.

Warren: David’s all proud of our team.

Dr. Pompa: Just follow the instructions on it, warm water, cold water. I put it in my broth. So my broth was just a massive collagen experience. So yeah, great stuff. I mean, it’s just pure collagen.

Warren: Yeah. There’s another brand that I’m testing out, and it’s really good too. We’ll probably put that up there, but again, I did the same thing after my workout today. I did the Collagen Protein post workout. So we do the things that we do. Another thing that I did, the rose in my growth hormone, I took, I think, 1,000 grams of Glutamine, and then I took some the Amino Acids, by Designs for Health. And that’s all on our site. We carry—everything that we use, we put on our site. And I want to see if we have dandelion tea, Dr. Pompa.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. It’d be great.

Warren: Dandelion Root Tea, is that—will that work?

Dr. Pompa: That’s the brand I used, right there.

Warren: Okay. So we do carry that on our site as well. I didn’t know that. And there’s only five bottles. There’s only three of these left. There’s only five of those bottles left, so if you want to take advantage of that, I would jump on it.

Dave: There’s actually only two left because, Warren, you’re going to take one of them today.

Warren: I am not. I am not. Dr. Pompa knows. I don’t take inventory unless—unless there’s only like—if there’s only one left or something. We don’t do that here at Revelation Health Store so anyway, Dr. Pompa, any closing comments? How was your Thanksgiving? Let’s just get back to the social aspect. Did you have a great Thanksgiving? Tell me about your family.

Dr. Pompa: We went around and we—three things that we were all thankful for. My kids—and it was fantastic. I’m going to be honest with you. I think it was one of our top Thanksgivings in the last ten years of my life. I mean, just the—and then afterwards, we went and we bowled, and it was hilarious. So the whole family went bowling. It was hilarious. Then we came home, and we played Balderdash, if you’ve ever played Balderdash. So it’s a game where you make up definitions, and it’s just an absolute blast], so that’s what happened to us. So we were very thankful. We had an amazing meal. It was very, very fun, and it was, just like I said, it was memorable. We had a lot to be thankful, and at the top of my list was my son, Isaac, who was skiing this year, and he hit a tree. It was in January so almost a year ago but not quite. And he hit a tree going about 40 miles an hour with his chest, and shattered his spleen. And I have to tell ya. Here’s the miracle, and I’ll tell it very fast, but we—of course, he was Life Flighted off the slopes. So I was sitting at church. Imagine that phone call, right? It wasn’t a phone call. They did one of these for us to come out, and your son’s being Life Flighted right now. And so I literally ran across a field to get to my car faster than I thought they could ride me through 4 feet of snow. I was soaked by the time I got there. We got down there, and of course, I was just, “What’s going on? What’s the prognosis, dah, dah, dah.” And it wasn’t good. He had broken ribs, crushed lungs, shattered spleen, and by the time we got the scan up and the doctor was looking at it was a Grade 5, which means it just shatters in a zillion pieces. They don’t even take it out when it’s like that because it’s gone. Basically, the body reabsorbs the pieces. And basically, I said, “Well, is there any chance of—there’s a couple little pieces in there?” And he, “No. It’s gone.” So my son would’ve been immune comprised, really, his whole life, and Warren was on the phone counselling me through this process. Believe me. It was very difficult. But let’s fast forward now. It was six months later, after my son was out of ICU and all that stuff, and almost died, so this is why it was my number one Thanksgiving thanks. But six months later, we go in for the scan, and the doctor comes out with this most puzzled look. And he was the head surgeon, and I said, “What?” I could tell that it was like one of those David things. Where the eyebrows would—“What? What?” And he said, “Well, he has a spleen. He has a full spleen,” and I said, “Well, is it working?” He said, “Fully functioning.” I said, “Well, how did that happen?” He says, “I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Of course, Merily said, “I know how. We had thousands of people praying. My whole Facebook group was praying. Everybody was praying. It’s a miracle,” and it was. He couldn’t explain it. So that was my number one Thanksgiving. And my number two was just a lot of what God’s doing in our family, and another one was just the fact that what—God has blessed us so much after a lot of adversity in our life, and I just see His promises unfolding in my life. And I was truly grateful for that, and just truly being grateful for what—just this—to be able to serve in this, and that was part of God’s promise. So that was my Thanksgiving. So there you go.

Warren: That’s an awesome—can you shoot a video with Isaac because I just want to document that. Twenty years from now, Dr. Pompa, we’ll go back and watch that video, and I know that we’ll be—have tears in our eyes, and will have many other miracles. In the Bible times, when there was a miracle, when there was a major movement of God where God delivered a promise, they took rocks and stones, and build a—David, you would know this more because you have more of the traditional Jewish background, but they took rocks and stones and build a monument or remembrance. And we’ll do it through YouTube now in the 21st Century, but a rock of remembrance of what God did, and how faithful he was in our lives. So we can go back, when we go in those hard times in the future, and they’re going to come, that we can remember how faithful he was because that’s an absolute miracle. I mean, if you knew the details of what the surgeon had said. There was only a piece left. They were hoping for a piece to regenerate, but the whole spleen, it was completely detached. There was no blood vessels, nothing that could’ve kept it alive in the body, and it fully restored, a fully functioning spleen. I mean, absolute miracle.

Dr. Pompa: People who are always claiming miracles, I’m always very skeptical of that, right? I mean, I’m a strong Christian believer, and I believe God can do miracles, but yet, I’m very, very skeptical of what people call miracles. And having witnessed that and seeing it myself, I’m very grateful. We’re grateful of all of you viewers, just the fact that we can bring—serve in this way, and just bring the knowledge that we suffered for, the knowledge that we have acquired over the years to you. We are grateful for that. It was part of absolutely my blessing and my thankfulness.

Warren: Well thanks everyone. David, thankful for you coming on today on a vacation day. And your family’s, actually—because your wife was sick, another sad thing for you, but your kids were off, and you couldn’t go with them because of your wife being sick. But she’s feeling better, right?

David: She is better. Yesterday, we went out to—our first Thanksgiving without the kids. We went out to dinner ourselves. And we’ve had some good alone time this week, and we’ll have it through tomorrow. And the kids are down with their grandma, but they’re having a good time.

Dr. Pompa: Come on in.

Warren: Awesome.

Dr. Pompa: That’s my little Simon peeping in there, so…

David: Hey, Simon.

Warren: Alright, thanks everyone. Have a great rest of your Thanksgiving vacation if you have off today. If not, have a great weekend. God bless. Thanks for your time. Share this with your friends, CellularHealing.tv signing off for another week.

Dr. Pompa: See ya.

David: Bye, bye.