48: Cellular Detoxification

Transcript of Episode 48: Cellular Detoxification

With Dr. Daniel Pompa and Warren Phillips.

Warren: Alright, we are live. Cellular Healing TV, episode 48, take 2. If you were with us just a few minutes ago, the sound wasn't working. That's why we had to restart the show.

Dr. Pompa: That's what happens when you do these things remote. You've got to take a show on the road, there's' risks every time.

Warren: The good news is Dr. Pompa and I are together this weekend. We flew out to have some business meetings and really meet with a couple biochemists. Shayne Morris, another friend of ours, Dr. Brian Capra. Looking to bring this mission forward in the New Year even more. The big part of what we discussed literally with Dr. Shayne, Dr. Brian, is this topic of detoxification and how it really aligns with our philosophy, which is remove the interference, the body does the healing. It's not about covering symptoms with supplements. It's about really getting the root cause of disease and dysfunction.

Dr. Pompa: That's how we got our life back.

Warren: It is how we got our life back. This topic with—who was your patient, I'm sorry.

Dr. Pompa: Terry.

Warren: Terry!

Dr. Pompa: Last week we got so many questions on—very briefly, I described what is our core, what we really do with all of our detox and how we utilize this system to detox the cells. It's been around for a while. This is something that has evolved that, like I said, we utilized getting our life back. It's evolved from there. Better products, better methods, honestly. I shared a little bit with Terry and what he did. I did on this little tablet, so we got a lot of questions. Maybe you couldn't see it. I'm going to do it in a bigger version today. Really, this is the core of cellular detox and what we do. Again, this is one of these things that's so unique, it's so different on how we do this, and it works. It is really the real deal. This is not a foot bath, and you've heard me say this. All these different detoxification methods out there, they may do some things, but it really doesn't get people well, because it doesn't get to the core problem. That's the cell. I'm going to go over that today. Then I talked about how we utilize this system within very specific detoxification such as heavy metals, mold, Lyme. You name it, we utilize this system with specific chelators. We talked about heavy metals, in this case, and how we utilize this system within heavy metals using very specific chelators for metals. I talked about that, and we got so many questions. I wrote three articles on this topic of heavy metals, so if you haven't read them, go to the site and make sure you have read them. They are going to explain a lot. Putting it all together, that's what this show's about. I think that it's going to do a really good job of that today. The other really important thing was, is that Terry talked about a new chelator that we use. People asked a lot of questions about this new chelator. I'm going to talk about that, why it's so unique. I'm going to tell you right now, it is backordered. You can't get it for a couple weeks, so don't call yet. Wait until sometime in February. The bottom line is, we want to show you how these work within this cellular detoxification system. That's the show today.

Warren: The really cool thing that we get to do as health enthusiasts—leaders, I would say, because we have thousands of doctors following your work. Also, our group of 60 that we work with intimately, they get the results that you do, quite honestly. They're incredible physicians and health coaches. We get these—our core belief system is remove the interference, body does the healing. We're not about pushing a product, potion, or lotion. When we got sick, heavy metals was true and dear to my heart, with my chemistry background, my masters level work in that, cleaning up heavy metals in abandoned mines—if you watched the previous part of the show, I got into that too much, actually, so I'm going to hold off there. In nature, they are true chelators and they bind. In my studies, even in the environmental world and in my research, my personal research, I put a whole—I have a huge, thick, masters' level thesis that was on chelation and the binding of heavy metals in soils. There's different ways to do it. You can bind them with clays. You have drank the bentonite clay. There is some validity to that.

Dr. Pompa: It's a weak bind.

Warren: It is a weak bind.

Dr. Pompa: It doesn't get to the cell.  It binds it in the gut.

Warren: Yeah, plants. Plants have a structure that can uptake and bind metals. Thus, chlorella. Do they do it when it's dead and it's live? Do they do it in a lab and when it's in your body? There's all these things. There's also things like zeolite, and that's where the new product that we tested with many of our practitioners, the new CytoDetox drops which hopefully will be ready in February—

Dr. Pompa: I don't even want to go down that road yet, because I want them to see the system.

Warren: I just want to define chelation. That was it.

Dr. Pompa: Chelation means grab onto. Again, most of these products that we test that people bring, they don't work, frankly. There was a zeolite model used years ago that they put into a liquid, and it didn't work. Simply, it didn't work because it wouldn't cross the gut. It was just too big. Yeah, it bound things up in the gut, but it didn't cross the gut. You brought up chlorella and all these things. Chlorella once it's dead, really, they call it the metal magnet. It really doesn't do much at all, especially at the cellular level. There is a lot of myths. There's a lot of pitfalls when it comes to heavy metal. In those articles, I really describe that. When you're dealing with a lot of herbals and some of these things, there are very weak binds. It's like stirring up the bees' nest. You just end up stirring around the metals instead of really getting them out of the body.

Warren: I'll give an example. I do want to get into this. I just thought it was important to lay that groundwork. For instance, if you took heavy metals and mixed up some clay, those molecules will bind those weak clay molecules. We'll just call it like that. They're bound like this. You introduce that to acid, the acid, the H+ ions, come in and replace. They're stronger than the metal themselves, so even a weak acid will knock the metal off. Imagine you ingesting some of these weak binders, and it gets into your stomach, which is acidic. It may be able to do that, but the reality is, when it's in an acidic environment in your stomach, the strength isn't there. We lost our life to this stuff, so we want to bring you this true method today.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, I think it's one of my pet peeves when it comes to heavy metals, and it's that most doctors do it wrong. Many people go, and I talk about this in the articles, is they go to their doctor and they get IV chelation. That's a true chelator. However, the problem is that they don't use it often enough, meaning keep the level up in the blood to minimize the circulation.

Warren: We hear the horror stories from people into autoimmune, they lose their life, psychosis. You be very careful when you just jump out there in this realm of heavy metal detoxification. It is a major misnomer, a major insult, with some of these natural health practitioners that are out there. I'm not coming against—it's just lack of knowledge. That's why we're doing this. I'm not coming against them. I just want to educate with Dr. Pompa on these true topics. That's Cellular Healing TV. Let's get into it.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. This is it. I'm going to move over here.

Warren: I'm going to move over here.

Dr. Pompa: The idea of heavy metal chelation, like you said, it is a pet peeve of mine. Number one, I had to get my life back through that process, and I had to do it correctly. Really, just like most of you, I tried probably the majority of the products out there. Chlorella, cilantro—cilantro I almost died, because it crosses into the brain and jut stirs it up. One of the keys to having metal detox is using these things often enough that they don't drop in your blood to allow things to recirculate. Again, that's the problem with IV. I talk about that in the articles. This is at the core of what we do. You've seen me draw these circles many times. This is the cell, right? This is ultimately where the problem's occurring, because in this cell, of course, you have the DNA in the nucleus. Out here, you have this vital membrane that I talked about, right? Once this membrane becomes inflame—typically toxins, diet, glucose, insulin, all these things can inflame the membrane—bad fats. Once it does, now you can't get the good stuff in, you can't get the bad stuff out. You end up with this toxic environment that really now starts to turn on bad genes. Then you start expressing bad things, meaning you're making bad proteins, you're making bad hormones, you're making bad information. Everything that's coming out of this cell now is duplicating bad. We turn on these genes of susceptibility. One of the things I was saying—hey look, if you're a doctor and you don't understand epigenetics and how to change the way the gene is expressing itself, this is new science. You have to understand this, whether it's a thyroid, diabetes, even weight loss. We have to change what that DNA's expressing. Most of us, we don't feel well. You're expressing, from your DNA, bad things. That's the bottom line. We have to change that. Toxins are a big deal, because they start changing that DNA. We have to detox the cell. That's the bottom line. Now look, there's multiple ways we do this. The 5R's is really how we do this. If you've never read those articles, read them. R1 is remove the source, which we're going to talk about in a minute. Heavy metals was the topic of Terry's show, one of the topics. Then we talk about R2, and it's regenerating the cell membrane. We've got to get this membrane working and move things in and out smoothly and also, to change that DNA. R3 is the energy needed to even detox. R4 is reducing the inflammation so the cell works, and R5 is re-establishing methylation, which is a major, major part of how the cell detox. By the way, most people do not have enough of this methylation because of stress, which is chemical, physical, emotional. That's the 5R's. That's true cellular detox. Now, this is what one of the things that we do. GCEL is a product that has been created over the years. This particular one is an evolution of the third generation product that started years ago. This product raises something called intercellular—and I'm just going to abbreviate it here, GSH, which is glutathione. Look, I'm not going to give you a chemistry degree. I want everyone to understand this. The point is this. This is the body's strongest antioxidant. It's in every cell in the body. Matter of fact, if those levels of glutathione in the cell drop too low, the cell dies instantly. Every cell needs it. It's the way the cell naturally detoxifies, as well. Very, very important—we know that as people get sick, as they age, these levels drop. Now they have trouble with oxidative stress, aging, bad stuff happens to your DNA, and also, your gut cells become more and more toxic. This product raises glutathione. Very simply, when we do these 5R's here, okay? When we do these products, and Terry talked about a lot of them, GCEL being the major one, it kicks out the toxins. I'll just use X's for that. It kicks out the toxins from the cell. Then you ask, “Where do they go?” That's the big question. Most of the toxins end up—and now, you have to excuse my amazing art—

Warren: Let's push this this way a little.

Dr. Pompa: Move it a little bit? Okay. Alright, we good? Alright. Most of them make their way to the liver, okay?

Warren: That's a fine liver.

Dr. Pompa: That is a good liver, actually! It's a little light into the drawing, because I was afraid, but yeah, that is a good liver. Okay, so that's your liver. I'll just put liver in there, just so you remember. Most of the toxins make their way to the liver. What happens there? Look, there's a phase one and phase two detoxification here. Again, I'm not going to give you a whole education here, but the liver has to transform these toxins into longer chains, different things, to remove them from the body. The liver then, most of those toxins end up —and once again, we're going to have some fun with my amazing artistic ability. I'm doing pretty well today, Warren.

Warren: Yeah, you're on your game.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, this is quite something.

Warren: That's an S, right?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, that's an S. Right, no, that's your intestines. Okay, no, that is your intestines. Most of the toxins, then, are bound up to bile. You remember what bile is, folks? Okay, I just drew a little thing on the liver. That's your gallbladder. He's helping me out.

Warren: Now it looks like a snake.

Dr. Pompa: Here's the bile. I'll write that here, okay? Bile is a fat. Really, it's used to digest fat, okay? When you eat a fatty meal, your body's going to dump that bile into your intestines to do what? To break down fat. However, most of the toxins are bound up in and around this bile complex. Matter of fact, we know that toxic people, people that don't feel well, they have something called hepatic, meaning liver; biliary, bile; sludge, meaning bad stuff, toxins. In this hepatic biliary sludge—that's why people a lot of people, by the way, need their gallbladder removed, they can't digest well. This bile complex becomes very toxic. Here's the bile making its way—

Warren: Plus the toxins, right?

Dr. Pompa: Plus the toxins. See, that's the problem. The bile carries the toxins in the gut. Now you say, “That might not be bad, because ultimately, we want to eliminate those toxins.” That's the problem. See, what happens in the lower small intestine—let's just say this is the cutoff here. The lower small intestine, what happens is your body reabsorbs bile back to the liver. You know why it does that? It doesn't want to have to recreate it. If the toxins are bound up to bile, what does it bring? It brings the toxins with the bile complex. It's called AKA autointoxication. We're doing all this wonderful work at the cell. We bring it to the liver. Then it ends up in the gut, and we reabsorb it. Then what happens is most of it just starts recirulating back into the body? That's a bad idea. We ended up, years ago, coming up with a concept and a process where we bind it. We put a catcher's mitt in the gut. That one is called BIND, okay? BIND, obviously… bind. We put that catcher's mitt in the gut. Therefore, when the bowel complex with the toxins ends up here, we have this catcher's mitt waiting, and now we can bring it out of the body. You can't absorb this. It's a very, very tight bond. In this BIND product, once again, evolutionary—it's evolved over the years. It has ability to bind not just heavy metals, but also organic toxins such as mold, biotoxins, things like that.

Warren: Yeah, the ingredients have been put together over the years. We've added different things. Dr. Shayne put his spin on it. Some of the fibers, some of the types of carbon, are very specific. Not even from America, from other countries. I don't really want to tell what other countries, it's proprietary information, but just absolutely incredible.

Dr. Pompa: Here's what Terry talked about. Terry said man, when he started doing these coffee enemas—which I think most of this audience has heard of, right? Coffee enemas, and they work for detox. It's only a part of detox. When people use a coffee enema just for detox, what about the cell? Coffee enemas really work right here. I'm going to write coffee right here, okay? What it does is the caffeine, when you do a coffee enema, pushes out the bowel complex. Why is that significant? Oftentimes, we're doing all this wonderful work with these cellular products that we've created over the years, and we're moving toxins from the cell. Very important. What happens, then, if your body starts—the delivery gets so congested that the bowel doesn't want to leave? Then our catcher's mitt doesn't have a chance to bring it out of the body. Then coffee enemas come in, and they purge the bowel complex. A lot of people do coffee enemas without the catcher's mitt. Does that sound like a bad idea? It is.

Warren: It's a really bad idea.

Dr. Pompa: Why? Then they start to reabsorb—

Warren: Right here, it's going to come back. You dump it out of your liver, it goes down through here, gets sucked back up, and you wonder why you're waking up in the middle of the night sick. Headaches, pains.

Dr. Pompa: That's bad. You can see there's stop checks right? People make mistakes down here because they don't have a binding agent, so they're reabsorbing. People can get messed up here because they're not pushing the bowel out, and it's becoming more and more toxic. That's really bad, okay? They become very chemically sensitive, very sensitive to foods. We want to be able to free up the bile. Here's where people make the biggest mistake. They're really not doing true cellular detox. They're not getting the cell here. They're just working down here. Mistake, mistake, mistake. This system is how we get very, very, very, very sick people well. This system is true detox, true cellular detox. Again, we bring it from the cell, make sure it comes out of the liver, and then, of course, we're making sure it comes out of the body and not reabsorbed. Now, there's been some advances here.

Warren: One thing here. I just want you to see how this evolves. Some of you watch and be like, “Can't I just do a colon cleanse?” or “Can't I just do a footbath?”

Dr. Pompa: You're down here.

Warren: Yeah, this seems so complicated. What I want you to know is we're not doing anything that the body doesn't already naturally do. We're just supporting it. We're supporting the glutathione, which is your body's number one way to remove cellular toxins. It's weak here because of stress and life and all these things, but I just want to make it simple. This is simple. All you're doing is supporting your cell. It's removing the toxins. We're supporting the liver. We do have—glutathione supports the liver like this product.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, GCEL works here, too.

Warren: It's supporting the liver. The reason I get this is my—I won't even say it, but I even have family members that are trying to figure this all out. It's really neat. They say, “I need a liver cleanse. I have fatty liver.” Look this helps take care of that.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, there's a product even, a suppository, because people say, “I'm not doing some coffee enema.” We actually have a product that is really a coffee enema in a suppository. Takes two seconds to do, but it really pushes it out. Then we have other products like Lb, Liver/gall bladder, a liver product. These products really help.

Warren: Support, support, and then a little bit of an intervention here with the body's system, because it has all these toxins that are coming down and reabsorbing. This was me. This is why—it's just really passionate about this. It saved my life. I literally couldn't sleep because in the middle of the night, my liver would dump whatever was going on, and I would wake up sick every night. If I took carbon before I went to bed, Dr. Pompa, and that's another trick that came out on the show right now, is take carbon—that's not carbon, but the BIND product.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, the BIND product has a specific type of carbon in it.

Warren: Back in the day, I would just take straight carbon, I was actually mixing it up and drinking it, and I could sleep through the night. You're doing a little bit of an intervention here to break up this hepatic biliary recirculation, meaning the autointoxication, retoxifying your body. You can think about that in the middle of the night if you ate poorly or drank too much alcohol and you just wake up sick. You're getting this autointoxication even happening in there on an acute level versus a chronic level, but this is chronically, meaning on a daily basis, happening in people's lives… an intervention.

Dr. Pompa: Okay, now this is important. We have some things that we do to support if things get stopped up here, right? You can see that. Other products. We have some things we have to do in the gut, which, there's other things we oftentimes have to do there, and obviously, the 5R's and some things at the cell. Think about these three things. What I haven't said is where does heavy metals come in? Glutathione, although it dumps the cell, it's not a great chelator for heavy metals, so it has trouble bringing the heavy metals to the liver. This is where true chelators come in, that are specific for, in this case, this example, heavy metals. We have these heavy metals out here. I'm just going to draw Hg as mercury. This is out here, outside the cell. Of course, inside the cell, on the cell, and we want to get these—

Warren: In this bile complex?

Dr. Pompa: In this bile complex, in the gut.

Warren: In your brain.

Dr. Pompa: In the bones, in the brain, right. We want to go after this. The first thing—and again, this is very, very important simple science. There's something called concentration gradient. Things, if you remember from your biology—I just lost most of you. Things move from higher concentration to lower concentration. We want to clear—outside the cell, we want to clear the body of these heavy metals. Why? So we set up concentration gradients to move them from deeper tissue like the brain, the bone, etcetera, wherever it's stored. We use specific chelators to do that. Now, Terry talked about this new one that's this liquid that we're using. We call it the CytoDetox drops. That's pretty easy to remember, right? CytoDetox drops. It does bind up other metals, but it's very specific for heavy metals. Then we talked about, in some of the articles, chelating agents like DMSA. They're chelating agents that have a true bind. They are true chelators that grab on. Those agents, you have to use within their half-life. It's very, very important. Warren's trying to fix the lighting. That's worse actually, Warren. You put a major shadow—oh, now it's just you're there. You're creating a shadow. It might be better. Anyways, a true chelator is something that grabs on, but you have to use it often enough. Otherwise, you'll stir the bees' nest, okay? The CytoDetox drops—it's still important to use all chelators within their half-life. It just has a longer ability, so we don't have to take it as often. Anyways, we use these true agents that bind metals along with this system. That's what I want you to see. Then that helps bring these heavy metals—remember, heavy means the body has trouble getting rid of them, and therefore, we're utilizing these specific chelators in this process and keeping them moving out. The sun—I knew that sun would be a big issue. Anyways, so this is what we do. Again, we can do this differently for mold; we can do it differently for biotoxins. In this case, it's heavy metals. Using true chelators that actually bind, not a lot of the herbals that just stir the bees' nest, not IVs that go away and all of a sudden, all the metal's recirculating. When you use these true chelators within a system, it helps move things out of the body. That's how we got our lives back. It's that simple. It really is. The cell to the liver to the gut, out of the body. Of course, some of it makes its way to the kidneys. We support those, all of the downstream detox pathways. We've been asked in the past, “Where do infrared saunas fit in this?” I put it into the category of coffee enemas, meaning that that helps process. The skin is a detoxification process. You'll never remove heavy metals from your brain, deep in your body, just by using infrared sauna, but is it a great thing to keep this pathways open? We have this liver-gut pathway, but what about the liver-kidney pathway? Skin pathway? We want to keep those pathways open, too. This is where we get most of the problems that really occur in most people who try to detoxify and really aren't successful. They get headaches. They get worse. This works. Why does this work? The magic is at the cell. Read the 5R articles. Read those heavy metal articles. Like I said, we're really excited about this new detoxifier. I'll sit down here. The reason we are is because we have been brought every heavy metal detox agent on the planet and we've tested them. They never pan out, do they?

Warren: They don't.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, they don't. We've tested all the different things, all the heavy metal products. I could go through lists that I've used and the lists that we've tested, and it never panned out. This one did, so we've been very, very excited about it. We've obviously been using it for the last nine months, and we're now just launching it out, really, to the public and for doctors to start using. We're thrilled, and a brilliant man—really, you came up with a hydrolyzation process to make that molecule small enough that it in fact does cross into the brain. One thing I wanted to point out here is through this process, we clear the body, and then we move into something called the brain phase. That's really how we got our life back, is the brain phase. It's the deeper heavy metals that really makes people sick. It's not what's in the body. It's really what's in the brain, especially when it comes to mercury. That's when we started getting our night's sleep back. That's when we started our thyroid and our adrenals—we could adapt to stress again once we started getting our pituitary, which is what runs the thyroid, which runs the adrenals. We might have some questions there, because I think that's a really important thing. We did get a lot of questions about that. Warren: I just want to say that authentically, this took me a long time, but I know that it gave me my life back. I was so stinking sick, and so many of our clients are just at the end of their rope. It took time. The nice thing is, where it took me three years doing this at a lesser level, over the years, thousands of doctors, training doctors—our doctors bring us new great ideas all the time. We get to educate, obviously, through our public platform and our physician and health coach platform. It's so much quicker than it used to be, but it still is a process, and it still takes commitment, dedication, an attitude like Terry has, to get it done. Part of the trick of getting well and utilizing something that we know that works, you're just supporting the body doing what it normally does but helping it get there more quickly and gently, just like anything else. When someone falls down, what does the Bible say? Blessed is the man who can pick him up again. That's what we're doing to the body. The body's down, it's down and out, and we're reaching into that body and we're supporting it and lifting it up again to give it a chance to do what it's supposed to do. That's how these conditions heal themselves. It is absolutely life transforming. The beautiful thing is, the research proves it. It's just really exciting. I just want to let you guys know that man, it gave me my life back.

Dr. Pompa: This is what we did. It's a big part of it.

Warren: I'll never stop saying that.

Dr. Pompa: The brain phase, I think we did have some questions about that, how we used fat-soluble chelators. We don't do it right away, because we want to clear out what's around the cell, what's in the body, set up that concentration gradient. Once you clear the body, now you can go after it in the brain with great ease, because the concentration gradient's there. It's simple. Again, it's things move from higher concentration to lower. Again, it's something that most practitioners violate. They don't understand how to do this. We do it, really, two ways. Number one, three to four months of clearing the body, purposely not going deep into the cell yet and into the brain. Number two, we do four-ten cycles, typically. Four days on, ten days off, four days on, ten days off. We clear for four days, we give it ten days for concentration gradient to settle back out, and then we clear again. That's the heavy metal process, but that's true to all detoxification really, is it's that pulsing that really matters. Again folks, if you're out there and you think you're going to do this one cleanse—yeah, I'm going to do a cleanse for ten days, a ten-day cleanse. Look, it's not so simple. These toxins are deep. Once you do that ten-day cleanse, you might clear out some things down here, but it sets up concentration gradient. Then things start to move from the cell and out, and all of a sudden, you're back to where you were, if not worse, because you're reabsorbing most of those toxins. These 10, 20-day cleanses that people do doesn't work. This is the real deal. This takes time. I'm not going to paint a picture of three detoxification programs and you're better. Not so simple. It took you 20 to 30 years to bioaccumulate the toxins deep into these cells, deep into these tissues. and it's not going to come out in months. This is a process that we teach people to do again and again, and eventually, you do get your life back. This is based on science. This is based on concentration gradient, cycling, how the cell works, how this process naturally works, and just improving it. Again, look, for those people out there that have deep-rooted issues, work with one of our practitioners. You can go to my website, obviously, DrPompa.com and call in. The girls can help you. This is something that needs help. Some of you can do this process by yourselves. Again, the people that have things like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, sleep problems—work with a practitioner. You can see those many things here that need supported further. Obviously, there's things that can happen here, and obviously, there's more support that can happen here, but this system is the real deal. This works. It took us years and years to get here. You heard Terry's testimony to this right here. Terry was able to express a lot of this. Hey, I did this here. I did that here. This works, guys. This is a great show. It's probably why it was delayed today. This is really how people get their lives back. I do have a pet peeve. People go to an alternative doctor, and it's more about taking vitamins and different herbs. If you don't remove the interference—this is R1, Remove the source.

Warren: Yeah, here's a 30 day cleanse. You walk into your chiropractor, your acupuncturist, which are amazing, and they're great people, and they're trying to help you, and they're making a great impact in your life. They give you the 30-day detox in a canister and say, “Oh, you need to detox. Here, just do this.” Really, all they're doing—it's helping—

Dr. Pompa: Most of it's gut stuff and liver stuff. Never up here.

Warren: It's helping at a very small level, but if you're dealing with a chronic condition, you need to work with a coach. When I was an All-American javelin thrower I found the best coach. That's what made me an All-American. Clients, they come to Dr. Pompa. They've been to other coaches, but they find the best. They find some of our health coaches. It just makes a massive difference in their lives. Find yourself a good coach. Don't run around and start moving metals around. The fact is, your body's trying to protect itself. That's why it's putting this inside of fat cells and it's getting places it shouldn't be. It's putting lead in it's bone. It's trying to store these things that you're putting them into your body, trying to keep it from making you sick. The fact is, it builds up long enough, your body can't handle it, and then you start expressing some of the symptoms, such as—I don't want to get into that, but the sleeplessness, the fibromyalgia, the inflammatory conditions.

Dr. Pompa: You have to remember the source, and that's what most people just aren't willing to do long enough. That's the key. After Terry's thing, we got such a great response we wrote an article. Really, more of this topic, you'll see that. Look out for that.

Warren: Go to our website. I just want to go over the articles that we discussed today. If you're watching this for the first time, go to DrPompa, because not everyone on here knows our website. DrPompa.com, right? Then right at the top right of that website, right about here, I believe, is where you can put your email in. That will hook you up with all the new articles and things we're releasing on a weekly basis, so we can educate you on these topics. The Terry story and his topic is coming out. The new glyphosate article's coming out, I believe, this week or the following week. Then after that will be Terry and his story, his cancer story. Then up here, there's also a search tool somewhere around here. My team will laugh at me, because I'm maybe not putting the right area, but you can go here. When Dr. Pompa talks about, “Read my 5R articles,” just put 5R's in here. “Read my heavy metals article,” type in, “heavy metals.” Some of these articles will show up in a list so that you can read them. Then, even in the articles, they reference the other articles. We make specific instructions. Read the 5R's articles if you're watching, this is your first time. Spend a day on each article. Watch the video. That's your system. Create that education habit in your life. To get your life back, you've got to educate yourself. It's not taking a pill, powder, or lotion, but there's an education process. Educate yourself on natural health websites that you believe in that are true, that are real, that you know that they're authentic and bring a message like we have. We're not the only ones out there, but we have truth. I want you to go in and read these, one a day for the next week, until we come back next week. Just get up in the morning and read one a day. Watch the video. It'll take you 15 minutes. Then by the time you come on next week, you'll really understand, even more, what we're talking about.

Dr. Pompa: I think I'm going to continue to go over this process. When I look to how these very, very sick people are getting well, it really is about what we showed you today. Of course, we do all these supportive things around it, but it is about removing the interference. This is what I'm frustrated with, even most alternative doctors are just not doing. We're going to keep bringing that message, I think, more this year than ever. It really gets you to understand it, even better, how we're using specific detoxification agents within that system. It just keeps getting better and better. I hope you enjoyed the show. I hope that helps you do the homework, because I think, again, the knowledge is the power. If we can educate you on the real deal, you're not going to fall for every little detoxification thing that comes your way. This is the real deal. Alright, we appreciate it. Sorry about the mix-up there, in the beginning. 180° solution, no doubt, this is 180° opposite of what most detox is that's out there in the alternative world, obviously, the allopathic world. Hope you got a lot out of it. We'll see you next week.

Warren: Alright. be the change, guys. Go and educate the world with this real health information. We appreciate you. Take care. Have a good week.