75: Overcoming Mold Illness

Transcript of Episode 75: Overcoming Mold Illness

With Dr. Daniel Pompa and special guest Tammy Stewart, C.N.C.

Dr. Pompa: All right. We’re live.

David: You’re live.

Dr. Pompa: No. No. Now it says live. See? David’s helping me out because Dr. Pompa—when I do these things by myself, bad things happen. We know that. Not today, though. Listen, we are here live in Park City, Utah in one of our seminars.

Tammy: Gorgeous here!

Dr. Pompa: We are here before the doctors have arrived, but one practitioner doctor is here. I took the opportunity because I got an email, Tammy—Tammy Stewart, by the way. This is our audience.

Tammy: Hi.

Dr. Pompa: I got an email, and it was a very inspiring email. I said to myself, “Oh! That has to be on Cellular Healing TV.” You have a really unique story, and I really wanted, always, for you to tell your story. Through adversity, which is a message of mine—I always say, “Our purpose that God has for us always comes from adversity.” That is sure true in your case because you and your family—and I’ll let you tell the story. You and your family all were very sick, except maybe your husband, right?

Tammy: No, but he was on the way.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. It’s right. That’s true.

Tammy: That’s part of our mission, is to prevent.

Dr. Pompa: That’s right. Yeah. Anyways, we’re dressed like this today because we’re actually going—

Tammy: He is. I got dressed for the TV.

Dr. Pompa: She looks nicer than me. Yeah. Exactly, so I am dressed like this because we’re actually going on a hike, way up to about 10-above feet. I’m going to teach you a little message when we’re up there.

Tammy: I’m excited. It’s going to be great.

Dr. Pompa: Adversity—we got to put these doctors in adversity.

Tammy: Things of value cost something.

Dr. Pompa: That’s right.

Tammy: If it doesn’t cost something, it doesn’t have value.

Dr. Pompa: No. That’s exactly right. You’re probably wondering—okay. We said Tammy’s a practitioner that now does cellular healing and cellular detox. That all came out of the suffering that her and her family went through. Tammy, start with that. Start with that. There’s so many details, and I know you have to be—really hit the—but I do want—

Tammy: He’s telling me to be brief.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. It’s true. I am. I do want you to hit on some of these things because I talk about—and I just wrote an article last week that every one of you need to read. It’s “True Cellular Detox™.” That’s at the core of what we do.

Tammy: Absolutely.

Dr. Pompa: It’s really what we do that’s very unique that most, even alternative functional medicine doctors, don’t do. They don’t get upstream to get to the cause. I talk about in the article the Three Amigos, or what I call the three big boys that get people sick, block up their detox pathways, and therefore, nothing works after that, no supplements, no medications. You encountered many of those big boys.

Tammy: I think we’ve hit all of them. Yeah.

Dr. Pompa: Did you? Yeah. Let’s talk about it. Take us back, and let’s enlighten them.

Tammy: Do you want me to tell you just a little bit about how I started doing this work, or just about our sickness?

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Absolutely.

Tammy: That’s where it all started.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, exactly.

Tammy: One year, I just felt God telling me, “Pray Isaiah’s Prayer—Here I am. Send me.” I said, “No. No way.”

Dr. Pompa: I’m there, too.

Tammy: “You don’t understand. I’m comfortable, and you have given me everything I need, and everything is just wonderful.” I was in my comfort zone. Of course, I argued with Him, and I prayed. He won, of course. I prayed all year long, “Here I am. Send me,” not knowing why.

Dr. Pompa: That’s a dangerous prayer sometimes.

Tammy: It was scary. It was so scary. That fall, our son—I’ll leave that part of the story until later. Our son got sick. I had always loved nutrition. One night, my husband said to me, “You need to take this nutrition thing that you love and make a business with it.” I’m like, “Oh, I know, but I’d have to go back to school, and I’d have to learn to market. No. It’s too much work. It’s too big. I don’t know.” The next day, our chiropractor called us, and he said, “I need somebody to help me with detox in my office.” By then, we knew that we were sick because of toxins. Who was going to help us get well? I had to do it because there was nobody else.

Dr. Pompa: Such a mom, right?

Tammy: When there’s nothing else, you have to stand up and say, “Okay, God. I guess this is what you wanted me to do. Hit me in the head with it.” Of course, I said, “Yes. I will do this.” I worked with him a few years, and then we split.  

Dr. Pompa: When you’re not feeling well, it’s hard to go in that direction. It’s hard. Yeah, God’s called you to something bigger. You have a sense in your heart that it’s this, but when you’re just not feeling right, it’s very hard to make those decisions. Especially for a mom—it’s not just you.

 Tammy: Absolutely. We didn’t have a choice. He brought us to that point, and then all along my journey, there have been times when He didn’t give me a choice because he knew if I had had a choice, I would have chosen the easy way. So there were lots of times that I didn’t have a choice. It started when our high school-aged son—our oldest son—got sick. He came to us and said that he was feeling depressed. God has blessed our home with peace and health. The first thing I thought was that it was an emotional problem, and I didn’t understand. Our other kids were having other issues, and our chiropractor was watching all this. He said, “Tammy, there is something going on,” because he had been going to your seminars for a couple of years.

Dr. Pompa: Okay. I forgot about that, but I do recall now, as you say the story—

Tammy: He knew. He knew what the problem was. He was just such a gift from God to us. You could share the truth with him, and he was sending—

Dr. Pompa: How many years ago was that?

Tammy: That was—when he was with you—probably 10.

Dr. Pompa: Ten years ago. Wow.

Tammy: I started this journey probably eight or nine. He said, “I’m looking at your family. There’s a toxicity problem somewhere.” Stephen took the VCS test.

Dr. Pompa: The Visual Contrast Test that I talked about in Episode 73 on the mold. Anyways, go on.

Tammy: He took the test and failed. That told us there was mold in our house. God provided. There was a man at our church who I knew had done mold remediation, and I knew somebody who knew him. Somebody I knew was a mold expert witness, testified in court about mold. I called him. He put me in touch with the other guy. He watched our house. God just blessed us. That was an absolute gift from God. He watched our house and told us where the mold was. My husband was unemployed.

Dr. Pompa: Wow. Do more testing, can’t find it. Retest that test.

Tammy: I know. My clients come to me and say, “How do I find mold?” I can’t say, “This is how I did it,” because he doesn’t do it. It made him sick. He can’t do it anymore.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. You get sick. Matter of fact, I found that most of these guys that come in and test for mold, they’re all sick.

Tammy: They’re sick.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. They’re all sick. You’re looking at them, and they always say the same thing. They always go, “It doesn’t affect me,” and you’re looking at them, going—after an hour, they start going, “Well, I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I have this.” It’s like, “Well, you just said that it’s not affecting you.” It’s like, “Yes, it is affecting you!”

Tammy: In our country, we don’t know that they’re sick because they’re looking at their friends. That’s the way we were. We didn’t know that we had dysfunction in our body because we were the healthiest ones of our friends.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Yeah.

Tammy: We failed the VCS test. We found the mold, and my husband was unemployed at the time.

Dr. Pompa: I actually remember that, too. This is all coming back to me. Yeah.

Tammy: Yeah. It’s all coming back to you. Do you think that we said to our son, “I’m sorry, Sweetie, we can’t afford this?”

Dr. Pompa: No. Absolutely not.

Tammy: We would never have said that.

Dr. Pompa: Right.

Tammy: We remediated the bathroom. For five years, we had no floor in our bathroom, and we had no shower. You know what I ask all my clients? I say, “Do you have two bathrooms? Do you have more than one bathroom?” Everybody does. God gave us another bathroom down the hall. It was fine. It didn’t bother me at all because his life was priceless.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah.

Tammy: We started doing mold detox, which is so easy. He got better so quickly.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Removing the biotoxin

Tammy: That’s easy.

Dr. Pompa: It is. The hard part’s—

Tammy: Oh, the hard part was coming. In the meantime, I started working with Dr. Rob, and learning from you, and coming to your seminars, and learning. I had eight metal fillings; my husband had seven. Again, remember he was unemployed, and I cashed in 401(k), got the metal out of my mouth. He did something else and got the metal out of his mouth.

Dr. Pompa: I have to stop you there because, you know, people who come to me that want coaching, most often they have financial challenges because they’ve been sick.

Tammy: Oh, sure. They’ve been sick.

Dr. Pompa: They can’t work.

Tammy: We were fortunate. We had not wasted any money there.

Dr. Pompa: I think it is like when your back’s up against the wall—I call these 3%er's, right?

Tammy: Right.

Dr. Pompa: My wife and I, we didn’t have money either at this point when I was sick. We went into debt $180,000, and I’m not recommending anyone do that, but the point was is I knew that I would rather be broke than live my life like this.

Tammy: Yes. You’re worth it. Absolutely.

Dr. Pompa: You had no money. Your husband was unemployed. You found money to get rid of the mold, remediate the home, and do the fillings.

Tammy: Right. Exactly. We had to.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. You had to. That’s what 3% of them say. “I don’t care. I have to do it. God’ll provide,” and you just move forward.

Tammy: You have to do it. You have to. God provided. Oh, my goodness, so many times.

Dr. Pompa: We just had a testimony last week. I don’t know if you saw the show.

Tammy: Yes, I did—so good.

Dr. Pompa: The woman on the show last week’s show said the exact same thing. Didn’t know; God provided. Yeah.

Tammy: There were so many months when I would spend our last dollar, literally, on supplements to detoxify the five of us. All three of our kids were really sick, and my husband and I. My husband’s father had died of Parkinson’s. That didn’t happen overnight in your body. It was already happening in his body. I couldn’t wait. My grandmother died of Alzheimer’s. By then, we knew what real health looked like, but we knew we did not have it. Even though people thought we did, we did not. Every month, God provided, every single month. We did the mold remediation. We realized metals were toxic. Then our second son got sick. He’s the one where, in the mornings—you probably haven’t heard this story. One morning, I thought I heard crows. I’m like, “Why do I hear crows?” It happened again and again. I was having my quiet time. I walked down the hall. It was Jason. He was up in the bed, cawing at the crows that were outside. That’s Jason. Wakes up like a bird in the morning, and he got sick. He was tired. Winnie the Pooh—you know what Eeyore sounds like.

Dr. Pompa: Hold on. Hold on, I’m just—he did this every morning?

Tammy: No, that was before. That was just an example of his personality.

Dr. Pompa: Okay. That’s what I didn’t understand. My bad. Okay.

Tammy: That was his personality. He woke up happy.

Dr. Pompa: All right. Happy—got it.

Tammy: He was awake. The second day of my marriage, my husband said, “You have to leave me alone ‘til I’ve had my shower and my coffee.” I wake up a like a bird. Jason wakes up like a bird. He was a bird that morning. He started sounding like Eeyore.

Dr. Pompa: Mm-hmm. Yeah, so you knew he changed.

Tammy: He was Eeyore, and he was tired. To him, he was just tired.

Dr. Pompa: Bouncing Tigger to Eeyore.

Tammy: Yes. I knew that he wasn’t just tired. He was always great at school, enjoyed going to school. He called me, “Mom, you have to come get me. I can’t get through the rest of the day.” I called your office, and Merily—by the grace of God, Merily answered the phone. I said, “I’ve been working with Dr. Pompa, and my son—” She said, “Hold on a second…”

Dr. Pompa: Yes. She does that, if I’m anywhere in there, she’ll be like, “You have to talk to this person.”

Tammy: You told me a couple of things to do, and so he was home a couple of days. He had chronic fatigue. His healing journey was longer and harder.

Dr. Pompa: Yes, it was.

Tammy: I clearly remember the summer that he got better because I got my kid back. He would wake up happy in the mornings, and that’s when I knew he had turned a corner. It was really hard to send him off to college, to let go, but we had tools. We had air purifiers, and we had—and his body was healthier by then. The third part of the story, you know we’re not finished with yet. That’s when it’s really hard because we’re still living in it. When I was nursing Tara—she was born five pounds, but my grandmother's were small. My husband’s parents—mother is really small, and that’s okay to be five pounds. It’s okay for God to make you small.

Dr. Pompa: Was she born in the moldy house?

Tammy: I don’t think it was moldy at that point. I don’t think so. I think it was that—she was older when the mold started, but who knows when the mold started?

Dr. Pompa: Okay. Right, right, right. By the way, when you had, what’d you say, eight fillings—with all your kids. Just a reminder: Mom has eight fillings, right?

Tammy: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Pompa: That means all of the children are exposed to mercury in utero. That’s not our opinion; that’s scientific fact.

Tammy: That’s science.

Dr. Pompa: Right. If mom has lead in her bones—

Tammy: Oh, I had high levels.

Dr. Pompa: Exactly. I looked. Pregnancy, they lose bone; in goes the lead. Now you have two metals working synergistically together. Very high lethal dose value, very sick. Oh, and then we just add the perfect storm of a moldy home in there. Bam! Three weather fronts, perfect storm.

Tammy: Exactly.

Dr. Pompa: There’s actually even another thing coming, but—yeah. You can just see how this whole family—I just bumped the thing—how this whole family ends up all sick because all have the three big boys, the Three Amigos that we talked about—hidden infections, heavy metals, biotoxins from mold. Okay.

Tammy: When I was nursing Tara, I had a metal filling removed.

Dr. Pompa: You know, we made the same mistake with our son, Isaac. She said, “I’ll just dump the milk.” It was a bad move. It was a really bad move.

Tammy: Yeah. It was horrible. We didn’t know. Even before that, she was incredibly sensitive to sound, so I know she was toxic at birth.

Dr. Pompa: Sensitive to sound is such a heavy metal thing. That was me.

Tammy: Somebody would ring the doorbell, and she would cry, and she would just—as a tiny, little baby. Then I had the filling removed, so we know that she had all those exposures. She started getting so much better. It took even longer for than it did for our middle son. She used to get the excessive absence letters from school all the time. Thankfully, the teachers knew us. They knew we weren’t just keeping her home playing hooky. She was really sick. One year, from November to March, she missed three to seven days every month, and that started getting better. She, one year, did not miss any days of school, so that was getting a lot better. Other things were getting better. Her sensitivity to sound is getting better, but then other things started happening. She started getting worse, and I knew, I knew, I knew when you remove the cause, the body heals. We removed the mold. We were removing the metals. Her diet couldn’t get any more perfect. I sent lunch with her to school every day. The kid ate what I gave her. Amazing, she is amazing.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, she is. She does everything her mom tells her to do, which is rare, right? Most of us, we tell our kids things—

Tammy: Yeah, and they’re like, “Aw!”

Dr. Pompa: She knew that she wasn’t feeling well.

Tammy: She did. She worked so hard, and then she started getting worse just a couple years ago. I knew there was a cause.

Dr. Pompa: It’s another upstream source. I thing I always say to you practitioners—I always say, “If someone’s not progressing like they should, there’s something else, one of these hidden big boys, typically upstream, and you have to look somewhere else because you’re missing something upstream.”

Tammy: In the mean time, you had been teaching us about the iSpot Lyme test, which was a very new test that you’ve talked about on Cellular Healing TV a few times—very accurate. I thought, “Well, if she has it,” because we were from the city. There’s no ticks, and I lived in the country, but I remember playing outside. I thought, “If she has it, she probably got it from me.” I tested myself, and I tested negative, but then I tested her, and she was very high. Then we tested our other kids, and they were positive, one very high, one very low. My husband was very high. I tested myself again at the end of a metals cycle, pulled me off that biofilm, and I did test positive, so all five of us.

Dr. Pompa: Right. Okay. Stop right there. That’s the same as opening Pandora’s box. Something I always teach, whether it’s to the practitioners or you all, is that these thing, these big boys that we talk about that shut down the detox pathways, these are average toxins, but they run together oftentimes. Many people have been treated for Lyme, and they go, “Oh, I’m still sick.” What we have found, and you, now, as a practitioner, that they have heavy metal issues.

Tammy: Right.

Dr. Pompa: Matter of fact, the heavy metal issues are what oftentimes allow these hidden infections to exist because they are opportunistic. I read a thing once that there’s estimates that certain places on the east coast, 90% of some of these communities are tested Lyme positive. Why aren’t they all sick? They’re opportunistic. The body’s keeping it in check until maybe heavy metals—people that have a lot of heavy metals, a lot of amalgam fillings—this sets up the terrain where these guys go rampant. They get into the cell. They get into the organs. They get into the brain, nerve tissue, and now, the immune system can’t deal with it. They typically run in these perfect storms together. People can have several fillings in their mouth, their body’s dealing with it, getting rid of the mercury. It’s not good for anybody. Then you move into a moldy home. After a few years there, the bottom falls out, or we add one emotional stressor.

Tammy: That’s what I was thinking.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Silver fillings leaching or maybe root canals because they’re very, very toxic—

Tammy: Oh, absolutely. Mm-hmm.

Dr. Pompa: Then you’re in the moldy home, and then your child, something bad happens, whatever that is.

Tammy: That’s completely out of your control, and so I’m still so crazy committed to getting us off all cleaned up, detoxified.

Dr. Pompa: She was. Trust me. Yeah.

Tammy: Right now, a couple of us don’t have symptoms, my husband and my son, practically no symptoms, yet very high on the Lyme test. I still want to get rid of it right now because I can control it right now. I know what to do. We’re not controlling the Lyme; we’re getting rid of it, so it’s not there in the body anymore, so that five or ten years, or twenty years—because emotional stressors hit almost—there will be emotional stress. You can’t get rid of it.

Dr. Pompa: No doubt. No doubt.

Tammy: It’s going to happen to you, and if the Lyme is sitting there, that’s going to be the trigger.

Dr. Pompa: Yes. Oh, yeah, exactly. I call them hidden infections because a root canal can cause hidden infections. Most people have to have them. They don’t realize they’re getting sick. Every root canal is toxic.

Tammy: Every single one.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. They cause cancer, multiple other problems. Hidden cavitations—

Tammy: Biotoxins.

Dr. Pompa: Biotoxins, moldLyme is a hidden infection. Then there’s co-infections that run with Lyme that is another problem. Again, it’s the immune system, if it’s healthy, can deal with it, but when you have other stressors, emotionally, mold, heavy metals, who knows, then obviously—

Tammy: Chemical stress.

Dr. Pompa: Chemical stress.

Tammy: If you go to an office where they spray pesticides all the time, anything like that’ll do it.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. It’s typically not one thing. They come in packs. I had taught her True Cellular Detox™ early on. This is how you truly get rid of heavy metals. You saw your kids, yourself, progressing. These things went away, and then it’s like—it starts with mold. The metals are the next thing. We went through the metals, and then you get hit with the Lyme.

Tammy: Yes.

Dr. Pompa: Okay. Why are we still yet not progressing? It ends up to be the Lyme. Your health has transformed tremendously.

Tammy: Right. Absolutely. We’re not finished yet.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. I know it.

Tammy: We are completely—

Dr. Pompa: Maybe it was a year ago now, but you had some skin things going on, and at one of the seminars, we were testing staph.

Tammy: Oh, right.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Remember?

Tammy: Right. Oh, yeah.

Dr. Pompa: We were actually testing her microbiome because your microbiome, we can test it on your skin. You can test it in your gut. You can test it anywhere. We just did some random—

Tammy: You tested my nose.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, okay. We had choices where we wanted to test our bacteria because, remember, on your skin is a microbiome, meaning good and bad bacteria that makes up our immune system. We can literally analyze our microbiome here as a reflection of what’s going on in the body. I remember when our plates came back. Yours was growing something very odd. I remember, Dr. Shane and myself—

Tammy: I saw the look on your face. I was like, “Oh, gee! Something happened!”

Dr. Pompa: Dr. Shane and myself—I looked at it. I think I had said to him, I’m like, “This isn’t normal. What is it?” He looks at it. He says, “It’s staph. That’s staph.” Your microbiome here had a plethora of staph.

Tammy: I had that huge rash, and you can still here right there—when you know where it is, you can see the scar. That’s from the burn. I had burned my arm, and then, within a couple of days, I had this—some nights, I wanted to cut my arm off. I cried, it hurt so bad. When I had clients who say, “I’m itching,” I say, “I know how you feel. Believe me.” Nothing I did helped, nothing. I did all the essential oils, all the homeopathics. All that stuff didn’t make it feel better because I wasn’t getting to the cause.

Dr. Pompa: You weren’t upstream. They were all upstream.

Tammy: I started spraying on it. That’s the only thing that ever made it feel better. Then it would go away, and it would come back, and it would go away. Then I had it tested. It went to my hands. Tested it, and he said, “No. You don’t have staph.” I said, “I know that I did in my nose because I was tested.” He said, “But you haven’t been in the hospital.” He said, “In all my 35 years of practice, I have never seen a case of staph outside of a hospital.” I wasn’t saying MRSA. I was saying staph. I said, “You told me you would do the test. Please just do the test. No, I don’t want the antibiotic. I just want you to test.” He did a test, and it came back positive on my hand. It was on my ears. I looked like the Joker. It was on my lips. Horrible.

Dr. Pompa: What I want people to understand is most people would have this, they would end up on the antibiotic.

Tammy: Oh, yeah, and I wouldn’t take it.

Dr. Pompa: Of course, and then what happens? That makes the microbiome inherently worse.

Tammy: Makes it worse. It doesn’t solve the problem.

Dr. Pompa: Temporarily, it might clear up. Isn’t this the way of modern medicine? It’s like, “Oh, staph, kill it.” It’s not so simple.

Tammy: We want an easy fix. No.

Dr. Pompa: You had staph. Every one of us have staph.

Tammy: Oh, sure.

Dr. Pompa: We all have staph, strep.

Tammy: Pylori—

Dr. Pompa: If we analyze my thing, we have strep. Why does, all of a sudden, strep keep coming back in people? It’s because their immune system is not right. You had staph because something was keeping your immunity down, affecting your microbiome, your good and bad bacteria. Of course, you, with your knowledge, were, “Let’s go upstream.”

Tammy: There’s got to be a cause.

Dr. Pompa: When I see staph and I see these infections, I always know they run with heavy metals. You knew, “Okay, I have to continue my heavy metals.” Obviously, it could have been the Lyme.

Tammy: A combination—it’s the perfect storm.

Dr. Pompa: A combination—right. Yeah. That was keeping her immune system down, which now allows more co-infections.

Tammy: Then I got the burn, and it came out.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, exactly. I have to say—you know this. There’s a few things, and this part of it, you hate when I say this, but she was just a housemother.

Tammy: I do. I hate it when he says that because only a man could say that.

Dr. Pompa: I don’t say it out of disrespect.

Tammy: That’s the only reason I let you get by with it because I know that you know that’s the hardest job there is.

Dr. Pompa: It is the hardest job, though.

Tammy: It’s the most important one.

Dr. Pompa: I only say it because in front of me are all these doctors with all these degrees, right?

Tammy: Yes. That’s right.

Dr. Pompa: “I have this degree, that degree.” Then I see Tammy, and—

Tammy: I’m the one who’s saying, “Remove the source! Remove the source! Remove the source!

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Somehow she gets it. Granted, you were my clients. You were my patient. I helped you and your family.

Tammy: I had to do it because I had no other option. I didn’t know what else to do except that I knew that God didn’t forget to put a drug tree in the garden.

Dr. Pompa: That’s right.

Tammy: Drugs are not the solution. God put healing in the body.

Dr. Pompa: No doubt. You are the ones—she reminds these doctors. Trust me. She does. You got to go upstream. It’s not about even giving another supplement. You’ve got to go upstream because that’s what gave you and your family your life back, right?

Tammy: Right.

Dr. Pompa: It’s like you had that enrooted in you. I have to say this. Now here you are, a practitioner through adversity.

Tammy: Yes.

Dr. Pompa: Even though I have the degree, I’ve had the schooling—I always say, “My authority does not come from any of that.” All of it really doesn’t apply to anything I do today. It all came out of my adversity, so equally qualified here. Matter of fact, honestly, because of this, she may be more qualified because—

Tammy: I’m so crazy committed and passionate, and I do have the education, working on my master’s, and the education from you—

Dr. Pompa: None of that—

Tammy: I didn’t want, and don’t want to go back to school and get a certification where they’re teaching things that aren’t true. They’re going to teach you that fat is bad, and that’s not true. They’re going to teach you that when you’ve got high cholesterol, you need a drug to bring it down, and that’s not true. When my client has high cholesterol, I want to know—God put cholesterol in your body. The cholesterol is doing the right thing. We have to find out why the cholesterol is high. Solve the source. Remove the source.

Dr. Pompa: When she says, “High cholesterol,” she’s talking about particles. She understands that it’s not just—

Tammy: It’s not just that number that you’re telling me. That doesn’t do any good.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. The number means nothing. Right. We’re talking about high particles. There’s a reason for that, right?

Tammy: Right. Yes.

Dr. Pompa: There’s a reason for that, and we see in people who have other challenges that distract their liver and how they’re utilizing fats.

Tammy: The body’s trying to heal, and that’s why the cholesterol’s there.

Dr. Pompa: When I was sick, all of a sudden—I had low cholesterol, which is not good. It’s an open window for neurotoxins to get here. I thought it was a good thing. Then all of a sudden—I remember when I was trying to find my way out of my own sickness, I went to a friend of mine. He ran a bunch of blood tests, and he says, “Your cholesterol’s real high. That’s really all your blood work showed.” I’m like, “My cholesterol’s high?” “Your platelets were a little low.” I’m like, “What was my cholesterol?” It was 280, maybe 278 or something. I was like, “That’s really weird. That’s like 100 to where I’ve been.”

Tammy: Yeah, not normal for you.

Dr. Pompa: What I had found out later is that the body will raise up the cholesterol to protect the brain because it’s dealing with neurotoxins. Oftentimes, people will end up in neurodegenerative conditions. They see that same pattern. They go to their doctor, and they get thrown on a statin. What happens is it forces the cholesterol down, and then they end up—the neurotoxins cross into the brain. There is a reason why cholesterol can go up all of a sudden.

Tammy: Part of my purpose, also, the passion inside of me was from watching my grandmother. As I said, my grandmother got Alzheimer’s. When we did our very first heavy metals test, my aluminum was off the chart. Now we know mercury, of course—

Dr. Pompa: I didn’t remember that.

Tammy: We know now mercury’s the real cause, but back then, we were thinking—and everybody. I can ask a whole—my whole audience at one of my talks, what metal causes Alzheimer’s, and they all know aluminum.

Dr. Pompa: Aluminum, aluminum. Yeah.

Tammy: My aluminum was off the chart, and I watched her get sick, and my daddy was by himself. He had to take care of her. I said, “That is not going to be me. My kids are not going to be taking care of me.” Then we watched my father-in-law with Parkinson’s was a five-year nightmare. Then my stepfather got esophageal cancer, and that was six months that he should have just—if he could have just gone to Heaven before that, all that pain. I’m not going to be there. That is not God’s plan.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely.

Tammy: Dysfunction is not God’s plan. He put healing inside of us. How many of your clients and my clients have prayed, “Dear God, please just help me get well. Just send me the answer.” He already put it—it’s already inside the body. He already answered their question. He already gave it to you.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, no doubt. Remove the interference.

Tammy: Absolutely.

Dr. Pompa: You see, she keeps coming back to that. She is an amazing practitioner. It’s really amazing to me how many doctors, even alternative doctors, have really missed that major part.

Tammy: They don’t know. They don’t know the source of the—

Dr. Pompa: Those articles that I talked about in the beginning of this show, “True Cellular Detox™,” that’s why—read it. That’s what gave you your life back, right?

Tammy: Yes. Right. Exactly.

Dr. Pompa: That’s what gave me my life back. The 5R's is a roadmap to fixing the cell. You know, you actually hit on something. I don’t know if I’ve talked a lot about this in a lot of the shows, but we understand sin in inherited, they say four generations, the Bible talks about, right?

Tammy: Right. Mm-hmm.

Dr. Pompa: The sins of the father, the sins of the grandfather—it’s like we often look at our patterns that we don’t like. We can look at our parents, and oftentimes it’s not even with our parents. It’s even our grandparents. Sometimes these things skip a generation. We know that the epigenetics is how the genomes choose. That can be inherited to the next generation, and oftentimes skips a generation. Toxins are the same thing. Lead affects, they say, four generations. It even changes the genome in four generations, right? You’re stopping something.

Tammy: Yeah.

Dr. Pompa: You’re stopping something that’s been inherited, the lead, the aluminum, everything.

Tammy: Yeah, for my grandkids.

Dr. Pompa: It’s not just the sin pattern, but the physical stuff—my wife gave her lead to my children. We stopped that, but oftentimes we think of our sickness just to what we did in our life. Your sickness if often—no—most often are what started in your parents’ grandparents’ parents’ parents. The gene is turned on, and it goes down. There’s a gap. There’s a gap in the science, in the research world—science and the research in what’s happening in medicine right now. We know that we can turn on these genes. We know that we can turn them off, but why isn’t anyone doing that? The 5R's

Tammy: It’s hard.

Dr. Pompa: That’s right.

Tammy: It’s hard.

Dr. Pompa: You have to change things.

Tammy: It’s so hard.

Dr. Pompa: Right. You have to change things.

Tammy: It’s worth it.

Dr. Pompa: True Cellular Detox™, the 5R's, it changes the genome.

Tammy: Absolutely.

Dr. Pompa: It detoxes the cell.

Tammy: It’s real healing.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. It is, and it’s upstream healing. You and I could talk all day because you know a lot about True Cellular Detox™. You know a lot about the 5R's, the cellular healing. You do it every day with these challenged clients that come to you.

Tammy: Right.

Dr. Pompa: I just want to end this because—I said there’s two things that I love about her, her persistency.

Tammy: I’m definitely persistent.

Dr. Pompa: I said, “I love the fact that she came just as a housemom, who now is helping all these amazing sick people.”

Tammy: I was obedient to God’s call.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, no doubt. It was your call.

Tammy: He didn’t give me a choice, but—

Dr. Pompa: You never met a more persistent woman. I will tell you, when the mom is sick, and then the kids—all her kids, and the challenges, and how she did it, I’ve always just laid in awe of you, honestly.

Tammy: Let me tell you a short story.

Dr. Pompa: Uh-huh. Go ahead.

Tammy: I grew up on a ranch. We would go out. I hope this doesn’t—I just realized this may offend somebody in the audience. I hope guys don’t get offended by this, but we would go out, and we would cut the calves so they wouldn’t be bulls. We missed one, and we were out in the pickup, and we found one. My dad loved his cows. He almost named every one of them. In the beginning, when he first started with his cows, he would count them every day to be sure that they were all there. We found one that hadn’t been cut. We picked up the calf, put it in the back of the pickup. I will never forget this. Mama cow, back there. He cut the calf. The calf said, “Aaagh!” I thought that huge mama cow was going to get in the pickup and eat all of us. That was so scary, and that’s who I am. You touch my kids—

Dr. Pompa: I knew that was coming. Yep. Absolutely.

Tammy: I’m all over it because they are my life, and they are my pleasure. They are worth everything. They are worth everything.

Dr. Pompa: She has gone into her kids’ dorm rooms, made them safe.

Tammy: We were so blessed with people at the college who tolerated me.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Yeah, right. I mean, that’s a lot.

Tammy: Those poor guys in the facilities department, when I first called them, they didn’t know what they were getting into. They were awesome!

Dr. Pompa: It’s that intensity, though, because she knew that if her kids, after all the work, all the heavy metal work, all the True Cellular Detox™ that we did with them—if they went into that environment and it was a sick environment of chemicals, which most dorm rooms are, and mold, which you got—she knew that it would bring them backwards.

Tammy: The cafeteria—

Dr. Pompa: The food, right, so you dealt with their food.

Tammy: Yes. Oh, we did so much. I talked to the facilities guys all summer long. They were amazing at Oklahoma City University. Got to give them credit. Amazing. We put special air purifiers. We put him in a suite where he had a little kitchenette. That kid committed. I would cook food. I would send it to him frozen. He had a little toaster oven. Yes, he ate in the cafeteria sometimes, but he ate in his dorm room sometimes. A lot of times, he ate the food I sent.

Dr. Pompa: They may have got their lead and mercury from their mom, possibly the Lyme. Who knows? The fact is is they got that, right?

Tammy: Yeah.

Dr. Pompa: They got that persistence. People can make a lot of excuses not to do what it really takes. Your family would have ended up on medications, psychotropic drugs, right, because the depression—

Tammy: I can’t think. That would have been the good story.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely. They fought depression. They fought major, major battles from psychological to physical, everything, but you did it. No psychotropic drugs, no medications—it’s like how?

Tammy: We’re worth it. Exactly.

Dr. Pompa: People watching are like, “How?” I’m telling you, they were sick, folks. They were challenged. This women and her strength, and that’s where women have it over men because I don’t know any man that could do what she did. No man would do it. Now I’m insulting a man out there, but I have that in retrospect, honestly, for a mom who will fight for their—

Tammy: Mad mama cow. That’s right.

Dr. Pompa: Mad mama cow right here.

Tammy: That’s right.

Dr. Pompa: I always say it was your persistence, digging those sources up, continuing to go upstream, continuing to go upstream. I’ll tell you what, your kids, they’re going to honor—they honor you now, but one day, they’re going to say how their mother brought them back to health. Now she’s changing the world. She’s bringing back people’s health through cellular detox and cellular healing, one person after the next. Every other week, you give a lecture to about 10 people, right?

Tammy: Yeah. Right.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah, 10 people, and she’s telling this story that we’re telling you. Go back and watch Episode 73. Watch Episode 74. Episode 72, we had Lyme, right? 72, 73, and 74—you lived all of those. In the past, we did shows on heavy metals, and please read the article, “True Cellular Detox™,” because that’s your life. Now you’re changing lives through the very concept that we teach.

Tammy: It is so exciting to watch someone who was bedridden, and within just a few months, serving God’s purpose in her extended family. That’s so rewarding.

Dr. Pompa: Yeah. Thanks for sharing with them.

Tammy: Thank you for teaching this.

Dr. Pompa: Here’s someone who had all the big boys, and all the excuses that you could’ve used—

Tammy: If I can do it, you can do it.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely. We’ll end right there, and that’s the truth too. I know that some of you are sick out there. You have a purpose.

Tammy: That’s right. God made you for a purpose, and that sentence is not it.

Dr. Pompa: Absolutely. Hang onto that. Hang onto that purpose because adversity is how we are sitting here, so God has something for you, too. We’ll end right there. We’ll see you next week.