96: Get Real Nutrition with Special Guest Jordan Rubin

Transcript of Episode 96: Get Real Nutrition with Special Guest Jordan Rubin

With Dr. Daniel Pompa, Meredith Dykstra, and special guest Jordan Rubin.

Welcome to Cellular Healing TV, Episode 96. I’m Meredith and I have Dr. Pompa here. We have a very special guest with us today. We have Jordan Rubin joining the show.

Before I officially introduce him, I know you guys have heard a lot about him. We’ve talked a lot about his products on the show, but I’m just going to read a little bit about him, and read his bio, and then we’ll jump in and Jordan will be able to share his story with us.

Jordan Rubin, one of America’s most recognized and respected natural health experts, is the New York Times best-selling author of the Maker’s Diet and 24 additional titles, including his latest work, Planet Heal Thyself. He is an international motivational speaker and host of the weekly television show Living Beyond Organic that reaches over 30 million households worldwide. Jordan has lectured on natural health on five continents and 46 states. Jordan is the founder of Garden of Life, a leading whole food nutrition supplement company and Beyond Organic, a vertically integrated organic food and beverage company. I have the amasai and the SueroGold right here, which we have talked a lot about.

Dr. Pompa:
We love those products!

Love that stuff! In 2015, this year, Jordan launched Get Real Nutrition, a certified organic, non-GMO, a real food nutrition company utilizing cutting edge fermentation technology, producing an indoor-nutrient farm located on Central California’s coast, and Heal the Planet Farm, a regenerative permaculture retreat located in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains, which is within the Beyond Organic Ranch.

Jordan resides in Missouri, California and Florida with his wife Nicki and their children, so welcome, Jordan, to Cellular Healing TV.

It’s good to be here. Thank you for having me.

We’re so excited to have you. I know you’ve known Dr. Pompa for a long time. You guys are great friends, so it’s such a blessing to actually have you on the show now.

This is really my first officially broadcasted Google hangout. I’ve tried this before, I just hung out with the people that were presenting, which was also good, but it’s even better to be in the homes or cars or ears of listeners. It’s very exciting.

Dr. Pompa:
Jordan, we’ve actually been trying to get you on the show for quite some time, but honestly, you’ve been working on these new products for the last two years, and you have been very busy. The timing is absolutely perfect, as we just launched these products.

We have both been just waiting for this moment where we have – I guess it’s been almost a year now or maybe more that you flew me out there and I saw that process. I’ve been coming out of my chair waiting to bring this to my clients and those that have watched Cellular Healing TV since that time, and here we are, Jordan, so timing is perfect.

You know what? I bet, Meredith, we have people that might not know Jordan’s story, so, Jordan, I think just starting at the top – I mean, Garden of Life, I think that if people walked into Whole Foods they would see Garden of Life products. Some people probably don’t know that you actually sold that company and originated this product some years ago, but tell us your story. Bring us along, because you, like me, got very, very sick and that’s really where Garden of Life came from in this whole process, so give us a brief story.

Absolutely, well I was a teenager of 19 years and grew up in a hippie, health-nut household, so Dr. Pompa, my father went to the same chiropractor school as you do, after going to another chiropractic school after going to naturopathic school, and so I was born with a silver sprout in my mouth, as I like to say. I was a health-food nut kid in the 70s and 80s, and man I paid dearly for it.

I can tell you today eating healthy organic is cool or kids have it made in the shade, but when I was younger, I was ostracized, made fun of, and all my friends said that I had nothing good to eat at my house. The food was awful, and I rebelled. While we had a household that was fairly healthy, I wasn’t immunized as a child.

We didn’t go to excessive use of medications. I was probably on antibiotics three times in my life, so I was different than most, but for whatever reason – call it inherited weaknesses, genetics with a little bit of epigenetics – I started to develop serious digestive symptoms, which ultimately culminated in Crohn’s disease, Crohn’s colitis to be exact.

I had 18 other illnesses, from rheumatoid arthritis to symptoms of chronic fatigue, parasitic, bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, you name it, and ultimately suffered from wasting disease that saw me go from 185 pounds at 6’ tall to 104 pounds in a wheelchair, and Dr. Dan, as you did, I tried everything. I tried seven different doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs, diets, the yin/yang. I went from a macrobiotic to vegan to all fat.

Nothing helped me until two years after my illness when I was literally hanging on for dear life. I met a man who told me that if I eat a diet based on the Bible and history, I can be well. I followed for 40 days a health plan that restored my life. It was real foods, fermented foods, a combination of animal foods, high in good fats and plant foods and a powerful probiotic substance that, despite trying 30 different brands of probiotics with no results, this one made a difference.

I was learning how to transform my own life in 1996 and 1997 and accidentally launched a company called Garden of Life in order to share the message of health and hope. I wrote my first book called Patient Heal Thyself, which you read and we have a connection there, and the rest is history.

Meredith read my bio. I’ve been kind of busy the last 20 or so years. I love what I do, but more than anything, I’ve seen the deficiencies. Dr. Pompa I got to go to your last seminar. I love what you teach. We’re so in step on what you do. I think we spur each other on, but bottom line, my goal more than anything is to give people hope that tomorrow can be better than today, so let’s try to do some of that over the next few minutes.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah, absolutely, and you know it’s funny. From the Garden of Life, Beyond Organic products, I promise you, many of our people watching this, our followers, have been touched by those products. She held up the amasai and those products. Yeah, there they are, the amasai and SueroGold, and other Beyond Organic products, even the cheese, so what you offer is really amazing, unique bacteria, and we fasted so many people on the whey water, which was inspired by you. We love that and appreciate that.

I have to laugh, because I know you very well, we’re good friends, but Jordan doesn’t even like to get his hands dirty, and yet he moved to a farm, Beyond Organic, with almost 9,000 acres raising these special cows that are really genetically different than the majority of cows or where dairy comes from in the United States; grass fed, beyond grass fed, beyond organic, hence the name. I’ve been to that ranch, I think, four times and just love it every time. I had some amazing experiences there.

He moved to the ranch. Jordan, I mean, even the inspiration of these new products really has really come out of being on the ranch; from the city to the cowboy, if you will. A guy who didn’t want to get his hands dirty today in the soil and loving it. Tell a little bit about that soil.

I dug in a lot more than soil. I wish that was all I had dug into. Actually, Dr. Dan, you were just in my hometown of South Florida. I was a kid of the suburbs, and here I was running Garden of Life. I was traveling around the world writing books about food, health, eating the best things I could order from mail order and sometimes going to the health food store and these back-alley coops, if you will, to get my raw milk and I developed an extreme passion that one I wanted to be a farmer. That day happened at the end of 2009.

I had a life-changing experience involving cancer, which we’ll have to talk about on another program, so make a note, listeners, we’re going to do a “To Hell with Cancer Program.” Let’s throw that down. I think that will be a good one too. That is something that was amazing that happened in my life and God just worked a miracle.

Dr. Pompa:
A lot of people don’t know that story. They know you’re Crohn’s story, and you told that story, but very few people know about the cancer. My gosh! Meredith, write down that as a show, because folks have to read this story. It really defies everything. You know it’s God and God is behind it, which always leads us to the next product. Anyway, go ahead. I just had to add that.

I decided that I wanted to be a farmer, so I bought a farm. I didn’t buy the farm. I bought a farm. I began to learn, truly for the first time in my life after 15 years in this industry and natural health, all the studies, hundreds and hundreds of books, and thousands of articles, the steps necessary to regain our health and life back.

For a year and a half to two years or so, I operated this vision to create the world’s healthiest foods and beverages, vertically integrate it, and bring all the good stuff back, and we did it remotely. I was in Florida and the farm was in Southern Missouri. Then, I felt God call me to move there and I did, and so for about a year and a half, and I thought this was forever.

I learned everyday what it was like to produce food. I can tell you both that I complained just like anyone when organic raspberries are $5.99 for a pint. I complained, but I will never complain again after trying to grow raspberries, because I can tell you we have a very blessed existence where we can go to a store and buy something organically and eat it as opposed to the backbreaking, thumb bleeding, crop issues, and pests, organic farmers are awesome. Unfortunately, there’s less and less of them every year in America, but we’re losing ground to big agriculture, big farmer, and big food. Anyway, that’s also for another discussion.

I went into farming, and not only did we create foods from the ground up, but we offered amazing tools and resources, as you mentioned, such as the first cultured whey beverage in the history of America commercially available. How cool is that? After thousands of years of history and the first one in America, we introduced this amazing Kenya, Maasai-tribe inspired building beverage called Amasai, obviously, cheese, and so many other great products to Beyond Organic. That was a really amazing time, and products continue to make a difference.

From Missouri I had an opportunity to come to Central California to work on research and development of a new concept that could transform organic botanicals in a way like never before. I came for three days to run some tests, came back for three weeks, brought my family for three months, and I’m here and a half later. This latest endeavor is designed to take nutritional supplementation to the next level.

Garden of Life was amazing. I was able to start that company. That company was acquired and I started Beyond Organic. Those products are wonderful and still in existence today, of course, and -inaudible- nutrition is really the next iteration of nutritional supplements, nearly 20 years in the making, and I believe they’re the first of their kind.

I think, as you can see, Dr. Pompa, with your own protocols, they’re a great enhancement to anything you’re doing, or they can provide a foundational program for someone who’s newly initiated to nutrition and is looking for organic, non-GMO, real food, sprouted, fermented, plant-based, gluten free, -inaudible- at all. It’s a really unique product line based on a process here in Central California.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah, and I hope in this show we can even bring out just how amazing these products are. When I went out there, whenever that was, there you were doing something that I realize was never, ever done before, ever. I was stunned. Meredith, we should put up a picture of me eating these new concoctions and these plants that have grown for the first time. I hope we can really just get people to understand just how amazing this is and what a breakthrough it was.

I walked away that day, and I said that God has truly given this man visions into health that are needed at the right times. I know it was an inspired process that God gave you that people really need. I hope we can capture that.

The only thing that I understood at that time when you were explaining this process to me, you said, “Look, in nature sometimes these mushrooms can grow on different things in nature and extract these things that we as humans could never even extract or utilize, and it makes – I don’t want to say a mushroom – but a different plant that contains things that would we would never be able to duplicate anywhere.

There are mushrooms that grow on birch trees as an example, and it extracts certain things from the birch tree, and these new plants that grow really contain things that are used today in cancer research. It’s a new biology, if you will, so you were taking mushrooms instead of growing them on birch trees, but growing them on things that we know already have major nutrition value, and things that we probably don’t even realize. Things like curcumin, milk thistle, amazing herbs that we already know have healing value in the body and growing these new plants. Here I am looking at these plants with crazy colors and different things. These have never been grown before. I immediately wanted to jump in and eat them, and I think I did that day.

To the best of your ability, describe this process so they can at least have an idea of how special these products really are, and then we’ll talk more specifically about the product.

We created three unique fermentation processes. You and I are both fermentation geeks. I want everyone to understand that the amazing yogurt, kefir, amasai, fantastic sauerkraut, miso, natto, pickled ginger, pickled cucumbers, or kombucha are all fermented foods and they have one thing in common. Now, this is something I learned, Dr. Dan and Meredith. I thought I knew about fermentation. How many “I thought I knew” have we had over the years? I thought I knew this. I thought I knew that.

I consumed as many fermented foods as anyone. I made them, promoted them, you name it, but what I realized is that fermented foods contain beneficial organisms, but what’ s more important is the food substrate that they have modified. I’ve often said, probiotics are great, but I’d rather throw away the probiotic and keep the fermented food if I had a choice, because the food is what provides the body with easily digestible nutrients, beneficial compounds, and helps to create an environment in the body for health and homeostasis. All of those fermented foods I mentioned, the yogurts, the kefirs, the sauerkrauts, the kimchis, the kombuchas – they have one thing in common. They are fermented with single celled organisms.

Let’s talk about biology. You have one cell, you’re a primitive. If you have trillions, you’re a human and sometimes primitive still. Theoretically, the more cells you have, the smarter you are, right? I know some of us think, “Hey, you’re missing a few cells.” What I realized was, is taking a single-cell organism and fermenting cabbage to make it sauerkraut is awesome, but visually, what does it look like? Wilted cabbage.

We, for years, fermented green food, berries, and whatever, and all it looks like was mushy or wilted berries and green foods. I had a vision in my mind of mushrooms or fungi as creating massive different almost, as you mentioned, plants, but different substances out of something that existed. If you grew chaga on a birch tree or if you find it, you see a tree and then you see this massive fungal protrusion. They were creating dramatic visual change based on what you see. You see the dead birch, and later you see this big mushroom cap, so I realized that there was something different about reishi, shiitake, maitake, lions mane, and all these tonic mushrooms.

In the single-cell organisms, we use the bacteria in yeast to ferment foods, so I said what if we took a fungi culture multi-cellular fungi and fermented foods with it, and what we got was a greater creation of metabolites and extracellular compounds. What are some of those compounds? Most pharmaceuticals today – penicillin is a cellular byproduct of fermentation. Statin drugs are the same thing. The list goes on and on.

We see that multicellular fungi create massive amount of extracellular compounds, antioxidant enzymes, like SOD, catalase, glutathione, polysaccharide such as beta glucan and glycol proteins. The list goes on and on, and those, as you mentioned earlier, are what are being studied throughout the world as beneficial compounds to the immune system.

Just to recap, take a great herb, put it through one of our three processes. We call them the MycoBiome transformation system, because we’re creating a MycoBiome mass, or the MycoBiome transformation system, a mycological biomass. You take an herb, put it through the process – a combination of herbs, juices, etc. – they come out fused with powerful components, but if here’s the most amazing thing. The fermentation process that we employ, which is just unbelievable, it really is simple to explain. Fermentation accentuates the positive and eliminates the negative.

Let me take wheat, for example. I would not say that a frequent listener or viewer to your program would think that what is on the top of your list of foods that you like, right? We know that people have consumed wheat for thousands of years. Jesus was referred as the bread of life, and some of us can really reconcile that, right? I mean, bread’s bad and Jesus is good. How does that work?

If you put wheat through our fermentation process, you can reduce the gluten in the wheat by over 99%, and infuse the wheat with beta glucans, alpha glucans, and immune-enhancing substances. Could you imagine training in gluten for immune-enhancing substances? We don’t make wheat bread, unfortunately, for those of you who are thinking this is amazing, but imagine if you could apply that to every substance known to man? Imagine how daunting of a task you would have if you thought of doing this and then had the entire world’s botanicals at your fingertips. This is what we started with that culminated in the creation of Get Real Nutrition.

Dr. Dan and Meredith, being able to take something and make it better and remove the bad stuff is pretty amazing. I often have said, “Gosh if I could ferment other areas of my life.” Imagine fermenting your financial situation or your relationships – you know, accentuating the positive and eliminating the negatives. I’ve tried to figure out a way to ferment my kids. I’m still working on that.

Dr. Pompa:
I’m going to use that. You know, you really got inspired by this because you – from the guy who didn’t want to get his hands dirty to being so into compost. In compost, we see bad soil become not just good, but amazing. I mean, to folks listening, this process that God has established in nature is really what you’re relying on to make these foods better than good, incredible. What you’re saying is, look it’s not just about the bacteria, the probiotic if you will. It’s not just about the organism It’s about what this process does to the food to make it bioavailable for most people who have inflamed guts and inflamed cells, usable at the cellular level. That was the thing that just struck me and got me very excited.

I’ll tell you, Jordan, I have a lot of clients who are extremely sensitive, and so far, the clients that have not been able to take even a regular supplement that 99% of the population is able to take and feel better, they feel worse, has been able to take these products and actually feel better. I think it has a lot to do with the bioavailability through this process, so, you know, I almost – you know, you have, like I said, a process. How is this different than regular fermentation? You kind of answered that, but I just want to put a magnifying glass on that, because people are thinking we’re talking about maybe just regular, fermented food. Kind of focus on that a little bit.

I eat fermented foods. Yesterday I drank about 80 ounces of raw kimchi juice. It lit me up and it was really good. I consume kombucha at times. I consume raw pickles, you name it. I consume, obviously, fermented dairy, amasai square, where you named that.

What I don’t get in my diet and what you don’t get in your diet, who are watching and listening, is the fermented botanicals utilizing multicellular organisms. I have not consumed fermented schizandra, and even if I did, it wouldn’t have been fermented with reishi. Who would have ever thought of doing this? Bottom line, we’re giving people foods and herbs, botanicals, that they can’t get in their regular diet, but they are very friendly to the body.

I want you to understand that there are different kingdoms we’re talking about here. There’s the plant kingdom, and we’re part of the animal kingdom, and we act like it most of the time. Fungi are a different kingdom, carrying characteristics and genetic material with both plants and animals. Fungi are great decomposers and great translators, so what we’re using is the fungi to translate the power in these botanicals to us.

Turmeric is great. Curcumin is one good component. Ashwagandha is great, withanolides are the active ingredient, but there are 62 metabolites in ashwagandha that we know of. We want all of them to be potentiated for us to consume, so the best way I can describe how this fermentation is different – it’s more complex and it does a greater job of transforming a food or herb into something much better. It’s that simple. It looks different. It behaves differently.

You can go to getrealnutrition.com and see pictures of before and after. I love before and after, of course. This fermentation visibly is different than any fermentation I or you have ever seen. I didn’t invent turmeric nor was I the one millionth person to say it was good. I was probably the ten millionth person. I didn’t invent any of these botanicals. God created them. We’re just making them more usable by the body and the best part is we don’t have to throw anything away.

Dr. Dan, curcumin extract wastes 98.6% of turmeric. What if part of the 96.8% is actually good for you? What if science doesn’t know it yet? This is a zero waste, completely transformative process that makes nutrition user friendly, safe and effective.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah, and I think that this process has never been done before. In nature, who knows? Utilizing these super herbs that we already know have amazing qualities and taking it through this amazing fermentation process, we have, again, I don’t even know what to call them – these plants, these things that you grind up and create something new. I remember when I was there, literally I couldn’t wait to get my hands on and I had just had to eat some. We have that picture that we showed at my seminar. I don’t have it today. I should have thought about it. There I am eating this stuff and I actually liked it. They’re all kind of looking around, saying, “Well, he didn’t die.”

That was quality trial testing.

Dr. Pompa:
Little did I know that I was the guinea pig for this whole thing. Actually, what was amazing is I kept eating it. I actually kind of liked it. I’m different folks, but we know that. That night I woke up in this sweat literally. The next day, I said, “Jordan, I woke up in the absolute drenching sweat.” I remember back when I was sick, every once in a while I’d wake up in the drenching sweats. It happened. I’m not telling you folks to eat that. What we have now is much better in controlled little powders, pills, and capsules, but it just shows you the power that those foods did to me, whether it was the myco, the microbe, but it was just the amazing qualities obviously that those herbs carried right into my cell that obviously had that effect.

Dr. Dan, here’s an interesting point. What you consumed was a combination of ganoderma lucidum, which is a red reishi, turmeric, holy basil, ashwagandha, aloe vera juice, and then chia and -inaudible-, which is an amazing seed from South America.

I bet you have eaten one or all of those substances before, either in your diet or in supplementation, and you wouldn’t get the same type of cleanse, but the combination of all of them are what really took that to the next level, and the fact that you consumed six bottles worth in one sitting, but otherwise, no big deal.

Dr. Pompa:
Leave it to me. I know Meredith has some great questions, but just talk a little bit about the 10 promises that you have with this. I think it’s unique, as far as product goes. I don’t know anyone else who can claim all 10, so go through those very quickly.

Absolutely, and this is really important to understand, because there’s a lot of misconceptions regarding nutritional supplements.

1. We are real food, so very product in Get Real Nutrition’s lineup comes from ingredients that are foods, beverages, herbs, spices, etc., they’re all real with nothing extracted, isolated, or purified.
2. They’re all certified organic. Every product is organic, making Get Real Nutrition the only broad-spectrum, certified organic, brand of supplements ever. There’s never been an organic brand of supplements.

Dr. Pompa:
Even the capsules are organic.

Even the capsule is fermented. We use capsules, but we also use powders.

3. Non-GMO. I don’t need to get into too many details. We’re big believers in heirloom, open pollenated, freedom of seed protection, and all that stuff. We hate GMOs. This is a completely non-GMO line, tested and verified. Then, we get into some of the really good stuff.
4. We’re gluten free, so all of our products are safe for people that are gluten sensitive.
5. We are plant based. I do eat an omnivorous diet. A conscious omnivore am I, but in this particular line, we’re plant based, and I feel like we can reach a broad audience that way.
6. We are sprouted, so every ingredient that we have that’s a seed in our formulations is germinated in our own facility and then fermented. This is also the only product line that has every single active ingredient going through a fermentation process. There’s not a fermented ingredient in the product.
7. The entire product is created as food and fermented. That is absolutely amazing.
8. We are free of the eight common allergens. We have a facility and a testing procedure that makes us free of dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish. Those eight foods or groups make up 90% of allergic reactions, which is mind boggling. We are free of the eight common allergens.
9. We are handcrafted. I don’t know about you, but I love handmade products. I always go to farmer’s markets or health food stores, and I want the product that is artisanal and local. We must make our product with real people and real hands for the process to work, and we’re proud of that. We’re proud of being an American-made, handmade product line.
10. We believe in regenerating the environment, so we don’t use bottles. All of our products are packaged in compostable cartons and recyclable pouches, decreasing the carbon footprint dramatically with less shipping costs, less fossil fuels, and zero waste if you compost the outer carton and recycle the inner pouch. That’s also a first of its kind where our industry has good products in bottles, but those bottles oftentimes end up in landfills. That’s millions of them.

We call these our 10 promises and these are the pillars that Get Real Nutrition stands on and that alone, in my mind, is enough of a reason for you to vote with your dollars and make Get Real Nutrition your foundational brand. It really is that differentiated and that special.

Dr. Pompa:
I want to talk a little bit about it; there are 16 different products and how to use those, but before I do, Meredith, you always have great questions.

I’m just thinking perhaps of some first-time viewers too that aren’t familiar with fermentation even. I’m wondering when you start, you choose the mushrooms. How do you pick which products go into which blend, and maybe if you could just kind of get into the nitty-gritty of the fermentation process a little bit more too so we can understand.

That’s a great question Meredith. As I mentioned, we have two processes. One uses fungi or mycelia, myco, the other uses bacteria, particularly a bacillus, which makes our probiotics.

Our fermentation process really undergoes five steps and it’s certainly worth seeing visually, but suffice it to say that the processes can take from 10 to 90 days. It is a slow process anyway you look at it, and it really travels through our system as one food, one biomass. When we do that, we take the appropriate culture and match it to the botanicals based on the system of the body we want to affect.

I know that sounds very ambiguous, but we ran over 1,000 tests to determine which cultures match with which foods and which combinations would support the immune system; which combinations would support the brain; which combinations would support cleansing, liver health, cardiovascular health; and which combinations would support metabolism, fitness, blood sugar, and wellness, and that’s really how we constructed it.

What you should understand is that certain botanicals are great for all four of those conditions -inaudible- and some fungi or bacteria are good. We try to create products that individuals could quickly identify as their area of need or their practitioners could say, “Here’s a good starting point for you.” We do really have four products and each have four strategic solutions.

If you’re listening and 16 products, our goal is to see each person who’s listening or viewing begin a journey that will culminate in four foundational products and will help you understand which to choose based on the categories of immune system support, cleansing, brain health, or fitness. Certainly, there are some related areas that go with those.

Dr. Pompa:
When you say that there are really four products, we have your probiotic line.

Yes, probiotic.

Dr. Pompa:
Then, we have the omega line.

Real omega.

Dr. Pompa:
Right, then we have the metabolite line, and then we have the super juice line, which I love those. I eat them right from the little scooper. I like chew on them and I absolutely love them. I actually crave it. I’m not kidding. As we’ve been talking, I almost want to break and run downstairs and show people how I do it. I still might do that, because I actually like it.

You know what, Dr. Dan? It’s pretty interesting. People should hear this, so right now, I’m using all the products, but I take turns. I just got the multi-metabolite fit and I’m a big cinnamon fan. Cinnamon is amazing. It’s great for blood sugar. It’s great for creating an environment in the gut, and when cinnamon goes through the fermentation process, it tastes a little bit differently, but it still has that “bam.”

We’ve got cinnamon, ashwagandha, aloe vera juice, and we’ve got cordyceps sinensis, which is an amazing fungi, so I took a tablespoon of it in 16 ounces of water this morning, and I’m wanting it again now as well. I’m telling you, Dr. Dan, people don’t believe us when we say that when you expose yourself to amazing compounds and nutrients your body craves it. This is what that’s about, but you’re right. We have real probiotic, real omega, multi-metabolite, and fermented super juice.

Multi-metabolite and fermented super juice are powders that you can mix in smoothies, water, eat it out of the bag like Dr. Dan said you could. You can bake with them if you want to do so; put them in your cereal. We give you lots of instructions on our site on how to do use them.

Real probiotic and real omega are capsules, and each of these four product categories make up a new innovation in nutrition, and it’s great to expose yourself to one, but we certainly would love you to consume all four.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah, I think that that’s the question I’ve gotten most often. This is directly to the public. You all can buy these right off our website. Meredith can tell you how to do that, but it’s not straight to the physician. This is straight to the public, so I get the question, “How do I use this?”

You have these four categories, but then you have the categories within that, like you said. You have the cleanse line, a bit, you know, so kind of walk us through. My listeners say, “Yeah, I want to try this. Where do I start? I want to try some of these products.” There are 16 different products you’re going to see when you go to my website. Where do I start, Jordan?

I often will say, and this has been my life story when it comes to nutrition, start with a probiotic, the gut, first. I recommend that you choose a real probiotic that’s appropriate for you. We’ll get to that in a moment. That’s a capsule. You can take it with meals or without meals. Three are recommended a day. This is the first certified organic probiotic supplement in capsules ever available, sprouted, fermented, and amazing. It’s dairy free, soy free, utilizing bacillus subtilis. Another study came out today showing that bacillus subtilis supports immune system function in addition to the gut, so start with real probiotic. I don’t think a single person, Dr. Dan, that you or I know can’t benefit from a little bit of gut fortification, if you know what I mean. Certainly you and I have definitely benefitted.

Next, multi-metabolite, and you might be saying, “I’m all about multis, but what’s a multi-metabolite?” I believe the oldest and newest frontier of nutrition lies in the plant compounds known as metabolites. I don’t take a multivitamin. I take a multi-metabolite. That’s what I can’t get. I can get vitamins and minerals in my diet, even if my diet was poor. Everything is fortified these days. You’re getting some vitamin C; you’re getting some crummy vitamin D. You’re getting some B3, and not in the best -inaudible- vitamins.

You can’t eat and not get vitamins, but what you’re missing is the powerful compounds found in plants. Multi-metabolite gives you protection that’s 5,000 years in the making. Every herbalist, traditional Chinese practitioners, and ayurvedic practitioners care about vitamins. They want you to consume botanicals to bring you into balance, and the botanical metabolites are what get you.

There are some multi-metabolites of powder. It comes in the four strategic solutions, immune, cleanse, fit, and brain. You mix it in your smoothie. You mix it in your veggie juice. You mix it in your suero, and your amasai. It’s great in smoothies. Every day you’re getting between 28 and 45 fermented botanicals that you aren’t consuming today. That’s a great way of protection, so that’s kind of our second product.

If you’re going to take two or three, take fermented super juice. It’s exactly what it sounds like. There are 33 vegetable organic vegetable and fruit juices fermented with a powerful culture. I juice. I drink juice, but I never drink collard juice, kale juice, pomegranate juice, concord grape juice, blueberry juice, or blackberry juice. I never get it all – ginger, onion, it’s amazing. That’s a powder that you can also add to a smoothie or a juice, and it comes in immune, cleanse, brain, and fit.

Lastly, real omega – this is the first plant-based organic omega 3 capsule. It’s not a high-potency fish oil. It’s not flax or chia that you put on your salad. It’s a targeted omega with multiple cofactors utilizing all sprouted and fermented seeds and it is also a capsule. That’s the four product-system within the categories, and then you can choose immune, cleanse, brain, or fit.

Know some of you are thinking, “I want to boost my brain and I want to get fit.” Trust me when I tell you, every probiotic is going to support your gut. If you want more immune support, we give you targeted botanicals for that. This time of year, it’s probably a good idea, right? If you want to cleanse in a few months, you can switch to the cleanse formula.

The base is always going to be there for real probiotic for the gut, multi-metabolites, cellular protection. Fermented super juice, getting all your juices, and real omega is going to help your heart, like an omega will, but you decide or your practitioner can decide. If you want to focus on immune support, brain support, cleansing, or fitness, and if you’re perfectly healthy, which most people aren’t, but if you’re pretty healthy and you’re an athlete and you want to build muscle and lose a little fat, balance your blood sugar, fit is great for you.

If you’re over 50, no offense Dr. Dan – I turned 40 and you turned 50 – you can still beat me in many athletic events, so I’m not even going to go there, but anyone who’s listening who is really over 40, the brain formulas will be great for you if you can’t decide otherwise.

The number one concern we have as we age, according to research, is not our physical body breaking down, it’s our brain. I’ve had relatives with dementia. Using hericium erinaceus or lion’s mane, which is a powerful fungi – research it; it’s amazing. All of these formulas are powerful. Cleanse is great for liver. It’s great for your heart. This is not a short-term cleanse. You can do this for a long time.

Dr. Pompa:
We have a lot of people doing detox, and it supports all of those detox pathways, and the liver. When you look what’s in it, you’ll say, “Oh my goodness.” It supports the kidneys, the liver, and the gut, so I love it.

Absolutely, and I think what it’s important for people that say, “I want to help all of these things. I want brain, cleanse, fitness, and to boost my immune system.” You can go ahead and try one of each of the four products, real probiotic, multi-metabolite, fermented super juice, and real omega and mix and match. Maybe it’s real probiotic immune; maybe it’s multi-metabolite fit; maybe it fermented super juice cleanse; and real omega brain. We call that sort of the everyday wellness program.

Pick and choose and get a little bit of everything, but here’s what I can tell you. If you get real nutrition into your life, no matter how stringent or hardcore your health plan is, you will start to feel inner wellness, well up inside your body. You’re really going to feel it because you may have never had a supplement that’s all food, and you’ve definitely never had powerful botanicals fermented with multi-cellular mushrooms. That’s the “secret sauce,” if you will. Getting it in your body, you’ll begin to crave it, not because it’s sweet; not because it’s salty; and not because it’s full of fat, but because it’s real and your body thrives on real nutrients.

Dr. Pompa:
Absolutely; there’s where you start folks. I think that’s great advice, Jordan. I think you answered that question. Meredith, did we get any other questions in, even from our doctors? I know they always want to ask certain questions.

I didn’t get anything from them, but I’m kind of wondering too with some of the other supplements, would there be any contraindications with medicines or other supplements? Can we just kind of take these freely?

This is a great question, Meredith. I’m going to add to that. Here’s the inevitable. If I’m pregnant or nursing, can I take these? Folks, these are real foods, but as with any dietary supplement, if you’re pregnant or nursing, talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Can kids take the products? Because of regulations, they’re formulated for adults. I typically look at an adult more by size. I give my kids these products; however, they are formulated for adults for their needs, so take it for what it’s worth.

As far as contraindications, we believe these products are safe. They’re free of the top allergenic foods. We believe that because they’re fermented, they’re more absorbable, but everyone is sensitive to something it seems. I can’t even get everyone to drink water without having a reaction, so look at the ingredients.

If you’re concerned, start small with just a little bit, but I do believe that even sensitive individuals can thrive on these products. If you’re taking other supplements, because we don’t have isolated vitamins and minerals, there’s not going to be too much -inaudible- or vitamin A, this can go right along with your current supplement regimen or it can start a new supplement regimen, and if you’re taking medication, I would certainly separate the medication usage by about an hour from taking these Get Real Nutrition Products.

Dr. Pompa:
My battery on my computer faster than normal, so I hope I don’t lose us here. I have 5% left, and my cord’s all back there, so I just saw it and thought why is this thing dropping like crazy? We’ve got to make sure that we finish right on time for Dr. Pompa’s computer.

You need to develop a computer, like a computer Get Real Nutrition infusion, you know, to give your computer some multi-metabolites.

Dr. Pompa:
If my computer just shuts down, Jordan, I love you and I love that God uses you to create these products. Meredith will finish the show. It’s remarkable. I think my concern is that people have to understand what this process is.

I feel blessed because I saw it. I saw these things growing that have never grown before, and pulling out and extracting, you know, like you said, we pull out curcumin and the turmeric plant – it’s like, what about all of this? We haven’t even discovered what these things are yet, well, these products contain that and more, and it’s through this special fermentation process – I guarantee that these products contain things that I probably haven’t eaten or been exposed to in a good way my whole life, perhaps.

Our food supply, Jordan, is just so different. We used to consume plants in nature and live on farms and the soil – we probably got some different -inaudible-. I just feel like this marriage of us and plants has been disrupted. That is a big problem.

Now, look, we lost Jordan, or is that my computer?

Oh, uh oh. It looks like we did lose him.

Dr. Pompa:
Oh, boy. My computer is actually doing well.

His is dying and his is gone now. Oh man,

Dr. Pompa:
I’m sure that Jordan will, in fact, call back in, but you know, Meredith, I said my biggest fear is that people really don’t understand how amazing these products are, because when you look at and read the ingredients, I mean, you can see all these amazing different herbs in here. On this page, you can see that he pulls out some of the herbs that most people are familiar with, but if you look at the ingredients, remember all of these herbs in each of these products have gone through this fermentation unique process. I’m telling you, Meredith, I don’t know if you saw the pictures of me with these plants. I’m calling them plants, but I don’t know what to call them, but they grew up like –

Those were our experiments that we left for six months in a place we forgot about. What’s amazing is, is we grew these cultures on grape pomace from our local winery. We grew them on ginkgo; we grew them on turmeric; we grew them on elderberry; and garlic. Each of these fungi took on different shapes, but when you had seen multiple versions it would be absolutely amazing. It would have – they would look like family members if they grew on the same substrate. The fungi are taking these botanical compounds and making them more absorbable. It’s amazing.

Dr. Pompa:
Yeah, it is. I was just amazed at the process and Jordan, I was just showing some of the literature that you have, and how you poured out some of the herbs in each product. That’s another thing you can do. You can look and, say, “Oh, oh, I take turmeric.” Do you want a better turmeric or you can say, “Okay, well here, -inaudible-” or aloe vera, so you can see what products those different herbs are in, and of course, it’s the synergy that herbs work best in.

It’s never as powerful with just taking one thing like turmeric, but it’s when you take it with the synergy of other herbs that affect your brain, for example, it really where you get more power. Of course, the fermentation on top of that, so that’s another way that you can look at what products you want to take just by looking at what’s in them is a great thing.

Jordan, we’re out of time here and my battery might die anyway, but any last words – something we missed, something that you’ve got to tell them?

I’m just really excited that I’m a part of what you’re doing, and I hope that Get Real Nutrition will make an impact on your health, your clients’ health, your doctors and their patients, and anyone who’s listening. Check out the website. Look a little bit into these products, and if you begin a Get Real Nutrition regimen, you will feel the difference. You can get real with nutrition you can feel. That’s what it’s about. Many times we take products and we do it for insurance purposes. Take this product to supercharge your life, and think you’ll feel the results that organic, real foods can make.

Dr. Pompa:
Getrealnutrition.com for more information, and you can buy them on our website at Drpompa.com. Meredith, do they have to put anything? Do they just put the product name? What’s the best way to find them?

You can just go to revelationhealth.com and in the search bar just type in “Get Real” and all 16 products should pop up so you can see them all. You can get the information on Jordan’s website and then get them on revelationhealth.com. We are so excited to offer them, and to continue to learn more, because they just seem too special and there’s no way that we could get all of this nutrition from going out and trying to get it in our diet. It’s a really amazing, new product, so we’re so excited to have them in our store. Thank you so much, Jordan, for this information. It’s really, really very exciting.

Thank you for having me. I look forward to being back. We’ll talk about “To Hell with Cancer” another time.

Dr. Pompa:
Absolutely. We love you, Jordan. We’ll talk soon.

Thanks everyone for watching. Have a wonderful weekend. We’ll see you next time.