Dr. Pompa’s Smoothie Recipes eBook

As a gift to my readers, I'd like to share my new smoothie recipes ebook:
“Smoothies to Heal Your Gut”

Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut,” and modern science is proving these words to be true. Many studies show digestive challenges are the root cause of chronic inflammatory diseases such as autoimmune disorders, various skin challenges, and also have profound impact on our mental health. A healthy gut is fundamental to our well-being, yet digestive disorders are more prevalent than ever.

Since we live in a toxic world, we must proactively avoid known gut destroyers and give our bodies the tools to self-repair as needed. Enter gut healing smoothies. Smoothies are an easy and tasty way to incorporate nutrients into your diet. As a gift to my readers, I'd like to share a free recipe eBook I created with Certified Health Coach, Meredith Dykstra, containing 25 delicious and Cellular Healing Diet approved smoothie ideas. By incorporating these smoothies into your anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle you will feel better sooner and begin to notice positive changes in your gut and overall health. The recipes contain ingredients to support the repair of an inflamed, leaky gut, a ubiquitous modern health condition driving a range of “unexplainable” symptoms. The good fat, pure protein, and tasty add-ins will satiate, digest easily, and act as superb fuel for your brain and body. Let's join together and raise our smoothie glasses to good gut health. Cheers!

Smoothie Recipes on DrPompa.com: