Butternut Squash Fries

Butternut Squash Fries

  • 1 large butternut squash
  • 3 Tbsp. coconut oil, melted
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • Sea salt, to taste (generous amounts encouraged)
  • Fresh ground pepper, to taste
  • Dried oregano, to sprinkle on top
  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. On a cutting board, halve the squash vertically. Scoop out the seeds, and peel the squash.
  3. Cut the squash into 1/2 inch half moons, then cut into 1/4 inch fries or wedges.
  4. In a bowl, toss the fries with coconut oil, salt, cinnamon, and pepper, then transfer to a baking tray.
  5. Bake for 45-60 minutes, flipping halfway through. Time depends on how thick you cut your squash and how well-done you like your fries.
  6. While cooling, top with dried oregano and additional salt and pepper, if desired.
  7. Enjoy!

Colorful Veggie Soup

  • 1 cup carrots, chopped
  • 1 cup celery, chopped
  • 1 medium beet, chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 Tbsp. onion powder or 1/2 onion, diced
  • 1 can full-fat, organic coconut milk
  • 2 tsp. sea salt
  • 2 tsp. sage powder
  1. Place all ingredients in high-speed blender and purée until smooth. Adjust seasonings to preference.
  2. Pour purée into soup pot and heat on stove over medium heat.
  3. Enjoy!

Give The Gift Of Health: Dr. Pompa’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide 

Give The Gift Of Health: Dr. Pompa’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide


We are full swing into the holiday season! In honor of Happy Giving Tuesday, I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts with you. We chose each product in this guide with care. Between me, my wife Merily, and all 5 of my kids, these products are adored by us all. There is a little something for everyone, from the foodies to the tech-savvy, and even those who need a little extra self-care this time of year— I’ve got you covered.

Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club


For the foodies in your life! The Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club is a quarterly olive-oil club that has changed my palette forever! The husband and wife duo behind this small business is traveling the world and importing rare, high-polyphenol, fresh-pressed olive oil (the most flavorful and healthiest extra virgin olive oil on the planet) straight to your door! And right now, they are offering your first bottle of olive oil for $1! This $1 deal is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Dry Farm Wines 


The highest quality keto, sugar-free, organic, sulfite-free wine in the world – and delivered To Your Door. No Hangover. No Headache. Uninterrupted Sleep. Enjoy wine, and stick to your wellness goals! What’s better than that? Gift a subscription for the wine lovers in your life, and get a bottle for a penny with our link.

Annemarie Skincare


For the health and detox lovers in your life, give the gift of beautiful skin! What you put on your skin is every bit as important as what you put in your body. Glow from the inside out!

Thrive Market


My favorite organic & non-GMO brands at up to 50% off—and delivered right to your door! Imagine a beautifully curated grocery store that only stocks clean, healthy foods. And you don’t have to brave the crowds since you can shop at home in your PJs. Gifting a Thrive Market membership is genuinely one of the best investments in the health of your loved ones.

Joovv Light

I love the Joovv Go and the Joovv Mini! They are both ideal for targeted treatments of specific areas—like your face, joints, or muscles. Great for traveling too.

Sunlighten LumiNIR Face Wand


This face wand is one fantastic gift!! This device supercharges your cells for natural healing. It fights aging, relieves pain, and heals deep tissue in just a few minutes. AND this powerful treatment fits into the palm of your hand. The lumiNIR features the breakthrough LED technology first introduced in Sunlighten’s 3-in-1 infrared saunas. Get on-the-go treatments from one hand-held device, and four LED options – near-infrared, red light, near-infrared/red light and blue light – for skin renewal, collagen production, and cell turnover.

You can also check out Sunlighten’s full-sized saunas for a really lux gift for the entire family!

Primal Life Organics LED Tooth Whitener


Get noticeably whiter teeth in less than 15 minutes with Primal Life Organics’ activated charcoal gel and blue and red light activator. This activator offers fast whitening results 100% naturally.

The blue light technology whitens teeth, while the red light technology promotes wound healing and tissue repair and can help prevent recurring mouth sores. I love this device!!

Oura ring 


If you have been following me for any amount of time, you know I LOVE my Oura ring! This simple, intelligent ring helps quantify yourself in ways you’ve never imagined. The Oura ring registers your body temperature reading every minute while you sleep. By comparing that value to values from earlier nights, it indicates your body temperature baseline and any variations from it. It also measures blood volume pulse directly from the palmar arteries of the finger. And it detects the amplitude and intensity of your body movement, automatically recognizes that you’re active, and tracks the time you were inactive during the day.

Beekeepers Naturals Propolis Throat Spray

holiday-gift-guideWe all know what honey is. Well, propolis is another bee product, but it serves as the immune system of the hive. Propolis is made from collected plant resins. Bees line the walls of their hive with propolis to protect themselves from bacteria, viruses, and parasites—and to provide a clean, safe environment in which baby bees can thrive. This mighty natural wonder guards the hive to ensure that germs don't stand a chance. Imagine what it can do for us. Beekeepers Naturals has managed to capture that healing magic and packaged it into this throat spray. I know, throat spray isn’t the sexiest gift, but it sure is magical to have on hand. I hope to find some in my stocking this year!

Keto Mojo


The most accurate meter to test ketones and glucose. Your keto and fasting friends will thank you. This monitor also makes a great as a gift to yourself – for your healthiest 2020! 15% discount applied automatically with this link.

My Green Fills 


Laundry detergent as a gift?? Yes! When gifting health, consider how this will transform your home, your sheets, your clothing, your towels, and pretty much everything your loved ones come in close contact with every day. Here’s what I love the most about this company: Their dryer angel (their adorable reusable dryer “sheet”) has a unique story. They are handmade with love by some amazing women in the Jamaican Deaf Village. Their schools and community are fully funded with your purchases!! How cool is that?!

The dryer angel makes a great stocking stuffer! AND get your first 50 loads of laundry wash free!



These grass-fed, pasture-raised, organic meat sticks make lovely stocking stuffers for all of the keto and paleo enthusiasts in your life! I also like to keep a stash for myself for when I’m traveling, hungry after a day on the slopes, or out holiday shopping.

Beyond Fasting Book


I couldn’t help but add this to the list! My newest release, Beyond Fasting, will truly transform the lives of your friends and family. This book instructs how to age in reverse, balance hormone disruption, and overcome weight loss resistance and autoimmunity. I can’t think of a more valuable gift.



Kava is a healing root that supports a calm mind, a positive mood, enhanced sociability, better focus, deeper sleep, and has anti-inflammatory properties. I can’t think of a better gift to balance the craziness of the holidays! Grab one for yourself, too, and feel the stress around you melt away. Use the code ‘Pompa’ for 20% off.

Lifeboost Coffee


The healthiest, tastiest cup of coffee using sustainable agriculture. Coffee can be a downright superfood, but unfortunately, many coffees are filled with mycotoxins and pesticides. Lifeboost has very rigorous health and quality standards; before any batch is roasted, the coffee is tested in a lab to ensure several factors are in check, including; quality, molds, moisture content, consistency, and others. This beautiful, delicious, and healthy coffee makes a wonderful gift!



These delicious drink mixes are like fresh-pressed juice, only better! Mix up a serving on-demand for a rush of fresh organic vegetables with adaptogenic herbs. Extra insurance during the holiday season! Your cells will thank you!

Activation Oils


I love these plant-based oil remedies. These delicate seeds, herb, and mineral-infused oils support skin, hair, hormones, cellular repair, heart health, and more. Activation’s beautiful packaging makes these oils an ultra-elegant gift.

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth


Bone broth is incredibly healing. Kettle and Fire is my favorite grass-fed, pasture-raised bone broth. Shelf-stable makes it extra convenient for the bone broth lovers in your life!

Pique Tea 


Support fasting enthusiasts in your life! Enhance the fasting experience with these organic teas. I enjoy Pique teas for their high polyphenol content, plus energizing and stress-reducing benefits.



Enviroklenz is the air filtration system I have in my home, and it has transformed the health of my family. Enviroklenz uses patented earth mineral technology, which works through a process of destructive adsorption of the chemical odors and VOCs. As the polluted air comes into contact with the EnviroKlenz, earth minerals, it absorbs, neutralizes, and breaks down the chemistry of the chemical compound.

Xalm Weighted Blanket


Xalm makes the incredible microbead blanket that calms anxiety. The way it works is by placing light pressure all over the body. It's meant to feel like a hug—which, let’s face it, is an incredible gift!! Help your loved ones sleep and rest more calmly, put their minds at ease, and invite them to feel relief from the anxiety that’s affecting their sleep.

Chili Bed 


Did you know phenomenal sleep is activated by temperature? Imagine never being too hot or too cold to sleep. This is a luxurious mattress pad and heating/cooling system that is a true investment in long-term health.

Ultimate Self-Care Kit


Give the gift of self-care! Do you know anybody who wants to feel better than ever before? Stop being scattered, frazzled, tired, and overanxious? Gifting that someone with this Ultimate Self-Care Kit will be so welcomed! This program is rooted in ancient healing methods that help create the energy needed to thrive!

Safe Sleeve


Anti-radiation cases for your cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Reduce avoidable exposures to EMFs with these sleek cases! I highly recommend them for everyone in your family.

True Dark Blue Light Blockers


Your natural circadian rhythm is aligned with the rise and fall of the sun. Exposures to artificial light affect this natural system. I love my True Dark glasses to stay in sync with my natural circadian rhythm. My eyes are protected from blue light while I’m working at my computer. I notice my sleep is much better, and my eyes feel more rested. And I never get headaches from staring at a screen all day.

LAMBS Radiation Proof Apparel 


From hats to t-shirts to underwear—protect your precious body with EMF resistant apparel. Use the code DRPOMPA for 15% off your 1st order.

Check out my Facebook Live where I talk about my love for some of these gifts! You can see first hand how much my family loves them!

R4 Reducing Cellular Inflammation Oxidative Stress & Nitric Oxide Cycle

R4 – Reducing Cellular Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is often referred to as the “silent killer” because it persists for years without presenting any noticeable symptoms. During this time, it slowly damages the body's tissues and organs, setting the stage for various chronic diseases.

Chronic cellular inflammation has been linked to a wide range of health problems, including obesity, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and even mental health issues. This is because inflammation affects every system in our body and disrupts its normal functioning.1

Cellular inflammation is the underlying cause behind most chronic diseases.

When inflammation occurs in the gut, it can lead to conditions like leaky gut syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). When it happens in the heart, it can contribute to the development of atherosclerosis and increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. When it affects our brain, it can lead to cognitive decline and mood disorders such as depression.2 3

Toxins Cause Cellular Inflammation

When toxins enter the body, they trigger an inflammatory response in cells. This process is a natural defense mechanism that helps to eliminate harmful substances and repair damaged tissues. During inflammation, immune cells release cytokines, which are signaling molecules that help coordinate the body's response to injury or infection. However, if toxins continue to be present in the body, this inflammatory response can become chronic.4

One way that toxins cause cellular inflammation is by disrupting the balance of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the body's ability to detoxify them. ROS are highly reactive molecules that damage cells, leading to inflammation.5

In addition to promoting oxidative stress, toxins also directly damage cellular membranes. For example, heavy metals like lead and mercury bind to proteins and enzymes in the body, interfering with their normal function. This disruption of cellular processes triggers an inflammatory response as the body tries to repair the damage caused by the toxins.6

Read more about how toxins wreak havoc on the cellular membrane in R2 – Regenerating The Cellular Membrane.

Heavy metals have been shown to induce chronic inflammation in various parts of the body. One example is their effect on mitochondrial membranes. When heavy metals enter the body, they accumulate in the mitochondria and disrupt their function, leading to inflammation.7

Read more about optimizing mitochondria function in R3 – Restoring Cellular Energy.

Toxins also affect the gut microbiome, which is the collection of microorganisms that reside in our digestive system. The gut microbiome plays an important role in regulating the immune system and maintaining a healthy balance between pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses. Exposure to toxins disrupt this delicate balance and lead to chronic inflammation.8

Read more about toxins in R1 – Removing The Source Of Toxins.

When ATP Production Goes Down, Inflammation Goes Up

Dr. Martin Pall is a professor of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University. He has extensively researched the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on human health and explains how EMFs can cause harm to our bodies.

Pall's research revolves around the concept of oxidative stress. EMFs and other toxins have been found to increase oxidative stress, leading to a chain reaction of events that ultimately results in chronic inflammation.9

According to Pall, one of the key components in this process is adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is responsible for providing energy to our cells. When exposed to EMFs or other toxins, the production of ATP is significantly reduced, thus leading to a drop in energy levels within the body.

This decrease in ATP not only affects our physical energy but also impacts various biochemical processes that rely on ATP. One such process is the production of nitric oxide (NO), which plays a crucial role in regulating blood flow and inflammation. When there is a decline in ATP, the body's ability to produce NO is compromised, leading to an increase in inflammatory reactions.

Furthermore, reduced ATP production leads to an upregulation of certain enzymes that generate peroxynitrite (ONOO), a potent oxidant and pro-inflammatory molecule. This forms the basis of the “NO/ONOO cycle,” which dictates that chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, and chronic fatigue syndrome are caused by this cycle.10

Reducing Cellular Inflammation

Consumption Of Bad Fats Trigger Cellular Inflammation

Bad fats, specifically rancid omega-6 fatty acids, are one of the main causes of cellular inflammation in the body. Unlike good fats such as omega-6 fatty acids from whole, unprocessed foods and omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for proper body functioning, bad fats cause damage to the cells in our body.11

For more information on omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, go back to R2 – Regenerating The Cellular Membrane.

Glucose And Insulin Spikes Cause Cellular Inflammation

Glucose and insulin are two important components in our bodies that play a crucial role in our metabolism. Glucose, also known as blood sugar, is the main source of energy for our cells. It comes from the food we eat and is transported through our bloodstream to different parts of our body.12

Insulin, on the other hand, is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps regulate the levels of glucose in our blood. It acts as a key to unlock the cells and allow them to absorb glucose from our bloodstream, thus keeping our blood sugar levels in check.13

However, when we consume foods high in sugar or carbohydrates, it causes an excessive amount of glucose to enter our bloodstream. This leads to a spike in blood sugar levels, and in turn, the pancreas produces more insulin to help bring it down.14

These constant spikes in glucose and insulin lead to inflammation in our cells. This is because high levels of both glucose and insulin causes an increase in oxidative stress, which damages our cells and tissues. This triggers an immune response, leading to cellular inflammation.15

Cellular inflammation not only affects our body's ability to absorb glucose and utilize it for energy but also has a negative impact on other bodily functions. To avoid these potential health risks, it is important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet like my Cellular Healing Diet.

Fasting To Reduce Cellular Inflammation

Fasting has been found to reduce inflammation by impacting various cellular pathways. For example, it activates autophagy which is a process where damaged or old cells are broken down and recycled. This helps to remove inflammatory cells and promote the growth of new, healthy cells.16

Additionally, fasting also decreases levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, a signaling molecule that promotes inflammation. This is due to the fact that when we fast, our bodies switch from using glucose as its main source of energy to using ketones, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.17

Perhaps the most significant way in which fasting reduces cellular inflammation is through its impact on gut health. Fasting allows the gut to rest and repair, helping to rebalance the microbiome and reduce inflammation.18

In addition to its ability to directly reduce inflammation, fasting also promotes overall health and wellness which indirectly impact cellular inflammation. For example, it can help with weight loss and improve insulin sensitivity, both of which have been linked to lower levels of inflammation in the body.19

Furthermore, fasting has been shown to improve immune function, which also plays a role in reducing chronic inflammation. When our immune system is functioning properly, it can identify and eliminate any harmful pathogens that are causing inflammation.20

Exercise Reduces Cellular Inflammation

Exercise plays a crucial role in reducing cellular inflammation. Physical activity releases endorphins, which not only boost our mood but also have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Regular exercise also helps to improve circulation and strengthen the immune system, both of which are essential in reducing inflammation. Additionally, exercise can help to maintain a healthy weight, which is important as obesity is linked to increased inflammation in the body.21

Exercise has positive effects on mental health and can reduce stress levels. Stress has been shown to increase inflammatory markers in the body, so finding ways to manage and reduce stress through exercise has a significant impact on overall inflammation levels. Furthermore, regular exercise can also improve sleep quality, which is crucial for the body to repair and regenerate properly.22

Reducing Cellular Inflammation - exercise

Reducing Cellular Inflammation By Reducing Stress

Another important factor in reducing cellular inflammation is managing stress. Chronic stress has been linked to increased levels of inflammation in the body, so finding healthy coping mechanisms and practicing relaxation techniques can help keep inflammation at bay.23

R4 – Reducing Cellular Inflammation

Cellular inflammation is a major contributor to autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, and weight gain. This can manifest in various forms such as joint pain, fatigue, skin disorders, digestive issues, depression, and so on. We must reduce cellular inflammation so we can get to the core cause of these issues.

After R4 – Reducing Cellular Inflammation, R3 – Restoring Cellular Energy, R2 – Regenerating The Cellular Membrane, and R1 – Removing The Source Of Toxins, it’s time to move onto the next step.

R5 – Reestablishing Methylation


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Celebrating Without the Sugar: Champagne Gelatin Shots

Champagne Gelatin Shots


I'm not a proponent of heavy drinking but enjoy the occasional libation, especially on special occasions. Let's ring in the New Year with my champagne gelatin shots! These are low in sugar and contain gelatin, which is good for your hair, skin and nails, and gut health. Remember to check out my New Years Resolutions (think outside the box), for gut healing, detox, and feeling your absolute best in 2023! Happy New Year!



  • 8 oz. champagne (your choice)
  • 3 tbsp. unflavored grass-fed gelatin
  • 7 oz. lemon and/or lime juice
  • Stevia for sanding


  1. In a small saucepan add 8 oz. of champagne and 2 oz. of lime/lemon juice.
  2. Sprinkle gelatin on top and let sit for at least 2 minutes.
  3. Put the saucepan on medium/low heat and heat until gelatin dissolves. Do not let the mixture boil.
  4. Remove from heat and add remaining lemon/lime juice.
  5. Add gelatin to small single-serve containers or small baking dish.
  6. Put gelatin moulds in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, until completely set up.
  7. Cut gelatin into squares (if a baking dish was used). Dip or sprinkle stevia for sanding, if desired.
  8. Keep shots refrigerated until ready to eat and enjoy!

Must be 21+ to enjoy!

When Detox is Dangerous: Cellular and Heavy Metal Detox Done Right

(When Detox is Dangerous – Part 1 of 3)
The Truth About Heavy Metals, Mercury Poisoning, and Mercury

A decade ago, only the “health nuts” were interested in heavy metal detox and cleansing. Still, with volumes of research linking many diseases to toxins, detox has become a household word. Unfortunately, most cleanse and detox products are like the street cleaners you see moving slowly along the street with their big rotating brushes and high-powered vacuums. It looks impressive until you realize that it is only moving dirt and debris to another part of the street. Your next thought is, “This is what my tax dollars are paying for?” The truth is your money is no better spent on the heavy metal cleanse you bought from a local health food store or even your health practitioner. Most of these detox products do nothing, and at best or worst, move the toxins from one place to another in the body. When the dirt and debris get moved around the street and not cleaned-up, it is definitely not dangerous, but it is most definitely dangerous when this occurs in our bodies.

In many past articles and videos, I discuss what I call “PompaCore Cellular Detox,” as well as my 5R’s of Cellular Healing and Detox as a road map and a “how-to” for real detox:

In this particular article, I do not feel the need to restate the importance of PompaCore Cellular Detox and my 5R’s, but take detox to another level and be detox specific to one type of toxin. Certain types of toxins, such as heavy metals, are so difficult to remove from the body that they need to be detoxed much differently than other toxins. My biggest pet peeve in natural heath is how most doctors go about the detox of heavy metals.

Both alternative and allopathic doctors do heavy metal detox wrong, so most heavy metal detox is ineffective and dangerous.

As all detox goes, heavy metal detox can be the most dangerous detox of all. Done correctly, it can be the safest and most rewarding of all. I have watched more people get their lives back from what was considered an unexplainable or irreversible illness with the correct heavy metal detoxification protocol than any other single alternative solution.

How My Life Changed Forever

This is how my life changed. As a matter of fact, the only reason I am so passionate about this topic or have any authority on the topic of heavy metal detox is that I lived it. I have heard some people say you should only go to doctors who have been through what you are going through, and perhaps there is some truth to that. I could never understand what I know if I went to school for 8 more years (and I did). This level of certainty and knowledge can only come from suffering.

I had many silver fillings in my mouth from the time I was young. Due to some needed dental work, I had two of them drilled out (about 6 remained), and gold fillings were put in their place. Even at that time, I knew silver fillings were considered harmful to the body, and gold was considered a better choice, but there was a lot more than I was about to learn. After the fillings were replaced, I became very sick. Unfortunately, it took me three to four years of misery to figure out it was related to the fillings. Silver (amalgam) fillings contain 50% mercury, which vaporizes and cross into your brain, where it bio-accumulates over time.

Studies like the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) amalgam study show that the number of fillings in your mouth is proportional to how much mercury is in your brain1. The studies indicate that this highly toxic heavy metal significantly impacts the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, located in the brain, bio-accumulating most mercury. The hypothalamus and pituitary are the master glands that control all hormones and endocrine glands, like our thyroid and adrenals. Therefore when the control tower is impacted by mercury toxicity, a dramatic cascading effect is observed in the entire hormonal system causing hormone dysregulation. When our hormones are not speaking clearly to our body, it affects our sex drive, fertility, how we feel, sleep, think, adapt to stress, our energy levels, and even weight loss or gain.

Tragic to Catastrophic: Galvanism and Mouth Metals

Removing my two mercury amalgam fillings was a tragic decision that changed my life forever.  However, replacing them with gold fillings while having mercury amalgam in my mouth is what I believe to be catastrophic.

Like many others before me, I placed gold fillings in my mouth; it set up what is described as a galvanic reaction (electrical current).  The electrical current generated under these circumstances causes the mercury in remaining amalgam fillings to leach out at an alarming rate that would far exceed any Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water or air quality limits several times over.  I had four remaining fillings in my mouth.  This unknowingly bad decision set up the perfect storm in my mouth for heavy metal poisoning that sent shock waves of both financial and emotional challenges.  I thought gold fillings were the best alternative, but no one told me about galvanism.

Studies show that a galvanic reaction can cause the mercury to come out of the fillings 10 times faster than normal2. Mercury amalgam fillings combined with any other metal in the mouth such as a crown, bridge, or retainer will also lead to galvanism and an increase in mercury bioaccumulation, especially in the brain. The electrical current alone causes many unexplainable symptoms like anxiety and brain fog. I had all of that occurring and much more. I had symptoms of a thyroid problem, but my blood work was always normal. All of my other blood work was also normal, which was quite frustrating.  Sound familiar? Many of the clients I coach back to health can relate to the hopeless feeling and dread of not knowing the cause.  I so badly wanted to find something wrong because then I could fix it.

My fatigue was very debilitating, and it became difficult to work or engage in any normal life activities whatsoever. The worst part was as fatigued as I was during the day, I could not sleep at night. I would typically wake up around 3:00 or 4:00 AM and not get back to sleep. It became worse than just not sleeping. I would wake up with a feeling of dread. I recall my wife asking me what I felt like she saw me crying in a fetal position. All I could either say or explain was that I just felt like I had to cry. It was a feeling of dread that made me not want to live, and believe me; I didn't at times. At the time, I felt I would rather have died than go on living like that.  My greatest fear was living the rest of my life as I was; I had no fear of dying, which would be easy for me in those dark times.  I know it doesn't sound too manly or “faith-filled,” but this is honestly who I had become while suffering from mercury poisoning. Thank God the feeling of dread was transient and would mostly come at night.  There were many other times that I would be having what I consider a “good day,” and then out of nowhere, I would get a feeling of debilitating anxiety. I recall the fear of anticipating what was coming next and when. I didn't have to think of things to worry about; the feeling just came over me.

There were other moments that I was filled with such rage and anger that I feared for my family. A feeling of extreme irritability would emanate from inside of me.  A crying baby, a loud noise, or even an action movie would make it worse. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even go to a movie theater because the loud sounds and excitement would cause a feeling of nervousness and anxiety. This also included the stress involved with watching a football game.  My body – more specifically my endocrine system and hormones – could not adapt to otherwise enjoyable excitement or stressors.

Almost overnight, I became someone I didn't know, and worse yet, someone my wife and family didn't know. I can say it may have been harder on my wife than myself, or equally difficult, but differently. I could not adapt to any stress whatsoever, emotional or physical. Before I got sick, I was riding my road bike 200+ miles a week and in the best shape of my life. If I walked down the street, I would be left fatigued and wiped out for days. My sleep and anxiety would become worse from the smallest of efforts or stress. I recall a friend saying, “You should just push through it,” as if that’s what he would do. Yeah, right! Don’t you love the advice from others at times? Especially those you expect to understand the most.

As you might imagine, I fell into a deep depression.  I didn't want to be around people, nor could I, because I started to notice that I would react to fragrances such as perfumes and fabric softeners. If it wasn't certain chemicals causing bizarre symptoms like brain fog, dizziness, headaches, tingling, twitching, or irritability, everything I ate now caused discomfort and symptoms. I became intolerant to most foods. I would get bloated after some or develop constipation or diarrhea with others. After eating almost any food at all, I would be wiped out and more symptomatic. As hard as I tried, I could not figure it out. I thought it was this food or that; however, at one point, I realized that food avoidance wasn't the answer.  There had to be something causing it all.

Your Adrenals and Thyroid Are NOT Far Enough Up-Stream to Regain Health

I knew it was something up-stream that was the problem. My inability to sleep, adapt to stress, and control my body temperature gave me a clue that my endocrine system was at least a part of the problem. The thyroid and the adrenal glands make up a major part of the endocrine system. However, it’s the pituitary and hypothalamus, as we mentioned, in the center of your brain that controls it all. I knew there was a problem in this part of my brain; I didn't know what the problem was. The frustrating part was that I would get worse or help certain symptoms and then create new ones any time I tried to treat any of these endocrine glands.  For example, if I supported my adrenals or thyroid gland, I would have more energy, but I would have more anxiety and sleep worse. Even when I would address the hypothalamus and pituitary (where I knew the problem was), I would get worse, not better. I knew there was still something even further up-stream affecting this part of my brain.[

Mad as a Hatter? The Wrong Mercury and Heavy Metal Test That So Many Take

In my hours of research, when my brain was connected to reality, I came across Mad Hatters Disease and realized I was, in fact, “mad as a hatter.” I had almost every symptom of this historical disease. The term became popular because people who made felt hats, starting in the mid-1800s, became insane with a classic set of symptoms, most of which I had. As it turned out, they all had mercury poisoning. Mercury was used to keeping down the mold population that would infiltrate and ruin the felt hats; consequently, the “mad hatters” were being exposed to mercury every day, leading to their symptoms and, ultimately, their death. This was a more acute (short term) form of mercury toxicity, unlike mine, a chronic (long term) form from my amalgam fillings. Nonetheless, the symptoms were so similar that I went to get a blood test. To my disappointment, the test was negative. I was devastated because I thought I had FINALLY found the answer. I knew there was a cause, and I wasn’t ever going to stop looking for what it was. A life of medication covering up my symptoms as if I were just a mad man was not an option I would ever consider. Believe me; many doctors wanted to put me on medications insinuating it was “all in my head.”  They were correct about one thing; the problem was in my head, but the mercury amalgam fillings, leaching neurotoxins into my body and brain, causing the problem, not my sanity.

At this point, I was still unaware that it was, in fact, the fillings in my teeth that were leaching mercury into my brain (most of which was going right into my hypothalamus and pituitary). I started to ask my wife if perhaps I was just crazy. She reminded me of who I was, who God made me, and brought me back to my core belief that something had, in fact, CAUSED this.

God Had Answered My Prayers Through an Insightful Endocrinologist

It wasn't until about a year later that through my research that I had made friends with a very bright endocrinologist who one day said, “Dan, I think you have mercury poisoning.” I told him I thought so too and that I had been tested a year ago, and the results were negative. He asked me what test I did, and I explained it was a blood test. He emphatically told me that I had done the wrong test! He told me that a blood test would only be positive if the mercury poisoning were acute.  An example of acute exposure would typically be found in an industrial accident or spill releasing high mercury levels that are breathed or ingested.  He stated that I most likely had chronic mercury toxicity. He told me the exact test I needed to run and how to prepare for it.  I ran the test immediately, and sure enough, I was off the charts toxic in mercury. My next question was where he thought it came from. He asked if I had any dental work done around the time I got sick. I found my cycling journal where I recorded all of my training and documented how I was feeling.  I discovered that the date I got the gold filling in and the two amalgams out was two days before my symptoms began! God had answered my prayers. It was a long three to four years of suffering, but at least I could work toward regaining my life again.  I felt empowered with new hope for the first time in years.

It wasn't until I researched how to get the rest of the fillings out of my mouth correctly and the mercury out of my brain that I could get my life back. It is essential to realize that I would have never recovered fully if I didn't get the source removed correctly. This is true for anyone who is struggling to regain health. I am continuously reminding the doctors whom I teach and coach that if a patient is not fully recovering, there is a stressor that has been missed up-stream.  Most of the time, it is a neurotoxic source such as mold, a Lyme infection, root canal, cavitation from a previously extracted tooth, or a hidden amalgam filling under a crown. If any of these major stressors remain, you will never FULLY recover despite the perfect diet and health regime. Whatever you do, PLEASE do not start drilling out fillings or removing root canals. There is a safe and proper protocol that we utilize that works not to become worse but better.

All of the information that I preach and teach came out of this pain. God truly does work all things out for good for those who love him and those called according to His purpose. This is paraphrased from Romans 8:28 in the Bible, and my wife would continually remind me of these words. I could not see it at the time, and to be honest, her constant optimism and positive words would anger me. At times I just wanted to feel sorry for myself and give up, but God had other plans, no doubt. When my mind would clear, and I could remove myself from self-pity, I would dig deep in my own rescue. All of the information I learned that would not only save my life but thousands of others, as it turned out, came from so much prayer that I cannot even take credit. I am truly just the messenger.

In the next article, I will be discussing how to do detox right, especially regarding heavy metals. I will be also be discussing the specific dangers and pitfalls that most people make during heavy metal detox.

Detox Article Series:

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